Chapter 490 Desert Pedestrians

  This is a team of transporters. There are twenty peaks of camel and beasts carrying all kinds of goods. The people who accompany the team are some ordinary people. They are not high, and there are about forty.

  Everyone is on a huge awning wooden car, the weather is too hot, and it is also a huge challenge for these ordinary people.

  "The front is Qingshui Cliff. Everyone has a 12-point spirit. We can rest for a while after the Qingshui Cliff."A man with a tiger-backed waist in the team shouted.

  The weather is hot, and it is the easiest to get tired and slack. If you encounter any danger, you can't react in time. Every big and old team of the team bare naked, showing strong and dark muscles. When they heard the leader, they suddenly woke up a bit.

  However, at this moment, a figure stopped the front of the team. His sudden appearance made the leader suddenly nervous, and the entire team stopped.

  If a stranger blocks the team in the desert, it is not a good thing.

  The nature of the team that stopped the team was Mu Yu. The team that was in the desert was basically going to Qingshui City. He needs to find someone to inquire about the situation in Shimizu Castle. If you can, follow the team of others and save yourself from wandering like a headless fly in the desert.

  The leader of the big man saw that it was just a thin young man, but his expression did not relax at all, but he said: "Friends, this is the team of Qingshuicheng Mujia, I don't know what friends are doing?"


  Mu Yu shrugged and remembered that he was also a surname! Then he smiled and said, "This uncle, I have no other meaning. I just want to go to Qingshuicheng, but I lost my way. I don’t know if Uncle can take me for a ride? ”

  The leader of the big man is also barely regarded as a comprehension, and it is only a period of training. He can't see the depth of the wood feathers, and he doesn't understand why there are such young people in the desert. Although there are many self-cultivators in Qingshuicheng, those who are comprehending can all hurry in the sky, and few comprehensions will appear. Trekking in the desert.

  "This -" The leader of the big man is not difficult to face. He can't relax his vigilance because the other party is only young, and he can't arbitrarily agree to the requests of others. It is very difficult to survive if he is not careful in the realm of cultivation.

  "Alai, what's the matter?"

  Just then, in a carriage behind him, he jumped down to a calm middle-aged man. This middle-aged man is not the same as other people. He wore a luxurious green robe and looked fresh and refined. His cultivation is much higher than the leader, and he is a Golden Danian.

  "The East, a young man who doesn't know where to come, says he wants to get lost. He wants to go with us. Dongjia, what do you think?"A round and respectful said.

  The refined middle-aged man frowned, went to the front of Mu Yu, looked at Mu Yu, and smiled: "This little friend, in the lower wood Rongxuan, is the person of Qingshuicheng Mujia. Is Xiaoyou also going to Qingshuicheng? ”

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and smiled: "Yes, I have a bad sense of direction and I am lost." I don't know if Uncle can help me in the direction, or let me follow the uncle's team to Qingshuicheng? ”

  Mu Rongxuan looked at Mu Yu's pure smile, not like lying, the color of vigilance went a little, said: "It turns out that Xiaoyou must be the first time to come to Qingshuicheng!" Generally, the first time you come to Qingshui City, someone should guide you, otherwise it will be easy to get lost. Since the same road, that little friend may wish to follow me. ”

  Mu Rongxuan saw that Mu Yu was only repairing the foundation period.

I was too old, and my heart was relieved, so I let Mu Yu get into his carriage. This carriage is made of summer cedar. It is very spacious and can accommodate five or six people.

  There is a man and a woman at the moment, it seems that only 13 or four years old, the teenager looks tired and lazy, and is very clean. Looking at Mu Yu into the car, he looked at Mu Rongxuan puzzledly, and then the body moved involuntarily moved inward, faintly protecting a girl behind him.

  The girl looks like a watery spirit, and looks like a young boy. He is looking at the wood feather curiously. Mu Yu greeted them with a greeting, but the teenager did not take a break, but some faces were unpleasantly asked: "Hey, why do you let a stranger come to our car?"

  Mu Rongxuan made a look at the young boy, indicating that he would not talk, and then smiled at Mu Yu: "Little friends laughed, this is my dog ​​and prostitute, Mu Hao and Mu Xin, still do not know how to call Xiaoyou?"

  "My name is Fengmu."Although Mu Yu feels that he can meet people with his own surname, there are not many people who have surnamed Mu. However, the words "Mu Yu" on the triple continent are too famous. He is still low-key.

  "Wind wood brother is good."Behind him, Mu Xin said with a big smile, not at all.

  However, Mu Hao looked at Mu Xin with dissatisfaction and said: "Xiao Xin, don't always be so passionate about a stranger, we don't know what this guy is!"

  Mu Hao is quite hurtful to his sister who has no wariness. Unlike Mu Xin, he has a deep alert to Mu Yu. When he looks at his sitting position, he knows that his sister is in the safest position behind him. I am afraid that Mu Yu will suddenly start or something.

  It is also his idea that Mu Rongxuan invited Mu Yu to his car. This is a caravan. He does not know whether Mu Yu is really lost or lost. However, the other accompanying personnel repaired the highest level of only the training period, and the wood feathers have been built in the base period, so he must personally stalk, saving the wood feathers what is wrong.

  Mu Yu curiously asked: "Uncle, you just surnamed wood, is the 'wood' of the tree?"

  Waiting for Mu Rongxuan to answer, Mu Hao suddenly grabs white
Road: "What kind of 'wood' of trees, I tell you, is the 'wood' of Mu Yu! You didn't get it wrong, it's the real god disciple, Mu Yu's 'wood'! ”

  Mu Hao said that this is quite proud.

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and felt a funny laugh. Was he a true disciple? My own surname has also become the object of this kid's show, it is a strange feeling.

  "Is it very proud to hear your tone?"Mu Yu looked at Mu Hao with a smile.

  "nonsense! That is the true god disciple, the object of my admiration, much better than your ridiculous surname…"Mu Haomei said, but Mu Rongxuan interrupted Mu Hao’s words.

  "Xiao Hao, don't talk about it!"Mu Rongxuan yelled.

  Mu Hao was reluctant to turn his face and did not make a sound.

  Mu Yu shrugged indifferently, and there was a little self-satisfaction in his heart. It turned out that he still had a stupid little fan in the realm of comprehension. This is not bad. When he saw Mu Xin’s innocent look, he smiled and said: “Xiao Xin’s sister is good!”

  "Humph!"Mu Hao gently snorted and was dissatisfied with Mu Yu’s greetings to his sister.

  He has also built a base period, and it is not bad to repair it at the age of thirteen. After all, the triple continent is not everyone's cultivation of genius. At the time of the age of Mu Yu, there was only a base period.

  "Wind wood brother, where are you from? How come here? ”Mu Xin asked with a big eyes.

  Mu Yu said with embarrassment: "I came from the suffocating city. I was originally looking for someone in Qingshuicheng. I just couldn't find the road. I just saw your team, so I took the liberty."

  "It turns out that the windy brother is not in a good direction!"Mu Xin laughed.

  "Yes! No sense of direction. ”

  Mu Yu patted his head. As a road idiot, he was not the first to get lost. He was also mixed everywhere in the second day, but at that time there was at least a slightly detailed map, but in the desert, there was no end to it. Yellow sand, without the experience of walking in the desert, even if there is a map on the hand of Mu Yu, it is useless.

  "Since I can't find the way, hey, why don't you just give him a map and let him find it?"Mu Hao looked at his own martyrdom and did not welcome the arrival of Mu Yu.

  "Xiao Hao, is not allowed to be rude to the guests."Mu Rongxuan rebuked, and then smiled at Mu Yu, "Feng Mu Xiaoyou forgive me, the dog said it was heavy. It’s a fate to meet, and it’s great to make friends. ”

  Mu Rongxuan is not a simple idea of ​​Mu Hao. I don’t know why he always feels that this young man is not easy. Although he is only the atmosphere of the foundation period, he is well-informed and can’t be wrong.

  It is rare for a young man to hang out in the desert.

  He thought about sending a map directly to Mu Yu, but he saw that Mu Yu was only ten years old and looked polite. It should not be a bad person, so he decided to let him stay.

  "Uncle Wood is polite, to be honest I have a map before I entered the desert, but I still lost."Mu Yu said, then he raised his eyebrows at Mu Hao and said: "But I don't account for what a child said."

  "Who are you talking about children? I am 13 years old this year and I can be independent. ”Mu Hao’s “蹭” fires up. Mu Yu’s words are like stepping on his tail. He has always been a very strong person, and he does not like others to say that he is a child.

  "Oh, what should I call you?" Big child? ”Mu Yu thinks that this guy also has some meaning. When he is young, he likes to be mature, and he can’t help but feel good.

  "you! You give me respect! ”Mu Hao was mad at the tunnel, then turned to Mu Rongxuan. "Hey, this person is so arrogant, you just take it here, what if he has a heart?" We must drive him off the bus! ”

  Mu Rongxuan replied: "Oh, Xiaohao, I have not told you?" Beyond going out, one more friend is better than one more enemy. Where is your temper? ”

  "That's right! When I grow up, I want to be a child. How do you think of being a big boy? I really don’t know how to be blessed in the blessing. ”

  Before he was a child, Mu Yu always dreamed that he would grow up quickly, but when he grew up, he met many messy things. UU reading Whatever you have to face, you can’t escape, just bite your teeth. There are a lot of pressures to bear.

  Sometimes I think it would be better not to grow up, like a child who is always carefree and how good.

  However, this thought is just to think about it. People must learn to be independent, and they can only rely on themselves.

  There are countless people who are making great fortune on their own heads. If they don't work hard, they can only be trampled by people who have been annoying for a lifetime. If they want to go down in the realm of cultivation, they must face everything.

  As we grow older, many emotions will plague everyone, love and hate, and cannot be avoided.

  Mu Rongxuan smiled and looked at Mu Yu. He found that the young man was quite savvy, and he went a little more for the warning of Mu Yu. Mu Hao slammed the wooden feather and glanced at it, not screaming.

  "To the uncle, Qing Shuicheng, what is Sikong Qiwen in the end, is his rumor recently, is the Sikong family in Qingshui City very powerful?"

  Mu Yu went to Qingshui City this time to find the day, and he would not wait until two months later to compete with this sudden rise of Sikong Qiwen, and he also learned some things about Sikongqiwen by the way.

  "Hey, bandit, a Sikongqi
What's great, we have a wooden house…"

  "Xiao Hao, don't talk nonsense!"Mu Rongxuan interrupted Mu Hao’s words and frowned slightly. Then he sighed and said, “Sikong Qiwen, the Sikong family is not simple.”

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