Chapter 507 Secret Help

  "Is it heard? Everyone in the wood family lived in the cemetery. ”

  "cemetery? Isn't that the place where the dead live? They live with the dead? ”

  "I don't know if the wooden ancestors saw it all and would get angry out of the grave in the middle of the night!"

  "It’s so ridiculous, they can do it."

  "No way, who made them get into the Sikong family?"

  The wooden family of the first family of Qingshui City has now fallen to the cemetery. This incident caused a huge sensation in Qingshui City and became a tea after dinner for everyone.

  The cemetery was the place where the ancestors died after the death of the ancestors, but the Mu family now lived with the ancestral ancestors. If you can't keep your family business, you can't forget the battle with the dead. This is considered to be extremely sinister in the eyes of many people.

  Mu Tianhe wants to keep his face and refuses to be a manager, but everyone is poking the bones of the wooden house. Once the wooden family leaves the cemetery to go out to work, they will be pointed.


  Mu Rongxuan wore a fight, buried his head very low, and hurriedly walked on the way back to the cemetery. He came out to purchase some necessary supplies.

  Usually these things are done by his eldest brother and second brother, because they have two Yuan Ying nine-day repairs, and no one dares to find them trouble when they go out. However, today they are only busy because of other things, so it can only be Mu Rongxuan.

  However, he was still stopped, and Liu Tu, who is pursuing the ore business in Qingshui City, has been waiting for this opportunity.

  "Mu Rongxuan, when is the owe to our family of 100,000 Lingshi?"

  Liu Rustic slammed Mu Rongxuan into a small alley. His cultivation was a golden day and he was much stronger than Mu Rongxuan.

  "Liu treasurer, I will definitely owe you money, and then a few days of grace! I beg you! ”Mu Rongxuan quickly lost his smile.

  Even if the wooden family lived in the cemetery in the middle of the tens of thousands of people, but because the repair of the wooden crane is considered to be the top in Qingshuicheng, no one dares to go to the cemetery to find the suffocation of the wooden family, but once there is a wooden family who is left alone It’s not the same.

  Just now, Mu Rongxuan went out to the wall of the cemetery. I thought that no one noticed it, but I didn't expect it to be caught by Liu Tu.

  "I don't think you are going to pay any more. Anyway, your wooden family has lived in the cemetery. I don't want 100,000. I will let you live in the graveyard and don't come out!"Liu Tu suddenly pushed Mu Rongxuan to the ground, waved his hand, and prepared to teach Mu Rongxuan a slap in the face, and take a good breath.

  Mu Rongxuan lamented and hugged his head.

  But after waiting for a long time, Liu Tu’s fist did not fall. He looked up in horror, but found that the figure of Liu Tu in the alley had disappeared!

  "what happened?"Mu Rongxuan quickly climbed up. He thought he was going to be taught by Liu Tu, but Liu Tu suddenly disappeared.

  He looked around in amazement, but found nothing different. Liu Tuyu, who was just in a hurry to find him, didn’t see it in sight. This is too strange! However, he didn't care much, he quickly put on a fight and hurried to the cemetery.



  Liu Tuyu fell to the ground, and he originally planned to kill Mu Rongxuan to deflate.

But I haven’t started yet, and suddenly I was dragged away by a huge force!

  “How much does the wooden family owe you?”Mu Yu asked coldly. He used a lightweight illusion, so that Liu Xiang saw a very fierce knife-faced image.

  "Ten, 100,000!"Liu Tu was shocked and looked at the "knife face" in front of him. This "knife face" was very horrible, and he was crushed to death.

  Liu Tu’s voice just fell, and a lot of Lingshi suddenly fell from the sky, directly buried him in the Lingshi.

  "This is a hundred thousand Lingshi. Next time I see you bullying the wooden family, I will definitely kill you! do you know? ”Mu Yu said.

  Under the Lingshihe, there was a whisper of Liu Tu: "Know it, you know!" Adults are forgiving! ”

  The 100,000 Lingshi is not a small number. It almost accumulates into a small hill. The Liu soil is crushed by the breath of Mu Yu, so there is no ability to resist, and only the Lingshi can be pressed against him. Soon he felt that the whole body was light, and the horrible smell disappeared, and he climbed out of the stone pile.

  But where is the figure of "knife face"?

  Mu Yu has been watching in the dark, Mu Rongxuan safely walked into the cemetery, which was relieved.

  "As for this tangled? Protecting their wooden family eleven people every day, you might as well forgive them. Save this trouble! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Protecting them is one thing. Forgiving them is another matter. This is a matter of principle."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  All he wants is that Mu Tianhe puts down his face to do things for people, instead of wanting to see the wooden family accident.

  There are eleven people in Mujia, and Mu Mingda has a wife and a son. At the beginning of the first day of the Mujia, Mu Qingfan, who was seriously injured by Si Kongqiwen, was his child.

  Mu Ji has two wives and two children, but Mu Ji also let them go back to their parents, and their family members are not willing to help Mu Jia because of Sikong Qiwen.

  Mu Rongxuan has a wife and two children, Mu Hao and Mu Xin. They refused to leave here and chose to live in the cemetery with Mu Tianhe.

In addition, there is a wood star that is drunk all day, that is, the father of Mu Yu, who still refuses to wake up. All the wooden people left, but the old manager Mubo was loyal, did not leave, and chose to suffer with the Mujia.

  Mubo is a manager of Mufu, and his body savings are quite a lot. In the past few days, the expenses of Mujia were all funded by Mubo.

  Mu Yu has been secretly protecting everyone in Mujia for ten days. Once someone leaves the cemetery and is blocked by debt collection, it will be directly collected by Mu Yu.

  He used illusion to appear in front of the creditors in various images, help the wooden family pay off their debts, and warned them not to come back to the troubles of the wooden house.

  "What is the use of you doing this? The wooden family does not know that you are helping them in secret. ”Longteng Road.

  "At least I know it."

  Mu Yu didn't want to go through the conscience. He felt that he had done his best, and the two million debts owed by Mujia had already been halfway back.


  In the Mujia cemetery.

  The Mujia Cemetery is very large and quite spacious. Here, I have been hiring a grave guard for many years, but after the accident, the cemetery left. The lodge where the tomb guard lived was not too small, and there were several tents next to it, and it was barely able to squeeze it down.

  Mu Rongxuan hurried in and said: "Hey, I was blocked by a creditor."

  "So are you okay?"Mu Tianhe asked tiredly.

  "Nothing, this is the third time someone has been saved. After three consecutive trips, he was besieged by the creditors, but they all turned to the dangers. The good-hearted person still didn't know who it was. ”Mu Rongxuan sat down.

  Mu Tianhe sighed: "I didn't expect anyone to stand at our wooden house at this time, hehe! I really want to know who the person is, so thank him in person. ”

  "Oh, there is one big thing!"Mumingda rushed in from the outside excitedly.

  "what's up?"Mu Tianhe asked.

  "I just got to know the debt according to your instructions and found that someone has paid nearly half of the debt for us!"Mumingda has a beautiful face.

  "what? Half of the debt is paid off? Isn't that someone paying us a million? ”Mu Tianhe was surprised and continued. "You asked who they helped us?"

  Mumingda said: "I asked, but their rhetoric is inconsistent. The owner of the medicinal store said that it was a pure strange woman to help us pay, but the treasurer of Tianxianglou said that it was a gentle scholar who paid for us, and another tailor. The owner of the store said that it was a knife that was exposed to the murderous face and helped pay."Mu Mingda said.

  "Unfamiliar woman, elegant scholar, knife face? Are there so many people helping us in the woods? ”Mu Tianhe fell into meditation. He couldn't remember who in Qingshui City would dare to help them with the Sikong family.

  "Maybe these people have been favored by our wooden family, and they dare not reveal their identity and are afraid of being retaliated by Sikong Gaoming. So, choose to secretly help?"Mumingda guessed.

  "I always think that someone should be helping us in the woods, but he sent different people to help, in order not to let us discover."Mu Tianhe opened his guess.

  The solid wood cranes are inseparable, but they will not think that they want to break their heads. At this moment, they help them in secret. It is the wood feather that was abandoned by Mu Tianhe many years ago.

  "Hey, are you saying that it was the first friend who saved our lives?"Mu Rongxuan asked.

  They all know that Fengmu has a period of cultivation, although he does not know why he did not say goodbye, but in this case, everyone in Clearwater City is far away from the wooden house, and can stand on the side of the wooden house. That wind is gone.

  Mu Tianhe sighed: "I don't know if it is a friend of Fengmu, but he has no friendship with us and there is no reason to help us." Besides, when he did not say goodbye, I am afraid that he did not want to have any involvement with our wooden family, so that he would be troubled by the upper body and should not be him. ”

  "Grandpa, are you saying that Mu Yu is helping us?"Mu Xin asked cheerfully.

  Everyone in the cemetery was sullen, and only Mu Xin was very active every day, and he didn’t feel anything strange at all. In her eyes, it doesn't matter where I live, as long as I am with my family.

  Everyone heard that the words "mu Yu" were silent. The words "mu Yu" are their hopes, but they are also a person they are not willing to face because they can't guarantee that Mu Yu will forgive wood. What Tianhe did at the beginning.

  But Mu Xin is still young, she didn't think so much, just said what she thought.

  Mu Hao shook his head: "Xiao Xin, don't think about that Mu Yu brother, he will not come to help us."

  According to the past, Mu Hao was supposed to be the one who thought it was the "Mu Yu brother" shot, because he used to worship Mu Yu. However, today, Wood Hao is telling his sister not to think about the brother of Mu Yu, which is obviously abnormal.

  "Xiao Hao, what happened to you? Are you usually not the most like to say that Mu Yu’s brother? ”

  Mu Rongxuan knows his son best. Every time Mu Hao had to involve Mu Yu, always Mu Yu’s brother Chang Mu Yu’s brother was short, but today he denied Mu Yu.

  Mu Hao looked very resolute: "Hey, I am fine. I just don't think about relying on others. The Mu Yu brother has nothing to do with our wooden family. I will not blindly worship Mu Yu's brother again. ”

  "Why do you think so?"Mu Rongxuan had some accidents and could not understand what caused his son to change.

  "The wind and I said that day, I want to be strong, don't always think about relying on others. Moreover, if Mu Yu’s brother knows about our wooden house, he will not necessarily help us, because Mu Yu’s brother…”

  Mu Hao secretly glanced at the wooden crane, and Mu Yu’s words with him were still echoing in his mind. He understood that his grandfather had done something wrong with Mu Yu. If Mu Yu really came back, he would definitely not forgive his grandfather.

  "When did Fengmu say this to you?"Mu Rongxuan is cautious.

  "After my family retired, I met Fengmu on the road. He told me to rely on myself, not on people I don't know at all. Only then can I protect everyone."Mu Hao said with a fist.

  He has been practicing day and night for the past few days, just to make himself stronger.

  "Where is the wind wood now, do you know?"Mu Rongxuan asked quickly.

  Mu Hao said seriously: "Hey, UU reading Don't say I don't know, even if I know I won't go to him for help. Fengmu has already said that we must rely on ourselves. Our wood family only has its own future. ”

  Mu Rongxuan smiled and touched Mu Hao’s head with relief. He suddenly felt grateful to the young man of Fengmu.

  Although Fengmu did not say goodbye, but people have saved his life in the desert, there is no need to blame others. The best help for Fengmu is that Mu Hao seems to grow up overnight, no longer hanging the wood feather every day.

  Difficulties are not the most terrible. The terrible thing is that people do not know how to learn from the difficulties. The disaster of the Mujia was also devastating, but it also allowed Mu Hao to really grow up.


  Mu Tianhe looked at Mu Hao, and the words of Mu Hao touched him. "If Mu Yu returns, he will not necessarily choose to help Mu Jia."

  Yes! Why should Mu Yu help them?

  At the beginning, he chose to dismantle the wood folding star and bamboo autumn plaque because he felt his face was damaged, which led to the wood feather becoming an orphan. Now that the Mujia is almost dying, he still refuses to let go of his face to ask for the protection of others, and bring his children and grandchildren to the cemetery and die. Mr. Yan clearly gave him a chance, but he refused because of his face.

  Lianmu Haodu has made a change to give up his most admired Mu Yu brother. Why can't he give up the ridiculous face and leave a living path for such a brilliant grandson?

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