Chapter 509 Mufu’s management

  The next day, Wood Folding Star had not returned yet, and no one knew where he had gone.

  Mu Tianhe has decided to go to Mufu and put down his body to go to Mr. Yan’s management. But the clothes on his body are too expensive. At first glance, it is the old man. It is not like a clothes to be worn, so he borrowed the clothes of Mubo.

  Wearing a simple management clothes, Mu Tianhe still felt a bit awkward.

  "Hey, are you really going to do this?"

  Mu Rongxuan's eyes are a bit red, and when his son is most afraid of growing up, he still needs his father to run for them, and they can't do anything.

  Although they have the ability, but because of the threat of the savvy, there is no one who is willing to hire them to do things. Nowadays, they dare to fight against Sikong Gaoming, and only the mysterious Mr. Yan.

  "Hey, let's talk to Mr. Yan, I will do this for you!" I can go to Mr. Yan’s management, you don’t have to work anymore. ”Mumingda is also very opposed to this matter.

  However, he was very helpless in his heart. He ran all over the Qingshui City for a few days. He still couldn't find a job. People who saw him as a wooden family refused him like a god.

  Mu Tianhe smiled and said: "What Mr. Yan wants is just a management issue. You can't see it in a Yuan Ying period!" Nothing, I am also a master of a lifetime in Mufu. Is it difficult to be a manager? ”

  "Master, or will I go with you? I understand that the woods are up and down together and can take care of you. ”Mubo said with concern.

  Mu Bo used to be a manager of Mufu, and he knew everything about Mufu. Governing things is a meticulous and tedious work. I have to take care of all the little things around me, including flowers and plants. He is worried that his master is used to the life of Jinyiyu food and can not do things to manage things.

  "Wood, if you go, what does Mr. Yan think of us?" Do you have a manager around you? ”Mu Tianhe patted Mubo’s shoulder and said, “Do not worry, you are here. If Mr. Yan is willing to give me the job of managing things, I will borrow a fee from Mr. Yan to buy a small yard. We will not have to compete with the ancestors in the future. ”

  The tone of Mu Tianhe listened to some sadness. If it was not forced, who would like to live in the cemetery?

  Mu Hao tightly pulled the hand of Mu Tianhe and said: "Grandpa, you can rest assured! I will definitely become stronger in the future, so that people in Clearwater City will not dare to swear at us. At that time, you will not have to be wronged again. ”

  Mu Tianhe touched Mu Hao’s head and showed a happy smile. He looked at the Mu family and said: "Mingda and Ji Tong, when I am not there, you two must protect everyone, no accidents, understand?"

  "Understood, hehe."Mumingda and Mu Ji sighed.

  Mu Tianhe wore Mubo’s clothes, left the cemetery, and walked toward Mufu. Today’s Mufu is no longer surnamed Mu, but has changed its surname.

  When he walked out of the cemetery, there were a lot of people pointing at him outside. He would be annoyed before he changed, but now he accepts the ridicule of others.

  The gates of Mufu are still extraordinary. The plaque on the vermillion door still reads the word "木府" and has not been changed.

  Today's Mufu has become a bit deserted, and the doorway is covered with dust. For a long time no one has cleaned it.

  Once the wood cranes saw this situation, they would be very angry.

He likes everything to be clean and tidy, and does not like dirty things.

  But he suddenly thought that if he wanted to be a manager here, then all of this had to be cleaned up by himself.

  Mu Tianhe put away the emotion of his face, sorted out the dress, and then went up and knocked twice.

  "Mr. Yan, Mu Tianhe asked for advice."

  The red door opened automatically, and the wooden crane walked in.

  Going back to my home, I feel that everything seems so familiar and unfamiliar. Everything in the wood house is now sold, leaving only the empty yard, full of fallen leaves.

  He walked toward the lobby with a light footstep, and at the moment the wood feathers in the lobby were already waiting for his grandfather.

  "Mr. Yan."Mu Tianhe squatted.

  Mu Yu suddenly felt quite funny, and his grandfather was so unclear that he was so respectful to him, but it was also very weird.

  Although he has already regarded himself as a member of the Mujia, he still does not want to expose his identity at will. After all, the apprentice of the true God will bring him a lot of trouble if he appears in Qingshuicheng.

  "What happened to the wooden family?"Mu Yu asked deliberately.

  "Mr. Yan’s suggestion made some time ago, I thought about it for a long time, and I think that Mr. Yan’s words are very reasonable. Mr. Yan, should your position in the office be vacant? ”Mu Tianhe asked tentatively.

  "how? The wooden master has figured it out, is it willing to condescend to come to our house as a manager? ”Wood feather mouth is full of smiles.

  When Mu Tianhe came here, he really regarded the old man as his grandfather.

  However, he still wants to deliberately tease his grandfather. He said that since he was two years old, he has become an orphan because of this old man. Now it is an anger to tease.

  "Yan Yan said, he is not a wooden owner. If Yan does not disappoint, he is willing to accept Mr. Yan’s suggestion and give Mr. Yan a management role, and take Mr. Yan to take care of the trivialities of Yanfu."Mutianhe
Said earnestly.

  Mu Yu slightly indulged for a moment, pretending to be a world-class man: "This way! Do you really think about it? When I delay someone’s management, I will not bury your identity. What is your salary? ”


  Mu Tianhe actually forgot about this incident. He smiled awkwardly. He remembered that the salary given to Mubo every month was five thousand Lingshi. He thought about it. He was a self-cultivator. At least not less than Muber?

  "Mr. Yan, I am daring to ask for a thousand Lingshi as a salary."Mu Tianhe said tentatively.

  "what? Ten thousand a day? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Mu Tianhe was shocked. One day, a 10,000-year-old lion opened his mouth. He quickly said: "Yan is laughing, it is 10,000 a month, 10,000 a month."

  "One month is ten thousand too hard, I will give you 10,000 a day!" If you don't have any opinions, just sign the two sales deeds. ”

  Mu Yucai is very rough, so he is hiring his grandfather to do things. How can he be stingy about his grandfather? Not to mention that it is 10,000 a day, that is, one hundred thousand a day, Mu Yu will not frown.

  Big deal is to sell more medicinal herbs! Now there are hundreds of tablets in the pocket, the lowest quality is the fifth order, just sell a few is enough!

  Now that the wood family is short of money, Mu Yu is just a lot of confusion, and I don’t know how to spend money. It’s a good idea to help the Mujia in this way.


  Mu Tianhe opened his mouth and there was an unspeakable shock on his old face.

  If he used to earn 100,000 a day, he wouldn’t blink his eyes, but now he is a lonely wooden family. In this trouble, someone is willing to spend 10,000 Lingshi to ask him. This is really Let him be flattered.

  He looked at the selling deeds that fell on the table, and he was stunned for a while.

  "how? Is it 10,000 a day? 20,000 that day! ”Mu Yu Road.

  "No, no."Mu Tianhe was completely stunned. How did his own martial arts work still raise wages?

  Is this Mr. Yan so wide? To know that today, their wooden family still owes more than one million debts. If it is 20,000 a day, then basically, Tian Tianhe can pay off his debts in a few months.

  "Two thousand are not satisfied? That day 30,000! ”

  Mu Yu really is not surprisingly endless, he has already smiled under the cover of the pattern, and it is quite fun to think about playing with his grandfather.

  "No, no, no, one day is enough, 10,000 a day is enough."Mu Tianhe quickly said. He is not a greedy person. He knows how to measure things. At this time, I can find a thing to do in Qingshui City, and it is enough to pay off debts.

  "Fine! Then there are 10,000 a day. I signed the sales contract, and you will be the governor of Yanfu in the future. ”Mu Yu pointed at the sales contract on the table.

  Mu Tianhe picked up the two sales deeds and looked at the calligraphy of the dragon and phoenix dance above. He suddenly felt familiar, because the way he wrote himself was the same.

  He looked at Muyu with a puzzled look. He didn't understand why the words written by Mr. Yan were like him. Then, after scrutinizing each contract in detail, it is an ordinary employment relationship, and there is nothing wrong with it.

  "In any case, just a document, take a form, see what to do carefully? There is no binding. ”A smile appeared in the corner of the wooden feather.

  "Yes Yes Yes."Mu Tianhe no longer hesitated, quickly put his own two drops of blood into the sales contract, and then handed the wood feather to the one with respect and respect, and collected his own.

  "Old, old, and old slaves have seen the lord."

  Mu Tianhe wants to bow down. When he spoke the words of the old slave, he still had a struggle in his heart. Even when he was kneeling, his body trembled.

  Mu Yu could not accept the gift of his grandfather, and a strong temperament would stop Mu Tianhe and prevent him from kneeling. Let your grandfather kneel down to himself, that is a thundering thing.

  He quickly said: "The extra rituals are not necessary. Don't call my lord in the future, just call me Mr. Yan."

  "Yes, the old slave understands."

  Mu Tianhe felt the horrible smell of Mr. Yan and understood that this person was really not able to get him. However, he was also happy in his heart, because Yan did not let him kneel and salute his apparent self-respect, but also understand that there is Mr. Yan, and then Sikong Gaoming should not start with the wooden family.

  Hesitant for a long while, Mutianhe said: "Mr. Yan, the old slave has a request, do not know if Mr. Yan can promise?"

  "Tell me. UU reading"

  "The old slave wants to advance a part of his salary to Mr. Yan and wants to find a place to stay, so that my family can move out of the cemetery."Wood Tianhe said sincerely.

  "What about the advance salary?"

  "Mr. Yan, please help the old slaves. The old slave is grateful! ”Mu Tianhe thought that Mu Yu did not agree, and said quickly.

  "You don't have to find a place to stay. You will bring your family into this house in the future!" My house is so empty and empty, and it is not too much for those of you who live in the house. I just want to go out and do something. It may not come back for a long time. You will help me with everything about the house. I hope that I will not show any deviation when I come back. ”

  Mu Yu threw the black jade of the million business to Wood Crane. r />
"These are the funds for your work. I will replace these dilapidated furniture for someone to find out. How to arrange it is how you arrange it. You used to be the owner here. How to arrange it here is more comfortable. You should be the clearest."

  "Right, in order to prevent someone from coming to you to collect debts, and make me a mess in the house, you will take these stones to pay off the money owed, and the rest of the money will be handled by yourself. ”Mu Yu added.

  Mu Tianhe took over Yupei and explored the gods into the jade. He stunned: "Mr. Yan, five million?" This, this is too much, right? ”

  But when he looked up, where is Mr. Yan?

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