Chapter 511 Loyalty

  Sikong family.

  The courtyard of the Sikong family is no smaller than the wooden ancestral home. It is very luxurious. It is really the name of the first family of Qingshuicheng. Everything in the house is quite precious, and all kinds of antiques are available.

  Sikong Gaoming likes the most luxurious taste, has his own son to support, no one in Qingshui City dare not give him face!

  However, Si Kong Gaoming's face was very gloomy these two days, because he heard that Mujia had moved back to Mujia's ancestral home. Although the house is no longer surnamed Mu, his heart is still very unhappy.

  Because he always wanted to push the wooden crane to the road!

  Sikong Gaoming used to be a subsidiary of Mujia. The former Sikong Gaoming fought in front of Mutianhe, and he was lower than three. Later, his son had a good time, and he began to suppress the wooden house and wanted to destroy the wooden house.

  He used to work for the Mujia, and he is very familiar with the Mujia industry. Therefore, it is the fastest to grab the Mujia industry, and some people will forget him.

  As long as the wooden family exists, the word "forgetting" has always been a thorn in his heart, so he can't wait to pull out the thorn.

  When Mujia lived in the cemetery, he thought that the Mujia had been finished, and he did not immediately go to the hardwood home. Because the wooden family lived in the cemetery, it has become a laughing stock of Qingshuicheng. He wants the wooden family to be in other people’s Desperate in demise.

  However, I never imagined that Mu Tianhe had returned to Mufu with his own people, and the rumors seemed to have fallen on the back of the Star Gate.

  He is not tempted by the people of the Star Gate. Even if his son has potential, there is only one person. The Star Gate is one of the most powerful eight-members in the realm of comprehension. Where does a small family dare to blame?

  Besides, the little master of the Star Gate, the man who claims to be in the sky, is not weaker than his son. He can't interfere in the battle between the great immortals.

  In the past few days, he resisted the suffocation of not looking for the wooden family. He wanted to find out the mysterious background of Mr. Yan and see if he was the star of the sky.

  "Back to the old man, I have already inspected it in detail, and the people of Tianxingmen have not come to Qingshuicheng. Who is Mr. Yan who has never seen him, and asked about the Waibaia of a million business houses, she only said that there is no comment. ”A middle-aged repairer solemnly said in front of Sikong Gaoming.

  This middle-aged repairer is unusually burly, and there are even three trips!

  The monk in the clear season is already a top master in Qingshuicheng, even if the chiefs of Qingshuicheng are the highest, there is only a period of embarrassment. However, Sikong Gaoming only repaired Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian, but let the people in the flood season do things for him. This is naturally the person his son found from Qingshuicheng for him to send.

  And there is more than one, there is a masked man behind Sikong Gaoming, repaired for five days!

  A trip to the triple heaven, a five-day trip to the expiration period, Sikong Qiwen is really a big hand!

  "Qiwen can come back the day after tomorrow, no! I can't wait for him. Mr. Yan is very likely to be a scorpion made by the wooden family. Mu Tianhe’s tyrannical tycoon is definitely deliberately inventing such a person to scare me! He changed the Mufu to Yanfu, and he pretended to be the governor of Yanfu. He planned to use this way to cross the sea. dream! ”Sikong Gaoming said with resentment.

  In addition to Waibei, in Qingshui City, no one has ever seen who Mr. Yan is.

  Sikong Gaoming has not seen Mr. Yan, this person,

Therefore, he suspected that this was the trick of Mu Tianhe. He expected that Tien Tianhe wanted to rely on a savvy master to scare off all the opponents who wanted to be unfavorable to the Mu family, especially to shock the Sikong Gaoming.

  If Mr. Yan’s appearance in Mufu is counted, Sikong Gaoming may really be jealous, but there is no such person as Mr. Yan in Mufu, and the Mu family actually re-lived back to their ancestral homes like nothing, this had to Si Kong Gao Ming was suspicious.

  He has not dared to start the wooden family in Yanfu because his son left Qingshuicheng, and if Mr. Yan really exists, he can conquer the wooden crane, and the cultivation will not be low.

  But just now, he received a letter from his son, and his son will return to Qingshui City the day after tomorrow!

  "Master, let's wait until the owner comes back and say it!"

  The middle-aged monk who came out of Santiantian was named Zheng Zhengyang, and the other masked person named Wuzhongtian was named Lu Shexin. Both of them have always called Sikongqiwen the main person.

  "No, I can't swallow this breath! Let's go to Mufu now! Since Mr. Yan has not been in Mufu, then we will kill Mutianhe today. Even if Mr. Yan knows about it, my son will come back. I am afraid that he will not succeed? ”Sikong Gaoming said wickedly, "You two, now go with me to find the wooden family's suffocation!"

  "Yes, Master."Yan Zhengyang and Lu Shexin looked at each other and saw a red awn in their eyes. They didn't say much.


  Every day, Mu Tianhe directs the Mu family to spend two hours cleaning Yanfu, and then they will start to deal with other things.

  Nowadays, with the funds given by Mr. Yan, in addition to paying more than one million yuan for debts, there are also some Lingshi used to re-purchase furniture and decorations from Yanfu.

  But they can't wait to eat the old ones, so every day, the three brothers of Mumingda will continue to go out and find things to do. Now because of the mysterious and unpredictable relationship between Mr. Yan and the Star Gate, many people no longer dare to deliberately marry the family.

  Mu Tianhe puts all the Lingshi
The expenses are clearly remembered by the book, he does not want to make a fool account, and also prohibits the wooden family from arbitrarily squandering.

  "Oh, then we went out. You are resting at home! Xiaohao, you must practice well! ”The three people of Mu Rongxuan are preparing to go out and find things to do.

  They now have some capital, they can do some small business and rebuild the wooden house.

  However, the three people of Mumingda just walked to the door, the door was suddenly blasted, and the two terrible breaths rushed in directly, and Meng Mingda and others were shot to fly out!

  "who!"Mu Tianhe screamed, his body flashed, and he caught his three sons. However, the huge impact still took him out. He retreated to the corner to stabilize his figure.

  "Wood Crane, don't come innocent!"Sikong Gaoming's insidious figure slowly came in from the door, his face with a false smile.

  The two comprehensions of Qi Zhengyang and Lu Shexin followed the squad of Gaokong. It was just that they shot the three men of Mu Rongxuan.

  Mu Tianhe's face changed, watching Wei Zhengyang and Lu Shexin with vigilance. The repair of these two men is even higher than him. If he really fights, he will definitely not be the opponent of these two people. He snorted and yelled: "Sikong Gaoming, here is Yanfu. What do you mean by Yanfu?"

  "Yanfu? Ha ha! Mu Tianhe, you old man is really awkward, I am arrogant today, what happened to you in Yanfu? If you have the ability, let Mr. Yan come out, I will ask Mr. Yan for advice! ”Sikong Gaoming stared at the wooden crane with a sly look.

  "Sikong Gaoming, Mr. Yan's majesty and grace, you offended? You still have to go back! ”Mu Tianhe’s heart was so heavy that he knew that Sikong Gaoming would come to work, but he did not expect that Sikong Gaoming would actually bring two comprehensions of the expiration period.

  Mr. Yan has never appeared since he was a child more than ten days ago, and he does not know where he went. Sikong Gaoming deliberately came to find the shackles today. The two guards behind him were repaired higher than the wooden cranes. The repair of the wooden cranes could not block the two!

  "Do you think that if you just make a gentleman, you can scare me?" Really thought that I can't see your little tricks? I will send you the wooden family to the West, and I will see if Mr. Yan will be in your head! ”Sikong Gaoming sneered.

  Behind him, Zheng Zhengyang’s figure was lightning fast, and he grabbed the past toward Mumingda.

  "presumptuous!"Mu Tianhe angered and stopped in front of Mumingda, and he was alive with Xu Zhengyang.

  Mu Tianhe’s face changed suddenly, and a weird force invaded him from his palm, which made him unstable. He couldn’t completely resolve the weird force. He flew straight out and hit the stone table on the side. Smash.

  And then look at Zheng Zhengyang, the linkage has not been moved.

  "father! Are you OK? ”The three people of Mumingda rushed to the ground and supported Mutianhe, glaring at Sikong Gaoming.

  The corner of Mutianhe’s mouth overflowed with a trace of blood. He looked at Qi Zhengyang with amazement. The strength of the other side exceeded his imagination, but he was wounded by a palm.

  "Sikong Gaoming, what do you want?" I have been destroyed in the woods, are you still not letting us go? ”Wood Tianhe angered.

  "No, no, your wooden home has not been completely destroyed. Your wooden home is still there. I said, my son took a fancy to the ancestral home of your wooden family. I want to use it as a back garden. I know that you will pack up and get out of the dead. I will spare you a life. Otherwise, I will kill you directly, and there will be no chance for you to live in the dead heap. ”Sikong Gaoming said evilly.

  "Sikong Gaoming, now the house belongs to Mr. Yan, no longer the home of our wooden house! Our Mu family is only doing things for Mr. Yan, don't deceive too much! ”Mu Tianhe clenched his fist.

  "Let Mr. Nayan come to marry me! What shit Yan, he wants to go back to this house, even if he comes to me! This is already part of my empty and high-quality site. I would like to see what Mr. Yan is coming! ”Si Kong Gao Mingdao.

  There is a distracted son who supports the ancestral home and takes it for granted.

  Mu Tianhe stood up and looked back as dead: "I am a governor of Mr. Yan's house, UU reading Mr. Yan handed over the entire Yanfu to me, and I have the responsibility to protect this Yanfu. If you want to encroach on Yanfu, you need to step on my body! My wooden crane is never a person who is afraid of death, a person who is loyal, and a loyalty! I don't like the wolf of your heart, do things that go against loyalty! ”

  The words of Mu Tianhe seem to have stepped on the tail of Sikong Gaoming, and his face is somewhat distorted.

  He was originally cultivated by Mu Tianhe, but he betrayed Mutianhe and seized the property of Mujia. This is the unfaithful and unjust person. Now Qingshui City has never dared to be loyal to his premise. Words, anything related to loyalty seems to be ridiculing him.

  "Loyalty?"Sikong Gaoming suddenly crossed a strange arc, and he grabbed Mu Hao on the side.

  Mu Tianhe was shocked and quickly went to protect Mu Hao, but Qi Zhengyang’s body shape was lightning fast. He hit the chest of Mutianhe, and the horrible power made the wooden cranes unstoppable. Mu Tianhe slammed into the ground. On the tree in the yard, fell to the ground.

  "I am fighting with you!"The three people of Mumingda rushed over to Sikong Gaoming, but Lu Shexin, who was behind Si Gaoming, only snorted, and the three of them were shocked to find that they could not move.

  "Let my grandson!"Mu Tianhe spurted a heavy blood and snarled with anger and anger.

  Sikong Gaoming looked distortedly at Mutianhe and suddenly laughed:
"You are a loyal person, are you? Then I have to see how you choose to be loyal to you today! ”

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