Chapter 502 Mu Yu and the true god apprentice

  "Mu Jiazhu, you still have to think about it! I will mortgage you Qianzhuang and cancel this marriage. We will pay off the debts of these people for your wooden house. From then on, we will have no relationship! ”Gu Hongyi sneered.

  It is very simple to help the Mujia to pay off the debts with the strength of the family. They are now blatantly robbing the wood industry.

  "Mu Jiazhu, you still agree! The family has been fulfilled! ”Everyone is attached.

  "That is, we only want to get the money that belongs to us!"Said a fat man.

  Everyone in the wooden house is very blue-faced. Looking at Gu Hongyi’s look of the villain is very resentful, but there is nothing to help, because the wooden family has no way to go.

  "impossible! This marriage is never possible to retreat! Gu Hongyi, at the beginning, you took care of Ren Fei’s initiative to set this marriage. You are not living now. Are you doing this, can you afford it? ”Mu Tianhe asked,

  Gu Hongyi’s face is red, and if he does, he may have a reputation of being infidelity and filial piety. But in the case of today's Mujia, he is certainly not willing to push his daughter into the fire pit.

  He sighed coldly: "So I still hope that Mujia can take the initiative to dissolve the marriage contract, so that we have room for both sides to talk?"

  "no need."Mu Hao's tender voice squeezed out of the crowd. He held his fist and walked to Gu Qiaowei. He said: "There is nothing between us. I never admit your wife, because I simply can't see you!" I can't see your savage gimmick who is disrespectful to the elders. Whoever smashes you is a bad luck! You are not worthy of being my family! ”

  Mu Hao’s childish face was full of fortitude, and he sneaked a glimpse of his family and left without returning.

  "You, dare you say that to me?"Gu Qiaowei stared at Mu Hao's back, and the delicate face was full of incredulity. She screamed and shot directly at Mu Hao.

  However, Mu Tianhe was in front of Mu Hao, saying: "Gu Jiazhu, my grandson can't see your daughter, this marriage is not worth mentioning! You still have to manage your daughter! Now I have no marriage contract with my family and you, I tell you! Many lines of injustice will be self-satisfied, and the account of my family is to sell the ancestral home will also be on, everyone do not have to worry, after five days, the money owed to you will definitely arrive! ”

  Mu Tianhe glanced at Mu Hao, who slowly disappeared into the crowd, and his heart was very sad. How did he not know that Mu Hao had a sense of responsibility to the family from a very young age, and he greatly admired the missing Mu Yu brother. He knows a lot of reasons, that is, he hopes to protect the wooden family.

  His small age should not be a victim of family interests, but the marriage of every son and grandson of the Mu family was handled by him. He had to do this for the business of Mujia.

  "Xiao Hao!"Mu Rongxuan caught up with his son, held back the tears in his eyes, and looked at the son who had been stubborn since childhood, but could not speak.

  "Hey, Grandpa has always told us that our Mu family is a bone-bearing person, and can't do things without bones. Am I doing it right? ”Mu Hao looked up at his father.

  He always wanted to grow up quickly because he knew that he could help his father when he grew up and help Grandpa solve problems. So he didn't like others to treat him as a child, but he couldn't do anything about it.

  "You are doing right."

  Mu Rongxuan looked at his son with affection,

My heart is full of enthusiasm. As a father, the most sad thing is that he can't give his son a good environment for growth. He knows his son and understands what his son is thinking, but he can't recover from the situation of Mujia.

  "Ok! Oh, I want to be alone. ”

  Mu Hao left alone, and the little back looks so tenacious. He is very weak, but he is very stubborn.

  He wants to be strong, but he doesn't know how to do it.

  In the no-man's alley, Mu Hao sat in the corner of the wall, watching the slate of the ground daze, but the tears could no longer stop flowing. He is so tenacious, after all, is a 13-year-old child who has withstood the pressure that this age should not bear.

  He looked at the wooden house and went down to death, but he could do nothing.

  "Mu Yu brother, if I have your ability, I will be able to worry about my father and grandfather."Mu Hao whispered.

  He remembered his unfamiliar Mu Yu brother, Mu Hao has always stubbornly thought that the true god apprentice is his brother, so he has always admired Mu Yu, he hopes that Mu Yu can stand up in the moment of the wood house, but He didn't know where to look for wood feathers.

  Mu Hao would not think that his "mu Yu brother" is actually the "wind wood" he has been demeaning.

  The footsteps slowly rang in the quiet streets, and a pair of feet appeared in Mu Hao's field of vision. Mu Hao looked up in confusion, but met the same confused eyes.

  "What are you doing here? Are you gone? ”Mu Hao bowed his head and wiped his tears. He didn't want to let "Wind Wood" see his tears.

  Mu Yu tightened his lips and looked at the unidentified younger brother. He didn't know what to do. He could have prevented Mu Hao from being insulted by the family, but also prevented the demise of the wooden family, but he still couldn't keep it.

  He didn't know what he was waiting for. Maybe it was an apology. Maybe it was a saying. He didn't know whether it would be unclear whether the demise of Mujia would make him feel better in his heart.

  Although he is a descendant of Mujia, but for many years, if not because he is the apprentice of the true God
If the wooden house is not going to die, will they want to find him?

  If the true disciple of the gods is not called Mu Yu, Mu Qingfan is not defeated by Si Kongqiwen, and the wooden family will not find a way to find the wooden children who are living outside. At this time, I thought of letting Mu Yu come to save their wooden house. Don’t you think it’s too late?

  Mu Yu does not understand what is necessary for him to shoot for Mu Jia? He couldn't forgive the Mujia for everything he did to him.

  The wooden family wanted him to be shot when he was in distress. When he was sitting alone at his door and looking forward to his parents to pick him up, where was the wooden family?

  The wooden family did not come, no one came, he grew up alone, and had nothing to do with the wooden family.

  "What kind of person do you think Mu Yu is?"Mu Yu also sat down and sat on the ground like Mu Hao, watching the slate on the ground in a daze.

  "Mu Yu's brother is a responsible person. He punishes evil and contributes to the human race. He is a great hero praised by everyone! If you still want to smear Mu Yu in front of me, I am absolutely not allowed. ”Mu Hao bit his teeth and said.

  Mu Yu smiled bitterly: "Do you think Mu Yu knows the situation of your wooden house, will he help you with the wooden house?"

  "He will!"Mu Hao said with a slap in the face.

  "It was your grandfather who caused the wooden plume to fall outside. Your grandfather even wanted to destroy the unborn baby. If your grandfather didn't oppose your four uncles and the four sisters together, Mu Yu would not be an orphan. Do you think Mu Yu would not hate what your grandfather did to him?"

  "He, he won't mind."Mu Hao clenched his lips.

  "Does he not mind? If you are a wooden feather, your grandfather will let you see you from a young age, and throw you out, what will happen to you? ”Mu Yu looked at Mu Hao.

  There was a fluster in Mu Hao’s eyes. He shook his head and said, “I, my grandfather will not do this.”

  "But your grandfather has done this to Mu Yu!"The sound of Mu Yu is somewhat different.

  Mu Hao bowed his head.

  "If the true disciple of the god is not called Mu Yu, but is called Cheng Yan, Luo Wei or south, will you worship him?" Are you admiring the true god's apprentice, or your brother Mu Yu? ”


  Mu Hao lived, he never thought about this question, what did he worship his brother Mu Yu, or the real god's apprentice Mu Yu?

  He worships Muyu just because he thinks his brother Mu Yu is the apprentice of the true God. There is no contradiction between the two.

  But as the "wind wood" in front of us said, if the apprentice of the true god is not called Mu Yu, will he worship the apprentice of the true God?

  "I do not know."

  Mu Hao’s voice went down, and he was not sure which one he admired. He worships the true God apprentice, most of them because he stubbornly believes that the true god apprentice is his brother, so he does not allow others to say the bad things of Mu Yu.

  What he used to say is that even if the apprentice of the true God is not his brother's brother, he also worships Mu Yu, a large part of it is deceiving himself. Because he is not sure, others can not be sure, so there is a trace of luck in his heart, he is lucky that the apprentice of the true God is his "wood feather" big brother.

  "Of course you don't know."

  Mu Yu sighed. He stood up and touched Mu Hao’s head. He said, “You must strengthen yourself in the future, instead of pinning all your hopes on others. You are a part of Mujia, but Mu Yu is not necessarily. You want to protect your family, protect your parents, grandfather and your sister, and work hard to cultivate. Only when you become stronger, you don't need to rely on others. "

  When Mu Hao listened to Mu Yu silently, he clenched his fist and raised his head violently: "Can you teach me to become stronger?"

  But the alley is empty.


  Mu Yu sat in front of the inn's window and looked at the bustling streets, quietly in a daze. He has not gone out in the room for two days. He deliberately avoided the news of the wooden house. He didn't want to hear what happened to the wooden house. He didn't want to hear who was falling down on the wooden house. Who would bully the wooden family… …

  The Mu family asked him to be an orphan for so many years. He felt that Mujia was all self-sufficient. He wanted to stand by and watch the Mujia being wiped out by Qingshuicheng.

  However, deep inside is always inexplicably worried about the wooden house.

  "Why should I help the wooden family? I shouldn't have appeared in Clearwater City, isn't it? ”Mu Yu turned and lay in bed, looking at the ceiling and continued to be in a daze.

  The dragon vine lay beside him, squinting, and it didn't have so much trouble.

  If Mu Yu didn't just hear the day and didn't want to come to Qingshuicheng, he wouldn't come here, UU reading www. Mu Jia will not be aware of it if he is dying.

  He has had no relationship with Mujia for so many years, and he never thought about finding his own family, but suddenly his life was so ridiculously revealed.

  Although he already knows that he is a wooden family, but he is not ready to become a member of the Mu family, he still does not understand why he wants to be a member of the Mu family?

  Is it just for the kind of family that is dispensable to him?

  Mu Tianhe chose to abandon the illegitimate son of Mu Yu, the wooden family, and even to kill Mu Yu for their former face. What does this kind of family mean for Mu Yu?

  "Mu Yu, I just went to the kitchen to find food. I heard that Mujia will auction the ancestral home today! It seems that Mujia is really nowhere to go. You really don't plan to go see it? ”Xiaoshuai sneaked in from the window and said with a chicken leg.

  Long Teng snorted: "What are we doing!" Also, are you stealing food and not paying? ”

  "Leave me alone!"Xiaoshuai squatted on the table and picked up the chicken legs.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng, the two of them are always free, one day to find food, one sleep all day, no unreasonable troubles.

  Mu Yu’s ignorance, what does the Mujia ancestral auction have to do with him?

  He turned over and closed his eyes: "I am not a wooden family."


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