No. 493 Water City

  The sun is still roasting the desert, and the wooden family's team left a car mark in the desert, quietly moving forward, not at all like the experience of the disaster.

  "Uncle, you just said that the people of the Sikong family are instructing the one-eyed dragon to kill you. Why do the people of the Sikong family want to kill you? Your wooden family has long been a threat to them, isn't it? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Sikong Qiwen is now the fifteenth on the list of immortals. Mu Qingfan is only the 93rd, and he has been beaten unconscious. The Mujia lost his spiritual support. Where can he compete with Sikong Qiwen?

  Mu Rongxuan shook his head and said: "They killed me in order to completely destroy our wooden house. It doesn't matter. We, Muzi, I know a little about business. I have better cultivation skills than my brothers. So they generally don't care about the affairs of the people. Once I am dead, many businesses in Mujia will not be able to take care of them, so I also thought that I might be in danger. I didn't expect them to start so fast. ”

  "Then why don't you send a few Guardian guards for the Infant or the Guardian of the Golden Age to protect this caravan?"Mu Yu asked inexplicably, the strength of the wooden family can not even be a teacher of the Yuan Ying period, do not have it?

  Mu Rongxuan shook his head: "Every family has a hard-to-read scripture. Now we are being oppressed by the Sikong family. I have transferred many of the family's master guards to deal with some unexpected situations in Qingshuicheng, like me. I don’t go out very often. This time I only occasionally need to go out once, thinking that there will be no accidents, so I don’t think too much. These two children are also clamoring to follow, and simply let them follow, but did not expect to almost killed. ”

  In the conversation with Mu Rongxuan, Mu Yu knew some general information about the Mujia. The current family of Mujia is Mutianhe, a monk who has a great day, and is the highest in the family. There are four sons and two daughters under Mu Tianhe's knees. Mu Rongxuan ranks the third.

  Both of his brothers are the masters of the Yuan Ying period, and they are the pillars of the future of the family. Mu Tianhe said that the two of them can give the owner the position of the two, so the two of Mu Rongxuan The brothers are practicing all the time.

  However, Mu Rongxuan's cultivation talent is not good, but he has a business mind. He only has a business mind in the wood family and can't be the owner. He is helpless. Those who have cultivated do not have the ability to govern the family, and those who have the ability to govern the family have not cultivated. This is the most embarrassing moment of the Mu family.

  If Mu Rongxuan became the owner of the family, he worried that the two brothers had opinions, so he did not go to the position of the family, but he was relieved to do his own thing.

  However, the Sikong family seized the opportunity of the wooden family to despise Mu Rongxuan, so they tried to kill Mu Rongxuan. They are much smarter than the other people in the wood family. They know that as long as Mu Rongxuan has an accident, the business of Mujia will surely become a pot of porridge, and the wooden house will not break.

  Unfortunately, Mu Tianhe is old and still believes in the supremacy of the rule of the family, so he has never sent someone to protect Mu Rongxuan.

  "You are a little confused! It should be people to protect the three of you. ”Mu Yu shook his head.

  "Fengmu Xiaoyou laughed, the family situation is not optimistic, and the manpower is not enough."

  Mu Rongxuan smiled awkwardly, his father is old, plus Sikong Chiven turned out to be a tough fix to bring the Sikong family to this situation, so just let Mutiang believe that only to fix high people can carry forward the family, and some ignore the Mu Rongxuan security, but Mu Rongxuan don't blame his father not considerate.

  After being said by Mu Yu, Mu Hao was not happy, and retorted: "You are not allowed to say my grandfather!"

  "I am telling the truth,

You are a kid. ”Mu Yudao, "If your grandfather is awake, you should know that it is not enough to manage the family. It is one thing to cultivate high, but you don't know how to use it. You only know how to use your fists. When you are sold, you will be sold. It is also possible to replace the number of people! You know how to do business, and safety must be in the first place. ”

  Then I remembered something and asked: "Do you still have a brother and two sisters?"

  "My two sisters are married, not in Qingshui City, as for my four brothers…Oh, don't say it! ”Mu Rongxuan seems to have something to hide, not to say.

  Mu Yu did not ask again, how the wooden family did not have much to do with him. Although they are all surnamed Mu, but Mu Yu does not think that one person he meets casually is his own relatives. There are more people with the same surname, and there is nothing to tangled.

  He is not interested in the battle between the families. This time it is purely because he followed the team of others. The purpose of his visit to Qingshuicheng is to kill the sky after two months!

  At the speed of their peak camel and beast, it took a full five days to go to Qingshuicheng.

  Along the way Mu Rongxuan to Mu Yu respectfully have added, but Mu Hao always occasionally choked wood plume a few words, once Mu Rongxuan praised the "hero out of the youth" words, Mu Hao will be in time to say "hero out of Youth" is used to describe the Mu Yu, not described as "wind wood", and then said several times to the "Mu feather Brother" learning words.

  "You are a bad boy!"

  Every time Mu Yu is degraded, it will be very uncomfortable, but this guy is always "wood feather long wood feather short", and all the good words are on the "wood feather" body, which makes him very useful. Mu Yu wants to admit that he is the "great Mu Yu brother" in Mu Haokou, saving this guy is always dying to be alert to his face.

  The reason why a city in a desert is called Qingshui City is because the city is being used by the practitioners to introduce all the groundwater into the city. The whole city is full of red and green, which is in stark contrast with the arid desert outside.

 Qingshui City is very large and extremely prosperous. From time to time, it can be seen that there are several comprehensions in the air flying by the sword. This city is dominated by ordinary people. Walking on the street are all kinds of screams, and there is no shortage of delicious food, especially the aroma of meat and meat fluttering into the nose of Xiaoshuai, so that it is almost intoxicated.

  Xiaoshuai drooling wants to find food, and is held down by Mu Yu.

  "Wind wood friends, can you have a place to stay in Clearwater City?" If there is no place to stay, I can stay at my Mujia for a while and let me do my best. How? ”Mu Rongxuan said sincerely.

  "This is no need to trouble the uncle, I want to go around and get familiar with Qingshuicheng."Mu Yu shook his head.

  "Fengmu brother, you have helped me, let us thank you!" Xiao Xin can tell the wind wood brother Qingshui City what is fun, so the wind wood brother is not as lost as in the desert! Shimizu Castle is big! ”Mu Xin said happily.

  Mu Hao dissatisfied and snorted, and did not welcome the arrival of Mu Yu.

  “Is there a lot of delicious chicken legs in the wood house?”Xiaoshuai interjected.

  Mu Rongxuan and others also met Xiao Shuai, who looks like a little squirrel. He smiled and said: "Some of you, what you want to eat, just tell the next person to do it." , full of water."

  Mu Rongxuan knows that the young people in front of him are extraordinary. From the means of packing up the gangsters yesterday, you can know that Mu Yu’s cultivation is at least in the Yuan Ying period. The repair of the Yuan Ying period is quite high in today's Mujia, and it would be an excellent thing if you can move such a big god around you.

  "Uncle said that you are full, Mu Yu, are we leaving?"Xiaoshuai asked with a big tail and pitifully.

  "Mom, when am I starving you?"

  Mu Yu took a look at Xiaoshuai. Every time he bought a lot of food, he went into the little handsome belly. He smells the smell of chicken legs every day, and he has to clean up the oil stains on his body at any time, even the bones are not flawed. To.

  "Wind wood brother, leave it!"Xiao Xin saw that his father was very fond of the appearance of Mu Yu, and he ran over and pulled the hand of Mu Yu, and asked for it.

  Mu Yu looked at Xiao Xin's cute look, and his heart was soft. He reached out and pinched Xiao Xin's little face and said, "Well, then I will stay here for a few days."

  But his hand was opened by Mu Hao, and Mu Hao warned: "You don't touch my sister's face!"

  Mu Yu strongly resisted the impulse of this kid, and said: "The same is a twin, how is the gap so big?"

  Mu Hao still wants to refute, but Mu Rongxuan has pulled him behind him. Mu Rongxuan saw that Mu Yu promised to stay and was full of joy: "The wind wood friends can stay and really make the house shine." As long as there is any demand for Fengmu Xiaoyou, although I can't do it, I can't do it. ”

  "Thank you for your uncle Wood."Muyu arches.

  The courtyard of the Mujia is quite large. After all, it is one of the five major families of Qingshuicheng. Although it is now weak, it is not something that some small families can marry. Mu Yu followed Mu Rongxuan to the Mujia, and the next person who guarded the door immediately ran to meet Mu Rongxuan.

  "Rong Xuan, you are back? Is the road going smoothly? ”An old man dressed as a steward came over and bowed and respectfully said.

  "Ok! I will talk about some things. Mubo, what happened to me at the time I left? ”Mu Rongxuan asked.

  Mubo stopped talking and said: "Grandpa will let you go and look for him immediately after you come back. Something happened after you left this home."

  "No, Rong Xuan, you go to the medicinal shops in the east of the city!" They will soon belong to the Sikong family. ”

  An old man who had to be white was striding in. The old man had a powerful momentum on his body, and he was not angry with himself. People dared not look straight into it. This is the home of Mujia today, Mutianhe!

  "grandfather!"Mu Xin happily ran towards the wooden crane and hugged the wooden crane.

  Mu Tianhe’s serious face was a rare smile. UU read and touched the head of his granddaughter. “Xiao Xinyi, Grandpa wants to deal with you with some things.”

  "Grandpa, what is so urgent? You don't know, just on the way we came back, something almost happened! ”Mu Xindao.

  "What happened?"Mu Tianhe frowned and asked quietly.

  Mu Rongxuan came over quickly and said: "Hey, the people of the Sikong family sent the desert robbers to kill me."

  "what? It is also the Sikong family! Are you all right? ”Mu Tianhe's face changed slightly, and looked at Mu Hao, and asked quickly.

  "Oh, we almost lost our lives. Fortunately, this Fengmu friend helped me to help us kill the one-eyed dragon and save us."Mu Rongxuan quickly introduced Mu Yu to Mu Tianhe.

  Mu Tianhe looked up and down a lot of wood feathers. He was amazed at the age of Mu Yu. The one-eyed dragon had at least Jin Dan’s nine-day repair, and would actually be killed by such a young man?

  He carefully explored the cultivation of Mu Yu, and found that he could not see through the repairs of his own life. He had some doubts in his heart, and then he clamored: "Thank you, Fengmu Xiaoyou saved me. The family is in the house of the undergrowth, the wooden crane."

  "In the downwind wood, I have seen the wood predecessors."Mu Yu politely and courteously, although in fact his cultivation is much higher than that of Mutianhe, but it is good to have a courtesy wherever he goes.

  Mu Hao snorted again, his grandfather and
His father’s attitude towards “Winwood” made him very unhappy.

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