Chapter 521 Star Court (on)

  Joanna’s face changed slightly, saying: “Tianyun’s prodigal son has basically offended a lot of people. You don’t have to wait for the day because of the things of Tianyun. If you want to save the celestial wood of your wooden family, you should put down your prejudice and stand with us! ”

  "Do you not stand together with the sky?"Mu Yu sneered a bit.

  Joanna Shen Sheng said: "Yes! You should also know that it will not be long before you will fight against Sikongqiwen. The purpose of our discussion is to help the day not to inquire more about the information of Sikongqiwen, as long as it helps Tiantian not to defeat Sikongqiwen, forcing Sikongqiwen to say how to rescue those stunned and immortal. Anyone can wake up. ”

  "What are you going to do for me? Do you know that I will also be fighting with Sikong Qiwen and the day? ”Mu Yu cold channel.

  Joanna said: "You only have the training of the squatting period, and the singularity of the sky and the day are all distracted. How can you beat them?" You should focus on the overall situation, abandon the suspicion, and join hands with us so that you can save your family's Mu Qingfan. ”

  From the beginning to the end, Joanna did not think that Mu Yu was qualified to compete with Si Kong Qi and Wen Tian, ​​and many comprehensions had the same thoughts as Joanna.

  Even when Mu Yu released a message saying that he had to wait for the fight with Sikong Qiwen and the day, everyone only thought that Mu Yu was bluffing. After all, the period of squatting and distracting were two different concepts.

  Mu Yu smiled coldly and said: "I don't have to wait for the day to overcome the Scooch, do you need help from others?" His star-studded master is really amazing! ”

  During the period of the rise of Sikongqiwen, many of the great immortals have become his stepping stones. The eight people have tried their best to rescue these celestial beings who have been unconscious by Sikongqi, so they decided to unite. Helping the world not to deal with the Sikong Qiwen.

  At this time, Mu Yu came out to fight against the sky and Sikong Qiwen, which is easy to disrupt their eight-door plan, so they came to Mu Yu to agree on this matter.

  The agreed results are self-evident, let Mu Yu withdraw from this extremely fairy contest, choose to help the day, and deal with the Sikong Qiwen!

  "You go back and tell Meng Xin Fairy, after three days, I will definitely go!"In the eyes of the wooden feathers, there are cold awns, and the black and white lines are flashing.

  Joanna looked at Mu Yu’s eyes and lost her eyes for a moment. She held her breath and took her eyes away. Then, with a hand, a golden invitation flew to Mu Yu and stopped in front of Mu Yu: "You will take this invitation three days later and go to the Star Court. you. Then I will wait for Mu Yu in the Star Court! Leave! ”

  "Send warmth, send warmth, touch it, touch it…"Xiaoshuai jumped on the shoulder of Mu Yu and smacked his own small claws, and felt a touch in his small chest.

  Joanna was so angry that she stunned Xiaoshuai and then left Mufu.

  There was a murderous murder in the entire lobby, but these murders gradually converge into the body by the wood feathers.

  "How can their eight people be so mean? Can't beat people to join hands? ”Xiaoshuai scornfully said.

  Long Teng also drilled out and asked inexplicably: "Wu Yu, they obviously look down on you, why do you have to promise to go to the Star Court?"

  "why are you not going?"The appearance of Mu Yu's body gradually dissipated, and his expression was calm.

  "Don't go,

How do you let them understand that dog eyes are the most stupid? ”Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s tail and walked out of the wooden house lobby.

  The eight-door person knows that Mu Yu only has a repair period, and wants to convince Mu Yu to abandon his prejudice and assist in the day. But how do they know that Mu Yu and Tian are not waiting to have a hatred?

  Helping the day? dream!


  Mu Hao is still looking at the "Introduction to the Primary Formation Method" in the yard. He is surrounded by hundreds of congenital formations. These congenital formations can be described as valuable, all of which are Zhuge Xiaosheng and Lu Xianshi. Feather.

  Here, a congenital array is worth at least tens of thousands, and even some precious innate arrays range from hundreds of thousands to millions! If someone sees hundreds of congenital formations piled on the ground like garbage, it must be defeated by Yu Muyu!

  "Stupid girl, do you understand the gossip?"Mu Yu kicked the congenital array like garbage and walked to the side of Mu Hao.

  Mu Hao’s face showed an excited look: “Brother, I have only discovered that the formation is so powerful! What is your level of formation? Is there a degree to the innate strategist? ”

  "What do you think?"Mu Yu was sitting on a black gold stone with a washbasin size. This congenital base is quite rare, but it is no big deal for Mu Yu.

  "I think you must be a congenital actor! The real god sword shadow dust wind adults must have taught you a lot of things! Great, you can teach me how to arrange! ”Mu Hao likes to discover the New World and can't wait to learn the array.

  "Count your kid to know!"

  Mu Yu’s mouth is slightly raised. Although Mu Hao is a sloppy look every time, he still doesn’t listen to him until now, but Mu Hao is convinced of the strength of Mu Yu’s true god apprentice. Mu Yu is still quite satisfied.

  This younger brother can be much better than the eight disciples who look down on the dog's eyes. Just at this point, Mu Yu will also train Mu Hao.

  "You just didn't look down on the identity of the squad?"Mu Yu asked deliberately.

  "Don't you say that? Have
With enough support for the formation, there is no drawback in the formation. Brother, you are so powerful, I have given me such a foundation at once, I can’t use it all my life! Then, if I become a squad, and become the most powerful person in the comprehension, I will definitely be invincible! ”Mu Hao waved his own arm.

  "What is the invincibility? The road you have to go is still growing! ”

  Mu Yu shook his head, and the array was divided into many branches. For example, Mu Chenghong was the best at using the magic array. His magic array was able to cross the sea, and even the innate array could not detect it. At the beginning, Mu Chenghong used the magical array to kill Mo Ziming’s battle and deceived everyone. Mu Yu is still admired.

  "Brother, you said that if I were to study the formation with you, wouldn't I be half the disciple of the true God?"Mu Hao eyes are taking light.

  The true god of the triple continent, the sword shadow dust, once defeated the five Yumeng spirit masters by one person, and these great achievements are well known! Being able to have a relationship with the true God, it is really a sacred grave.

  According to Mu Hao, Mu Yu can become a pro-disciple of the true god. He must have accidentally lit the weeds on the grave of an ancestor when he was fragrant to the ancestors, and there was a large amount of smoke. .

  "Not counting, my master is not accepting anyone."Mu Yu shook his head.

  The sword shadow dust has so far received several people, such as Mu Yu, including the empty and the wonderful two, full of seven apprentices.

  These seven people, first of all, do not say empty and wonderful, the talents of the other five are all one of the best, especially the promise and Luo Wei, their two talents can completely crush the young generation of the comprehension, but they do not It’s so high-profile like Mu Yu.

  Cheng Yan and Luo Wei are not ranked high on the top of the list, but the ranking of the very popular list sometimes does not represent the true strength of a person, just like Mu Yu is only 80, but if he has the heart, it is definitely more than just This ranking.

  "Then I worship you as a teacher, is it the grandson of the sword shadow dust?"Mu Hao continued to ask.

  "I am your brother, what teacher! Also a grandson, do you want me to be brother and brother? ”Mu Yu knocked on Mu Hao's head.

  Mu Hao touched his head, complained dissatisfiedly, and then turned his eyes: "Okay, then, teach me quickly!" After I learned the real God's array, whether you admit it or not, I feel that I am the apprentice of the true God. ”

  Mu Yu laughed, and Master never taught him any formations. His arrays were basically from the hands of the dead wood, and of course there were the help of Tiandao and Lu Xianshi. The "Xuan Zhen" of the dead wood is the core of the wood feathers. For example, the wind and the heart and the array are all from "Xuan Zhen".

  However, in order to make Mu Hao learn more dynamic, Mu Yu does not intend to break this point, let Mu Hao hold this idea to learn the formation, maybe he really learned.

  Learning must be purposeful, and Mu Hao wants to have a relationship with the true God. This is enough to spur him to learn the law.

  "Then you have to study hard, don't learn a name, don't tell your outsiders that your formation is taught by me. Otherwise, my master and I can't afford this face, understand?"Mu Yu said seriously.

  The dead wood old man is also the master of Mu Yu, but Mu Hao, like everyone else, only pays attention to Mu Yu’s first master sword shadow dust, and ignores the dead wood evergreen. Therefore, when Mu Yu said this sentence, he did not feel that he was ignoring Mu Hao.

  "Yes! I will not lose the face of the true God! ”Mu Hao looked awkward.

  "Mu Yu brother, I have to learn! You taught me, okay? ”Mu Xin ran in from the outside and said to the neck of Mu Yu.

  "teach! Teach! ”Mu Yu pinched the small face of Mu Xin and smiled helplessly.


  Three days passed by, Qingshui City has now poured into more and more self-cultivators, they all want to see the battle of the sky, the day and the battle of Mu Yu.

  However, all the comprehensions do not know that Qingshui City is already undercurrent.

  At this time, the eight gates have been planned to unite to help the world not to deal with the Sikongqi. They pulled the wood feathers into the gang, mainly because the wooden brother's eldest brother, Mu Qingfan, was also planted in the hands of Sikongqiwen. The eight-door people think that there is no other choice for the wood feathers that only go out of the nine heavens. Only cooperate with them!

  The Star Court is a million-dollar industry, because the three great battles will attract a large number of self-cultivators, bringing countless business opportunities, and millions of businesses will naturally miss this opportunity.

  They deliberately made the Star Court more chic and elegant. This small attic was expanded by them. Now it is the tallest building in the whole city of Qingshui. On the top floor of the Star Court, you can enjoy the sight of the entire Qingshui City.

  Not only that, but the top floor of the Star Court is also equipped with a strange array of methods, where you can zoom in on a corner of the city of Clearwater, UU reading even in the air to see the ground is like in front of the eyes At a glance, you can really see at a glance.

  At the same time, millions of commercial banks often publish some very rare information here for free. The top of the list is not only the three people, such as Si Kongqiwen, but also many talented people, but there is no such thing as Sikongqiwen. People pay attention.

  Human beings are always curious about the strong, so many comprehensions will come to the Star Court, in order to understand the changes of today's immortals.

  The Star Court has a total of 36 floors. The scenery that can be seen on each floor is different. The price is different. The top price is naturally the highest. It can be on the last layer. Generally, there is no identity in the realm. A self-cultivator who lacks money.

Although the comprehensions will fly, you can see the face of Qingshui City anytime, anywhere, but many times you are not watching the scenery, but a state of mind and knowledge.

  It is like a gossip exchange center. Many of the truths about the realm are from here. Not only that, but also many powerful comprehensions can be made.

  The Star Court is surrounded by guards. In the place of the Star Court, the comprehension is not allowed to fly. Every day, the Star Court is coming and going, the business is very prosperous, and the rich comprehensions will choose to sit at the top of the Star Court, which is a symbol of status and status.

  But the top floor of the Star Court today has been given up, and no one can go up.

  It is definitely a rich and powerful Lord who can spend a lot of money on the top of the Star Court!

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