No. 517 Chapter Bamboo Autumn Kee

  Bright moon hangs in the sky, to the earth put on a layer of gauze, so lightsome.

  Tranquil wooden courtyard at the moment is like a gradually recovering fu lung, there is an unspeakable breath in slowly gathering.

  That is the atmosphere of the unity of the wooden family. They want to bring the wooden home back to the ground and stand firm in Qingshuicheng.

  Mu Yu sat alone in the courtyard, with a pot of wine in front of him.

  After coming to Qingshuicheng, he really fell in love with drinking.

  It was a very strange feeling. He used to drink some wine with the ecstasy. It was a drunkard. He was not. He didn't like drinking before.

  Wood Folding Star sat silently across from him, looking at his son, and his heart mixed.

  The son who had been separated for many years suddenly recovered in this way, leaving his father a little overwhelmed. He didn't know how to express his emotions because he was completely unfamiliar with what his son was.

  Wood Folding Star wanted to know how Mu Yu came over these years, but he didn't dare to ask, because when Mu Yu needed him most, he was not around.

  He felt that he was not qualified to ask Mu Yu's past.

  "drink wine?"Mu Yu broke the silence.

  "I quit."Wood folding star shakes his head.

  Mu Yu poured himself a cup: "But I liked drinking recently."

  Wood Folding Star smiled and said: "You look very much like her. I felt it before the first day you came to Mufu."

  "So you will come to my yard to sleep that day?"Mu Yu asked.

  On the first day of the first day, the wooden folding star held the wine bottle and slammed in front of the door of Mu Yu, and did not even call.

  "I just want to make sure that I think it's just a coincidence. Plus Xiaoxin is too easy to trust strangers, I don't want Xiaoxin to have an accident. ”Wood folding star road.

  The moonlight is very quiet, and it is very peaceful to illuminate both of them.

  "Do you want to know about your mother?"Asked the wooden folding star.

  Mu Yu was silent. There was no memory of Zhu Qiuqi in his mind. Zhu Qiuyi left the Liushui Village when he was two years old.

  Zhu Qiuqi left when Mu Yu slept, and did not say anything good to Mu Yu.

  Since then, he has followed the village chief, and he has no idea about this unmet mother.

  Maybe, but it will never be missed.

  "You say it."Mu Yu didn't want to know about Zhu Qiu, but he responded politely.

  He didn't want to know because he didn't understand. Under what circumstances would a mother give up her son to see her husband alone?

  Wood Folding Star saw that his son had a mustard in his mother's heart, but he still said it himself, as if to speak to Mu Yu, and to say to himself.

  Thinking of the woman, the face of the wooden folding star smiled.

  "Autumn is a woman from an ordinary family. She is kind and has a high level of cultivation talent. When I was young, I loved to drink, and it was the way to drink without relying on spiritual strength. I like the feeling of being drunk, so I don’t have to use my energy to force out the alcohol. Without spiritual protection,

I will be drunk like ordinary people. I was drunk at the door of her house that day, and she was taken care of by her kindness for a night. ”

  On the face of the wooden folding star, there was a look of nostalgia: "She used the power to disperse the alcohol in my body. I was awake and angry, but she grabbed my ear and warned me not to drink again." drunk. I only know that after I was drunk, I spit her home everywhere, even my body clothes were dirty, and finally she washed.

  I saw her for the first time, and she was taught a lesson, but it was really interesting to see her way of teaching me. I secretly recorded the address of her home, and then deliberately drunk again. At the door of her house. ”

  "Are you a rogue?"A smile appeared in the corner of the wooden feather.

  "Okay, every time I get drunk, she will take me in, and then I will lick my ear to warn me not to get drunk. I loved her once and for all, and we were together. After spending time with her, I seldom drink because she doesn't like how I drink. Later, we have you. ”

  Wood Folding Star met with Zhu Qiuyu by drinking, but gave up his favorite wine because of Zhuqiu.

  "But I was the young master of the Mujia, and the cultivation talent was second to none in Qingshui City. The future was immeasurable and had a marriage relationship with Yan. I dare not tell you Grandpa, I know that your grandfather will certainly not allow me to be with a woman from an ordinary family. At that time, we were all in the Yuan Ying period, and we left Qingshui City. I chose to escape marriage. I secretly dig a piece of bluestone. This is the tradition of our wooden family. Every wooden family must have this bluestone. ”

  "But I found out, and personally arrested us. We both fled and fled away from Qingshuicheng, and eventually they were caught up. I begged him to let us go and tell him that we already have our own children, but because of my escape, the big business of Mujia and Yan’s family fell through.

  He smashed the face in front of Yan's family. He was furious and wanted to kill my child. I could only let Qiu Jin escape alone. I was caught back. ”

  There was a anger on the face of the wooden folding star, but it quickly disappeared.

  Everything is settled now, nothing to pursue. At that time, Mu Tianhe also regretted it. He was just mad at him. He didn’t really want to kill his grandson.
It is to threaten the wood folding star to go back.

  "Where are you going to escape?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Along the suffocating city, there is a remote area north of the suffocating city, called the Moyun Mountain. I only know this, I don't know where Qiu Jin took you. After I came back, I was shackled by him. He wanted me to inherit the family business, but I did not refuse it and rebelled against him in a drunken way.

  Until two years later, at that time, Qiu Jin had already given birth to you. You are also two years old. I saw Qiu Jin, but in front of me, she was afraid that you would be killed by me, so I would not say where you are. ”

  Mu Yu looked at his father and said: "She loves you so much, choose to abandon me to see you?"

  Abandon my son and go to see my husband.

  Mu Yu still can't figure this out.

  Wood Folding Star shook his head: "When she saw me, I found that she was not right. She seemed to be missing something, but I couldn't tell what it was. Later, I told me that he invited an alchemy teacher from the Danding School to diagnose her. The alchemy teacher said that the five elements of Qiu Jin’s body were seriously lacking wood, and the vitality of the wood properties in the body was opened. It has been losing. This is very abnormal. I don't know where it is. ”

  The five elements are seriously lacking in wood!

  Like a thunderstorm blasting in Mu Yu’s mind!

  Mu Yu opened his mouth and he suddenly understood something.

  I am afraid that it is not anyone but his own!

  His five elements are wood, and he is seriously short of four lines.

  If he did not guess wrong, his mother's death and the strength of his body in the wood Yumeng Mozu are inseparable, it is very likely that he destroyed the balance of the five elements of Zhu Qiuqi!

  Mu Yu remembered Qiao Xue. The woman he saw in Qiao Xue’s memory was not Qiao Xue’s biological mother, but her maiden. Her mother died very early. Qiao Xue told Mu Yu that she was her. Ke died of her mother, it turned out to be the case!

  In this way, Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and Xiang Nan, are they killing their mother like themselves?

  In the heart of Mu Yu, there was a huge wave.

  The source that leads to being an orphan is actually himself, and the power of the Lord Mussin in his body.

  If he is a normal child, his mother will not be killed, his mother will accompany him to grow up, and then take him to find the wood folding star.

  Mu Yu thought that Zhu Qiuqi left himself because he loved his husband more than he loved him. Now he understands that Zhu Qiuqiu feels that he will soon be handcuffed. He wants to see his husband’s last side before he dies, and the fall of the wood feather. Entrusted to the husband, and to explore the mind of Mu Tianhe.

  She is worried that if Mu Tianhe does not recognize the grandson of Muyu, the wooden feathers will be killed by Mutianhe. She knew that she was living shortly, and there was no place to place her in Mushui City. Therefore, she could only be placed in the Liushui Village and let the village chief take care of it.

  Zhu Qiuqi went to Qingshuicheng Mujia and wanted to secretly tell her husband about this incident. Unfortunately, she did not dare to speak in front of Mu Tianhe, nor did she tell her husband the whereabouts.

  Zhu Qiuqi thought that he could hold it, but he was taken away by the lack of wood attributes. This kind of death came too suddenly, and Zhu Qiuqi did not have any preparations.

  "I am sorry."Mu Yu murmured.

  He has always been worried about his mother's abandonment of him, but now it has been discovered that many things are never as simple as they seem.

  "What are you sorry for? Sorry, we are right, aren’t we? ”Wood Folding Star sighed, "When your mother met me, she told me that I hope you can be with the people you like, instead of returning to the Mujia as a victim of the family like me."

  Mu Yu silently, he misunderstood his mother.

  Zhu Qiuyu left him in Liushui Village not only to protect him, but also to hope that he can choose his own life.

  Mu Yu really chose his life. He likes the people who care about him in this life.

  The child chosen by fate is so hard to live.

  The evening wind blew through the willows, and the rustling sounded. Only the cockroaches screamed in the air. The sky did not know when it floated over a dark cloud and covered the moon.

  There was no more voice in the yard and it was once again in silence.

  The wood folding star is immersed in the memory of the bamboo autumn, and the wooden feather is in a state of confusion.

  Mu Yu didn't know what to think about it, because the evil spirits once said that the five of them are born with five elements and four people, and they will die soon after they are born.

  The five Eumundine Lords chose their physique and attached them to them to survive.

  However, Mu Yu now understands that he has survived, and his mother will pay the price of life for this. This is a very cruel choice.

  Regardless of whether or not Mu Tianhe had unraveled the couple of wood folding stars, Zhu Qiuqiu and Mu Yu were destined to die, only because the invasion of Mu Youmeng had just let Mu Yu survive.

  Mu Yu doesn't know who to hate. Maybe his existence is a mistake at first. UU reading

  "If you don't mention the past, let him go!" You will live for your mother, we need to take responsibility for protecting the wooden home. ”Wood folding star sighed.

  "I will live for my mother."

  Mu Yu tightened his lips, and his life today is the exchange of life with Zhu Qiu, who has his mother’s life, he
Really want to live well.

  But he also thought that the life carried on his own is so simple?

  When the grass is about to engulf him, the dead wood scorpion casts "blood care to cover the sky" and exchanges his life for the wood feather, and also avoids his persecution in the white world. He also has the life of the dead wood.

  So many people are protecting Mu Yu in various ways, and he has no reason not to work hard.

  "I certainly will."Wood feather repeated silently.

  He is a child who is deeply loved, fate is playing tricks on him, but many people are helping him.

  It was dark at night and the wind was blowing even bigger.

  Wood Folding Star suddenly picked up the wooden feathers of the wine glass and drank it.

  "You said you stopped drinking."

  "I saw her shadow from you, I want to get drunk again last time."

  I was drunk in front of my son for the last time, and I was no longer drunk.

  "I am drunk with you once."A wooden wine glass appeared in the hands of Mu Yu.

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