Chapter 499 Outsiders

  The wooden feather tightened his lips, and he never thought of looking for his biological parents, because he was not sure whether he would forgive his parents.

  I have abandoned myself since I was two years old, saying that it is a lie to not complain. Sometimes he will think about what causes his parents to abandon their children?

  But when he learned about it all the time, he seemed a little confused. If all this is true, then how should he face it?

  If Wood Folding Star and Zhu Qiuqi are really his parents, is this right or wrong? Zhu Qiuqi did not bring his child back, but he was worried that he would be persecuted by the wooden family. It seems that the source of all this is caused by Mutianhe!

  Mu Yu strongly suppressed the anger in his heart. He told himself that it might just be a coincidence. Don't be angry, he is not necessarily the son of Wood Fold.

  But the more he thinks, the more chaotic he is.

  Since he had a home in Dangshan, he never thought about who his own biological parents were, because he couldn’t forgive the two people who abandoned himself.

  When I was a child in Liushui Village, he looked at other children who could be spoiled in the arms of their parents. They could take the hands of their parents and be held in their arms by their parents.

  He can't, he can only sit alone on the broken threshold of his home, watching other parents love their children, then look at the entrance of the village, waiting for someone who claims to be his parents to pick him up, then he You can also be held in your arms by your parents and smile happily.

  But after waiting for ten years, I didn't wait for anyone.

  Nowadays, the fate is guiding him to come here, and he has helped him find his parents, making him feel a little helpless.

  He has been waiting in the village for ten years, but now he does not want to see them.

  Mu Yu tightened his lips and continued to ask: "What can be confirmed except for age?"

  Mu Rongxuan didn't quite understand why Mu Yu was so interested in this topic, but he still said: "I don't know very well whether there is such a thing on Mu Yu, but everyone in our family…"

  "Oh, not good! The uncle and the second uncle began to torture the four uncles! ”Mu Hao suddenly ran in a panic and shouted.

  "what? How can they…Gambling! ”Mu Rongxuan was a little angry, and he apologized to Mu Yu. "I'm sorry, Fengmu Xiaoyou, I will go."

  Mu Rongxuan said that he hurriedly left with Mu Hao. Mu Yu shook his fist and did not understand what happened, but he followed.

  Walking through the wooden courtyard, I quickly came to a large, lavish courtyard. The courtyards of the Mujia are mostly wide, clean and tidy. Every time there are servants cleaning, but today a group of servants around the courtyard are pointing at something.

  "You stop!"Mu Rongxuan ran into the yard with anger.

  A person in the yard was tied to a wooden shelf. He was full of alcohol, his hair and clothes were messy, and his body was soaked. It was a wooden folding star!

  "Three brothers, you are in charge of this matter. If he does not tell us whether his child is a true disciple, our wooden family really has no future."It is Mu Mingda, who is the leader in Mujia. His expression was very serious, with a bucket of water in his hand and splashed on the face of the wooden folding star.

  But the wood folding star is still sleepy.

That water could not make him awake.

  "Yes, the situation of the wooden house is not optimistic now. Because of the existence of Sikongqiwen, now Sikong Gaoming is becoming more and more arrogant. We want to compete with the Sikong family and we can only rely on Muyu. ”The second brother of the wooden folding star is the same.

  Both Mumingda and Mu Ji are both Yuan Ying and Jiu Tiantian, both of whom are candidates for the next homeowner. But two people also understand one thing. In the case of today's Mujia, even if any one of them becomes a homeowner, they will not let the wooden family better.

  The Sikong family has a distracting black horse, which is quite terrible. The Mu family is not qualified to compete with them, so everyone has pinned their hopes on the "wood feather".

  "The fourth child, where does he know that the disciple of the true God is the wood feather of our family? He is not sure about this at all, otherwise you think that the fourth will not go to him? ”Mu Rongxuan shouted.

  Mu Jitong said: "But the oldest sneaked away a piece of genealogy stone. He must have given that genealogy stone to his children. He also knows where Mu Yu was born. We can go to the place where he was born to verify it! As long as you can confirm all this, find a way to find Mu Yu, tell him the truth! Mu Yu will definitely help us! ”

  "You and I know in my heart that when we did the wooden house, I was sorry for Mu Yu. Now, in a few words, do you want people to help?" It’s ridiculous! You two treat the four brothers like this, even if Mu Yu is the person of our wooden family, would he be willing to watch his father being tortured by you like this? ”Mu Rongxuan angered.

  Mumingda sighed: "We are not tormenting him, we just want to let him wake up. He has been drunk for more than 20 years and should wake up! ”

  "If there is nothing wrong with Qingfan, we can pamper the four younger brothers. Even if he drinks alcohol to the old age, we will not say anything. But now our Mujia business in Qingshui City has been severely huddled, and then we will most likely destroy the family! ”The same season.

  Mu Qingfan is the only son of Mu Mingda. He was originally a talented person. When he came out, he came to the 93rd.
The wooden family was overjoyed and cultivated him with all his strength. He did not live up to expectations and cultivated for rapid development. However, the good times did not last long. Whoever thought that he was seriously injured and stunned by Sikong Qiwen, who was not known by the Sikong family name, had countless famous doctors who had no rule of law and he was still lying on the bed.

  "And not to mention that Mu Yu will not help us, even if you know the birthplace of Mu Yu is useless! The apprentice of the true God has always been wandering, where can we find Mu Yu? ”Mu Rongxuan went over and wanted to put down the wooden folding star, but was stopped by Mu Mingda.

  "Where to find is not a problem, as long as we can prove that Mu Yu is our Mu family, and then release this news, Mu Yu will come."Mumingda Road.

  Mu Yu was quietly watching the wooden house's farce under the willow tree in the corner of the yard. I feel inexplicably in the heart, listening to the meaning of Mu Jitong and Mu Mingda, I seem to have to help the wooden family?

  Is it because of the so-called blood relationship?

  It’s ridiculous!

  "Are you enough?"The angry voice passed from the yard, and then Wood Crane walked in.

  "father."Mu Rongxuan and others respectfully said.

  "Put the star down!"The wooden crane is cold and cold.

  The two descendants quickly stepped forward to unravel the drunken wooden folding star from the shelf. The wooden folding star lay on the ground, his eyes did not open, and he did not even care about what happened to him.

  Mu Tianhe glanced at everyone in a majestic manner. Everyone did not dare to breathe and quickly bowed his head.

  "No one will ask him again in the future! Mu Yu has nothing to do with our wooden family. Don't deceive yourself, don't smear the reputation of others. It is a joke! ”Mu Tianhe said seriously.

  Mu Jitong and Mu Mingda looked at each other and some were not willing.

  "If we want to rise, we must rely on the unity of everyone, not rely on others! When will you be able to take on the heavy responsibility? Nowadays, we should think about how to think about countermeasures, instead of thinking about how to find someone who has nothing to do with us! Ji Tong, I will see you next time to find someone to treat the fourth, I am not you! ”Wood Tianhe angered.

  "Yes, hey, the baby is wrong."Mu Ji said with a dejected head, he still did not give up the idea of ​​looking for wood feathers, but he did not dare to show it in front of Mu Tianhe.

  The four brothers of the Mu family are actually very united. Although the wood folding stars have been lost since the fall, the other three brothers are working hard for the future of the wooden family.

  But in many cases, it is not enough to rely solely on unity and hard work. In the realm of comprehension, the strength is respected. Without a backbone, it is simply untenable.

  The age of the wooden crane is already big. Among the four sons, the boss and the second child have higher cultivation talents, but only the Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian, the third child is good at business, the fourth is the best talent, but because the wooden crane is snoring Indulge in drunkenness and be unable to extricate themselves.

  "I heard that the traitor of Musantu was abolished and repaired, and it has something to do with Mu Hao and Mu Xin. What happened to the third child?"Mu Tianhe asked.

  Mu Rongxuan looked at the crowd behind him and saw the figure of Mu Yu. He hesitated for a while, thinking of Mu Yu, he didn't want to say it, he said: "Hey, yesterday, Musan wanted to kill Xiaohao under the command of Sikong Qiwu, but a mysterious man shot Xiaohao, which is his waste. I went to the repair of Musan."

  Although Musantu is a traitor, he also has the repair of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian. He can abolish the people of Musan, and he is determined to be in the period of the expiration. Who is this person? Can you check it? ”Mu Tianhe’s eyes lit up and asked eagerly.

  At this moment, a wooden crane is a repairing period. If you can get to know a master of the squatting period, it is obviously a matter of charity for the wooden family.

  Mu Rongxuan hesitated for a long while and shook his head: "Hey, the baby doesn't know."

  "Album! You are not going to investigate the savior, how do you do things? ”Mu Tianhe roared, then glanced at the circle, fell on Mu Hao, and waved at Mu Hao, "Xiao Hao, come here!"

  Mu Hao walked slowly to the front of the wooden crane, and he said in awe: "Grandpa."

  "Who saved you yesterday, can you still know that person?"Mu Tianhe asked with hope.

  Mu Hao certainly knows who saved him yesterday. He also saw Mu Yu in the crowd, and he struggled in his heart. Yesterday, in order to prevent the Sikong family from counting the accounts on the wooden house, Mu Yu specially pretended to be an outsider who was unreasonable in the road, and did not want to have anything to do with the Mujia. He now knows the true strength of Fengmu, but he does not know whether he should say it.

  Mu Hao secretly glanced at his father and found that his father made a look at him. He would say: "Grandpa, the man left after he saved me. I don't know who he is."

  Mu Tianhe's look dimmed, this is not the result he wants to hear.

  "left! Ugh! Why did you leave like this! ”Mu Tianhe was disappointed, touched Mu Hao’s head and said, “You’re fine.”

  He looked up again and sighed: "Okay, you all go down!" Leave me alone and talk to the fourth. ”

  Everyone has retired. There are only two wooden cranes and wooden folding stars in the yard, as well as the wooden feathers on the willows in the corner of the yard.

  Mu Yu looked at the wooden crane, this old man who was a good old man, Mu Yu did not like him.

  If Mu Tianhe is really his grandfather, Mu Yu did not intend to forgive him.

/> He didn't even plan to help the Mu family. He couldn't find a reason for his shot.

  The weeping willows that passed through the courtyard shook gently, and a leaf fell down, swirling in the air, and then landed on the face of the wooden folding star still lying on the ground, and the wooden folding star was unaware.



  Mu Tianhe looked at the wooden folding star still lying on the ground, his face was somewhat declining. It was his most gifted child, but now it has become this appearance.

  "Folding Star, I know that you are still complaining about what I did to you at the beginning. I also regretted this incident at the beginning, but at that time you also knew that we had to marry the people of the Eastern family to fight against Yan. It’s too late to say anything now. Our opponents are not the Oriental family and the Yan family, but the Sikong family that should have surrendered to our feet! You really should wake up and can't fall down again. ”

  When the wood folding star escaped from marriage, it really allowed Mu Tianhe to sweep the face in front of the oriental family. When he was young, he was a very strong person. He did not allow the wooden family to get out of control.

  However, now facing the Sikong family's step by step, he has already appeared to be somewhat powerless, and he has begun to regret what he did. UU reading www.

  Wood Folding Star does not speak, still just sleeping on the ground, snoring.

  "I know that you hate me in your heart, because for my sake, you don't even know where your child is, whether it is a boy or a girl. All this is indeed my fault. After the girl’s accident in Zhuqiu, I also regretted it. After all, the child is also my grandson or granddaughter. I didn’t expect this incident to be as big as your blow. The situation in Mujia today is probably that God is punishing me! ”

  "He is also a person with dignity. I never expect Mu Yu to be a member of our family, but I hope that you can wake up and help the Mujia through the storm." When you were young, you were so good. You have already surpassed me before, and now I really have nothing to lose! The Sikong family wants to destroy our wooden house, and only the wood family can rely on you! ”

  At this time, Mu Tianhe no longer had the momentum of being angry and self-defeating. Instead, he was so old that he was more than a dozen years old. He was like a helpless father who regretted the mistakes he had made. He sighed and looked at the wooden folding star lying on the ground, his eyes showing his eyes.

  Wood Fractal Star has been more than a wooden crane since it was repaired more than a decade ago, but for many years he has been like a waste man, drinking alcohol all day, not asking the world. Mu Tianhe knows that the people who can rely on the family today are only the wood folding stars that have been cheered up.

  However, the wood folding star is still lying on the ground, snoring, like an outsider.

  Mu Yu is also looking at the strange two people on the willow tree. He is also an outsider.

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