No. 487 chapter of the main gate gate

  The strength of the alchemists themselves is very low, so the blast is the strongest means for them to deal with the enemy. And these seven-stage blasting Dan can be rectified by the old man of the squad, and the power is the same as that of the general blast?

  Zhuge Xiaosheng lost the spiritual power of his own body to the pattern that Mu Yu had already portrayed. The blast was pulled by the formation, forming a small vortex, and the horrible atmosphere was transformed from the whirlpool. Then, it turned into dozens of light spots, large and small, distributed around the stars and gates!

  The number of people who have been dispatched by Tianxingmen has nearly one hundred people, including two in the combined period, ten in the distraction period, and fifty in the expiration period. The rest are the Yuan Ying period. These people had already killed the Quartet, but at this moment they faced the counterattack of the squad. They had no intention of fighting and they wanted to leave. But they are greeted by hundreds of light spots, large and small.

  "what is this?"

  One of the Yuan Ying disciples of the Yuan Ying period was unclear, so he looked at the light group wrapped in white Guanghua. He impatiently played a spiritual force to shake these light groups. Who knows that the spiritual power just touched the light group. On the top, a powerful bombing force suddenly hit him, and instantly turned him and the twenty companions around him into ashes!

  The power of the blasting horror is so horrible!

  "It's a blast!"Tianguang started to scream.

  He brought more than a hundred elites in total, and lost one-fifth at a time! How can this be tolerated? He felt the power of the blast, and shouted, "How could it be the seventh-order blast?"

  He instantly thought of the help of the seven-level alchemy teacher around, but this is impossible. There are only a few of the seven-stage alchemists in the Danding school. They are unlikely to participate in the disputes of the array. Then the most likely thing is that the people of the sects went to Danding to buy the seventh-order blast, and at this moment they were able to play the power of the blasting dragon in a clever way.

  "Yes, the seventh-order blast, this is just an appetizer!"

  Mu Yu has no fluctuations in the hearts of those who kill the Star Gate. The Star Gate and his hatred of immortality will not affect his state of mind no matter how many people die.

  "boom!""boom! ""boom! ”

  After two bursts of blasting, the people of Tianxingmen have lost more than half of them. These blasts can't affect Tianguangqi and Tianhaihua, but they are fatal to others, even those who have been distracted. Three people were killed!

  For Tianxingmen, the repairer of the distraction period is already the elite in the door, and all of them died three times. Rao is Tianguangqi and Tianhaihua, and they are very distressed.

  At the same time, the people of the sects have already smashed all the people of Fuzong, and in the twinkling of an eye, only the people who left the Star Gate were surrounded by the group.

  The innate philosophers headed by Zhuge Xiaosheng all looked at the people of the Star Gate, and their eyes were full of endless killings.

  Tianguang Qi quickly stood up and said: "Zhuge Zongzhu, today's thing is that we are blinded by Chang Tiancheng, we are only victims, but also hope that the owner of the Ge Zong is convenient, and he will come to the apostle in person. ”

  Tian Guangqi has already moved out the door of the Star Gate. An eight-door master is a person who has three feet on the triple continent. The repair of the door master is quite high, but it is not Zhuge Xiaosheng who can compete.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng also hesitated. If you kill so many people at the Star Gate here, I am afraid that his Sun Star Gate will not be willing to give up.

  "It is the king of the king who came, and I will kill it!"The sound of Mu Yu is endless,

All the blasts were gathered around Tianguangqi and Tianhaihua. The faces of the two men have changed greatly. If these seven-stage blasts are all bursting, the two of them must die without a burial place!

  "Zhuge Xiaosheng, you have to think about it, what is the end of the killing of the Star Gate!"Tianhai Huada Road.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng stood up and said coldly: "The Lord of the Gates wants to kill you, we only execute his orders!" I would like to see how the people of your Star Gate dare to cover your face! If you want to destroy my ancestral door, you have to pay the price! Don't think that our array is so good bullying! I will never be afraid of other eight people! ”

  Although the faction of the sect is not comparable to the Star Gate, if the Star Gate is torn to the face, the Star Gate will pay a painful price. After all, only the people of Fuzong who can really fight against the ancestors, now Fu Zongzhi's people all defy the law, with the powerful strength of the squad, and the ordinary comprehension wants to break into the sect.


  Hundreds of blasts exploded, and the endless anger instantly overwhelmed Tian Haihua and Tian Guangqi. They were furious and wanted to resist. However, so many blasting dragons were too lethal, and they combined them in a split second. The people of the period have no bones!

  "Star Gate, this is just the beginning."Mu Yu tightened his fist.

  His real goal is not the people of these stars, but the accomplices who killed the dead woods, and they will not wait!

  All the people of the Star Gate did not survive in the hands of Mu Yu, and the half of Fu Zong was shackled, and all those who did not want to surrender were killed. Zhuge Xiaosheng did not have any mercy on this point!

  The dispute between the arrays finally came to a close, and all the disciples had screamed and cheered for their victory.

  The people of Fuzong have always pressed them in their eyes. At this moment, they have become the captives of the hands-free power. Everyone has an endless excitement on their faces. Most of the people began to clean up the battlefield and pick up the buildings that were destroyed by the battle.


  Mu Yu returned to the temple, and Zhuge Xiaosheng followed the remaining 17 instincts.
Incoming, they are all traumatized to varying degrees, but at this moment everyone's expression is very solemn.

  Everyone took care of the clothes, and then, under the leadership of Zhuge Xiaosheng, all of them suddenly fell to the ground in the gossip figure, and shouted reverently: "See the door!"

  Mu Yu snorted a little, and quickly said: "The Sovereign invites, this time the disciples can not afford."

  He wants to help Zhuge Xiaosheng, but Zhuge Xiaosheng still stubbornly squats on the ground, saying: "The former squad has always had two lords, but all the people who know the door actually know a little. Who is the true master of chaos yin and yang, then he is the new master of our squad. You are now able to control the chaotic yin and yang, and all the players must obey your orders! Even if I am no exception! ”

  "Sovereign, I am repairing too low now. I am nothing from the chaotic yin and yang, so I don't want to be the doorkeeper." Sovereign, you still manage your own lineup! ”

  Mu Yu shook his head. He liked the life of a wild crane. He didn't like to be bound to a place forever. When a doorman is bound too much, this is not the life he wants.

  Besides, he still has a grudge against him, though he is in charge of the whole array. For the future of revenge more emboldened, but the way he was asked to help the array to save the disaster is to protect the array, if the array also involved in his hatred, then in the future facing the star gate will most likely lead to the destruction of the array.

  The Heavenly Road helped him to keep the soul of the dead wood, and also let Mu Yu learn the real battle here, and also grasped the sword of the Tianjian nine, which is enough to let Mu Yu take the initiative to help, but The sects involved in their own grievances, certainly not the ones who are willing to see.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng said: "The door master, repaired to be able to catch up sooner or later, our sect was suppressed by Fuzong for so long, now two-thirds of Fuzong's innate clerk are being held by us, even Chang Tian Chengdu has We are caught! As long as the door owner orders, we can use the soul of the soul to control these symbols to counter the attack on the patriarchal, and take over the Fu Zong's industry. When the two characters are unable to follow, they will also think twice! ”

  Tian Tiandao once said to Zhuge Xiaosheng that Mu Yu does not belong to the sect. He will leave one day sooner or later. However, if Mu Yu became the master of chaotic yin and yang, Tian Tiandao asked Zhuge Xiaosheng to find a way to retain Mu Yu, and assisted Mu Yu to carry forward the sect.

  He did not dare to defy the order of the heavenly road, and the door of the door of the door represented the supreme majesty. It was not whoever wanted to do it. He would rather die than fall in front of Chang Tiancheng, but the wood feathers are different. Because Mu Yu is the person who is recognized by the founder.

  Now that Mu Yu has got a chaotic yin and yang, he is qualified to become the master of the line. If the wood feathers leave, then the chaotic yin and yang have already recognized the Lord and cannot be stripped away from Mu Yu, which means that the sect will lose a chance to rise.

  If Mu Yu can lead the sect to the once powerful as the squad, Zhuge Xiaosheng is willing to listen to Mu Yu's dispatch.

  Mu Yu still shakes his head, and he waved his hand, and the temple brought a majestic chaotic temper to roll everyone up and prevent them from kneeling.

  "The battle between the arrays, I don't like to participate. In the future, the sect will still need the lord to lead, but I hope that there will be no more traitors and no ignorance of your first division. ”Mu Yu said.

  Zhu Ge Xiaosheng's face is ashamed. At this point, he did dereliction of duty. It is precisely because of this that Fu Zong's people can come in. If it is not for the help of Mu Yu, the formation will surely perish.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng sighed, and then said: "We have nothing to do with the doorkeeper, now it is the decision to deal with the traitor!" Lu Deyi, can you plead guilty? ”

  Zhuge Xiaosheng’s serious eyes fell on Lu Xianshi. He already knew that Lu Xianshi was the real traitor.

  Lu Xianshi's old face was red, and he slammed into the face of Zhuge Xiaosheng, and put his head on the ground. He said: "Return to the lord, I plead guilty."

  Zhuge Xiaosheng said sternly: "Lu Deyi, you colluded with the thieves, causing heavy losses, and almost died. You have already committed a crime of death. According to the rules of our ancestors, sin is a sin and cannot be forgiven! Situ Yangtian, you come to implement the door gauge! ”

  Situ Yangtian stood up hesitantly, took a look at Mu Yu, and looked at Lu Xianshi again. He said: "The sovereign, Lu Deyi, he did not deliberately, and he also helped us to win the Fu Zongzhi. Do you want to be light?"

  Although Situ Yangtian did not agree with Lu Xianshi, he actually quarreled for a lifetime. If he suddenly asked him to dispose of Lu Xianshi, he could not get it.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng snorted and said: "Assist? At the last moment, all of them rely on Fengmu, that is, without him, we can also win the Fuzong people! These people who are deceiving the ancestors do not deserve to live in the world and must be executed on the spot. ”

  Lu Xianshi’s face was decided. He once again deeply stunned Zhuge Xiaosheng and said: “Situ Yangtian, don’t ask for me. I have no sin and no life in the world. Today's things are all up to me, I am a sinner of the sect, I am in vain! Don't use your hands, I will finish it myself! ”

  Lu Xianshi’s face showed a detached look. He had been loyal to Zongzhong’s life all his life, but he did not expect himself to become the one who almost destroyed the ancestor. If it wasn’t for Mu Yu’s already seeing everything, then today’s is really fierce.

  He knew that he was guilty and decided to plead guilty. Immediately without any hesitation, a blue pattern appeared in the hand, and a palm was photographed toward his head!

It was a hand that grabbed Lu Xianshi and pulled him back from the gate.

  "Sovereign, can't you spare Lu Xianshi?"Mu Yu frowned, Lu Xianshi was a very kind elder, gave a lot of help to Mu Yu, Mu Yu did not want to look at him and died.

  "No rules are not square, Lu Deyi he deceives the ancestors should be the law, or how to serve the public? I am the sovereign, I must enforce the law impartially! ”Zhuge Xiaosheng said seriously.

  Mu Yu sighed and shook his head: "Sovereign, how can you get around Lu Xianshi?"

  Zhuge Xiaosheng showed a smile on his face and said: "Let's see if you want to Rao Ru Deyi's life."After saying it, he gave a glimpse of Lu Xianshi.

  Zhuge Xiaosheng’s implication is that only Mu Yu became the door of the squad, and he was qualified to dismiss the murder orders of Zhuge Xiaosheng and save the Lu Xianshi.

  In fact, the incumbent strategists of the ancestors were originally few, UU reading now lost two more, Zhuge Xiaosheng where is willing to kill Lu Xianshi? Although Lu Xianshi colluded with outsiders, but also without his knowledge, with his understanding of Lu Xianshi, it is natural to know that Lu Xianshi could not actively vote for Fuzong.

  The reason why he did this is because Mu Yu and Lu Xianshi have the best relationship. He knows that Mu Yu will definitely not look at Lu Xianshi’s self-discrimination.

  "The Sovereign, you–" Lu Xianshi’s face was awkward. He also reacted to Zhuge Xiaosheng’s intentions now. He quickly rushed toward Muyu’s head. “Wind wood, save me, I don’t want to die.”

  Mu Yu felt a bit funny in his heart. This Lu Xianshi was really a straight-hearted guy. He wanted to die at first, and he asked for mercy in a blink of an eye. He pulled up Lu Xianshi and said: "Oh, my dear Lu Xianshi, don't have to install it, just live it!" Anyway, my identity is already enough, and it is not a bad thing. ”

  Lu Xianshi also laughed and said: "Thank you for the door."

  The gossip map has disappeared, and Mu Yu has already had the imprint of chaotic yin and yang. He can control everything in the array. At this moment, he sat in the hall where Zhuge Xiaosheng was sitting, overlooking everyone.

  "See the door!"Seventeen predecessors headed by Zhuge Xiaosheng brushed the underground ceremony.

  Xiaoshuai explored his head and blinked his eyes. "I can say that I love Pingqing this time?"

  Mu Yu smiled slightly, helplessly said: "Let's talk about it! I know that you are going to break down. ”

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