NO. 519 Chapter The rise of the wooden house

  In the family Hall, Gu Hongyi in the face of the sudden three people feel very uneasy.

  "The family owner came here today for one thing," he said. ”Mu Tianhe looked at Gu Hongyi faintly and took a picture of Mu Hao’s shoulder.

  Gu Hongyi looked at the wooden crane that was humiliated by him, and looked at the wooden hobby who had a marriage contract with his children. Finally, he looked at the young people standing behind Mutianhe.

  His pupils shrank. In the past few days, Qingshui City’s rumors about the true gods’ apprentices are the Mu family’s rumors, but now it seems that this young man is Mu Yu, and now Gu Hongyi’s intestines are remorseful.

  Gu Hongyi quickly said: "Wood uncle, about the money, you can rest assured! We are only taking over on your behalf. This is the title deed and the accounts of your Mujia Lingshi Qianzhuang. We will return it to you. ”

  Gu Hongyi’s deceased father and Mu Tianhe were born in the world, and they gave marriage to Mu Hao and Gu Qiaowei very early.

  However, when the Mujia was suppressed by the Sikong family, Gu Hongyi couldn't wait to get acquainted with Mujia in order to please the Sikong family, not only to the downfall of the Mu family, but also to dissolve the marriage contract.

  But who can think that Mujia would have emerged as a true god apprentice at this time, and saved the wooden family from the edge of destruction, he instantly regretted it.

  That is the apprentice of the true god of the triple continent, Mu Yu!

  Mu Yu’s name is too big. Although he is wearing the aura of the true god disciple, he has already heard the person “Mu Yu” before everyone knows his identity.

  Mu Yu is not famous for his true God, but his own name. If there is no such thing as a fairy, no one will know the relationship between Mu Yu and the true God.

  Mu Hao is the younger brother of Mu Yu, and has a marriage contract with Gu Qiaowei. This is a good opportunity to take the family, but it was ruined by Gu Hongyi!

  "The uncle is free, and Kim can't afford this name."Mu Tianhe said indifferently.

  Gu Hongyi turned red and quickly said: "Wooden uncle, you are heavy! My father and you are also old friends, aren’t you? He always told me that you are a real…"

  "Do you think it is too late to talk to me now? Now all the things in our wood house are made by my grandson Mu Yu, you tell him! ”Mu Tianhe snorted and interrupted Gu Hongyi’s words.

  Gu Hongyi looked at the wood feather with trepidation and quickly stood up and made a smile. "Mu Yu, the apprentice of the true god, long-awaited name!" Under the care of Hong Yi, is your father's childhood playmate. ”

  "What is the relationship between my father's childhood playmate and me? We are not talking nonsense with you, it is about another thing. ”Mu Yu said faintly.

  When this guy was a hard-working family member, he was stunned by his clothes. Now that he saw someone in the wooden family supporting him, he turned around and wanted to talk about friendship. It was really shameless.

  "You please say, please say. As long as I can do it with Gu Hongyi, I will do it. ”Gu Hongyi said vowed.

  Mu Yu took away the title deed of Lingshi Qianzhuang unceremoniously and said: "Of course you can do it! I am coming today, about the marriage of my brother Mu Hao. ”

  When Gu Hongyi listened to the marriage, his heart suddenly broke. He did a very good job of retiring that day, but Gu Hongyi still tried to guide the topic to the good side.

  "marriage? Oh yes! That's right! That's right! Qiao Wei and Mu Haoxian really set up a doll pro when they were young.

Mu Haoxian is really a talent, my family Qiaowei can marry Mu Haoxian, is the blessing of Qiaowei. ”

  Gu Hongyi thought that Mu Yu was planning to promote this marriage, because the big family valued the face, in order not to be laughed at, the wooden family may want to set this matter this morning.

  As long as this marriage is fixed, then Gu Jiake will find a good backer.

  "Xiao Hao, what should you do? Look at it yourself!"Mu Yu squinted at Gu Hongyi.

  Mu Hao slowly took a paper from his arms and handed it to Gu Hongyi’s hand. He said calmly: “This is my book for Gu Qiaowei’s book. You have always wanted to have a relationship with our Mujia. Now as you wish. I am a wood ho, from today, I have lost my unrecognizable Gu Qiaowei, officially expelled Gu Qiaowei from the Mujia, and since then, Gu Qiaowei and our wooden family have nothing to do with it! ”

  Gu Hongyi suddenly stopped, his face was a burst of red and white, and he couldn’t speak for a long time. Gu Qiaowei also walked into the lobby, and it was unbelievable to hear Mu Hao’s words.

  "Have you taken a break?"Gu Qiaowei has a bite.

  "You don't deserve to be my wife, I don't look at you!"Mu Hao snorted, turned and walked away, no longer paying attention to Gu Qiaowei's look.

  Mu Tianhe also stood up and went out with Mu Hao.

  "Gujia, I hope to think twice about doing things in the future."Mu Yu glanced at the owner of the family and then turned and left.

  Only leave a family to die!


  "how about it? Did the bad smell in my heart go out? ”Mu Yu asked with a smile, no longer the kind of imposing posture.

  Mu Hao laughed: "Mu Yu brother, thank you."

  "Now tell me what is the image of your brother Mu Yu? Handsome and handsome Yushu Linfeng Weifeng domineering fans, thousands of girls, what good words are all over, it doesn't matter, I can stand it! ”Mu Yu is quite a chest, and he likes this girl to worship himself blindly.

  "It's just a brother, not what you said, don't you worship others?"
Mu Hao touched his head and snorted.

  "I am your brother! Not someone else! You can worship me! ”

  "I don't chase the stars."

  "You can praise me! Just like when you praised the wood feathers in your mind in front of me! What punishes evil, the sense of responsibility is bursting, the heroic and cool, the universe is invincible Altman…"

  "No, take off the powder."

  "Known it."


  "Oh shit! I don’t know how to be good, I don’t know! ”

  "Grandpa, my brother bullies!"Mu Hao took the hand of Mu Tianhe and hid behind the wooden crane, and mixed a face with Mu Yu.

  "I really bullied you today!"

  Mu Yu is extremely depressed, really! At the beginning, nothing was wrong with this silly girl, and now the only brain powder has become smarter.

  Mu Tianhe looked at his two troubled grandchildren with joy and laughed.

  Although Mu Yu is like a child who is not big, but he knows more than anyone else, and it is impossible to do things for others. After being hit by a blow, Mu Hao was changed by the influence of Mu Yu. With such a grandson, the future of Mujia is naturally frank.

  "Let's go, Grandpa! Next, we go to the 'one-character signboard' restaurant, where Xiaoxin likes to eat the most, but can't let Xiaoxin down. ”Mu Yu raised his hand and rewarded Mu Hao with a burst of chestnut, then said leisurely.

  Mujia, destined to start the Jedi counterattack!

  Today, Mu Yu is not short of money. In just ten days, he relied on his own resounding name and resolutely popular means to directly take back half of the Mujia industry.

  In the past ten days, the reputation of the true god disciple and Sikongqiwen has spread throughout the entire realm of comprehension. The word "Mu Yu" is too big in the realm of comprehension, and many people have been alarmed.

  Now he is still ranked 80th on the top of the list, but no one will simply regard him as the 80th.

  He disappeared for more than half a year, but he did not expect to appear in the Kiyomizu City Mujia, not to mention that Mu Yu was actually a person from the Kiyomizu City Mujia.

  And Mu Yu actually released the words directly, to challenge the few gatekeepers of the Star Gate, day to day!

  In the comprehension world, there is basically no one to know about the hatred between Tianshou and Mu Yu. However, Tian Yun, who is rumored to be waiting for the day, was taught by Mu Yu in the second day. The contradiction between the two is also true.

  Many people are very interested in the comparison of Sikong Qiwen, Mu Yu and the three people, and there are more and more people going to Qingshuicheng.

  In just a few days, Shimizu Castle suddenly filled with self-cultivators dressed in different service, and Qingshuicheng became very lively.

  On this day, Mufu suddenly came to an uninvited guest.

  A sly yellow woman stood at the door of Mufu and looked at the door of Mufu frowning slightly. The woman was graceful and graceful, and she was as graceful as a fairy-tale woman, so that the people of Mufu’s goalkeeper could see her eyes.

  However, one of the family members returned to the world and quickly said: "This fairy, here is Mufu, please don't mess."

  The woman in yellow clothes showed a fascinating smile and looked at the two family members.

  "I am looking for wood feathers."The woman in yellow clothes smiled faintly.

  "My family, Yu Yu, is a good man, he is not seen."A family member said politely.

  Since the news that Mu Yu was a Mu family member, people came to Mufu from time to time to visit, and wanted to please the Mu family, but they were all rejected.

  In order to protect the wooden family from the harassment of outsiders, Mu Yu specially used the formation method to protect the entire wooden house. As the doorman of the squadron, the arranging method under the cloth really does not leave any spare force, which can effectively avoid the tendency of the comprehension to peep into the wood family in the air.

  "You told him that Yaomen would like to see him."The woman in yellow clothes said faintly.

  This charming woman is the soft Anna of Yaomen, who was the tofu who was eaten by Mu Yu. Although Mu Yu has always been very serious to think that he is helping others, but still was vengeful by Joanna, I did not expect that today, Anna Anna will find it here.


  Jia Ding’s heart was slightly shocked, and the name of the eight-door comprehension was as good as the ear. Even his family knew what Yaomen meant. The two gates of Yaomen and Hongchenmen are rich in beauty, and each one is extraordinary in strength. Since they are the fairy of Yaomen, they can't be scornful.

  "Please wait for this fairy, I will report to the young Master Yu. UU reading www. "One of the family members hurried into it.

  The so-called Japanese machine Muyu is lying in the yard with the seeds in the sun, and Mu Hao is practicing swordsmanship.

  "Put the mind down. Don't hesitate when you are out of the sword. What is your timid look like?"Mu Yu shouted.

  "Like a girl."Xiaoshuai licked the melon seeds interface.

  Mu Hao's face rose red, and he took back the sword and stabbed it again, leaving a burst of buzz in the air.

  "This time, like a girl playing a flower punch!"Longtan said lazily.

  Mu Yu shook his head and felt a headache. Both Long Teng and Xiao Shuai had much better understanding of swordsmanship than Mu Hao. In order to let Mu Hao understand, he even used the wind and the heart to tell his understanding of Mu Hao, but the understanding is too deep, Mu Hao will not come.

  Mu Yu has now discovered that Xiao Shuai and Long Teng have two idle eggs.
The guys are so smart, because the two of them were directly mastered by the wind and the heart.

  Xiaoshuai used to be the wind and dust to stop the aura. Even the dragon and the idle guys can do the same with Mu Yu, but this one is not good, but also quite helpless.

  At this moment, a family member knocked on the door and respectfully reported: "The young Yu Yu, there is a soft Anna fairy who claims to be Yaomen."

  Mu Yu slightly frowned, Joanna, she and her non-intimate, what did she do?

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