Chapter 500 Genealogy Stone

  Mu Yu lying in his room, a long time echoing the scene just saw, he did not know what to think of Mutiang this person.

  Everyone has the right to pursue freedom, wooden folding star chose an ordinary woman for his wife, but Mutiang do not recognize this daughter-in-law.

  As the head of the family, it is necessary to take care of many people at the same time. For the benefit of the whole family, Mu Tianhe wants to tie the wooden folding star to the marriage of the family, and then chooses to dismantle the wood folding star and Zhu Xiaoyu. Even the unborn grandson does not admit it.

  He did not try his best, but he changed it to Mu Yu. He didn't think he would do better than Mutianhe. It’s just that the method of Mu Tianhe is too extreme, and he personally ruined the best son’s future, but now it may be retribution, and the situation of Mujia is already in jeopardy.

  "Fengmu brother, I am coming in."

  Mu Xin pushed the door open and saw Mu Yu lying on the bed. She walked over with some frustration and walked over to Mu Yu. "Feng Mu brother, I don't know what happened at home, I feel the atmosphere is strange!"

  Mu Xin is only eight years old. She doesn't know that the wooden house at the moment is in jeopardy, but the wooden house's oppressive atmosphere still makes her realize what.

  "Xiao Xin, don't be afraid! Your grandfather and you are jealous that they only have something to do temporarily, Xiaoxin does not bother them. ”Mu Yu sat up, pinched the small face of Mu Xin, and comforted, "Everything will pass."

  "Lian Xiaohao brother is not playing with me, I can only find Fengmu brother."Mu Xin pouted.

  Mu Yu thinks of something, asks: "Xiao Xin, I ask you one thing, you have always said that Mu Yu is your Mu family, do you have any kind of tokens and the like?"

  He does not want to be part of the Mu family, but he must prove whether he is a Mu family.

  "What is a token?"Mu Xin asked curiously.

  "It's just something, like something that everyone in your family has!"Mu Yu explained.

  He remembered that Mu Rongxuan had said that they had something in everyone on the wooden family, but he did not finish talking and rushed to deal with the wood folding star.

  "I don't know, oh, my brother and I have this genealogy stone. I have both grandfather and grandfather. Is it a token you said?"Mu Xin thought for a moment, and took a pendant from his neck, which was a plain, round blue stone.

  But when Mu Xin just took out this piece of blue stone, Mu Yu stopped!

  Because he also has! And at the moment it hangs on the chest!

  Mu Yu touched the bluestone of his chest and silently said nothing.

  "This genealogy stone listens to me and says that every wooden family has it, oh right! I often like to go to the genealogy stone to play there! Go, wind wood brother, I will take you to see that, that is very fun. ”Mu Xin took Mu Yu’s hand and ran outside.

  Mu Yu followed Mu Xin, but his heart has already set off a huge wave. With the existence of this bluestone, it seems that he has been tied to the wooden boat.

  However, he was not prepared to go on board because he had not forgiven anyone who made him an orphan.

  He was dragged by Mu Xin and had a lot of thoughts. He did not remember where he was going. He only knew that when he returned, they had already come to a tall attic in the Mujia Courtyard.

  This loft has four floors.

It looks very fresh and elegant, revealing a solemnity, and the first floor of the attic reads the words "Zongtang".

  This ancestral impression of Mu Yu is very different, because few families are built like this. When Mu Yu was wondering, Mu Xin had pushed the door of Zongtang and went inside. Mu Yu hesitated a moment, and it was a very weird thing to go into the ancestral home of others, but Mu Yu’s mind was a bit messy at the moment, because he couldn’t wait to ask for it.

  Is he really a wooden feather in the Mujia population?

  When he entered Zongtang, he discovered that the middle of the attic was circular and hollow. It was not a multitude of spiritual places in front of him, but a huge bluestone.

  This bluestone is four stories high and is divided into four sides, each of which is ten meters long. There are many small holes dug in the top, each of which is round and fits perfectly with the bluestone on the neck of the wooden feather.

  These small holes are engraved with a name above them, and the names are connected with the names by lines.

  "Wind wood brother, look! My name is here! ”

  Mu Xin obviously came here often. She ran to the left side of the bluestone as soon as she smoked. I didn't know where to pull a ladder. The ladder looked very light, and even Mu Xin could drag it. She climbed up, took the bluestone from her neck, and then untied the rope and pressed it into a circular hole.

  Bluestone suddenly gave off a burst of blue light, and every round hole glowed, and the bluestone that Mu Xin darkened as the center spread out, extremely beautiful.

  "Fengmu brother, is it fun?"Mu Xin said happily.

  Mu Yu floated in the air and saw her name on the blue stone that Mu Xin pressed down. He also saw the name of Mu Hao written on a circular hole next to it, and Mu Hao and Mu Xin were connected with a line above them, which wrote the name of Mu Rongxuan. Next to Mu Rongxuan was the name of the wooden folding star.

  There is also a round hole below the round hole representing the wood folding star, but only the round hole is not engraved with any name.

  "Xiao Xin, what does this bluestone stand for?"Wood Yu looked at the round hole below the wood folding star without the name.

He said that this huge bluestone is the genealogy of Mujia. It seems that the first generation of Mujia’s ancestors came by chance from the mountains, because it was very strange, so he decided to use it as a genealogy stone. I said that after I was born, he dug a small round stone next to the small hole with his name, and then stringed it up and hung it around my neck. I said that once someone died, Qingshi would be sent back to this bluestone. ”

  The light of Qingshi quickly dissipated, and Mu Xin took down her own bluestone again, and then pressed it up again. The bluestone began to shine again, and she happily patted her hand.

  "Xiao Xin, can you go out and wait for me?" I want to take a closer look at this genealogy stone. ”Mu Yu held the bluestone road on his chest tightly.

  "Is the wind wood brother to play? But you don't have a genealogy stone! I lent you to play well? ”Mu Xin asked.

  "Fengmu brother does not play this, I am going to play hide and seek, you go out to count a few hundred, then come here to find me, okay?"Mu Yu smiled a little.

  "Okay! I like to play hide and seek. ”Mu Xin quickly climbed down the ladder and ran outside the ancestral hall. He also slammed the door of the ancestral hall, and soon the sound of Mu Xin was heard outside.

  Mu Yu took out his own bluestone, tightened his lips, and finally pressed the stone into the round hole below the wooden folding star.

  Bluestone radiates a burst of light around the round hole of the wooden plume, which spreads out around, and the brilliant light illuminates the face of Mu Yu.

  He is stunned!

  Sure enough, is it really the wood feather of Mujia?

  He took a deep breath and took out his own bluestone and squatted in his own hands. Suddenly I felt empty in my heart, and he regretted coming to the wooden house.

  He hasn't prepared for it anymore, and he doesn't want to find his loved ones so quickly. However, the bluestone that I have worn on my neck since now is really out of here, making it difficult for him to accept.

  He once fantasized about the scene of reunion with his loved ones many times, but definitely not in such a way.

  Because he does not know if he will forgive the wood folding star, will he forgive the wooden crane. For Mu Yu, these two people are irresponsible. They let Mu Yu live like a solitary grass for so many years.

  In the childhood that should have been with his parents, he could only sit at his door and watch other children spoil in his parents' arms, and he was envious and endlessly complaining.

  The village head gave him a home, but many things could not be given by the village chief. In the dead wood, he knows what father love, but he still can't experience what is maternal love.

  So if there is a sudden more father than a few fathers at the moment, there is more than one uncle, and he has more than one grandfather. He can’t accept it because he feels a lot more. He already has a dead wood and a master, and a grandfather, these people. Can't give the feeling of the home he wants.

  If there is more than one mother at the moment, he may consider accepting it.

  In this case, Wood Folding Star did not do anything wrong. His only mistake was to choose Shen Yu. Mu Tianhe regretted his son after he was indulged. He even made concessions, allowing the wood folding star and bamboo autumn to be together, but the accident of Zhu Qiuyu’s death made everything worse.

  Now that the situation of Mujia is in jeopardy, Mu Yu does not want to intervene.

  Why do you want to intervene? From small to large, he has nothing to do with this family. Even if fate makes him accidentally hit, why did he choose to help a strange family?

  Mu Yu sits on the ladder and UU reads His eyes are blurred. The family that abandoned himself from an early age, suddenly confused and found it, was so dramatic that he was caught off guard. He always felt that something was missing in his heart. It seems that all the sadness and resentment that had not been seen for so many years all came to his heart, and he was all embarrassed.

  "Fengmu brother, I am finished, I am coming to you!"Mu Xin pushed the door open and hurriedly rushed toward Muyu, shouting happily. "I found Fengmu's brother, and Fengmu brother lost you!"

  "Yeah, I lost."Mu Yu laughed at himself, he did lose, and lost in the so-called family.

  He touched Mu Xin’s head and said, "Xiao Xin, let's go back!" You may be looking for you. ”

  "okay."Mu Xin is very well-behaved and still jumps ahead to lead the way.


  At night, the breezy winds over the corner of the man on the roof.

  "Mu Yu, now the situation of the wooden house is not optimistic, do you want to help the wooden house?"Dragon vines come out.

  "Is the situation in Mujia not optimistic? All this has nothing to do with me, I am not ready to be a wooden family. ”

  Mu Yu shook his head. He didn't want to admit his identity directly to all Mu family members, because there is nothing worthy of his nostalgia. "Little handsome, let us go!"

  A gust of wind blew, and the figure on the roof had disappeared into the wooden house.

  Mu Yu could not forgive the Mu family.

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