Chapter 489

  Clearwater is a huge city, stretching thousands of of miles, such as a Sanchong quietly standing in the northwest of the continent. Qingshui City was originally a well-established practice in the realm of comprehension. Although there are quite a few self-cultivators here, it is no better than the place where the comprehens of the city of Suffolk and the South Fuli Park gather.

  However, the reputation of Qingshuicheng in the past few months has already rang through the entire triple continent. There is no reason for it, just because of the great fairy in Qingshui City in the past few months.

  The appearance of a great fairy does not lead to a city famous for the whole continent, unless this fairy is quite extraordinary!

  This extremely immortal name is Sikongqiwen, a small-scale family from Qingshuicheng. Sikong Qiwen became the object of many teasers after tea interviews. He was famous because the young man did not appear on the list when he came out.

  In the past few months, he has been like a man who came out of nowhere, such as an unstoppable dark horse. So far, he has only challenged 21 immortals, and there has been no defeat. So he stepped on twenty-one. The celestial body of the celestial celestial celestial body became the fifty-first celestial!

  There will never be a great fairy on the top of the fairy list. When one person dies, another person will come to replace it. Sikong Qiwen is like a model of inspirational, from a small, unknown family disciple to a point where it can compete with the great sects of many sects. The celestial being defeated in his hand reached an astonishing twenty-one, and there are many eight-door celestial beings!

  His appearance made the geniuses on the original celestial list eclipsed. Most of the celestial being defeated by him was seriously injured or died. Many genres of the big sect died in his hands. Those in the martial arts hate to gnash their teeth, but because the celestial beings have the protection of the rules of the immortals, even the eight singers do not dare to personally start with him.

  Sikong Qiwen is now the 51st most immortal. Originally this ranking belonged to the idyllic pastoral, but the pastoral has become the soul of his men. This person's fierce name has already covered many potential disciples, including the apprentice of the triple continent, the real god, Mu Yu.

  Recently, Sikongqiwen has been pushed to the forefront, because he is going to challenge the few gatekeepers of the Star Gate this time, the 50th day is not waiting!

  It is a star that is very dazzling in the sky. He was only ranked 55th in the beginning, but after nearly three years of release, his ranking has successfully squeezed into the top 50.

  Every comprehension person knows that the ranking on the top of the list is the 50th. It is a watershed. The rankings of the 50 most popular are often changed, but the 50 cents are the real genius. The number of times is very small.

  It can be said that only when you squeeze into the top 50, it is really the strength of the younger generation of the triple continent. Everyone in the top 50 is at least a distracted period. Think about the distraction before the age of forty. What a terrible talent!

  Sikong Qiwen’s battle with the Star Gate was not waiting for the Lord’s Day. The date of the battle was two months after the Qingshui City. World War I talk about life and death, set the ranking!

  It is impossible for God to refuse to be the master of the door of the future. So the war was relished by the comprehensible, and it was spread throughout the entire triple continent.


  "The enemy of the enemy is a friend. Are we going to join in the fun?"Xiaoshuai licked a chicken leg and squeaked.

  There was a black gas flashing in Mu Yu’s eyebrows, saying: “Go, why not? But I don't need someone else to kill me for the day, I will cut the head and I will personally cut it down to feed the dog! ”

  The death of the dead wood is the indelible pain in the heart of Mu Yu.

He can't wait to keep the sky from being broken. But today's days are not waiting for more and more strength, and have already entered the top 50 of the celestial list. The cultivation is more intense than before, and Mu Yu is still only out of the sky, not waiting for the day. It’s too much difference.

  However, Mu Yu is not the same as today. He realized that the sword array of Tian Jian Jiu, but also the inheritance of the heavenly road, his strength can not be simply viewed by the standard of comprehension.

  Many people know that the strength of the teacher and the strategist in the comprehension is quite powerful, but their defects are also very obvious. Once they can't take the opponent for a short time, they will be violently counterattacked by their opponents. However, Mu Yu is now a powerful explosive strategist. After chaotic yin and yang, there is basically no defect of exhaustion of the base. It is also a top swordsman. It can be said that he has not found any one in the exit period. opponent.

  There is only one purpose for going to Qingshui City. He knows that he will not be here until two months later. At that time, it is the moment of revenge of Mu Yu!

  Mu Yu now has no limit mark on his body. He has chaotic yin and yang, which is the original strength of the technique. The immortal logo can't stop on him. At this moment, his ranking on the polar list has remained at the 81st place, and has not changed for a long time.

  Many people are actually paying attention to the performance of Mu Yu, expecting him to advance into the top 50. After all, he is a disciple of the true God, and he must not humiliate the reputation of the true God.

  It is a pity that he disappeared in the triple continent for more than half a year. No one found him, and he did not deal with anyone, and many people who had expectations for him were disappointed.

  Nowadays, the 67th most popular fairy on the list is still Lingzheng. No one knows that Lingzheng has been killed by Muyu. Because the field of the forbidden field was destroyed, the logo was not flying. The rankings of Huiji Xianbei, Lingzheng and Muyu could not be changed.

  Ling Zheng’s death was suppressed by the sect. This is what Mu Yu let Zhuge Xiaosheng do.

  After leaving the ancestor, Mu Yu returned to the Mo Yun Mountain Range. However, the current Mouyun Mountain Range is still limited by the imprisonment.
System, he could not enter, but this also shows that at least the three palace guards in the white world have not yet started to attack the sword shadow, which makes the wood feather temporarily relieved.

  Mu Yu has been worried about this matter. Now the dead woods and the heavens are dead, which means that half of the control of the imprisoned Xianzu falls in the hands of the white world. Once the white world occupies most of the control of the imprisonment, then the wind and dust will be in danger.

  Mu Yu can't stop it all. He can only do what he can, the first step is to go to Qingshuicheng to kill the day!

  Qingshui City is located in the desert of Gobi. The desolate rocky land can be seen everywhere. The climate is dry. Occasionally, one or two poplar trees will be seen, which grow stubbornly and grow up. It is rare to see anyone on the road, nor the end of the desert. Only the bright red Gobi stands eccentrically.

  When they first entered the desert, they had already encountered problems.

  "Mu Yu, are you lost again?"Longtan was dissatisfied with the wooden feather arm, the weather was too hot, and it was uncomfortable inside.

  This ghost weather, Mu Yu has used the power to block the heat, but he is still sweating.

  "How can it be? I am a small pathfinger, and the direction is amazing. ”Wood feathers said in a confident way, and then fell on a Gobi. Looking up at the direction of the sun, and then looked around, the yellow desert before and after, the endless, I feel no different.

  "So where are we going next?"Longtan asked for a tail.

  "According to my previous experience, it was supposed to be east, and in the morning I followed the sun when I found the rays of sunlight tilted to the northwest, and at this time our shadows tilted to the north-east, and after I roughly roughly estimated that time passed four hours three minutes, according to the speed of my flight and the resistance of the desert flight, Pull the wind from the sand in the desert, and the volume of sand …Mu Yu began to explain his way of distinguishing the road.

  "We are lost."Xiao Shuai cleanly cut off the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu reluctantly spread his hands.

  "I’m just talking nonsense, I almost wrote."Long Teng yawned, and it hated the hot days.

  Who can think of this damn city to be built into the desert, but also famous for its clear water city, looking for clear water in the desert, what is the difference with the needle in a haystack?

  "In any case, no one, you have to let the broken sword get a summer sap, we are hiding in the summer shack!"Xiaoshuai stretched his tongue and gasped, picking up a small leaf from Muling and keeping the wind fanning.

  Summer cedar is a kind of tree that grows on the hot air. People in the desert like to make summer cedar into a small house, which can well block the heat of foreign invasion. In the small house built by the summer sap, it is very warm in winter and cool in summer.

  "If you want to find a comprehension person, you will see a voyage flying in the summer, and it will be misunderstood by others that it is not good for the Muyou Mozu."Mu Yu does not want to reveal his ability.

  "So, are we so hot and dead?"There is still a lotus leaf on the head of Xiaoshuai, but now the lotus leaf has withered.

  "Ok! Then I got a stealth array. ”

  Mu Yu’s mind was moving, and the chaotic yin and yang suddenly made a wave of volatility, shrouded them and disappeared into the air, and the wood feathers also entered the woody summer sun.

  But these are the second, and now the most important thing is to find a way to Qingshuicheng. After flying for a long time, I couldn’t see where the road was. A road idiot, a foodie, a dragon, and a groping like a headless fly in the desert, the unreliable combination was terrible.

  "Look, there is the feces of the peak camel monster in front!"Mu Yu called excitedly. UU reading www.

  "Are you stupid! Are you so happy when you see it? ”Xiaoshuai was very unhappy along the way, because the weather was too hot and many foods were spoiled.

  Mu Yu played a little handsome brain, and said: "You know a fart! It is said that the ordinary residents of Qingshui City walked out of this desert by long-distance trekking with the peaks of the camel and the beast. This kind of monster has an endurance and an extremely fast speed. It is the main transportation force in the desert. Here, there is the feces of the peak camel monster, which has not been covered by the yellow sand. It means that someone has passed by not long ago, and we will definitely find people with these feces. ”

  The wooden feathers fell, and they took up the summer cedar and the stealth array. They carefully examined the feces of the peak camel and then went on the Feijian to the direction of the feces.

  "Oh my God! It was a pleasant journey. ”Xiaoshuai said disgustingly.

  "Shut up, talk again and leave you here."Mu Yu actually felt that the thing was disgusting, but at the moment they were like lost little lambs, and they could only shamefully rely on this stuff to save their sense of direction.

  Their speed was very fast, and they quickly flew for half an hour, finally finally seeing a team in front. Mu Yu looked bright and shouted: "Look! I said that I can find people! I am a genius! ”

  “Looking for a small expert is also a genius?”Xiaoshuai snorted.

  "Is it cool to talk to you?"

  Mu Yu simply wanted to lick this little bastard and directly pulled out a dry chicken leg to block Xiao Shuai's mouth.

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