Chapter 518 Consciousness

  Clear Shuicheng because Sikong Chiven turned out to let it be repaired true world remember, but recently clear water city but because one thing again boiling.

  By the Sikong family dozen nearly genocide wood home but suddenly came out a wooden feather, the wood home from the brink of destruction pulled back.

  No one thought that the real god's apprentice Mu Yu turned out to be the child of the Qingshuicheng Mujia!

  However, there is a message out, Sikong Chiven unexpectedly in the early June, six days together to challenge Mu Yu and heaven!

  Sikong Chiven unexpectedly arrogant to think that can in the victory after the day not to overcome the true God disciple!

  Many people think that Sikong Chiven too arrogant, and the fight with the day is not necessarily who wins who lose, unexpectedly dare at the same time about two people.

  However, there are also many people who think that Sikongqiwen may really have this ability, because he has gone from an unknown and unknown to the 51st, which is by no means a matter of luck, but based on strength.

  Whether it is Sikong Qiwen or Tianfu or Mu Yu, the names of these three people are extremely loud in the realm of comprehension.

  In particular, Muyu, the apprentice of the true god, is the most miraculous person in everyone's opinion. Although he is still only ranked 80th in the rankings, no one dares to swear by this person.

  There are even people who think that Mu Yu is more likely to win the Scooch, and there are countless deeds of the true gods in the realm of comprehension, which will always give an unexpected ending.

  This three-person battle has attracted more and more comprehensions to Qingshui City, and the Oasis City in the desert of Qingshui City is destined to not be peaceful.


  In the other house of the wooden house.

  Mu Tianhe and others eagerly looked at the wooden feather sitting on the edge of the bed. There was still a person lying on the bed. It was a wooden genius who was unconscious when he was beaten by Si Kongqiwen. Mu Qingfan was so beautiful that he was only two years older than Mu Yu.

  "Wu Yu, Qing Fan, is he saved?"Mu Mingda asked with a sullen look.

  Mumingda is the uncle of Mu Yu and the biological father of Mu Qingfan. My son has been lying in bed for several months, and he hasn’t moved anymore. It’s like being in a state of slumber, and how many doctors are asking for help.

  I don’t know what kind of means Sikong Qiwen used, and even turned Mu Qingfan into this.

  "Mingda, don't worry. Mu Yu He is the apprentice of the true God, or the descendant of the Dan Ding sent the dead wood, he must have a way, you do not bother him. ”Mu Tianhe quickly scolded.

  When Mu Yu had not returned, Mu Qingfan was the first genius of the Mujia, and even entered the Extreme Sentence. No one knows the whole of Qingshui City.

  It was supposed to be the hope of the Mujia, but I never expected that Sikong Qiwen would be seriously injured by the Sikong Qiwen, which directly destroyed the hope of the Mujia.

  "You have to wait outside, let me see his situation first."Mu Yu said.

  "It's good."Mu Tianhe nodded quickly, then drove everyone out and took the door with him.

  Mu Mingda was very anxious, his son was beaten like this, but he did not do anything to be a father. He originally wanted to stay, but he was also slain by Mu Tianhe.

  Mu Yu carefully explored his spiritual power into the body of Mu Qingfan, and walked through his meridians.

I want to find the lesions of Mu Qingfan. However, after his spiritual power swam in the other side of the body, it was unimpeded. He did not suffer any dark injuries, but was intact.

  "He was not injured, how could he be unconscious?"

  Mu Yu frowned and looked at the face of Mu Qingfan. There was a suffocating suffocation in the other's eyebrows. I don't know what it is.

  "Little handsome, what do you think?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai jumped from Mu Yu’s shoulder to Mu Qingfan’s chest, kneeling down and knocking on the heart of Mu Qingfan’s heart. He touched Mu Qingfan’s forehead and stared at the big tail: “He has a very strange body. The powerful demon power, it is this demon power that deprives him of his consciousness, causing him to sleep."

  "Demonian? Are you talking about the Yao people? ”Mu Yu asked inexplicably, "Why is there a demon power for Si Kong Qiwen's hand on him?"

  It is certainly undoubted that Sikongqiwen will not be a Yaozu. Although there are also demon people on the list of the immortals, but if the Scooch is disguised by the Yao people, he is impossible to deceive the celestial list.

  The celestial list will record the detailed information of this person on the celestial monument. On the celestial monument, it will show whether the singularity of the singularity is a human or a demon, and it is impossible for everyone to discover it.

  "I don't know. Anyway, his whole person's consciousness is not here, but he is deprived of it."Little handsome.

  "Deprivation of consciousness? Can consciousness be deprived? Is consciousness not the soul of man? If the soul is gone, can he still live? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

  Xiaoshuai shook his head and said: "The consciousness is not the same as the human soul. Have you ever experienced it yourself? When the words in your body are awake, you can't control your body. A sentence is an ideology, not a soul. In short, you understand that consciousness and soul are different things. This guy is now a vegetative person, can live, but can't act on his own. ”

  "How can I save him?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiao Shuu explained this, he almost understood, he has already had several times out of control, the consciousness will be suppressed by the sentence.

  "His consciousness
Being separated, being deprived of him, he can only recover if he recovers his consciousness. ”Xiaoshuai jumped back to Mu Yu’s shoulder.

  Needless to say, the person who deprives him of the ambition of the singularity of the woods must be the singularity of the singularity. He does not know what means he used, and he is able to take away one's consciousness.

  This is similar to taking a person's soul out, but only taking the soul is the best thing that the ghost man is good at, and the soul will die when the person is away from the body, which is different from the situation of Mu Qingfan.

  The "loss of consciousness" that is usually said, as long as the consciousness falls into a deep sleep, it will slowly recover. If you are deprived of consciousness, you will not be able to wake up.

  "It seems that only the first way to solve the big trouble of Sikongqiwen is enough."Mu Yu touched his forehead.

  The tricky level of things is beyond his imagination. He can't directly ask Sikong Qiwen to return to Mu Qingfan's consciousness, and the other party will definitely refuse. And now, Sikongqiwen is a great immortal in the distraction period, and it is also extremely unfavorable to Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu opened the door and went out. All the wooden family were waiting for him anxiously, watching him come out, and quickly surrounded.

  "how about it? Qing Fan, is he okay? ”Mu Tianhe asked more urgently than Mumingda.

  Mu Yu shook his head and there was a disappointing look on the face of Mu Tianhe. If Mu Qingfan can wake up, then there are four people in the wood house including Muyu who sit in the town. This is very deterrent in Qingshui City, but even Wu Yu is helpless.

  Mumingda also sighed heavily and said: "Is there really no way?"

  "The way to wake him up is in Sikongqiwen, I will go to Sikongqiwen."Mu Yu Road.

  Although Mu Qingfan and Mu Yusu did not meet each other, they did not know each other, but after all, they were their own cousins, and he could not sit idly by.

  "Looking for Scooch? No, you are not his opponent. ”Wood folding star shook his head.

  "Yeah, we still need to think about it."Mu Tianhe said quickly.

  He wants to let Mu Qingfan wake up, but he does not want Mu Yu to be in danger in order to save Mu Qingfan.

  "Do not worry! I am measured, it is not the time. Next, we, Mujia, should take back their own things from Sikongqiwen. ”Mu Yu said slowly.

  He not only needs to take back the consciousness of Mu Qingfan from Sikongqiwen, but also needs to bring back some industries of the Sikong family to occupy the Mujia!

  Mu Tianhe nodded. Many merchants in Qingshui City originally belonged to Mujia Investment Management. Just because of the birth of Sikongqiwen, those merchants chose to turn their backs.

  But now the Mujia has the apprentice of the true God as the relying, the name of the true god's apprentice is quite large, and those merchants will definitely revisit whether to choose the Mujia or the Sikong family.

  "Mingda, cheer up! Mufan’s case, Mu Yu, will find a solution. We must re-emerge in the wood house. Only in this way can we revenge for Qingfan. ”Mu Tianhe took a shot of Mu Mingda’s shoulder.

  Mumingda clenched his fist and said: "Wu Yu, Qingfan's things will come to you, I will try my best to help the Mujia regain the industry!"

  "Then I will start from Lingshi Qianzhuang! Qianzhuang is an industry that cannot be lost. That land has been taken away by the family, right? ”Mu Yu asked for a long while.

  "Yes, it was really for the debt to pay the money to the Gu family, Lingshi Qianzhuang is very important for our wooden family."Wood crane road.

  Mu Hao hid behind his back and kept secretly watching Mu Yu, his eyes drifting.

  When I heard that Mu Yu suddenly talked about Gu Jia, his face rose red, and the things that were humiliated by the family were still vivid.

  "Of course it is important, people who dare to bully my brother, how to say it has to pay! Let's go, stupid girl, my brother will take you out! ”Mu Yu walked over and patted Mu Hao's shoulder.

  Mu Hao looked up at his brother, who had never been pleasing to the eye, and squirmed his mouth. He said: "I have nothing to do with my family. I don't want to go."

  "How come it doesn't matter? You used to say that you can't look at Gu Qiaowei, there is a marriage contract, and she is still your future wife in name. For those who are disrespectful to our grandfather, UU reading is not worthy of being our wife. My brother took you to take a break! ”Mu Yu brows a pick, domineering and said.

  My brother took you to take a break!

  Mu Hao opened his mouth and did not expect that Mu Yu would suddenly say this. His heart beats cheerfully. He turned to ask Mu Tianhe: "Grandpa, can I take her off?"

  Mu Tianhe smiled and touched Mu Hao’s head and said: “Go and take her off! Later, Grandpa will not arrange any marriage for our wooden family. If you like it, you will pursue it yourself! Grandpa will not intervene again. ”

  Mu Tianhe has already figured out that the so-called marriage bundling will not bring any help when the wooden house is in distress.

  Just like this time, when the Sikong family suppressed the wooden house, all the families avoided it. For fear of being implicated by the wooden house, no one dared to reach out to help the wooden house, and even gave the wooden house a stick from all aspects. Adding to the snow.

  With this lesson, Mu Tianhe has already seen the drawbacks of marriage.

  Without absolute strength, marriage is useless.

  Instead of this, it is better to let it go. Everyone has the right to pursue someone they like. He is not qualified to deprive him.

  Mu Hao showed a brilliant smile, and Mu Yu was the first time he saw him laughing so happy.


  Mu Hao’s eyes flashed with grateful eyes, then said to Mu Yu: “Well! Brother, let's take a break! ”

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