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Chapter 496 Yi surname slave

  "This is obviously the restaurant of our wooden family! Sikong Qiwu, do you dare to mess here? ”

  Mu Hao looked angryly at a teenager dressed in luxurious costumes, and he was almost the same age as Mu Hao. He is the most famous black horse in the world today, and the younger brother of Si Kongqiwen, Si Kong Qiwu.

  "What is your restaurant? Mu Hao, I tell you, this 'one-character signboard' restaurant has long changed its name to empty! Now I am the master of the 'one-character signboard', how far you have to go. ”Sikong Qiwu held his chest with both hands and said proudly.

  "You nonsense! How can a word sign be empty? ”

  Mu Hao’s eyes fell on the shopkeeper next to Sikong Qiwu, and he eagerly asked, “Uncle Zhang, he said it’s not true, right?”

  Zhang treasurer looked up lazily, looked at Mu Hao, and smiled: "Mu Hao young master, now the word brand restaurant is indeed the industry of the Sikong family, Master Wood Hao, if you are coming to eat, hurry to eat Let's finish the checkout and leave here."

  "Your wooden house is already finished!" Hurry back and wait for death! ”Sikong Qiwu laughed and his expression was extremely arrogant.

  However, he does have the arrogance of arrogance. There is a singular essay called "The Dark Horse" as a brother. It is not unreasonable for a person to get a chicken.

  "You are shameless!"

  Mu Hao clenched his fist and was not too angry with Si Kong Qiwu.

  The surrounding diners were very interested in talking about Mu Hao, and after clarifying the identity of these two people, the expressions were very interesting.

  The Sikong family was originally an affiliated family of Mujia. Nowadays, because of the rise of Sikongqiwen, he is riding on Mujiatou. The only one of Mujia’s ones is defeated in Sikongqiwen. Nowadays, Mujia has no strength to compete with the Sikong family, and the wooden boy has no background and dares to conflict with Sikongqiwen. It is really looking for death!

  Mu Hao was pointed at a little bit, and his face was flushed. He suddenly picked up his fist and rushed to Siqi Qiwu. It’s not bad for him to have this repair at this age, but the two family members around Sikong Qiwu are also the repairers of the base period. They have already expected that Mu Hao will shoot, turned and blocked in front of Sikong Qiwu, and suddenly put the wood. Hao gave it to the ground.

  Sikongqi Wushu was next to Mu Hao, proudly ridiculed: "Which is the difference in the past, whoever has the right to speak, I heard that you are everywhere to brag about the true god of the disciple Mu Yu is your Mu family, or yours Big Brother?"

  "What are you doing!"Mu Hao wants to struggle, but the two guards of Sikong Qiwu are more than him, and he is still holding him down.

  Sikong Qiwu sneered with a sneer: "As far as your wooden home is concerned, is it good to be with the apprentices of the true gods? I really laughed at my big teeth! Do you really think that Mu Yu is your wooden family? Do you want to face your face? ”

  "You can't prove that Mu Yu is not our wooden family!"Mu Hao’s face is filled with anger.

  "Don't say that you can't get evidence, even if Mu Yu is your wooden family?" Can you change the end of your wooden home that was annexed by our empty house? ”Sikong Qiwu touched his chin and said arrogantly.

  "You are less arrogant!"Mu Hao roared.

  "I tell you, my brother is the 51st best, and the wooden feather is only the 81st." He is nothing in front of my brother, even if Mu Yu is your wooden family. ,

Your wooden family is not qualified to fight with our empty family! Because Mu Yu is not my brother's opponent at all! ”

  Sikong Qiwu said with arrogance, "And, this restaurant is already an industry of our family, and has nothing to do with your wooden family. You still have to get out!" Actually, I still want to explore the business situation of the restaurant. Are you looking for death? ”

  The business of the restaurant is very prosperous, so there are a lot of lively diners at the moment. From the dialogue between the two of them, many people have already understood the ins and outs of things, and they all began to point to Mu Hao, and there are many discussions.

  "The wooden family is really shameless! I want to be in a relationship with the disciples of the true God, thinking that I can save my own industry? ”

  "I can’t argue with people’s homes and say that Mu Yu is the brother of his family’s family. How is this kid’s face so thick?”

  "That's right! What's great about the same surname? The 75th of the immortal list is called Zhang Wei. I am also called Zhang Wei. What did I say? ”

  "what? You are also called Zhang Wei? I am also called Zhang Wei, buddy fate! ”


  The wooden feathers at the stairway are understood. Mu Hao just said that he would go to the shopkeeper to inquire about the business situation of the restaurant in the past few days. However, the Sikong family seems to have taken away the "one-character signboard" restaurant originally belonging to the Mujia. Then this girl was put on the bar, and in the absence of evidence, Mu Yu was the person of their wooden family, and it was reasonable to be laughed at.

  Mu Yu touched his forehead and felt a little headache. He likes Mu Hao to worship himself, but he does not like that he always makes a hat for himself. He always describes himself as his brother. This does have the suspicion of confusing relatives.

  Mu Yu does not intend to shoot, the following two are just children playing, he does not need to blend, as long as it does not make a life. Besides, this is also a lesson for Mu Hao, who saves his reputation everywhere.

  "I tell you, even if it is the apprentice of the true God, in front of my brother, it is not worthy to give him shoes!"Sikong Qiwu stepped on the back of Mu Hao.

  "You are not allowed to insult Mu Yu! He is not the person of our wooden family, nor is he
You can just insult it! ”

  Wood screamed, not knowing where the strength came, suddenly broke away from the two family members next to him, and immediately smashed the two family members out, and then flew over to Sikong Qiwu, the two suddenly twisted together.

  The repair of Sikong Qiwu was not comparable to that of Mu Hao. At one time, Mu Hao hit a fist in the eye. The whole person fell out and hit the stool, and his teeth were knocked out.

  "Little bastard, do you dare to hit me?"Sikong Qiwen squinted, one of his eyes had become purple, as if it was a shameful shame, and suddenly a horrible atmosphere appeared on his body, and a short blade with black light appeared in his hand.

  When the short blade came out, everyone felt a repressed force shrouded and the breathing became a little rush.

  "I will kill you!"Sikong Qiwu has already thrown the short blade in his hand toward Mu Hao.

  The black short-blade breath locks Mu Hao, and Wood Hao wants to dodge in horror, but finds that he can't get rid of that terrible black short blade!

  Mu Yu slightly frowned, this short blade contains a very strong atmosphere, I am afraid that no one can get it, not to mention Mu Hao. Under his feet, there was a light shock. At the beginning of the millennium, a pattern of spurs swept out and rolled the black short blade to the side. The black short blade pierced the wine cabinet next to it, and suddenly the whole counter was torn apart!

  "What happened? How is it so noisy? ”Just then, a middle-aged man in black came over.

  The atmosphere of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian suddenly spread out and pressed on everyone, and the crowd automatically gave him a way. When the middle-aged man in black appeared, the atmosphere in the restaurant suddenly seemed dull. Obviously, the identity of this person is obviously not small.

  "This is not the confidant of the wooden family's main wooden crane, is it three ways?"

  "Hey, don't talk too much! You don’t know the fierce name of Mujiamu. ”

  The arguments of the diners are gradually getting smaller, and they are very jealous of this three-way. Mujiamu appeared here on the way, apparently for the sake of Mu Hao, Mu Hao saw the wooden three way to reveal a surprise look.

  "Three ways uncle! You are here too! ”

  Mu Haolian pulled the wooden three-way hand, like finding a backing, and the bottom gas suddenly rose up. He said to the Sikongqi Budo. "The three-way uncle, the Sikong family came to make trouble. He said that the signboard restaurant is not an unknown wood. Home, you have to take the lead to teach this shameless guy!"

  Musantu was originally not surnamed Mu, the original name was Ge Santu. When he was young, he was chased by the enemy. It was Wood Tianhe who saved him. Since then, he has been following Mutianhe, working for Mujia, and changed his name to Musantu.

  He laid a lot of trouble for the Mujia, and many times when someone wants to provoke the dignity of the Mujia, he was solved. He has a pair of hard, iron-like talons, and is famous in Clearwater.

  "Mr. Wood Hao, you let go first."Wood three way frowned.

  "Uncle Three Way, I will drive Sikong Qiwu out of our wooden house!"Mu Hao is still facing the three ways.

  Musan often follows the wooden crane, and is also very good for Mu Hao and others. Mu Hao also respects Musan.

  "Mu Hao, you really don't know what happened? Haha! ”Sikong Qiwu laughed.

  "Why are you laughing?"Mu Hao vaguely felt that something was wrong.

  Sikong Qiwu smiled for a while before he said: "Saikong three ways, tell this innocent Muhao young master who is your master!"

  Wood three-wayly opened the hands of Mu Hao, and then under the gaze of Mu Haomu, the three-way way of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian went to Sikong Qiwu with respect and respect, one knee down: "genus The next division is empty, and I have seen the Master Qi Wu."

  Mu Hao looked incredulously at the three roads in front of Sikong Qiwu. He didn't react. He ran over and pulled the clothes on Musan. He muttered, "Uncle Three, you, how are you in the air? In front of the family?"

  "Don't call me a three-way uncle, I am now a follower of Qi Wu's young master, not your three-way uncle! Also, now I am not surnamed Wood, but the surname Sikong! My name is Sikong three way! ”Mu Santu’s face showed a hint of ridicule, and he threw out Mu Hao and slammed it to the table.

  Mu Yu's brows were slightly wrinkled, and the smack of the hand smacked Mu Hao quietly, saving him from being thrown out. Mu Hao's body smashed the table, but he did not feel any pain.

  The Mujia is weak, and at this time, Musan has chosen to betray his own savior, Tiantianhe, and chose to rely on the Sikong family. In order to vote for and even change his surname to Sikong, he became a three-way!

  So easy to surname the slave, really do not know shame!

  Wood climbed up in an expansive way, and looked incredulously at Sikong three times. He whispered: "But, but my wooden family is not thin to you!"

  Sikong Qiwu sneered: "What about that?" My brother is here, UU reading Our empty family can give him ten times the benefits! The tree is falling apart. Now he is my close servant. Are you saying that it is three ways? ”

  "Yes, Master Qi Wu, his willingness to be a young man behind the horse, he will die!"Sikong bowed his head and said respectfully.

  Mu Hao’s eyes are confused. He doesn’t know why the three-way uncle who used to be good to him is like a shit in front of Sikong Qiwu. He is still young and doesn’t know what it means. Little The mind has been greatly shocked!

  The empty space of Sikong Qiwen turned out that his respected three-way uncle had rebelled, and he could not accept this situation.

"I don't believe, Uncle Three, you must lie to me!"Mu Haodao.

  "Lie to you? Then let you die! Three ways, gave me his legs, he just dared to hit me! I want to see if his ridiculous Mu Yu brother will save him! ”Sikongqi Wudao.

  "Wood feathers are not ridiculous, I am fighting with you!"

  Mu Hao squatted again and rushed toward Sikong Qiwu. However, Sikong’s three-way gaze was cold, and two powerful spiritual forces directly slammed into Mu Hao’s legs. With the repair of his Yuan Ying Jiu Tian Tian, ​​Mu Hao’s legs will inevitably be cut off!

  This old guy is really a heavy hand!

  "Humph! It’s an old dog that is ungrateful! ”Wood feathers are cold.

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