Chapter 514 Life is not possible

  Mu Hao opened his mouth and he did not know that these things were originally made by Mu Yu.

  He suddenly realized that he was very naive, and even some were overwhelmed. The wood feathers in his mouth "sitting on his side" actually secretly made so much for their wooden home.

  "Yes, sorry, I don't know…"Mu Hao understood that he had made a mistake, and was also frightened by the fire of Mu Yu.

  Every Mu family didn't dare to scream again. In the impression of Mu Rongxuan, Fengmu has always been a very easy-going person, a little childish, but no one thought that Mu Yu would suddenly make such a big fire.

  "Mu Yu adults, is the fault of the old slave! The old slave did not discipline him, and the old slave was willing to be punished. ”Mu Tianhe wants to go down, but Mu Yu still stopped him.

  The "old slave" of Mu Tianhe made all the wooden family understand that the wood feathers in front of them are not that they can climb high.

  The faces of Mu Rongxuan and others were also hot, and they found themselves very ridiculous. The wooden house hurts a person, but it is really funny to ask this person to save the wooden house.

  They also know today that Mu Yu has always been an orphan, and he has made a name for himself as an orphan, and this has nothing to do with their wooden family.

  Mu Yu took a deep breath, and after some words in his heart were spit out, his heart was much more happy.

  "I want to be quiet, you shut up Sikong Gaoming."Mu Yu slowly walked to the other house, where he lived on the first day of Mufu.

  "Mu Yu adults, the room where the old slaves prepared for you is here."Mu Tianhe hesitated.

  "Not needed."


  At night, the stars are a little bit, and the breeze is good.

  Mu Yu sat in a chair in the yard and drank alone.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng are squatting on the trees in the yard. They are idle and have nothing to do, they like to truss each other.

  Mu Yu looked at the two of them, feeling that it was a good thing to be a leisurely dragon and a narcissistic who only likes to find food.

  At least not so many unreasonable troubles.

  He found that he even liked the taste of the wine. The spicy liquid was poured into the throat, and the whole body was numb. It seemed that nothing was worth mentioning.

  His heart gradually calmed down, and things during the day did not seem so bad.

  Mu Hao stood outside the door for a long time. He wanted to knock on the door several times, but his hand always stopped in the air.

  Mu Hao is very scared. He always wants to be an adult and share pressure for his family. But what he says is always so naive, and he even takes things for granted.

  He understands that he wants to be the pillar of the wooden family, and the road to go is still very long.

  Mu Yu had already noticed Mu Hao outside the door. He understood that Shantou Qing wanted to apologize for himself, but he had never been able to courage.

  After all, Mu Hao has always publicized the great "mu Yu brother" in front of Mu Yu, and kept down the "wind wood" in front of him, but when he knew that "wind wood" is "wood feather" He is hard to accept this fact.

  Mu Yu shook his head slightly: After all, it was just a 13-year-old child. Where do you know so much?

  A child who grows up in a greenhouse won't understand that life is not as simple as he imagined.

  Mu Yu did not have the temperament of life, and he did not have any anger. He was angry only during the day because the phrase "stand by" met his scars. He wanted to vent his emotions.

  After venting it, it will be a lot easier.

  Mu Tianhe came over from the darkness and put his hand on Mu Hao's shoulder.

  Mu Hao looked up and saw the appearance of the wooden crane, and he was so sad: "Grandpa, I am sorry, it is my fault."

  Mu Tianhe sighed: "You go back first! I know that you want to apologize to him, but this thing is because of me, don't blame you. ”

  "grandfather……"Mu Hao wants to stop.

  "Let's go back!"Mu Tianhe said with a sullen face.

  Mu Hao clenched his fists, glanced at the closed door, slowly turned and left.

  Mu Tianhe took a deep breath and knocked on the door of the yard: "Mu Yu adults, can the old slave come in?"

  The wooden feathers waved and the door of the yard opened automatically.

  Wood Tianhe walked over and stood in front of Mu Yu. His face was awkward and he seemed to be a little nervous.

  "Mu Yu adults, this is the book of your five million Lingshi, please look over."Mu Tianhe bent over and handed the book to Mu Yu.

  Where Mu Yu gave him five million Lingshi flowers, he remembered clearly every account.

  Mu Tianhe looked at the wooden feathers that were drinking alone, and his face was full of awkward look. I dare not speak loudly in front of my grandson. I can only call the grown-up and claim to be an old slave. This is a very sad thing.

  Mu Yu also looked at Mu Tianhe. The old man dismantled the parents of Mu Yu because of his conceit when he was young, which led to Mu Yu becoming an orphan.

  Mu Yu should have hated him, but at the moment when Mu Tianhe gave up his face, Mu Yu actually forgave him. Everything the old man did was protecting his family.

  Compared with the sinking wood folding star, this old man is more respectful to him.

  Mu Tianhe only made a wrong thing in his life. He wanted to recover after the wood folding star was indulged, but the death of Zhu Qiuyu made things beyond the scope of his control.

Call me Mu Yu! ”Mu Yu was silent for a long while, took the book, put it on the table, said, "Sit!"

  "Adult, old slaves just stand."Mu Tianhe Bureau urged the road.

  "sit down!"Mu Yu drank another glass of wine and repeated.

  Mu Tianhe hesitated for a long while, and he sat down. He secretly looked at the grandson who had been orphaned by him since he was a child. It was so strange that he did not even pull the wooden house back from the edge of destruction in a special way.

  Mu Tianhe knows that Mu Yu did it because he could not let go.

  Sun Tzu is the apprentice of the true God, and he is unfathomable. He should be proud and proud as a grandfather. However, he did not dare to have such a thought, because his grandson’s achievements have nothing to do with him.

  The strange father and grandson have not spoken for a long time.

  Because they don't know what to say.

  I don't know how long I have been sitting, Mu Tianhe did not move, and Mu Yu just drank wine. There are a lot of wine in the bottle, like it can never be finished.

  The wine industry really can't finish, because Mu Yu has set up a space array for the bottle and loaded with countless wines.

  Finally, Mu Tianhe broke the silence and sighed, saying: "I'm sorry!"

  This is a late apology, and it is twenty years late.

  This apology dispels some kind of emotion in Mu Yu’s heart. He knows that his grandfather’s “sorry” is true.

  "Old slave -"

  "You don't have to use the name 'old slave' in front of me, it sounds awkward."Mu Yu said softly.

  Mu Tianhe tightened his lips. He didn't understand what Mu Yu thought about him. Still resentment, or something else.

  He did not dare to expect Mu Yu to forgive him, because his damage to Mu Yu was too great, but Mu Yu chose to help the Mujia.

  "Do you tell Mu Haoning to stand still and not want to live?"Mu Yu suddenly asked.

  Wood Tianhe, he did not understand why Mu Yu suddenly asked this. He suddenly remembered that it was because of the face problem 20 years ago that Wu Tianhe chose to dismantle the wood folding star and Zhu Qiuqi. When Mu Yu appeared as Mr. Yan, he told him to let go of his face.

  But today, for the sake of dignity and dignity, he chose to let Mu Hao go to death, which is undoubtedly a ridiculous face.

  Mu Tianhe was a little confused: "I'm sorry, I shouldn't teach Mu Hao." I am not a good grandfather. I still pay too much attention to my face. I should be wise to Sikong…"

  Mu Yu shook his head: "You misunderstood. Face and dignity are not the same. When you broke down my parents, it was a face problem. It was an inexplicable vanity. You want all the wooden families to live your way. You are not willing to pull your face to give people a stewardship, but also your vanity. Dignity is something that each of us needs to insist on. It has nothing to do with vanity, and it is a principle that cannot be lost. ”

  Mu Tianhe's old face is red, for a moment, he really wants to abandon his dignity and ask for mercy from Sikong Gaoming, let him let go of all the wooden family. At that time, he thought that he was right to do so, and let the wooden family live the most correct choice.

  "In short, for Mu Hao, you are a very good grandfather, and the sons you teach are also not afraid of death. Today, you are kneeling in front of Sikong Gaoming, indicating that you no longer only consider your own face, but consider your family. If you are not jealous, you are a man of temper. Whether you have squatted to Sikong Gaoming, you are a person worthy of my respect. ”Mu Yu said slowly.

  Mu Tianhe found that the wood feathers in front of him actually saw this thing so thoroughly. At that juncture, he really did not know how to make a choice. He wants to protect his family and wants to maintain his dignity. In the end, he is not afraid of death, so he decides to choose dignity.

  He thought that Mu Yu would angrily rebuke him for paying attention to his face, regardless of Mu Hao's life and death, just as he did not care about Mu Yu's life and death.

  But Mu Yu did not.

  Mu Tianhe could not see through this strange grandson.

  For a long while, Mu Tianhe laughed and said: "I know that you hate me. You hate me. It should be done. I did make a mistake and didn't give myself reasons. If you hate me and want me to pay the price, I have only one life. My death can make you feel good, I will break my own now, I am willing to atone for my own mistakes. ”

  Mu Tianhe lowered his head, like a desolate old man, willing to use his own life to make up for the fault. He dismantled the wooden folding star and Zhu Qiuqiu for the Mujia, and now he is willing to die to repay his grandson, but also for the Mujia.

  Mu Tianhe took out a dagger and was very cold in the moonlight. He put the dagger on the table, revealing a weak smile: "If you hate me, don't want me to live, I won't live."

  Mu Yu picked up the dagger and gently slammed it. The dagger made a crisp sound and echoed in the yard.

  Mu Tianhe looked at Mu Yu and said: "If you don't want to do it, I will do it myself! I know that my death will not change anything, but at least let the resentment in your heart vent. ”

  However, the dagger in the hands of Mu Yu was broken into powder and dissipated with the wind.

  "Why do you think I hate you? Do I have to hate you? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "You, don't you hate me?"Mu Tianhe groaned, "I broke up your parents and made you homeless, didn't you?"

  Mu Yu smiled and shook his head: "I want to hate
There are too many people, and I don’t want to hate a few more people. ”

  When he hates, he goes to heaven, hates the sky, hates the Three Palaces, and everyone he hates is his powerful opponent. He has so many people to hate, I really don't understand why I want to hate someone who hasn't really hurt myself.

  "I am not homeless. I have my own master, my own brothers and sisters, my own dead wood, my own people and people who like me, and a few sincere friends. You made me an orphan, but I also have a life I like. I am very contented. Why should I expect another life that does not exist? ”

  Mu Yu poured himself a glass of wine and drank it.

  Maybe Mu Yu was in Mujia, he will grow up in a variety of pets, he will be a jade food, have another carefree life.

  But it also means that his life is in the bubble, he can not meet like his own calm and Choshe, can not meet all day scold himself and care about their own dead wood dad, can't meet teach his sword master, unable to meet confused little handsome and upright dragon cane, can't meet like the village head of his grandfather.

  Although there is regret in his life, he is not willing to let those people who are now met disappear.

  Another kind of life may meet better people, but it may be even worse.

  Many things and people, Mu Yu does not like to use "may" to replace.

  He cherishes what he has now, UU reading so he does not expect the illusory "maybe" kind of life.

  Life is not possible.

  "Thank you for forgiving me."

  Mu Tianhe nodded gratefully. He understood the meaning of Mu Yu. Mu Yu liked his current life and didn't like it to change.

  Many people will choose to make a big noise if they encounter such a thing. They choose to use all kinds of tempers, choose various accusations and blame, and ridicule.

  However, Mu Yu did not. After he was angered by Mu Hao’s words, he still chose to forgive the Mu family.

  "Sorry, I am really sorry."Mu Tianhe stood up and turned around. "The whole wooden house is yours in the future. If you want us to do anything, we will listen to your instructions." I quit. ”

  "You don't have to apologize to me, you don't owe me anything."Mu Yu paused and continued. "Really, I have not blamed you, Grandpa."

  The wooden crane body is in the same place.

  "You, what did you call me?"

  Mu Tianhe suddenly turned back and looked at Mu Yu with trembling, thinking that he had got it wrong. Although the two words are just a name, they are of great significance to Mu Tianhe.

  "I will help the wooden family, Grandpa."Mu Yu smiled and poured himself a glass of wine.

  Two rows of hot, turbid tears flowed into the gray beard of Mutianhe along the cheek.

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