Chapter 506, The so-called face and dignity

  "Mr. Yan, you are here."Mu Tianhe put away the surprised expression on his face and handed it to the wooden feather surrounded by the pattern.

  Although Mu Yu’s body can not reveal a strong atmosphere, but it can appear quietly, and dare to compete with the Sikong family, which is now in full swing, to compete with Mujia’s ancestral home. If there is no dependence, Mutianhe is unbelievable.

  Mu Tianhe’s heart is already quite sure that Mr. Yan’s cultivation is above him, so he does not dare to have any scorn.

  "You want to live in the cemetery?"Mu Yu once again asked, "Do you live with the dead?"

  Mu Tianhe face Lucy, but still not humble and said: "Let Yan Yan laughed. Since Mr. Yan has already arrived, this big house is already Mr. Yan. We will move away after a while and will never occupy this house again. ”

  "You still haven't found a place to live for so many days?"Mu Yu’s eyes fell on Mu Hao, who had been staring at himself.

  Mu Hao's face is very calm, and the wood feather covered by the pattern is not afraid of any look. On the contrary, the eyes are full of fortitude. From Mu Hao's body, he could not see how he was being attacked. Obviously he already wanted to understand what he was going to do.

  "It doesn't matter, we have sold everything in order to pay off debts, and we still owe money. There is no extra money to buy a place to live in. Now only the cemetery can temporarily settle down. ”Mu Tianhe sighed.

  Mu Yu looked at the wooden Tianhe crane that was tortured by the wooden house. After all, his heart was a hidden heart. However, he still feels that living in the cemetery is too much. It is very strange to live with the dead.

  Mu Yu pondered for a long while and asked: "How much debt do you still owe?"

  Mu Tianhe did not know why Mu Yu had to ask this question. How much debt does the wooden family owe have little to do with this Mr. Yan? However, he still reluctantly replied: "Two million."

  "Two million? It’s better to sell me the Mujia Mausoleum for two million! ”

  Mu Yu knew the location of the cemetery. When Mu Xin went out to play, Mu Xin once said. He didn't want to help the Mu family for no reason, so he wanted to give his family two million yuan to pay the debts in this way.

  Mutiang face, seriously said: "Mr. Yan, this is our housework, but also please Mr. Delay not to make suggestions." The failure to keep the family business of Mujia is already a shame for my wooden crane. How can I still sell the wooden cemetery? How can I see the ancestral ancestors of Mujia? ”

  Mu Yu bought the wooden house's cemetery and naturally would not move it with a hair, but Mu Tianhe did not appreciate it. Mu Yu was also annoyed. He said: "The deceased has been paralyzed and the living being is self-reliant. You yourself are the ones who will be in the woods. It doesn't matter if you live in the cemetery, but what about the little baby behind you? Is he living with the dead so young? You are really a competent grandfather! ”

  "You are not allowed to say my grandfather!"Mu Hao angered and stood in front of the wooden crane, rushing to the wood feathers.

  "Xiao Hao, don't be impulsive."Mu Tianhe will block Mu Hao back.

  "Do I have anything wrong with what I said? I heard that there are still a few children in your family who are not good at things. Let these small children suffer because of your incompetence, but you still refuse to let go. Hello, you are also a comprehension person in the flood season, and the strength in Qingshuicheng is superb. I think if you are willing to be a personal guard or a family, do you still find that you can't find a place to stay? Is your face more important than your grandson? ”Mu Yu said coldly.

  At that time, Mutianhe was elopement because of Wood Folding Star and Zhuqiuqiu. Mutianhe felt that he had swept his face, so he personally went to take his son back, causing Muyu to become an orphan. If Mu Tianhe still feels important in this time, Mu Yu is unlikely to admit this grandfather.

  Mu Tianhe was said to be old-fashioned by Mu Yu, and Mu Yu’s words were true. He really could not put the following. With his cultivation and ability, if he is condescending to work for a certain family, there will still be someone who will take him.

  But Mu Tianhe only has him calling others in his life. Where can he let others call him?

  Let him go to the moment, it is more uncomfortable than killing him!

  "My grandfather will not be a guardian for others. I am willing to live with the grandfather in the cemetery. What are you doing?" Since the house is yours, we will naturally leave here, you don’t need to be here to gesticulate! ”Wood wrath said unbearablely.

  "You still need grandchildren to defend you. It’s amazing that you are a grandfather."Mu Yu ruthlessly accused.

  "I will consider the words of Mr. Yan. In fact, Mr. Yan did not know. Because of the deliberate suppression of Sikong Gaoming, Qingshui City is afraid that no one will dare to take us, but I will leave Qingshui City and go to other places to try my luck. We will leave here! ”

  Mu Tianhe arched his face with red eyes and took the others to leave the wooden house.

  "wait."Mu Yu Road.

  "The house is yours, what do you want?"Mu Hao said with anger.

  Mu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to this girl. He took out a piece of black jade and threw it on the table. He said: "There are two million in it. I live in this house and I just lack a repair. If you have the chance to work on the counter, if you can stay and be my manager, these two million are you!"

  From the owner of Mufu to the management of Mufu?

  Mu Tianhe clenched his fist and changed from a master to a servant. Where can he bear this huge gap? Not to mention that I have lived in my life for a lifetime.
Old house.

  "You think about it yourself! Your wooden family still owes two million to others. I think I can't even get out of Qingshui City. Many people are waiting to collect debts from you! It is impossible to protect all Mu family members because of your own cultivation. Once other Mu family members go out alone, they will be revenged by the creditors. Choose your face or choose your family, you can do it yourself! ”Mu Yu said faintly.

  Mu Tianhe’s heart was so entangled that he would change from the owner of Mufu to the management of Mufu. He had to put down his face.

  He has never bent over for a lifetime, and now he wants to protect his family and let him nod to others. He doesn't know if he can do it.

  However, Mu Yu’s words are correct. He has a period of cultivation, but his family does not. Those who collect debts will surely blame him for not paying attention to his family, and he can’t keep his family at all times.

  The two million on the table is really important to him!

  Mu Yu quietly looked at his own grandfather, he certainly did not really want to call his own grandfather to defy.

  He did not understand the so-called ridiculous face of Mutianhe. At the beginning, Mutianhe felt that the wood folding star and the bamboo Xiaoyu ran away and let his face be lost. He was laughed at by everyone, so he dismissed them both. People, let Mu Yu become an orphan, drifting alone for so many years.

  Now Mu Yu is trying to understand that in the face of his children and grandchildren, the face is not so important!

  He can help the Mujia to overcome this difficulty, provided that Mu Tianhe must give Mu Yu a reason to let him really shoot!

  "We don't want your stinky money! We will find a way to pay off! ”Mu Hao said angrily.

  "If you want to be yours, if you are not the manager of Mufu, you are not your choice."Mu Yu said coldly.

  After all, Mu Tianhe is the biological grandfather of Mu Yu. Although Mu Yu hates him, he is not willing to look at Mu Tianhe nodding his head in front of others, but he hates the so-called face of Mu Tianhe, so he chose one. The way to compromise.

  Let Mu Tianhe put the following to be the manager of Mufu, and manage Mufu for Muyu. It is a good lesson to explain the wrong things that Mu Tianhe did to Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu naturally does not choose to go to the hard wood crane, as long as the wooden crane can put the following, agree to be the manager of Mu Yu, Mu Yu will disappear in front of the wooden family, will not step into the wooden home.

  In a sense, the manager of Mutianhe is actually equivalent to the owner of Mufu, and Mu Yu also returned the ancestral home to them in another way.

  The most important point is that after Mufu is no longer surnamed Mu, if the name is extended, Mu Tianhe will be a foreigner in charge of management. If other people want to find trouble with the Mu family, they need to avoid the real master of the Mufu.

  Mu Yu is also equivalent to protecting their Mu family in disguise. Mu Yu even thought about doing something in the name of Mr. Yan in Qingshui City, so that everyone understands that the owner of the Mufu is not easy to provoke, and warns those who want it. Don't sway the people who have fallen into the woods.

  But Mu Tianhe shook his head and refused.

  "My wooden crane is still sturdy, and will not be lower than others. This jade, Mr. Yan still put it away! Leave! ”Mu Tianhe took his children and grandchildren calmly and left the wooden house lobby to pack things away.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of Mu Tianhe and others, and did not stop it. He just silently collected the jade. UU reading

  "Actually, your grandfather still has dignity."Said Long Teng.

  "dignity? He is not dignity, but cares about his face! Let his son and grandson follow him to die for his own ridiculous face problem? Is there no dignity when dealing with things? There are so many families in the world of comprehension. Every family has a manager. Can you say that everything is not dignified? ”

  Mu Yu was very annoyed. He wanted to help the Mujia, but he didn't want to expose his identity because he didn't want to admit that he was a member of Mujia, but Mu Tianhe refused his condition.

  "This is a world of strength. You don't have any self-protection strength in the realm of comprehension. Do you want to be alone in a ridiculous face?" All the life of the Mu family is tied to him. He still refuses to lower his proud head and let everyone go to die for him! He is still still in love with his power, it is not dignity! ”

  Mu Yu clenched his fist, and Wood Crane did not understand it until now. Everything he did was simply stupid! He himself has a period of cultivation, can not be afraid of others' pursuit, but Mu Hao and Mu Xin? Can their two children only hide in the woods crane for a lifetime? Did Wood Crane think about a day of death?

  "When are you going to help the wooden house? You certainly won’t look at the wood family’s accident? ”Little handsome.

  "The wooden crane has principles, and I have my own principles. When the wooden cranes put down their faces, I was part of the Mujia. ”Mu Yu said coldly.

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