No. 504 Zhang Zu Residence Transfer

  "Do you say that I am doing right?"Mu Yu touched Xiaoshuai, his voice was very low.

  He did not owe anything to the wooden house, but instead, he owed him to him.

  But Mu Yu couldn't get through the hurdle in his heart. If the wooden house was silently extinct before he came to Qingshuicheng, he might not wrinkle his brow. However, this incident made him meet, and his conscience prevented him from choosing to stand by.

  "The wooden house looks very big anyway, and the chicken legs are delicious."Xiaoshuai said with no heart.

  Mu Yu smiled bitterly.

  Waibeye knocked on the door, then walked in, only to see the wood feathers shrouded in the blurred light and shadow, I already understand that this is a squad! Only the squad will use the array to disguise themselves and not let people see their appearance.

  "This singer, I don't know what to call?"Waibaiya reveals a fascinating smile. When Mu Yu came, she didn't personally entertain her, so she didn't know the bottom of the wood feather.

  "My surname is extended."Mu Yu casually smashed a surname, and the voice became a bit hoarse, not wanting people to hear it.

  "Mr. Yan, a total of 10 million Lingshi, Mujia asked for Lingshi, do not accept any substitute treasure."Waibaiya smiled affectionately.

  Mu Yu nodded. "I don't have enough Lingshi, but can I exchange some Lingshi with your auction house to pay?"

  This requirement is actually very common in auction houses, and the auction house will provide this equivalent exchange service. Waibaiya said: "I don't know what Mr. Yan wants to exchange for?"

  "How much is the five sixth-order medicinal herbs worth?"

  There are too many remedies in the pocket of Mu Yu, and the medicinal herbs of the high-end alchemy masters of the Danding School were blackmailed.

  He also doesn't use medicinal herbs. He prefers to rely on his real strength compared to using medicinal herbs.

  "Six-order medicinal herbs?"

  The face of Waibeye finally changed. She looked at Mu Yu with amazement. She didn't understand how a squad would have such precious things as the sixth-order medicinal herbs.

  Her look showed a hint of dignity, said, "Five six-stage medicinal herbs, can you let me identify?"

  Mu Yu passed it directly and didn't feel bad at all. Waibeye was carefully taken over, for fear of any loss.

  The sixth-order remedy for the wood feather may not be the same as the sugar-pill, but it is different for the comprehensions such as Waibeye.

  A sixth-order medicinal herb is already quite precious, but I never expected that this squad could take out five!

  "The sixth-order Yufeng Dan three, nine turns and Yang Dan two, God! Please wait! ”

  Rao is a well-informed Waibaia and can't help but exclaim. Whether it is the fifth-order medicinal herbs or the sixth-order medicinal herbs, it is extremely precious in the field of comprehension. After all, the high-level alchemists are in addition to the Dan Ding faction, and the rest are rare.

  The person in front of me is obviously a strategist, but she is able to come up with five sixth-order medicinal herbs. It really makes Waibaiya shocked!

  When will the squad be related to the alchemy?

  Every comprehension knows that the strategist and the alchemist are two extremes. The combat strength of the squad is recognized as the strongest. Although the continuous combat time is not good, the innate actor is not able to cultivate resources, so he can actually put his own The shortcomings cover up.

  The alchemy division is notoriously weak in combat. They win a lot of life-saving remedies in their bodies, which can prevent themselves from dying too fast.

  No one would think of the two together, but no one thought that the current array of strategists could actually take out five precious sixth-order remedies!

  "I accidentally helped a Danding school's sixth-order alchemy teacher. The other party thanked me for giving me. May I ask Miss Waibiya, how many Lingshi can these five sixth-order medicinal herbs exchange? ”

  In order to dispel Huai Beiya’s doubts, Mu Yu explained it a bit. He also thought that a squad should not have so many sixth-order remedies. If it is not good, it may be doubtful.

  "It turned out to be like this!"

  Waibeiya nodded lightly, and there was no doubt about Mu Yu’s explanation. Otherwise, she would indeed be very good at how the stranger would have problems with the drug.

  Huaibei Ya fixed her mind and pondered for a while, saying: "A sixth-order Yufeng Dan can exchange two million Lingshi for you, a nine-turn and Yangdan for three million, a total of one million two million. How do you see it?"

  One thousand two million Lingshi is already a big number! The price offered by Waibei is higher than the market price. I want to take the five sixth-order remedies myself. Otherwise, if Mu Yu takes the auction, it may be fired at a higher price. Wanshang has no chance.

  "Okay, just do it."Mu Yu does not want to care about anything, anyway, there will be no remedy in the future, and then go to the old man to swindle a few pieces of blackmail.

  "Then wait a moment, I will help you get the stone right away."

  From the voice of the other party, Waibei Ya can judge that the other party should not be too old, but she is not very sure, so she did not say much. Soon she came back with a black jade in her hand.

  "This jade is the spiritual stone jade of our million business houses, which is engraved with corresponding figures. Mr. Array, black jade represents the distinguished guests of millions of businesses, as long as they hold Lingshi Yupei to any of the banks of our million business. , can be exchanged for the corresponding Lingshi. There are two million in this jade, and the remaining ten million will be paid to the wooden house by us. ”

  Waibaiya is very good at doing things, she knows the eyes.
One of the former strategists was paid to the Mujia, so that they could separate the other's money and save trouble.

  Outside, a knock on the door sounded, and Waibaiya quickly opened the door, then invited the wooden crane to come in.

  Mu Tianhe’s expression is still very frustrating, but he still has a strong spirit.

  This time, he came to sign the transfer agreement with the buyer in person. He looked up and saw the smudges around Mu Yu, some amazed, did not expect to buy his house turned out to be a squad.

  “Do you have to meet the buyer?”

  Mu Yu stared at the wooden crane, this old man is his own grandfather, but Mu Yu does not want to recognize him, and does not want to see him in this place.

  "Mr. Yan, the signing of the transfer of the ancestral home is based on our auction house as a notary, so both parties must be present to avoid unnecessary disputes. If there is a remorse in the future, we will handle it fairly. ”Waibaiya explained with a smile.

  The general auction buyers and sellers do not need to meet, but the ancestral home is a fixed asset, no evidence, can not be taken directly.

  If Mu Tianhe collects money and refuses to hand over the house, Mu Yu can't get it directly, so there will be disputes. Therefore, as a notary public of a million business, Waibiya will ensure the fairness of this transaction.

  If either party defaults, a million business firms will come forward to force the parties to trade according to the agreement.

  Mu Tianhe looked puzzledly at the wood feather covered by the pattern. Although the other side seemed to be distorted, he always felt that the body shape of Mu Yu had been seen, but he did not remember when he had seen it. This Mr. Yan.

  Waibaiya has already set up three words, and there are special marks on the three-points. You only need to inject a drop of blood.

  For the comprehension, a drop of blood is really no big deal, it doesn't matter. The word is divided into three parts, one for Mu Yu and Mu Tianhe, and one for the million business houses.

  Mu Yu did not say much, directly squeezed out three drops of blood, and incorporated the buyer's deposit in the three words.

  Mu Tianhe took a deep breath, and he twitched out his fingers. Once his blood fell, it meant that Mu's ancestral home was really destroyed in his hand.


  Mu Tianhe resisted the sorrow in his heart and injected his blood into the seller's deposit in the three words.

  The blood "tick" fell on the paper, and a golden pattern appeared, which represented the contract.

  Where would Wood Crane think that his ancestral home of Mujia would be bought by his own grandson who was killed by him that year!

  Mu Yu quietly looked at his grandfather and bought the wooden house of his family from the hands of his grandfather in the name of a stranger. This is a very weird thing.

  Mujia owes him so much. Now he has all the roots of Mujia. Is this a punishment for Mutianhe?

  Mu Yu did not know that he bought the ancestral home of Mujia, which means that all Mu family members will move out of Mujia's ancestral home from now on, and it will become his private property.

  This house is of no use to Mu Yu. He used to be a wandering leaf and could not settle in one place.

  But he can't send the wooden house back directly. Once he does this, many people will doubt his relationship with the wooden family.

  Mu Yu is still not ready to become a wooden family.

  "That's a good time."

  For the last time, Mu Yu glanced at his pro-grandfather. He had many strange emotions in his heart, but he didn't want to show it, and he didn't want to say anything more than Mu Tianhe. He wanted to leave this place.

  "This Mr. Yan, the old man has a ruthless request, I wonder if Mr. can promise?"Mu Tianhe said quickly. UU reading

  Mu Yu stopped and did not turn around, just said faintly: "You say it."

  Mu Tianhe's face was awkward, barely squeezed out a smile, and said: "I wonder if Mr. can grace us for a few days, let us move things away?"

  The expression of Mu Tianhe is very earnest. The Mujia is a big family, and it is impossible to move the whole family away soon.

  In the past few days, Mujia has sold all the real estates belonging to Qingshuicheng. Now even the last wooden ancestral homes are gone. They still need to find some places to settle for temporary resettlement. Can be living on the streets.

  Mu Yu’s heart was a bit unbearable. After all, Mu Tianhe was his own grandfather. He didn’t want to see the wooden family really living on the streets. Especially the Mujia and Mu Hao and Mu Xin are two brothers and sisters who are concerned about Mu Yu. He does not want them to be hurt.

  What really caused Mu Yu to become an orphan was the old man who looked very desolate, not the other people in the wood family.

  "You can do it yourself!"Mu Yu went back to the door.

  "Mr. Yan, if you give us the exact time, we will definitely move out in the deadline." ”Cried Mutiang eagerly.

  He doesn't know what the meaning of Mu Yu is. If Mu Yu wants a house tomorrow, what should they do with their wooden house?

  But Mu Yu did not answer him, he has left directly.

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