Chapter 520 Uninvited Guest

  "It's the sister who was touched by your chest! Let's Go! Sending warmth, we quickly touched her other side! ”

  Shian stretched out small claws, in the air, and caught two, still in his chest pinch, found himself chest not a few two meat, finally still have the aftertaste of two smirk, expression is very rich.

  Mu Yu was amused by the shameless look of Xiao Shuai: "Little Shuai, you often go to the soft place where Lan Linger and Qiao Xue are soft. They are good to talk, but even the soft Anna of Yaomen dare you. If you make an idea, don’t you be afraid that she will cut your hand?”

  "I haven't drilled a soft place for a long time, who makes your chest not soft enough!"

  "Mom, then don't sleep on my chest every day!"

  Mu Hao watched them discuss the soft places in a serious way, and quickly reminded: "Brother, don't you hurry to meet people?" Let Yaomen’s fairy wait too long, isn’t it good? ”

  "Let her wait! busy now! ”Mu Yu said without thinking, he did not like the woman who always wanted to cut his hand.

  Mu Hao opened his mouth.

  Jia Ding also took a moment, he thought that the young master would definitely let go of the matter at hand to receive the Yaomen fairy, did not expect the young master to dominatively let Yaomen fairy wait. In his heart, he also admire his own young master. Even the eight-door people dare to neglect, and only the true god disciples dare to do so.

  Mu Yu can be no matter what Yaomenian Anna, eight doors in his eyes can not be anything, not to mention the soft Anna Anna this unreasonable woman.

  Everyone wants to slash their own hands every day. Now that they are showing up, they are going to sneak up. Is this not a disease?

  In Mu Yu's view, it is more important to help his own silly brother to choose a suitable practice.

  Thinking of Mu Hao, Mu Yu reluctantly touched his forehead, Mu Hao is not a material to learn the sword, his sword skills can not reach the basic requirements, Mu Yu wants to teach Tian Jian nine to him, but Mu Hao's talent can't comprehend.

  "You can't learn swordsmanship! Tian Jian Jiu Yin can not learn anyone, it needs a strong comprehension. ”Mu Yu shook his head.

  Mu Hao tightened his lips: "What do I have to learn?" I want to learn something real. ”

  "Learn to cook with me!"

  Xiao Shuai has a recipe in front of the table, the name is "Wolf Animal Nutrition Diet Encyclopedia", which is taken from the "one-character signboard" restaurant. It recently found that instead of looking around for food, it is better to do whatever you want and do what you want.

  This snack was quite clever. When I was in the Deadwood Valley, I learned the "Toxic" with Mu Yu, and later I learned "Xuan Zhen" with Mu Yu. Sometimes it is better than Mu Yu. The "Wolf Animal Nutrition Diet Encyclopedia" is simply created for it, and it is very happy.

  "You learn about the array! See if you have that kind of talent. ”Mu Yu directly threw the "Introduction to the Primary Formation" from Musong to Wood Hao.

  This book was given to him by Song Qingyu when he first went to the ancestor. Song Qingyu personally taught him the content above. It is not enough for these dead woods to force Mu Yu to learn, so he has never touched this book. .

  "But the squad…"Mu Hao is very reluctant.

  "What happened to the squad? The actor is the most powerful inside the comprehension! You know a fart! ”Mu Yu didn't swear.

  "I know that the squad is very powerful, but the squad is gone after the first round. Their drawbacks are too obvious…"Mu Hao does not like this ability to succeed.

  "That is the other person! You have a handsome brother, will you still make your base in short supply? ”

  There are a lot of congenital formations in the pocket of Mu Yu. Since the chaotic yin and yang, he no longer uses the congenital array when he is moving, and they will only use them when they arrange the fixed array. The main door of the squadron is that there is no shortage of congenital formations.

  Mu Hao’s eyes lit up and hurriedly asked: “Brother, can you really come up with so many innate foundations?”

  Mu Yu directly raised his hand and pulled out hundreds of congenital formations to bury Mu Hao.

  "Less nonsense, I can guarantee that you will not use it for a lifetime. You will give me the first gossip."Mu Yu patted the dust on the clothes, then he stood up and left.

  "I am mad at me, I have been bullying me, I must tell my grandfather…"

  Wood climbed out from the innate array, and I still wanted to complain about it. As a result, I saw the innate aura of the earth, and my eyes were straight!


  Joanna was asked by the family to go to the lobby of the room Mujia, Mu Yu dared to let her wait, the wood family can not dare, at this moment Mu Tianhe is carefully receiving the soft Anna. Joanna also looked like a dust, and did not put any shelves.

  "The fairy is waiting, Mu Yu will come soon."Mu Tianhe smiled.

  Mujia is just an inconspicuous family in Qingshuicheng. In Qingshui City, it may be possible to call for the rain, but it is still too weak before the eight facades. However, the identity of Mu Yu’s true disciple is not lost to eight, so Mu Tianhe is not worried.

  "The old man is very polite, it doesn't matter, I am not in a hurry."Joanna nodded, a polite look.

  Mubo had been looking around the door and saw the wooden feathers coming slowly. This was quickly greeted, and he said eagerly: "You can finally come to the young Yu Yu…"

  "It doesn't matter, don't be afraid of what eight people, what happened?
I am covering it. ”Mu Yu patted Mubo's shoulder and it stepped into the lobby.

  When Joanna saw Mu Yu, she flashed a different light in her eyes. She looked at the unfathomable cultivation of Mu Yu, and her heart was quite uneven. I am afraid that the hate of that hand will never be returned.

  "Mu Yudao friends, I haven't seen you for a long time, don't come innocent."Joanna showed a polite smile.

  Mu Yu was made by the courtesy smile of Joanna, and some of the two monks couldn’t figure it out. Is this careful woman not taking the wrong medicine? How come you are so polite to yourself?

  "What are you doing for me?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

  "That is, what are you looking for?" Send warm? ”Xiaoshuai stood on the shoulder of Mu Yu, stretched out his small claws and stroked his chest, and squeezed it twice.

  Joanna saw Xiaoshuai’s movements, and there was a hint of anger in her eyes, but her face still showed a sly and polite smile.

  "Let's talk, I won't bother you."

  Mu Tianhe felt that the atmosphere was not right. Obviously, he couldn’t insert his mouth, so he left with interest.

  Joanna resisted her anger and said: "Mu Yudao friends, come here today to come to you for the sake of Sikongqiwen."

  "what? Sikong Qiwen also touched your chest? Left or right hand? ”Xiaoshuai asked in surprise.

  Mu Yu resisted laughing.

  Joanna’s face was completely dark, and she smiled and said with annoyance: “Mu Yu, I warn you! Don't mention it to me! ”

  The temperament of the soft dust on the body of Juana disappeared in an instant, and almost the fire could come out in the eyes. The hand was raised, and a light guzheng had already floated on the chest. A sound blade smashed directly toward Mu Yu.

  "Sleeping! What did I say? ”

  Mu Yu felt that a thousand grass mud horses had passed by in the heart. It was obvious that Xiao Shuai was going to die there and said that he had to blame him on his head in the end. Was this black pot so casually picked up?

  Joanna is now also greatly improved, and she has the strength of five heavens, but this kind of cultivation is far from the opponent of Mu Yu. The wooden feathers are gently shaken, and the powerful formations emerge instantly, enclosing the soft Anna. .

  "Hey, how is your girl so small?" What can a little beast say to irritate you? ”Mu Yu used the pattern to trap Juana, and she could not do anything with her hand to play the guzheng.

  "let me go!"Joanna yelled.

  "If you don't speak again, I can't guarantee that you will throw it directly into the street and show it."Mu Yu hit a ring and trapped the soft Anna's lines.

  Soft Anna's face was blue and green, and she glanced at Mu Yu, no more hands.

  "Speak it! What the hell is going on. ”Mu Yu sat down, and at the same time reluctantly put the little guy who was standing there in his arms, let it honestly stop doing things.

  Joanna slowly calmed her mood and then said, "I heard that you want to fight with Sikongqiwen?"

  "What is it?"The real goal of Mu Yu is actually not waiting for him, but he will certainly be defeated by Si Kong Qiwen.

  Joanna looked at Mu Yu with suspicion and looked at it: "You are not distracted, why do you dare to fight with Sikongqi and Tian?"

  "what? Are you still concerned about me? ”Mu Yu asked in amazement.

  "I just came to speak for my dream sister. She asked you to go to the Star Court three days later to discuss things about Sikongqiwen."Joanna said with a grin.

  "how? Is your sister ready to find Mu Yu for revenge? But Mu Yu also touched you! ”Xiaoshuai said curiously.

  Mu Yu grabbed Xiao Shuai’s mouth, and this is a lot of words.

  "What are you talking about in Scooch?"Mu Yu asked.

  Instead of getting angry again, Joanna replied: "Is it strange that Sikong Qiwen suddenly rises in this short period of time? So far, each of our eight sects has been extremely detrimental to him. Our eight people suspect that he must have used some unspeakable means to investigate this matter clearly. ”

  "how? The eight immortals of yours have been defeated by others, so do you think people are cheating? Would you like to open a meeting to deal with Sikong Qiwen, and you will not allow others to do better than you? ”Mu Yu said disdainfully.

  Joanna angered for a while, then continued: "There are no ones who have been defeated by Sikongqiwen, but everyone has lost consciousness. We came to you because your wooden family also has a very immortal defeated by Sikongqiwen, isn't it? ”

  Mu Yu frowned, Mu Qingfan still lying on the bed, and he was helpless. He listened to the meaning of Joanna. They should also have a certain immortal being beaten into an unconscious vegetative by Sikongqiwen.

  With the ability of Sikong Qiwen, he can completely kill the immortal. The Sangong Palace has a set of protection rules for the immortal. The eight-door celestial being killed can only be considered unlucky. UU reads Do not look at the identity, only on the rankings.

  If Sikong Qiwen kills those people, there is no need to worry about the eight-door elders coming to revenge.

  However, Sikongqiwen just woke up to lose the consciousness of the immortal, which is quite embarrassing.

  “Which people will go to the Star Court?”Mu Yu asked.

  The Star Court is an elegant tea house. The place where the literati and the geeks gather is relatively clean. Usually many comprehensions will fall there.

  "In addition to my dreams and sisters, there are also the sorcerers of the Red Dust Gate, the thriving of the Dihuangmen, the Zhuke of Xuanlingmen and the Tianxingmen."

  Mu Yu frowned and said coldly: "Do you know that I have a fight with the sky?"

  "You are not an opponent who doesn't wait."Joanna simply said.

  "Is it?"

  Mu Yu was full of endless killings, and Joanna felt like she was suddenly in the hail, but this breath was fleeting, as if nothing had happened.

  When Anna was awakened, she found that she was covered with sweat on her forehead!

  The people in the realm of comprehension do not know that it is the day that they are not waiting to die. They think that the contradiction between Mu Yu and the day is only that Tian Yun has offended the wood feather.

  Joanna won't think of one thing. Mu Yu wants to kill a few people in his life. It is definitely one of them!

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