Chapter 495 Straight Taro Green

  Wood feathers turned over and carefully opened the door. Through the moonlight, I saw a drunken guy squinting at himself and then lying on the ground, and the bottle in his hand rolled to the side. Missed. After a while, the grunt sounded from the guy's nose.

  "Hey! I said Uncle, even if you are wary of me, don't you have to stay at my door to sleep? Slightly conceal it, don't be so obvious! ”Mu Yu licked his mouth.

  However, the wood folding star did not respond to the wood feather, but turned over and continued to sleep.

  Mu Yu did not feel any fluctuations from the wood folding star, feeling that he was just an ordinary person. However, from today's point of view, his attitude towards Mu Xin is really curious. Why do people who care about drinking every day care so much about a little girl? It seems that this guy is not drunk at all, still have some awareness.

  "Uncle, are you rushing to think about drinking every day?"Mu Yu didn't want to drive away. He took a hand and the bottle on the table flew over. Then he rolled over and sat down on the roof, staring at the moon in the sky.

  But everyone has always had a hurdle!

  Mu Yu is talking to himself and said: "I have also encountered some hurdles. The closest people are framed to death, but the enemy is so powerful. But I will not choose to indulge, I will choose revenge. ”

  The body of the wooden folding star suddenly moved, but he just turned back again, lying in a "big" shape, and his voice was still there.

  "I came to Qingshui City just to find someone. It doesn't matter to your wooden family. Don't worry about me."

  Mu Yu lay on the roof. He didn't understand why he had to say this to a drunken person. Maybe he also drank some wine tonight. Something in his heart was very uncomfortable, but no one would listen to him. .

  And a drunkard is obviously a suitable listener.

  In his opinion, this drunkard may be troubled by something, not willing to face the reality, and has been indulged for so many years. They may have the same experience, but they have made different choices.

  The evening breeze, the moon is empty, the stars are dotted, this night looks very quiet.

  One person lay on the roof, one person lying on the ground, so they each have their own minds, or sleep or awake.

  When the slight hum of the wood feathers sounded, the wood folding star suddenly opened his eyes. The drunkenness in his eyes had disappeared. Instead, it was an unspeakable sorrow. But very quickly, the wooden folding star closed his eyes again and snorted and thundered.


  "Wind wood brother! Wind wood brother! Get out of bed, let's go out and play! ”The door of the yard was completely gone. Mu Xinxing rushed in and did not see the road. He stepped on the wooden folding star and almost stumbled.

  "Oh, four uncles, how do you sleep in the courtyard of Fengmu's brother?"Mu Xin shouted with dissatisfaction. The wooden folding star swayed and looked at Mu Xin with a sleepy look, then turned around and looked for something, and finally climbed over the wine bottle in the corner.

  "Xiao Xin, so early!"Mu Yu also yawned and fell from the roof. He saw a well in the yard and walked over to hit a bucket of water. He washed his face and made himself awake.

  "Fengmu brother, I have already said to me, he agreed to take me out to play."Mu Xin wore a blue dress today.

Playful and cute.

  "I, I will go too."The wooden folding star shook the bottle and found that there was no wine, and it was not very happy.

  "No, I don't go with the four uncles. The four uncles always drink, I don't like it."Mu Xin ran to the well, also hit a bucket of water, and then mentioned in front of the wood folding star, "four uncles wash their faces."

  Wood Folding star buried his head in the bucket, swayed, then looked up, and the messy beard was all wet and huddled together. He stumbled and said: "That let Xiaohao accompany you."

  "Four uncles can rest assured that I will accompany Xiaoxin’s sister, and will not let Xiaoxin and a stranger run around."The sound of Muhao's discord is also ringing at the door.

  Mu Yu turned his eyes, this guy still does not believe in himself, it is really a bastard who loves and hates.

  He turned into the house, woke up the dragon vine, and the dragon vines went back to his arm, then picked up the big tail of the little boy who slept like a pig and stuffed it into his pocket. Then he came back again.

  Early in the morning, Qingshui City was already very lively, and the bustling screams on the streets came and went. Mu Xin is jumping around and looking over there, playing more than anyone else.

  Mu Hao did not leave Mu Xin for a quarter of an hour. He was afraid that Mu Xin would lose it. He was a competent brother.

  After two visits, they only saw the tip of the iceberg in Qingshui City. The wood feathers simply took them and stepped on their flying swords to fly over Qingshuicheng.

  Clearwater City is not the same as other cities. It is not forbidden to fly the comprehension, so from time to time they will see someone passing by.

  "Wow! I like flying the most! However, I am not enough to repair. ”Mu Xin cried happily. She is only the cultivation of the training period, unable to fly the sword, but Mu Hao can do it. He insisted on flying by himself, but the speed was too slow. He was ridiculed by Mu Yu, and he couldn’t get enough.

  "What is the use of flying fast? Mu Yu brother is faster than you! ”Mu Haohong's face is to keep up with the pace of wood feathers, but it is always opened by wood feathers at the right time.

  "Mu Yu your sister!"Mu Yu couldn’t help but whispered, then he thought how it sounded like he was

  "Wu Yu is my brother!"Mu Hao said proudly.

  Mu Yu is really helpless. "You have never seen Mu Yu, how do you know that he is your brother? Don't always be so happy, what if your family is a wooden rain sister instead of a wooden feather brother? ”

  "Wu Yu is not the person of our family, but also the apprentice of the true God, or the object of my worship! none of your business! ”Mu Hao feels a little powerless, and Mu Yu intentionally or unintentionally does not let him catch up.

  "It is good to worship a person, but you can't just degrade one person and raise another person! This approach is very wrong. ”

  Mu Yu remembered that when she was in the dusty mountain, Lan Linger also degraded herself to raise her dear second brother. But now Mu Hao is lowering the wood feathers in front of him to raise another wood feather, so that Mu Yu has always felt helpless.

  "What do you say, you can't compare with the true god's apprentice! Mu Yu, he was much better than you! You say this just because you can't compare with Muyu! ”Mu Hao said with a grin.

  His speed has become slower and slower, but Mu Yu has always kept the speed in the way he has to catch up and can't catch up. Otherwise, this guy has already been smashed for a hundred and eight thousand miles.

  Mu Yu felt that it was always a headache when facing this girl. He simply said: "If I said that I am Mu Yu, do you believe it or not?"

  "You are Mu Yu?"Mu Hao brows one pick, "Don't you insult the words of Mu Yu?" Mu Yu is a great person. Where are you great? ”

  Mu Yu touched his head, and he was also stumped by this problem, because he did not know why he suddenly became great. Then I felt quite embarrassed and said: "I am embarrassed to say that."

  "I don't praise you, I boast of wood feathers, you don't put gold on your face!"Mu Hao waved his fist.

  Mu Yu really likes and hates this guy, and he can't even bear to break the image of "wood feather" in his fantasy.

  "Ok! Ok! Your Mu Yu brother handsome and handsome Yushu before the wind, no one, no one is brave, invincible and handsome, OK! ”Mu Yu said that this is still floating!

  Anyway, boasting two sentences without spending money.

  "You still need to say it!"Mu Hao snorted.

  Mu Yu can not help but can not help.

  "Xiaohao brother don't be stubborn, let the wind wood brother carry you!" He is so easy for me, not one of you. ”Mu Xin turned back and advised from time to time.

  "I don't want him to carry it, I will fly by myself."

  Mu Hao stubbornly clenched his teeth, still insisting, he has been flying at his maximum limit speed, and his pitiful spiritual power has long been consumed. After flying for two more hours, I finally couldn’t hold it anymore and fell down with a bang.

  "How to be as stupid is to blame."Mu Yu reluctantly rolled up Mu Hao, and Mu Hao snorted and unwillingly turned his head.

  Mu Xin is quite familiar with the entire Qingshui City, and obviously she often follows her for playing. Mu Yu also probably figured out the distribution of the forces of the various families in Qingshui City. Mu Xin also pointed out the industry of Mujia to Mu Yu.

  "This piece is the cemetery of our wood house. The neighborhood next to it is the property of our wood house!"Mu Xin said.

  "It is not already."Mu Hao said heavily.

  "What is not it?"Mu Xin asked strangely.

  "Except for the cemetery or our wooden house, the neighboring shop has been taken away by the Sikong family."Mu Hao said something unwilling.

  Mu Hao took a look at Mu Yu, and then explained to Mu Xin where it is still the wood industry, where it is no longer a wooden house, and Yu Muxin will not go to the place that does not belong to the wood industry next time, now the Sikong family not to be trifled.

  Mu Yu listened quietly. In Mu Hao's exposition, Mujia's industry originally extended to all parts of Qingshui City, but now it has been seriously shrunk, and nearly two-thirds of the industry has been taken away by the Sikong family. Many stores no longer cooperate with Mujia and choose to cooperate with Sikong family.

  "hateful! What is a great thing about a Sikongqi! This snobby guy! ”Mu Haoyue said that the more annoyed, and finally could not help but open up.

  To be honest, Mu Yu is also very sympathetic to Mujia, but Mu Yu does not want to participate in the grievances of the Mujia and Sikong families. His goal is just to wait for the day, not the Sikongqiwen, he does not want to get into trouble.

  "Kid, you still have to hurry and practice hard, and try to improve your cultivation. When you are more than Sikong Qiwen, you can help your family." If your wooden family does not have a person with the same strength and singularity, it is difficult to survive. ”Mu Yu said.

  He will not help the Mujia, it was just a meeting, and the surnames are the same.

  "Who said that we have no wooden house! Our wooden house has a wooden feather! ”Mu Hao took a look at Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu touched his forehead and couldn't bear to break the illusion of Mu Hao. He always "wood feather long wood feather short", UU reading www. confuses his Muyu deity.

  After a long day of shopping, I was almost tired. Mu Xin said excitedly that she would go to the "one-character signboard" restaurant to eat, and Mu Yu would go to the restaurant in the direction she directed.

  The “Flat Signs” restaurant is the restaurant that they opened in Mujia. The “Carbon Bronze Lizard” is especially famous for this dish, and it is also the favorite thing for Mu Xin.

  When Xiao Shuai heard that he had eaten, he suddenly found his head and opened his mouth and smirked. It has already eaten a lot of things last night, now
I still think about eating, I really don't know what it is in the belly, how to digest it so fast.

  The one-character signage restaurant is very lively, people come and go, there are ordinary people and people who have real people, all come from the name. The signature dishes here are full of flavors and flavors, and it is an old restaurant in Qingshui City.

  Here is the industry of Mujia, because the business is too busy, so Mu Hao did not deliberately disturb the shopkeeper, but looked up from the ground up to find a corner, ordered some dishes.

  Xiaoshuai and Muxin are the two happiest people to eat. Mu Hao ate half and said that he wanted to go to the shopkeeper and ask about the business situation of the "one-character signboard" restaurant in the past few days, so he went downstairs.

  However, at this moment, some quarrels suddenly came downstairs, and even a few angry snorings were mixed. Mu Yu listened carefully, one of the sounds is still wood.

  "Is not it? Who is this silly boy still quarreling with? ”Mu Yu reluctantly walked to the stairs, leaning on the fence and looking at the situation below.

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