Chapter 498 Mu Yu and Wood Rain

  Mu Yu himself quietly sneaked back into his own courtyard. Not long after, Mu Hao ran his face and ran into the courtyard of Mu Yu.

  "what happened again?"Mu Yu asked not to be salty.

  He didn't want to come to Qingshuicheng to avenge others. However, this guy always tried to provoke others, and he had to be frustrated.

  "thank you."Mu Hao’s face rose red and his voice was as small as a mosquito.

  When he was in the desert, he did not see how Mu Yu taught the gangsters. Everything was described by him, and he was not convinced of Mu Yu, but today he realized the greatness of Mu Yu. Where.

  The strength of Sikong's three-way strength is very clear, but Mu Yu suddenly knocked down people and can do this. In Mu Hao's impression, only his grandfather Mutianhe can do it.

  "Can't hear! Did I just save a mosquito? ”Wood feathers lazily sat on the chair in the yard.

  "I say thank you!"Mu Hao suddenly raised his voice, like shouting hysterically, and shocked Mu Yu, thinking that this guy is not right.

  "What are you doing loudly? Thank you, what? When you go out, don't make a big mouth everywhere to advertise what Mu Yu is like your brother. If you mess up the dirty water, you will be anxious to get rid of it. ”Mu Yu said with no anger.

  "Wood feathers will not start with a small child!" He is a good man. ”Mu Hao is sulking on his own, blushing like a monkey's buttocks.

  "You have never seen him, how do you know that he is a good person? Good people write faces? ”The head of Mu Yu’s mouth smiled slightly. Every time he talked to this guy, he was always angry and funny. He had to hold the “wood feather” to the old height, so that the real wood feather could not bear it.

  "He is the apprentice of the true God. The true God is the hero of the Triple Continent. The apprentice of the true God is naturally a good person! From the time he was carrying the nickname, he also played for the Terran. After learning a certain Yaozu, you can know that he is actually a person with a sense of justice and responsibility! ”Mu Hao argued.

  This high hat can not find the reason for him, he shouted: "You guys look very annoying, how do you always love to tell the truth?"

  "And if you defeat the uncle of the three ways, you are definitely not the opponent of Mu Yu!"Mu Hao looked away, as if whispering to himself.

  Mu Yu was almost vomited with blood. He resisted the impulse of Yumu Hao and said: "Well, I am not the opponent of Mu Yu, who is in the wind and the jade tree. Are you coming to me to tell me this?" After you finish, go back and practice well. If you don’t have the strength, don’t go out and shake. ”

  However, Mu Hao did not move. He struggled for a long time before he said, "Can you teach me to practice?"

  "Why should I teach you to practice?"Mu Yu has no idea to teach people. He has to do so many things. He runs around all day, even if he accepts an apprentice, he will be an unreasonable master.

  "Because you saved me!"Mu Haoli said with arrogance.

  Mu Yu heard a stunned look: "Hey? Is this a reason? Saving a person and marrying an apprentice? Such a loss of the sale, then I might as well let you be killed by your three-way uncle. ”

  "How can you teach me?"Mu Hao asked seriously.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "I have no plans to accept the apprentice,

And soon I will leave your wooden home, so I won't teach you. You really want to worship a person, you should try to cultivate to be in line with him, instead of going out every day to tarnish his reputation. Your grandfather is also very high, you are looking for him. ”

  "Grandpa, they are too busy, no one teaches me to practice, I just want to learn something to help them."

  Mu Hao’s eyes are a little red. “I didn’t want to tarnish the reputation of Mu Yu. My grandfather said that the children who were left outside the four uncles are probably Mu Yu, so I always think that Mu Yu is my cousin. I also had a premise on the Sikongqiwu noodles. Whoever thinks that he met me today will make fun of me, and also Yu Muyu, of course I will not let him go. ”

  "Wait, you mean that your drunkard is not the father of Mu Yu?"Mu Yu frowned. He didn't expect this. The wood family didn't know a few of them. The drunkard was very wary of him.

  "Well, I don't know the specific situation. Anyway, my grandfather said so."Mu Hao looked down at Mu Yu with a dejected look and once again begged, "Do you really refuse to teach me?"

  "I will talk about it later!"Mu Yu shook his head.

  "Not willing to pull down! In the future, I will go to the big brother Mu Yu! ”Mu Hao left his head in frustration.

  Mu Yu touched his chin and fell into meditation.

  Is there such a clever thing?


  The next day, Mu Rongxuan hurried to the courtyard of Mu Yu, his expression was full of awe, and respectfully said: "I have seen Feng Mu adults."

  "Uncle, don't need to see it, what's wrong?"Mu Yu walked out of the door and made a yawn.

  "Listen to Xiaohao, you saved his life yesterday, and also learned to teach us the traitor of the wooden family, Sikong three times, Mu Rongxuan thanked the Fengmu adults."Mu Rongxuan was in the body.

  He was already secretly happy in his heart. He originally thought that Mu Yu was only a repairer of the Yuan Ying period, but he was able to squander the three-way way of the Yuan Ying Jiu Tian Tian. This method must be the repairer of the period.

  Nowadays, only the wooden cranes of the Mujiahe have a meditation, Mu Rong
Xuan was mistakenly hit by a big god, which made him excited.

  "I don't want to get into trouble. If you are uncle yesterday, you will help me keep it secret. No one should say it, or I can only leave here."Mu Yu Road.

  "The adults are relieved, I have already passed Xiaohao and Xiaoxin, no one else knows about it."Mu Rongxuan quickly promised. Nowadays, there is a person in the out-of-season who is a guest in his own home. Of course, he will not arrogantly say this thing everywhere. Otherwise, if a family is angered and walks away directly, then he will regret it.

  Mu Yu was silent for a while and asked: "I heard Xiaohao said yesterday that his uncle's son is Mu Yu. What is this?"

  Mu Rongxuan’s face was a touch of color, and he couldn’t understand why Mu Yu would suddenly ask about it, but since he still wanted to retain the young people in front of him, he did not hide it. He said: “This thing has to be a long time. Before I talked about it, it was about twenty years ago!"

  Mu Rongxuan began to swear to the past of his four brothers.

  Twenty years ago, at that time, Mujia was still the largest family in Qingshuicheng. Children between big families do not have the right to free love. Their marriages are all arranged by parents. For the benefit of certain families, they need to marry such things.

  As the owner of Mujia, Mutianhe chose a marriage for his son, Wood Folding Star, to marry the people of the Eastern family.

  However, the wood folding star likes an ordinary woman named Zhu Qiuqi. On the eve of the wedding, Wood Folding Star ran away from Zhuqiu, and fled the Qingshui City. This made Mu Tianhe lose his face in front of the Oriental family. He personally took people to catch the wood folding star.

  However, after finding the wood folding star, Wood Folding Star begged his father to let them go, because at that time, Zhu Qiuyu was already pregnant with the flesh of the wooden folding star. Mu Tianhe was furious, and he wanted to kill this kind of cockroach, and he wanted to kill Zhu Qiu.

  Wood Folding Star's cultivation talent was very outstanding. It was the pride of the wooden family. It was only one step away from the wood crane. This is why Mu Tianhe refused to let him marry an ordinary woman.

  Mu Tianhe always wanted to pass the position of the owner to the wood folding star, but the wood folding star does not like to be a homeowner, preferring to be with the people he likes. All the way, he guarded Zhu Qiuqi and escaped the round-up of the wooden crane. He eventually led the wooden crane to the ground and lost his hand, but Zhu Qiu still escaped with the child in his stomach.

  After the wooden folding star was caught back, it changed into a look. I didn’t think about making progress. I missed my wife and children all day, and even my unborn children had never seen one side. Mu Tianhe was furious and did not let him step out of the wooden house. He had been through this for two years.

  One day two years later, Zhu Qiuyi returned to Qingshui City alone and came to look for the wood folding star. She missed her husband too much, and because she was afraid that her child would be persecuted by Mutianhe, she would not dare to bring it back. She even dared not say whether the child was a boy or a girl.

  Zhu Qiuqi smashed for three days and three nights at the entrance of Mujia. In the end, Mutianhe couldn’t bear it. Finally, they let them see the short side, but they asked for the wooden folding star to rekindle, as long as the wooden folding star broke through. He allowed them to be together.

  The two of them saw each other under the eyes of Mutianhe for less than a quarter of an hour, and Mu Tianhe forced them to separate.

  In order to be able to work with Zhu Qiu, he would not have to practice day and night, and when he finally broke through to the expiration period, who would have thought that Zhu Qiuqi had already passed away.

  After Zhu Qiuyu gave birth to a child, I don’t know why her body is not as good as one day. She refused to tell anyone the whereabouts of the child. She thought she could hold the day when the wooden folding star broke through the stagnation period, but it was still a few days away. On one night, she regretted that she had reached the end of her life. No one knew that. Where is the child?

  From then on, the wood folding star will drunk himself all day, and a superb repair will disappear and become a pure drunkard. This is more than ten years.


  "Over the years, the four brothers only said the child's name. He and his younger brother agreed that if it is a boy, it is called Mu Yu, the feather of feathers, the girl is called wood rain, rain rain. But I was there at the time, so my brother and sister did not say whether it was a boy or a girl, nor did they say the whereabouts of the child. UU read We didn't feel shocked until we knew the true god's apprentice named Mu Yu, and always wanted to confirm it. ”Mu Rongxuan sighed.

  "You are really a good person!"Mu Yu sneered, his heart was a little stunned, because he remembered that when he was two years old, his mother left the village, making him an orphan.

  However, he still did not regard himself as the "wooden feather" of the wooden house, and did not say that this incident happened to make people feel incredible, even if, Mu Yu did not want to recognize the family.

  Why do you want to recognize each other? Mu Yu came to Qingshui City just to wait for the arrival of the day, to kill the day without waiting, and not ready to find a family.

  "Actually, I regretted the four brothers after I got them back. Because the four brothers miss their younger siblings, they have no breakthroughs and have been stagnating. He even sent people to find his younger siblings, that is, he hoped that the four younger brothers could cheer up and take over the wooden house. Although the younger brother and sister came back later, they went so suddenly. From then on, the four brothers never again woke up. ”Mu Rongxuan shook his head.

  "How old should the child be if he is still alive?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

  "The count should be 19 years and seven months! I know this very clearly, but we don't know the exact age of the true disciple, otherwise we can determine if he is a descendant of our wooden family. ”Mu Rong Xuan Road.

 Mu Yu opened his mouth slightly.

  Nineteen years and seven months! That is the age of Mu Yu!

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