Chapter 508 Night Cemetery

  When the moon was empty, the Mujia cemetery was illuminated. From time to time, there was a gust of wind blowing through the cemetery. The rows of rows of trees in the cemetery swayed slightly, making a sharp whistling sound, which was very strange on a quiet night.

  The cemetery is very quiet, only a few frogs are coming and going, and the breeze is echoing in the cemetery for a long time.

  In the past few days, Mu Yu has been living in the cemetery like the Mu family, but the Mu family has not found it. He often watched silently the indulgent man, the wooden folding star who drank his eyes.

  He didn't know what to think about this indulgent man.

  After the wooden folding star came to the cemetery, he rarely stayed with his family. Instead, he stayed in front of a grave. He often sat for several hours without moving.

  The tomb is very simple, there are no magnificent marble carvings, and there are no solemn tombstones. There is only one earthen bag, which is covered with weeds. There is a slightly old wooden monument standing in front, and three wooden monuments are written. Word: Bamboo Autumn.

  It is the grave of Mu Yu’s biological mother.

  This tomb is completely different from the tombs of other dead wooden ancestors around. There is no solemn appearance. It is like a pile of grass and grass. There is no decoration. It seems very awkward in the wooden cemetery. It seems that it is not a wooden house at all. a part of it.

  Mujia has no money to buy wine for the wood folding star, but the daily wood folding star will always go out alone, and when he comes back, he will hold himself with the wine jar. No one knows where he came to buy the wine. No one has time to take care of him.

  After returning, he sat in front of the tomb of Zhu Qiuyu and drank wine. He looked at the three words on the wooden tablet and stayed here at night. The three meals a day were the most concerned about the four uncles.

  Mu Yu didn't feel anything about his biological father because there was no intersection between them. Mu Yu often looks like a passerby looking at the wooden folding star, which is very strange to this man who should be close.

  In Mu Yu's heart, his father is always dead wood, not this intoxicated wood folding star.

  The night wind blew through the shrubs of the cemetery, and the heavy and slow footsteps slowly followed the path.

  The old figure of Mu Tianhe gradually appeared in the field of Mu Yu, and his steps were very vicissitudes. Every step on the ground made people feel sad. The wooden house has ceased to exist. In just a few days, he has become very old and has no state of spiritual sorrow.

  He walked over to the wooden folding star and sat down.

  Mu Tianhe stared at the three words of Zhuqiu, and there were some strange looks on the old face. Unlike other tombstones around it, Zhu Qiu's tombstones simply wrote three words, no other descriptions, and no identity.

  Mu Yu lay on a dense branch of poplar not far away, and stared at the tombstone of Zhu Qiuyu.

  The three grandsons looked at the tombstone like this, and no one spoke.

  Lying in the tomb is the mother of Mu Yusu who has never met. Sitting in front of the tombstone is Mu Yu’s father and grandfather. This is a very strange picture.

  Strange, but it seems to be taken for granted.

  For a long time, Mu Tianhe held his hand on the ground and stood up hard. Mu Yu thought that he was going to leave, but he suddenly went down to the tombstone of Zhu Qiuyu!

  That glimpse, even the wooden feathers are stunned!

  Mu Tianhe even went to the dead bamboo autumn 绮?

  That is the person who looks at his face more than his life.

Actually, he will kneel down to a daughter-in-law who he does not recognize at all?

  Mu Yu looked at the sly figure, and suddenly felt that there was an inexplicable emotion coming from the bottom of my heart.

  Is that really a stubborn wooden crane?

  "Folding star is wrong."Mu Tianhe was stunned. "If you don't care too much about your face, you won't be like this." Zhu Qiuqi is a good girl, and I should not dismantle you for my own face. ”

  Mu Tianhe looked up at the moon in the sky and sighed: "Xiao Hao has always admired his Mu Yu brother, but today he told me that he no longer hopes that Mu Yu can help us, he wants to rely on Yourself. Xiaohao’s small children know how to give up what they are obsessed with, and what can’t be left to live for most of their lives? ”

  Wood folding star was shaking slightly. He still stared at his wife's tombstone and did not turn around to see his father.

  Go see the father he didn't recognize at all.

  Mu Yu watched the two people quietly in the distance, watching the two relatives he did not recognize at all.

  Wood Folding Star buried his face in the shadow of the moonlight. No one knows his expression at the moment. He winds over his clothes and hunts.

  Mu Tianhe looked at the moon in the sky and his eyes became very turbid, like a helpless old man who silently regretted his actions.

  When I was young, I always wanted to face. For those who didn’t have the necessary face, I personally ruined the happiness of my son. I also let my son’s family break up. Even the grandson who should have called him a grandfather did not know where to go.

  After all, it was his grandson, but he didn't know whether he was a boy or a girl, even his son didn't know. This is a ridiculous sin, because of his face, he deprives a child of the right to be embraced by his parents.

  He knows that the true god disciple is called Mu Yu, and he is most likely his grandson, but his previous self-esteem made him not want to find help with this wooden feather. Mu Hao was right. He abandoned the child and grandchildren. Why do people help him now?

 "Everything in today's Mujia is caused by me. I care too much about my face and do one wrong thing after another. I apologize to you. I thought about it, tomorrow I will go to Mr. Yan, starting with a manager. I can't watch you follow me again, I should learn to let go. Living is the most important thing. ”

  He understood this, but the wooden house was dead.

  Mu Tianhe stood up slowly and seemed to have spent a lot of energy on him when he stood up, so that he even gasped.

  Mu Yu suddenly realized that the original age of the wooden crane has become so big.

  The back of Mu Tianhe was bleak and old in the moonlight, and the wind of the cemetery blew on him, making his figure look very thin, and it seems that the next moment will be blown to the ground.

  This should have been a hateful old man, but Mu Yu’s heart gave him a strange feeling.

  The wooden crane that puts down the face makes the heart of Mu Yu feel touched.

  "The tombstones of Qiu Jin are too unharmonious. You should find a time to change the tombstones of Qiu Jin! Tombstones are set up in the way of our wooden family, just like the tombstones around them. ”

  The wooden crane sounded a little hoarse, and then left at a sly pace. His figure dragged long and long under the moonlight, like a bamboo pole, gradually disappearing at the end of the path.

  He used to admit his daughter-in-law because of his face. Let Zhu Qiuyu bury in the cemetery of Mujia, just because of a little embarrassment, make concessions so that Zhuqiu can be buried here. However, he did not allow the bamboo tombstone to have the same imprint as the other wooden family members, and only allowed the wooden folding star to engrave the word "竹秋绮".

  Therefore, the tomb of Zhu Qiuqi has always been out of place with other people who have died in Mujia.

  Mu Tianhe suddenly felt that it was time to correct this disharmony and let the entire cemetery no longer have a special grave.

  When the wooden crane came, the wood folding star was indifferent, until the moment of the wooden crane, the body trembled a little, and when the wooden crane said to change the tombstone of the bamboo autumn to the style of the wooden family At the time, the wood folding star has burst into tears.

  He knew that his father finally recognized the identity of Zhu Qiuqi, and he waited for this moment and waited for 18 years!

  Mu Tianhe broke up the couple. Eighteen years ago, Zhu Qiuyu abandoned the two-year-old Mu Yu, who came back alone to find his husband, but he soon became depressed.

  The so-called discordant tombstone has existed for 18 years. In the 18th year, Mutianhe refused to correct this disharmony until today!

  Wood Folding Star reached out and gently stroked the three words on the tombstone, and the whole body could not stop shaking. He is like talking to himself, and he seems to be talking to the tombstone. His voice seems so bleak in the graveyard.

  "When I was drinking, you always rushed to grab my wine jar and not let me get drunk. Once I drink, you will always hold my ears. But now I have been drinking for twenty years, and you have never snatched my wine jar. I have been drunk for twenty years, and you are not coming to lick my ears. Why don't you care about me? ”The wooden folding star whispered in a low voice.

  After Wood Folding was forced to leave his wife for two years, he was drunk for two years. After Zhu Qiuqi came back, he thought that he would always be with his wife, but Zhu Qiuyu soon gave up his hand, and he was intoxicated for another 18 years.

  He has always imagined that Zhu Qiu will come over to manage him, but the girl who made his beloved has already left.

  When she left, he could be drunk with impunity, but he was sober again.

  But when was he drunk?

  "I have always been awake. I have been drinking so much since you left, but I have not been drunk. Because you don't let me get drunk. Everyone persuaded me to wake up, but I never drunk, why should I wake up? ”The wooden folding star has a smile on his face.

  Never drunk, why should you wake up?

  He didn't dare to get drunk because his wife didn't let him get drunk. But he wants to drink, because only then will his wife come to take care of him.

  But after waiting for him for so many years, his wife can no longer control him.

  But he suddenly understood something today.

  "I will never touch the wine again in the future."The wooden folding star stood up and touched the three words. "He confessed to us two. You are now the wife of my wooden folding star. I am a wooden family. The wooden family should have the form of a wooden house. This wooden monument does not need to exist."

  The wooden monument in the hands of the wooden folding star suddenly turned into a powder, which drifted away with the wind. He still refused to forgive Mu Tianhe, and even he was not willing to say anything.

  "wait for me here."

  Wood Folding Star took a deep look at his wife's grave, and then directly rose to the sky, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com left the cemetery and disappeared into the night, I don't know where to go.

  He is going to name his wife.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of the wooden folding star, and looked at the figure of the wooden sky crane gradually drifting away, and his heart seemed to have passed.

  One is an irresponsible father, and the other is a grandfather who wants to face an answer. He has always wanted to find an answer from these two people, an answer for him to take.

  Tonight, he seems to have found it.

  "Wu Yu, Mu Tianhe, is this a confession for you?"Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu didn't answer it, just lying on the treetops, the surrounding branches were gently rhythmic, shaking around his body cheerfully.

  He looked at the bright moon in the sky, only to find that the moon tonight seemed to be exceptionally round.

  To confess, what is good to say?

  The moonlight shines in the cemetery of the Mujia, dispelling a haze, making the dead cemetery a little more angry.

  Mu Yu reached out and touched a yellow leaf, and the fallen leaf that should have fallen suddenly began to appear green, so vividly, celebrating its rebirth in the night wind.

  Mu Yu smiled slightly, he could let the dead leaves once again have a life, and naturally let a certain dying family stand up again.

  He said that when the wooden cranes put down their faces, they were part of the wooden family.

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