NO. 501 chapter of the Insult

  "what? Wind wood is gone? ”Mu Rongxuan was shocked. He heard Mu Xin’s words suddenly stunned.

  "Mu Bo! Did the young man who came back with me that day see where he went? ”Mu Rongxuan called Mubo and asked.

  Mubo shook his head: "The young master of Rongxuan, the old slave does not know."

  "How do you do things? I am not letting you not slow me down? ”Mu Rongxuan is a little angry.

  "The young master forgives sin, the young master forgives sin! The old slave did not slow down the guest. I saw him yesterday evening and I disappeared this afternoon. ”Mubo bent down and eagerly defended.

  "What happened? What do you blame for Mubo? ”Mu Tianhe saw Mu Rongxuan yelling at Mubo and walked over. His look is a bit tired, and it is clear that the situation in the past few days has become more and more optimistic.

  Mu Rongxuan’s face turned white and hesitated for a long while. He said, “Oh, actually, the young man I came back that day, he not only saved us on the road, but also saved Xiaohao from Musan. The three ways were also scrapped by the young man!"

  "what? Are you saying that Fengmu has abolished the repair of Musan? ”Mu Tianhe was shocked. "Mu Santu is the repair of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian. Doesn't that mean that Fengmu has a repair period?"

  Nowadays, only Mu Tianhe is a repairer in the squatting period. If you can leave that wind wood, the wooden home will at least be more emboldened.

  "Album! Do you know why you didn't know when I asked you that day? ”Wood Tianhe angered.

  Mu Rongxuan reluctantly said: "At the time he told me not to say it because he didn't want to get into trouble. Maybe Fengmu worried that he would anger the Sikong family. I didn’t say it at the time…"

  "Budget, how can you be so important to me?"Mu Tianhe sighed and sighed. "Are you still blaming Mubo?" Mubo has been working hard for us for many years, and has never made a mistake. It’s you, I thought you were a clear person, I didn’t expect you to be so confused! ”

  Mu Rongxuan was stunned by Mu Tianhe. He was annoyed. In the past two days, he only looked at the industry that was lost throughout the Mujia, and he did not know when Feng Mu left.

  "Master, the old slaves are not doing things well, don't blame the young master."Mu Bo was busy.

  "Wood, it's none of your business."Mu Tianhe sighed and looked at the sky. Many of them said, "It may be that I am going to die in my house!" Today, our wooden house is probably a lot of gas. Forget it, it may hurt people to keep the wind, hehe! ”

  At this moment, Mu Mingda suddenly rushed over and said eagerly: "Hey, the big thing is not good! Our Lingshi Qianzhuang is surrounded by a group of merchants. They all demanded that all the Lingshi stored in the outside bank should be taken out, but our Lingshi has not been turned over yet, and we are bankrupt. ”

  "what? go! Look at it! ”Mu Tianhe was shocked. Lingshi Qianzhuang is the most important industry of Mujia. Now many places in Mujia need money. If their merchants no longer choose to believe them, they will all discount the Lingshi. A devastating blow! Because Mujia has not been able to get so many Lingshi!

  Mu Tianhe took his son and hurriedly went to Lingshi Qianzhuang to rush to the past. At this moment, Lingshi Qianzhuang was surrounded by a large group of merchants.

  Most of these are merchants who do business in the self-cultivation business. They originally had business dealings with Mujia.

Also store the Lingshi in the wooden house. But now that they have seen the economic crisis in the Mujia, they are worried that they are storing in Lingjia Qianzhuang, so they come to discuss.

  "Mujia, bring our Lingshi back!"

  "Yes, you can't take our Lingshi!"

  All the merchants were shouting there, they blocked the various access passages of Lingshi Qianzhuang, and Lingshi Qianzhuang had closed the door tightly.

  "The wooden family is here!"I don't know who shouted, everyone turned around and looked at Mu Tianhe and others.

  "Mu Jiazhu, are you not planning to give us the Lingshi?"A man with a face and a mustache waved a piece of paper in his hand, which was a voucher for accessing Lingshi.

  Mu Tianhe Shen Sheng said: "You are a little bit safe, everyone to store the Lingshi in our wooden home is the trust of our wooden family, my wooden crane will never swallow everyone a spiritual stone!"

  "Well, I have only stored 10,000 Lingshi in your money house. I have to count the interest rate of 10,500. I want to take it out now. Should you give it to us?"No need to say to the big man.

  "Everyone, rest assured! There will be no loss in the spirit stone and silver that you store in our wood house. Our wooden homes do business to ensure credibility, and will never swallow everyone's things. Only recently, we have a little bit of a situation in the wood house. Everyone will give us a few more days. We promise to let you take all the things that belong to you! ”Mu Tianhe barely squeezed a smile and walked toward everyone.

  "Mu Jiazhu, you are less ignorant of us, you wood house may not have a piece of Lingshi, right?" I heard that your wooden house is completely finished. ”

  "Come into the wind, nonsense! We have only encountered some difficulties for the time being. ”Mu Tianhe is strong and calm. In fact, even when he said this sentence, he was not enough. The wooden family had only one empty shell left, and no Lingshi could be taken out.

  "is it? Then, can the wooden family owner settle the account of the 1.5 million Lingshi that owes us a medicinal material? ”Disharmonious voices came from the crowd, and everyone heard this voice consciously let go
A road.

  An imposing middle-aged man came out of the crowd. This middle-aged man, the robes of the robes, was full of red light. It was the owner of the five families of Qingshui City, Gu Hongyi, a monk who was born in the second day.

  When Mu Tianhe saw Gu Hongyi, his face sank: "Gujia, isn't that account not good for next year?"

  Gu Hongyi came to this time to insert a foot, obviously it is coming down the stone.

  Gu Hongyi sneered and said: "Mr. Wood, we are not telling the whisper, you guys may not even get a million Lingshi at this moment?" My Gu Hongyi doesn't like to be a big man. Everyone knows that your wooden home is already an empty shell. Today, you will return the 1.5 million Lingshi to our family, or directly mortgage this land of your Lingshi Qianzhuang to our family. ”

  Mu Tianhe clenched his fists, and he had endless anger in his heart, but he still forced the anger of his heart to be pressed down. He almost lost his smile and said: "Gu Jia, look at the difference between me and you, you see Can you get through? I will definitely find a way to get this account, as long as you…"

  "I have almost forgotten one thing when it comes to you and me."Gu Hongyi interrupted the words of Mu Tianhe, and smiled. "I remember that I had booked a doll with you at the beginning?"

  "Correct! There is such a thing, Mu Hao and your daughter Qiao Wei have a marriage, you see in their two copies, can the account can slow down first? ”Mu Tianhe seems to have seized the last life-saving straw, and said quickly.

  "Wooden old man, your wooden house is finished, and I am counting on me to marry your wooden family as a poor ghost?"The cold girl came out from behind Gu Hongyi and said unceremoniously.

  This Gu Qiaowei is the same as Mu Hao, but the girl is developing early. At this moment, the figure is extremely bumpy and a small face is also very popular. But at this moment, her beautiful alchemy is ridiculous and arrogant, and there is no respect for the wooden crane in the flood season!

  "You–" Mu Tianhe's face rose red. He was an elder who was so insulted by a girl who was originally his grandson. He was full of anger. If Gu Hongyi's cultivation is higher than him, he will definitely teach a lesson. This is a gimmick that I don’t know.

  "Qiao Wei, how can you say your future grandfather?"Mu Rongxuan angered.

  "how? Do you want me to marry these two poor ghosts? I tell you, I am coming to retreat today! ”Gu Qiaowei shouted.

  break off an engagement!

  The wooden family never expected that Gu Qiaowei would say such a thing at this time. They had originally made a good relationship with Gu Jia, but this time because of the attack of the Sikong family, Gu Jia did not help the Mujia to tide over the difficulties, but even chose Sprinkle salt on the wooden house wounds, it is really extreme!

  “Is it a retirement?”

  "Where should it be, to the wood family who is willing to marry?"

  "Take her back to retreat, and quickly return the spiritual stone that owes us back to us!"

  In the face of so many people, Gu Qiaowei told the Mujia about the retirement, which is a naked mockery and contempt for the Mujia. However, many people feel that the family has not done anything wrong, because the marriage between the big families is originally arranged. Once the marriage has no effect on the family, then it is justifiable to withdraw.

  However, Mu Hao, who has been remarried, is afraid that he will not be able to lift his head in front of outsiders for a lifetime. UU reading

  The face of Mu Tianhe has become iron blue, and he sighs: "Gu Hongyi, I hope this is just your daughter's nonsense!" How can a certain marriage be destroyed? ”

  Gu Hongyi raised his head and smiled slightly: "She has no nonsense, which is what I mean. As long as your Mujia promised to retreat from this marriage, then the accounts that your Mujia owes to these people are all counted on my head! As for the medicinal material, it is also written off! ”

  Everyone was happy, and when they heard Gu Hongyi’s words, they shouted involuntarily: “Hurry and retreat this marriage! Then we will not lose! ”

  "That's right! This matter is not harmful to your family! ”

  It is about the interests of everyone, and they all choose to stand on the side of the family who have lost money. Everyone knows that Gu’s family is not kind, and this time it’s the most disgusting, but as long as they can get compensation, who will be retired!

  Mu Yu stood in the crowd, and the wooden family had such a big thing, he could not have known. He looked at Mu Tianhe and others, and he was confused. Mu Tianhe was indeed his biological grandfather. Now that the wooden family is in great trouble, he is still insulted under the public, but Mu Yu does not know how to face it. This led to his being an orphan.

  Do you really need to take the wood family out?

  Mu Tianhe indirectly killed Mu Yu’s mother and made Mu Yu an orphan. Shouldn’t the old man pay a price?

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