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Chapter 505 Snacks

  For several days in a row, Mu Yu stayed in his room and did not go out.

  He has never been concerned about the house. A huge wooden family ancestral home is dispensable in his eyes. Even if Mu Tianhe sends all the furniture of Mujia to Mu Yu, he will not pick it up. eyebrow.

  When Zhuge Xiaosheng let him be the doorman of the Fumen Gate, he didn't want to be a man. Wouldn't he still have a big house in Mujia?

  Mu Yu didn't know what the wooden house was at this time, and he didn't know where they moved. He has always persuaded himself to admit his identity and help the Mujia, but he has never been able to forgive the reason of Mu Tianhe, and even his own biological father, Wood Folding Star, does not want to find it.

  Why should he forgive the wooden crane?

  Even if Mu Tianhe is now remorseful? If there is no rise of Sikongqiwen, will Mutianhe regret his son? If Mu Yu is just an obscure person, not an apprentice of the true God, will Mujia think that he has such a strong grandson who is living outside?

  Since childhood, without the companionship of his parents, Mu Yu has been laughed at by many children in the village. Although he always shows a lot of carelessness, there is deep resentment in his heart to abandon his parents.

  Mu Yu did not understand why parents had to abandon their children. He believed that the child was a natural matter in the company of his parents, but he did not, only the village chief was accompanying him.

  Now knowing that everything is caused by Mu Tianhe, his heart can not be relieved for a long time.

  He has lived alone for 20 years with the help of others. Who can understand it? Even if he accidentally discovered his family, why did he want to help them? They don't have an intersection with their world. They know that Mu Yu is just because he is the apprentice of the true God, not because they have this grandson!

  He suddenly understood why Qiao Xue would rather choose to be a Yaozu than to help the Terran. Because Qiao Xue’s family also hurt her deeply and made her a homeless person.

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, they have been abandoned by their families since childhood, watching other people's faces grow up.

  "Mu Yu, don't think too much, you have done a good job. At least the wooden house of the ancestral home did not fall into the hands of others, and you did not drive them out? ”

  Longtan squatted on the chair, and Xiaoshuai squatted on the table and piled up the legs of the chicken. From time to time, the chicken bones came over to the dragon vine. Longtan unknowingly took the chicken bones back with his tail. The two guys were fighting with chicken bones and were addicted.

  "Mu Yu, what are you thinking about?" Is there any problem that can't be solved by eating a chicken leg? ”Xiaoshuai asked without heart.

  For a long while, Xiaoshuai replied: "If there is, then eat two chicken legs."

  "Little mouse, are you stupid! Mu Yu was worried about the fact that the Mu family abandoned him when he was a child. If the wood family did not abandon the wood feathers when he was a child, Mu Yu would not be an orphan. ”Longteng knows more than Xiaoshuai.

  "But if the Mu family did not abandon Mu Yu, he would not be so handsome and charming!" If the Mu family did not abandon the wood feathers, you have already been given refining drugs. ”Xiaoshuai spit out a chicken leg towards the dragon.


  Long Teng found that he couldn’t seem to pick up Xiao Shuai’s words.

Because if it wasn’t for Mu Yu at the beginning, where would the dead wood grow up? It is also very likely to become a drug primer for others to prolong their lives.

  Thinking of this, Long Teng suddenly felt an upset, no wood feathers, it really may not survive.

  "What are you? If the Mu family did not abandon the wood feathers, Mu Yu might not have encountered the amiable old man, nor would he meet the sister-in-law, Joe Snow, my favorite two of them holding me, they Both chests are soft. ”Xiaoshuai is crazy and smirking.

  "Are you stupid? The sword shadow dust wind will definitely find the wood feather. After all, the wood feather is the person who has the ability of Muyou. ”Longteng Road.

  "Not necessarily, the white-bearded old man did not find Joe Snow! Even if you don't say him, the grotesque dead wood old 爹 wood feathers will never meet it? If you don’t meet the dead wood, then the starry door that doesn’t work well will not kill the dead wood, and the wooden feather will not go to the battle to find the heavens, and will not become the front door. The door is the master, looking at the good side, not to say that there must be something wrong! ”Xiaoshuai bit another chicken leg.

  "The little mouse shuts up, what do you do with the example of dead wood? According to your logic, the death of dead wood is also blamed on the head of Mutianhe. You don't know what the dead wood means for Muyu?"Long Teng whispered.

  "If the wooden family did not abandon the wood feathers, the dead wood old man would have nothing to do with the wood feathers!"Xiaoshuai glared at the big tail.

  Mu Yu did not say anything, he suddenly found that Xiao Shuai’s words were correct. If the Mu family did not abandon him, he would not have met these people and these things.

  Maybe he will live a better life, carefree, and loved and accompanied by his loved ones. But it also means that the people he meets now have to be erased from his life and completely disappeared.

  But those people are the best friends and relatives in his life. He is not willing to lose his sorrow and Qiao Xue, he will not lose his master, he is not willing to lose his brother and sister, and he is even more reluctant to lose the one who often scolds him. Concerned about his dead wood old man.

  "You said that it is right that Wood Yu was abandoned by the wooden family?"Long Tengyi
Time does not understand the relationship between the two.

  "That's what you said, I didn't say it. First of all, the most important point is that Mu Yu is not very handsome. I am definitely a very huge regret. Without these experiences, Mu Yu would not have such a good medicine. Where can I afford so many chicken legs, maybe now even I have no ability to buy a wooden home. ”

  "Sikong Qiwen rises as usual, and still suppresses the Mujia. If you practice in Mujia, the repair is definitely not as high as it is now. Even if it is difficult to get cheaper by using the repair of Muyu. What is the rescue of Mujia in the other wooden feathers of the wooden parents? Still not a dead end? At least we can stay out of it now, and the wooden feather in the wooden parent is dead! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  There are always some regrets and defects in life. Who can make it clear about the causal relationship?

  "I didn't meet your food, maybe my pocket will be a lot of drums."

  Mu Yu suddenly laughed, and Xiao Shuai suddenly woke him up.

  He found that snacks sometimes speak quite well, narcissism is narcissistic, and some words are justified.

  If Mu Tianhe did not do this at the beginning, he would grow up under the care of his parents, but the repair will definitely not be higher than now, because without the teaching of Master, there is no teaching of the dead wood, he can not have the achievements of today.

  In the face of the sudden rise of Sikong Qiwen, he can only become a desperate member of the current Mujia, can not do anything for the Mujia.

  "Let's go! Let's go to the wooden house. ”

  The haze in Mu Yu's heart was swept away, and Sayong lost his horse and knew that it was a blessing. Some things are really difficult to say.

  "Are you going to help the wooden home?"Longtan asked curiously.

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, he crossed a different light and shook his head: "It's not that simple! Although Xiao Shuai’s words are correct, all this is caused by Mu Tianhe. I need an explanation from Mu Tianhe to see if he is qualified to be my grandfather. Now the wooden house of my family is my property. I haven’t looked at my property yet! ”


  Mufu has really only left an empty shell, and the original family business seems to have been completely destroyed overnight.

  The 10 million that sold the ancestral home was far from enough to pay off the debts. In order to pay off the debts, all the things that the family could sell were sold out. The original people of Mufu were all sent away, and they could no longer see the prosperity of the old house. The scene, on the other hand, seems a bit bleak.

  Mu Tianhe looked at the empty lobby, and the precious vase paintings and other decorations in the lobby were sold, and even the finest tables and chairs were replaced with dilapidated ones. Recalling the years in which Mu Jia was in his hands, from prosperous to declining, he could not help but feel hurt.

  Mufu passed down for hundreds of years, but it was destroyed in his hands.

  "Oh, we sold everything, and it was paid off after two million."

  Mu Rongxuan came in with a sullen look. He has been busy all these days, selling all the antiques at home.

  After all, Mufu has a long history, and there are still a lot of valuable things. When these things are sold, they almost pay off their debts.

  "It's still two million!"

  Mu Tianhe looked very old, he sat down, and the chair underneath shook slightly and squeaked, as if he were going to fall apart.

  "Oh, it’s been six days. How did Mr. Yan, who bought our ancestral home, haven’t come yet?”

  Mumingda also came in. He also looked very tired. In the past few days, Mufu’s affairs have afflicted everyone, and no one can sleep well.

  "I didn't come, did you find a temporary place to stay?" When the squad came, we moved out. ”Mu Tianhe sighed.

  "Not yet, because of the threat of the Sikong family, many people dare not have anything to do with us, so…"Wood season shook his head.

  Several fathers and sons shook their heads and didn't talk. For a long time, Mu Tianhe said: "Now the only real estate in Mujia is the cemetery in the suburbs. If we didn't find a place to stay when Mr. Yan came, then we will First go to the cemetery and take a few sheds to live first!"

  Live in the cemetery!

  The cemetery is the place where the wooden ancestral ancestral burial is buried. UU reads www.uukanshu. Com Mutianhe can sell anything, but the cemetery is not willing to sell. If even the ancestral graves could not be kept, it would be really filial.

  Mu Rongxuan and Mu Mingda looked at each other and looked at each other with helplessness. The wooden house is now degraded to the point where it can only live in the cemetery and cohabitation with the dead. It is really desolate.

  Mu Hao suddenly ran in and hurriedly said, "Grandpa, there is a strange person coming to our house. He said that he is Mr. Yan, I want to see you."

  "Mr. Yan?"Mu Tianhe stood up and sighed, and the coming came still!

  "Hey, do we ask Mr. Yan to extend the grace for a few more days?" Waiting to find a place to stay and then move away? After all, living in a cemetery is not a good choice -" Mu Rongxuan hesitated.

  "No, my wooden crane has always been committed to keeping promises. People have given us so many days. This place has long ceased to be our place." Now that we are under the fence, where are the faces and people bargaining? What happened to the cemetery? When the ancestors lived there, would it still harm us? ”Mu Tianhe yelled.

  "You want to live in the cemetery?"Mu Yu was amazed, he did not know when it had appeared in the lobby.

  Mu Tianhe’s heart was slightly shocked. He turned and saw the wood feathers surrounded by the whole body. He did not find out how Mu Yu came in from the repair of his life.

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