Chapter 503 Mujia Zujia Auction

  There is also a million business in Qingshui City. Originally, this business was not large. After all, Qingshui City is not a very prosperous place in the realm of comprehension.

  However, because of the birth of Sikong Qiwen and the contest of the sixth day of June and the day that will attract many comprehensions, this is a huge business opportunity, so the company has already put the business of Qingshuicheng. The scale has been expanded.

  The ancestral home of Mujia was auctioned in a million business houses today. This news has already alerted many big families and comprehensions in Qingshuicheng.

  Mujia was originally one of the largest families in Qingshui City. Its ancestral home is quite large, and its age is also very long. The value is immeasurable.

  This land is the toon of many people's eyes. If you can get it in the bag, you can't spend more.

  The wooden crane did not fall into the elegant room of the auction house, and he had nowhere to go. Because of the deliberate suppression and warning of the Sikong family, other families in Qingshui City have avoided their wooden homes and dare not help each other, fearing to become the next wooden home.

  Mu Tianhe has been unable to stay in Qingshui City. He plans to auction off his ancestral home, pay off all his debts, and then leave Qingshuicheng with the wooden family.

  “Rong Xuan, how much debt do we owe in total?”Mu Tianhe asked with a tired look.

  Mu Rongxuan’s face was also very embarrassing. He slightly indulged for a long while and said: “According to the current statistics, other places probably need nine million Lingshi. Lingshi Qianzhuang owes too much money. If we pay off, we need at least 10 million yuan. After deducting the commission, we need to reserve some funds for future use. Therefore, at least 20 million people should be photographed in today's Mujia Mansion. ”

  The migration of the family is a huge amount of engineering. After leaving Qingshuicheng, it is necessary to find a place to stay. It is necessary to re-purchase the real estate and make a small business. It is not enough to have enough money.

  "20 million to sell the ancestral home, it is really against the ancestors!"Mu Tianhe sighed.

  "Please rest assured! Our ancestral home is definitely more than 20 million, and I've just seen a lot of wealthy and powerful people, have clear water city, also have clear shuicheng outside of those rich want to watch Sikong Chiven and days not to fight the decisive battle, 20 million buy a we wooden home so huge ancestral house absolute value, 20 million for them is not a big number. ”Mu Rongxuan comforted.

  "I hope so!"Mu Tianhe’s heart was nodded.

  The scheduled auction time has arrived, and the big auction house is full. Millions of businessmen who came out to host this auction this time turned out to be a million-year-old daughter, Waibaiya!

  Waibaiya came to Qingshui City early for the sake of Sikongqiwen and Tiantian, and their business firms attached great importance to this famous war.

  This war will attract many comprehensions to come to watch the battle. As long as there are many people with business, millions of businesses will not let go of this opportunity.

  "Everyone, I am honored to host this auction."

  Waibeye stood on the stage and gracefully yelled at everyone. She wore a cheongsam today, her slender thighs were looming, her body was graceful, and she was generous, leaving many people in front of her eyes.

  "There is only one thing in the auction today, and that is the ancestral home of Mujia. Everyone knows that one of the largest buildings in Qingshui City is the Mujiazuo. The wooden home is unique in geography and has excellent feng shui. It is a wonderful place to live. ”

  "Now because of the small change in the wooden house,

Therefore, it is necessary to auction the ancestral home to revolve funds. The value of the wooden ancestral home is immeasurable, and everyone with needs can consider it. The starting price is 5 million, and each time the price is increased by at least 500,000, the auction is now starting. ”

  Waibaiya smiled slightly, and the sound of the sound was heard throughout the auction house.

  "Six million."Gu Hongyi can't wait to bid.

  The comprehensions outside the city of Shimizu do not know how good the Mujia ancestral home is. They cannot know the big gongs of Qingshuicheng. According to Gu Hongyi's budget, Mujia's ancestral home is worth at least 50 million!

  "Seven million!"The people of the ancestral home of the Elm family are not just Gu Hongyi.


  Mu Tianhe listened to the bids of those people there, many people were paying the price, and he relaxed a little. As long as there are more people to follow the price, then the last price of 20 million should not be a problem.

  "The wooden house is good, I have eight million."

  A loud voice was heard on everyone's ear. When the sound came out, everyone put his gaze on him, and then the pupil narrowed slightly.

  The patriarch of the Sikong family, Sikong Gaoming!

  Sikong Gaoming glanced at everyone. Now because of his son Sikongqiwen, their Sikong family has become the largest family in Qingshuicheng, and no one dares to brag with them.

  Because no one dares to offend a dark horse in the immortal list!

  "Everyone, my son, Sikong Qiwen, likes the ancestral home of Mujia. I want to use the Mujiazuo as his place of repair. I don't know if you can give me a face."Si Kong Gaoming said slowly, he deliberately emphasized the two points of "Sky Qiwen" to remind other bidders, don't ask for fun.

  Give you face?

  Many hearts are secretly scornful, and if they are not the sake of Sikongqiwen, who will give Sikong Gaoming face?

  At the time of the auction, the price was high and the competition was fair. However, Sikong Gaoming actually moved his son directly and pointed out that his son wanted a wooden house.

  However, the name of Scooch is too big, and many people who want to pay the price are shocked.

  Sikongqiwen is now one of the most promising celestial beings, and many people are very optimistic about him. Some people even think that enough time for Sikong Qiwen, he will certainly be able to break into the top nine!

  It is necessary to know that the top nine celestial beings on the celestial list are very detached in the future. Even the eight-door lord dare not look up in front of them.

  Although Si Kongqiwen is currently ranked only fifty-one, but he is a dark horse after all, who may decide that he may become the top nine immortals in the future. At that time, the majesty of Sikongqiwen is sacred and inviolable.

  If someone now offends the Sikong family, it will almost be a matter of words if Sikongqiwen wants revenge. Therefore, when Sikong Gaoming reported the price of 8 million, everyone was quiet, and even those outside the city of Clearwater did not pay the price.

  "Eight million? Only eight million? ”

  Mu Tianhe took the case and he looked at Sikong Gaoming through the window angrily. He actually forgot this. With the high character of Sikong, how could he not marry his family?

  Sikong Gaoming moved out of his son as a bargaining chip to warn everyone not to intervene. If the Mujia ancestral home only auctions 8 million, it is not enough for debt repayment!

  "You increase the price! Quickly increase the price! ”Mu Tianhe was so full of trembling.

  If there is only eight million prices, his wooden home is really finished! Those creditors will never let them go, and they will not be able to get to Qingshuicheng.

  However, no one dares to scream with Sikong Gaoming. The extraordinary potential of Sikongqiwen is too influential. No one dares to violate the mold of their Sikong family. If they are not careful, they will become the next wooden home.

  Mu Tianhe looked desperately at those who chose to give up, and glared at the smug-minded Sikong Gaoming, and wished to rush directly to kill Sikong Gaoming! But he can't, let's not say that there are two escort guards around Sikong Gaoming, that is, the auction house will not allow him to shoot.

  "Sikong Gaoming, you bastard!"

  Mu Rongxuan was also angry and gnashing his teeth. It was originally expected that the auction of 20 million ancestral homes would have been crushed by eight million in the air, and eight million is far from enough to pay debts!

  Waibeye still has a smile on her face, which is much more mature than the Fuxianyu auction she hosted a few years ago.

  The higher the auction, the higher the price of the firm, and the eight million is obviously not the ideal price for Waibeye. However, she did not reveal her inner dissatisfaction. The intervention of the Sikong family was not unexpected.

  “With eight million, is there anyone who is willing to pay a higher price?”

  Everyone's mouth is slightly pumped, and the wooden house has only been spent eight million on the Sikong family. Sikong Gaoming is really a big bargain!

  "eight million twice."

  Mu Tianhe sat in a chair, he knew that Mujia was really finished! They don’t even have the capital to leave Clearwater City. How can those creditors allow them to go out?

  Although the wooden cranes themselves have been repaired in the flood season, they are extremely high in Qingshuicheng, but other families also have masters who have a period of stagnation, and they can completely destroy their entire wooden home.

  "Eight million–"

  Mu Tianhe has closed his eyes and his heart is gray.

  "Nine million."

  A crisp, flat voice sounded, and Wood Crane slammed open his eyes.

  Everyone at the auction site also widened their eyes. I don’t understand who else dared to compete with the Sikong family for the Mujia ancestral home!

  Everyone turned their eyes to the direction of the sound, but the voiced person was in the middle of the moment. The windows of Ya's room didn't open, and no one knew who was in the name of Sikong.

  "Do you really want to compete with my empty family for the wooden house?"Sikong Gaoming's face was very unattractive, and he asked.

  However, the people in Ya's room were too lazy to respond to him. For a long time, there was still no sound, as if the words of Gaokong were as fart.

  "Nine million once."Waibei Ya reminded kindly.

  Sikong Gaoming snorted heavily and said: "9.55 million! My son, Sikong Qiwen, wants the wooden house, but also think twice! ”

  "Ten million."Another indifferent voice came.

  Mu Tianhe’s expression is excited. It’s already 10 million. At this moment, he hopes that Sikong Gaoming will keep up with the price. Even if his ancestral home is in the hands of the Sikong family, it doesn’t matter.

  What he needs now is money! As long as you have paid off your debts, you can take your own people and leave Qingshui City to find other places to live, no longer need to be scorned by the savvy.

  However, Sikong Gaoming did not follow any more, because his larger purpose in this trip was actually to push the wooden home to a dead end.

  He also knows the situation of Mujia. He knows that Mujia wants to rely on the auction of his ancestral home to get the Lingshi debt. He can not want the wooden family ancestral home, but how can he look at the abacus of the wooden crane?

  "I won't bid, UU reading I hope that you can keep the wooden house."

  Sikong Gaoming was exposed to fierce light, and did not hide the threat of mouth. He also warned everyone not to follow the price.

  If you can't get anything on the auction floor, he will use the means to get it!

  The presence is to understand people, naturally understand the meaning of the savvy, they will not be stupid to go to Sikong
Gao Ming grabs things. It’s just that everyone is very curious, and whoever is desperate is dare to fight against Sikong Gaoming.

  "10 million once."

  Wood Tianhe is a glimpse, although the price has doubled compared to just now, but 10 million is still not enough!

  "10 million times."

  "10 million times. Deal! ”

  "10 million, 10 million, what should I do?"

  Mu Tianhe was sitting in a chair with a low mood. It seems that a wooden house has not fallen on Sikong Gaoming. It seems that it is a good thing, but his wooden house is still back to the sky, and 10 million can't save the fire of Mujia.

  The wooden feathers in the compartment sighed, and after all, he still couldn’t cross the ridge of his heart. He chose to come here and photograph the wooden house.

  He thought that he could safely look at the destruction of Mujia, but he thought of Mu Hao and thought of Mu Xin. These two children are his brother and sister after all. The culprit is Mu Tianhe, and they are innocent.

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