Chapter 513 stands by

  My name Mu Yu!

  These four words from the eyes of the young people said the mouth, the air is like a sudden solidification of the general, everyone did not breathe.

  Wood family all startled in the place! Everyone thinks that they have got it wrong!

  The mysterious Mr. Yan is not only the familiar Fengmu friends, but also Mu Yu! ?

  "You, are you a wooden feather?"Mu Tianhe’s face showed an incredible look, and his face even became paler than before!

  Mu Yu, that is the apprentice of the true God, even – even most likely his grandson!

  However, Mu Tianhe did not dare to say it, because he remembered that he had caused the plume to fall outside. He always had a deep feeling of guilt about this matter. If the young man in front is really his grandson, then How should he face it all?

  When Mu Tianhe heard the word "mu Yu", his heart was not ecstasy, but afraid!

  He remembered what happened in this time. The young people in front of him always helped others in the wood family to save the Mu Rongxuan family in the name of Fengmu. They also abolished the Yi family in the Qingshui City. Protected Mu Hao, and in the identity of Mr. Yan, the wooden house's ancestral home was photographed.

  The wooden Tianhe stomach twisted into a group. The young man in front of him made so many things for the wooden family, but he only allowed him to start from the next person. Is this that Mu Yu is retaliating against him?

  Thinking of this, there are some six gods in the wood, and he is very panicked, even panic when facing the high-spirited!

  "Wind wood brother!"Mu Xin felt very strange. She turned her head and asked with her big eyes. "Have you said that you are called Mu Yu? Are you the same name as the apprentice of the true God? ”

  Mu Yu looked at all the wooden family and found that everyone stared at themselves and was waiting for his answer. They also wanted to know if the young people in front of him were the apprentices of the true gods, and even more wondered if the apprentices of the true gods were their wooden families!

  However, Mu Tianhe’s gaze was avoiding him, and he kept his head down and did not dare to look at Mu Yu.

  Mu Rongxuan also trembled slightly. He hoped that Fengmu could recognize himself as Mu Yu, but he felt incredible. He encountered a person in the desert and turned out to be the legendary Muyu?

  This is really too ridiculous!

  Mu Yu indulged for a long while and said calmly: "I am the apprentice of the true God, also called Mu Yu, yes. Of course, Mr. Feng Mu and Yan are just my pseudonyms. ”

  Mu Rongxuan was very surprised, but this is not the answer he wants. He wants to know if Mu Yu is related to He Mujia!

  However, Mu Yu did not answer him immediately, but placed his gaze on both Zheng Zhengyang and Lv Shexin. These two people are irrelevant to him, but he must kill the chicken and monkey to see the Sikongqiwen!

  As soon as he raised his hand, with the ugly "card rub" sound and the heartbreaking pain, the arms of Zheng Zhengyang and Lu Shexin had been seriously distorted! At the same time, a pattern of both of them spread all over the body, directly destroying their repairs!

  "You, you dare–" Zheng Zhengyang and Lu She looked at Mu Yu with resentment, but Mu Yu just stared at them coldly, his eyes flashing black and white lines, the horrible breath on both of them, their words Hard and hard to go back!

  "Go back and tell Sikong Qiwen, I am here waiting for him! Not coming tomorrow,

I will kill Sikong Gaoming! ”Mu Yu snorted and waved his hand again, throwing two people directly out of the wooden house!

  And Si Kong Gaoming has been stunned by Mu Yu's slap in the face, his body is wolf, bloody.

  This is already the mercy of Mu Yu, otherwise his repair will completely make Si Kong Gaoming never stand up.

  "As for this half-dead, Sikong Gaoming, you who directly throw him into the firewood house and shut it up."Mu Yu kicked in the body of Sikong Gaoming, and Si Kong Gaoming had already been kicked into the corner by him.

  Mu Hao suddenly said: "You are really the apprentice of the true God Mu Yu?"

  "how? Does anyone pretend to be him? ”Mu Yu looked at this stupid girl, and the stupid girl seemed to have changed like a person in the past few days, and it became very unusual.

  Mu Yu knows that the impact of the family's retreat on Mu Hao is very large, and whoever is in that situation will be deeply affected. However, Mu Hao has not been defeated, but has become more mature.

  "Then you are our wooden family?"Mu Hao asked again.

  Everyone stared at Mu Yu and waited for Mu Yu’s answer.

  This answer is too important for them, because it means that the future of the wooden house is really saved.

  Only Wood Tianhe buried his head very low. He didn't go to see Mu Yu. He didn't dare to face this person.

  Mu Yu looked at Mu Tianhe and then slowly said: "I am."

  All the wooden family's eyes are bright.

  Only Mu Tianhe was shaking. At the moment that Mu Yu admitted, he did not have any excitement. He was only ashamed. He insisted on dismantling the wood folding star and Zhu Xiaoyu, which led to Mu Yu’s loss from his parents. . Now that the Mujia has existed in name only, but I did not expect that the wooden family will be pulled back from the death line is this abandoned grandson!

  Mu Tianhe has no face to see this nominal grandson, and even feels self-confident.

  "You really are the wood feather of our wooden house?"Mu Hao was shocked.

  Recalling that when he first met Mu Yu in the desert, he always suspected that the man named "Wind Wood" was not good.
Italian, but he has always praised his ideal wood feather in front of Fengmu. Then when he was retired, Mu Yu told him that he would not rely on the so-called outsiders. He chose not to blindly believe the true god's apprentice, but instead thanked the mysterious Mr. Yan, who could think of it. That Mr. Yan is actually Mu Yu himself!

  "Wind wood, Mr. Yan, Mu Yu, are all you!"

  Mu Hao felt that it was somewhat unacceptable. He remembered that he had been scorning "Wu Mu" in front of this person and praised "Wu Yu", and he was so impassioned that he had been watching his jokes.

  Mu Hao feels like a fool, innocent and cute.

  "Yeah, what's wrong?"

  Mu Yu snorted, he knew that this guy will definitely be hit hard, he has been lowly skeptical by this girl, now know that the unscrupulous "wind wood" is actually "wood feather", This is blame if it is acceptable.

  "Of course not right! Since you are a member of our wooden family, why do you want to watch our wooden home being bullied, but you are standing by? ”Mu Hao suddenly did not know where the anger came from, and suddenly he came out.

  "Xiao Hao, shut up!"Mu Tianhe angered. His face is very red. He knows that Mu Yu has no reason to help Mujia, because there is no imprint of Mu Yu in this family, and Mu Yu is not even born here.

  Mu Yu tightened his lips, and Mu Hao’s questioning tone made him feel annoyed! He stared at Mu Hao and said slowly: "Why should I help you?"

  "Because – because -" Mu Hao's chest is undulating, "because you are our wooden family!"

  "I am a wooden family? I was an orphan since I was a child. I didn’t have parents to grow up like you. You can spoil in your parents, I can't. I can't even remember my mother's appearance, and I don't even know who I am. When I was in the past, did the wooden family help me? Why should I help you when the wooden house is down? ”

  Mu Yu glanced at all the wooden family, and his eyes fell on the wooden crane.

  Mu Tianhe clenched his fists, and Mu Rongxuan and others did not dare to look at Mu Yu, because they all understood that Mu Yu had no relationship with Mujia, and he was almost killed by the Mu family.

  At this time, no one in the wood family dares to say the right and wrong of Mu Yu, because they are not worthy!

  The more he wants to be annoyed in the heart of Mu Yu, he is reminded by Mu Hao that with a questioning tone.

  When he was a child, he sat alone in the run-down village's dilapidated threshold, looking at the path of the village entrance, looking forward to seeing, expecting his parents to pick him up.

  He thought that if he waited for it, there would be results.

  Whenever a stranger comes to the village, he will look forward to it.

  I am looking forward to the stranger saying that I am looking for a child named "Mu Yu"!

  At that time, he will happily pounce on the arms of his parents!

  He waited until he was 12 years old from the age of two, and even when the grandfather told him that he could go to be a fairy teacher, he was reluctant.

  Because he is afraid to miss looking for his parents!

  But no one came to him! No one has come!

  He grew up like a wild child and can only envy other children who can be held in his arms by his parents. He can't!

  He has no parents! There is only one thatched cottage, only the village chief is raising him!

  He was very optimistic during the day because he didn't want to worry about the village chief, but he always cried when he was alone at night.

  He has been asking why, why should parents abandon him?

  What did he do wrong?

  Now that he has found his loved one, he was suddenly asked by his relatives: Why do you stand by and watch as a wooden family?

  Stand by and watch?

  "You said that I stood by? Then I tell you! In the desert, I saved you once! I saved you once in the restaurant! The wooden house is my protection for you! When you live in the cemetery, there are so many people who collect debts every day, I will help you settle! I saved your father at least five times! You owe two million debts, and every day someone collects debts. I will help you back! You live in the cemetery, I let you move back! You are being bullied by Sikong Gaoming, I am helping you clean up! I stand by and watch? What do you tell me to stand by? ”Mu Yu said with anger. UU reading

  The horror of the atmosphere swept the entire courtyard in an instant, and all the flowers and plants were growing wildly, swaying in the air, watching the wooden family.

  He doesn't know why he is angry, he just feels wrong.

  It is obvious that the Mu family is sorry for him. In Mu Hao’s opinion, it seems that he caused the demise of the Mujia!

  He secretly did so much, just because the wooden family gave him life, he wanted to return this feeling, do not want to go through the hurdle.

  He has done his best, he does not want to say his identity, does not want to have anything to do with the Mu family, and finally found that the Mu family could not escape the persecution of Si Kong Gaoming, forced to use the name of the true god apprentice to shock other people. Protect the wooden home.

  He acknowledged his identity.

  But it was questioned by Mu Hao!

  Childhood is unscrupulous, he understands this truth!

  He shouldn’t have to care about a child, but he is also a human being. He has emotions and burdens. Who can tell him about his resentment for so long?

 The phrase "stand by" made him unable to accept!

  Why, when I am abandoned by you, you can live with peace of mind, and when you are about to perish, you want me to save?




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