Chapter 522 Star Court (below)

  "I am a young owner of the Thousand Birds Villa. Do you dare not let me go to the top floor?"A horse face youth angered the geological ask.

  There are two guards at the entrance of the stairs on the top floor of the Star Court. They are all in the Yuan Ying period. The Shaozhuang owner of the Thousand Birds Villa is not flustered. After all, millions of businesses are not vegetarian.

  "This son, the top floor of the Star Court has been contracted today. There are seats on the 34th floor. You can choose the 34th floor."The guard said faintly.

  "I can't let me go up with a thousand Lingshi?"The horse face is angry.

  "Sorry, this is not a question of money, you can choose thirty-fourth floor."The attitude of the guard is very cold.

  The horse face youth is named Ma Shengtian. He is very annoyed. The Thousand Birds Villa is also the top force in the second-rate martial art in the realm of repairing. Unfortunately, the million-business firm does not buy his account at all.

  Ma Shengtian’s noise has attracted a lot of comprehensions. Everyone is very curious about the events of the Star Club today. Who is such a big hand can pack the top floor of the Star Court.

  You must know that each floor of the Star Court is large and can accommodate hundreds of people. The people on the top floor usually spend a thousand Lingshi at an hour, and it is impossible to have hundreds of thousands of packages.

  Sometimes there is a lot of news at an hour, and a lot of news far exceeds the cost of a thousand Lingshi.

  However, at this time, a young man with a clear eyebrows slowly came downstairs. He has a golden invitation in his hand and looks very light. Next to him is the buddy of the Star Court.

  "Adult, wait a moment!"The buddy ran over and whispered two words toward the 36-story stairway guard.

  The cold-looking guard saw the golden invitation in the hands of the young people, and his face was awe-inspiring. He immediately greeted him with a respectful smile: "Adult, please go upstairs!"

  All the self-cultivators on the 35th floor frowned, not knowing where the eye-catching young man was sacred.

  "Why can he go up, and I can't?"Ma Shengtian is even more uncomfortable, he asked loudly.

  "The adult has an invitation in his hand, naturally he can go up!"The guards were replaced with an indifferent look.

  “How much does it cost to buy? I am also willing to pay for it! ”Ma Shengtian took out a black jade, which is a spiritual stone certificate of a million business, indicating that he is not short of money.

  "You can't buy it with money, and advise you, the person on the top floor can't afford it."The guard said faintly.

  Ma Shengtian was annoyed by the contemptuous attitude of the guards: "Then you tell me about it, who is the top floor!" I don't believe that there are people who I can't afford! ”

  "The top floor is covered by eight people, and the one who just went up is the apprentice of the true God. Are you sure you can get them?"There was a hint of play in the eyes of the guards.

  Ma Shengtian’s angry look suddenly stagnated. He glanced upstairs and glanced upstairs. He swallowed a little, and looked around with some guilty conscience. He quickly disappeared into the crowd.

  Mu Yu slowly walked upstairs, and at this time, more than 30 people were waiting for him at the top of the Star Court. When he went upstairs, more than thirty pairs of eyes fell on him.

  The 30 people who have been repaired at the lowest level are all out of the jealous period, and there are still seven or eight people who are comprehensible in the distraction period. There are not many people who know Mu Yu.

Only a few.

  Joanna looked at Mu Yu in the distance, and she was weak in these people.

  But she stood next to Meng Xinxian, and the cultivation of this dream fairy was a nine-day.

  "Haha! Mu Yu Xiandi, you are here! ”Xinggao came over and took a shot of Mu Yu's shoulder. Xinggao was also a cultivator of Jiuzhongtian. He was a stalwart brother and a reasonable person. Mu Yu had a good impression of him.

  Other people Mu Yu does not know, many people look at the eyes of Mu Yu is full of provocations, the name of the true God apprentice is too big, which also led many people to think of defeating the true God apprentice to prove themselves!

  Those who can defeat the true god disciples can definitely attract attention in the realm of comprehension!

  "Xing Gao brother, don't come innocent."Mu Yu smiled and said casually.

  He did not see the day here.

  Mengxin Fairy models stepped over and smiled kindly at Muyu. "Mu Yudao friends can appear here, indicating that Mu Yu’s friends have put down and wait for the day is not a grudge. As long as we help the world not to overcome the singularity of the sky, so that those who have been hurt by the Sikongqiwen wake up, then the brother of the woody friend, Mu Qingfan can wake up, this is a happy thing. ”

  "Yes! Mu Yuxian is here to be a deep-minded person! ”Xing Gao smiled and attached to the road.

  "Don't wait?"Mu Yu asked faintly.

  Meng Xin has not yet opened, but a man behind the distraction period has already interjected: "My family has not yet come to Qingshui City. Everything here is my own, in the next day…"

  "I am not interested in knowing your name."Mu Yu said with ease.

  The person of the Star Gate has nothing to do with him.

  The man's face suddenly sank and said: "The true God's apprentice is really a big tone! So many people in the eyes, I really think that how amazing is the repair period? ”

  A distracting atmosphere suddenly poured into the wood feathers, and the man of the Star Gate wanted to give Mu Yu a horse. But Mu Yu doesn’t even look at it, it’s just slow
Slowly walked to the side of the chair, sat down, and poured a cup of tea on his own.

  Everyone has a slight change in face, and the person at the Tianxingmen has a meditation on the part of the gods, and the wood feathers only have the repairs of the nine heavens. However, the wood feathers are in the face of the other party, and this is even the dream. It is impossible for both and Xing Gao to do it.

  Xinggao looked at the situation is not right, and quickly came out round: "Tiankai Yudao friends do not anger, we are gathered together today for the common rival Sikong Qiwen, Mu Yuken came here, indicating that he has put down the prejudice, willing to assist Days are not waiting, we should negotiate with the gas."

  Tian Kaiyu snorted: "Now I want to defeat Sikong Qiwen, and I only rely on my family." It’s just that I don’t want to hear someone who is arrogant and wants to provoke the majesty of my family. In front of my family, what is he? ”

  Mu Yu slowly raised his head, and his mouth showed a sarcasm: "So the majesty of your family is built by the help of others?" Is there no other person's help, and there is no courage to go to the front of the battle? Can't wait for this? ”

  Tian Kaiyu said with a gloomy face: "My family has at least strength and a squad, but not like someone who only knows what it is, but he doesn't have the ability to dare to speak out. If I let someone hear that someone is disrespectful to my family, I don't mind taking a lecture to teach him a meal! I want to let some people know that there is no strength, or less talk! ”

  Other people looked at Tiankaiyu and Muyu indefinitely. Today's event is to discuss how to deal with Sikongqiwen, but there is an old grievance between Mu Yu and Tianxingmen. The atmosphere has become arrogant.

  "How much is your ranking?"Mu Yu asked down the teacup.

  Tian Kaiyu is in his thirties and is also a member of the extremely popular list. He proudly stands up to his chest: "I told, I am on the top of the list…"

  "Forget it, I am not interested in knowing."Mu Yu blinked.

  The lines under his feet rushed and turned into two black and white lines, which spread to the foot of Tiankaiyu. Tian Kaiyu brows slightly wrinkled, he sneered, just raised his hand and prepared to teach the wood feathers, but at this moment, he felt a pain in his chest.

  A gleaming sword tip emerged from his chest, and a powerful sword instantly destroyed his heart, and the Mu Ling sword was madly swallowing his vitality!

  "How are you, how are you?"Tiankai Yu’s eyes widened and he wanted to turn his head, but Mu Yu was not behind him. He had already sat back in the same place.

  "You are right, no strength, or less talk."Mu Yu’s murder is very strong, making everyone feel a terrible shock!

  He is the master of the squad, has a strong array of techniques, even if it is now only a nine-day, but who can make Sikong Qiwen feel threatened, is it so simple?

  The person who kills the star door, Mu Yu never succumbs!


  Tian Kaiyu's body fell heavily on the ground, and the vitality of the whole body has been lost! No one noticed that a white invisible white mangled from Tian Kaiyu's body did not disappear and disappeared on Mu Yu.


  Everyone was shocked!

  They never imagined that the wooden feathers of the Nine Heavens were just a face-to-face, and they instantly killed the Tiankaiyu who had a big day!

  Whether it is Mengxin Fairy or Xinggao, or other eight-door people who are initially hostile to Mu Yu, their faces are full of deep shock and fear!

  Tiankaiyu is the extremely high-spirited star of Tianxingmen. It has the cultivation of a god and a heaven, and ranks the 61st in the ranking. His strength is definitely among the top five among all the people here, but it is such a talented person who actually walks in front of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu only has a ninth day, even if Tian Kaiyu has just broken through the distraction period, but it is far from being comparable to the people who are out of the nine heavens. However, Mu Yu uses the facts to tell everyone, what is the enchanting!

  The logo of the fairy on Tian Kaiyu's arm quickly rushed toward Muyu, and the wooden feather reached out and did not stop. There are no signs of the immortality on his wrist, but at this moment it has been branded with the number of "61"!

  "Jumping the clown."

  Mu Yu glanced at other people faintly, and his body was stunned: "I am here to tell you that the dog's low-cut end is better than this self-righteous guy!" Do you really think that you are a great person? Want me to help me? Where do you come from the confidence that I will compromise? ”

  Everyone looks at each other, UU reads www. everyone's face is very ugly, they thought that Mu Yu appeared here is willing to help the day, but did not expect that Mu Yu actually killed the Tiankai door of Tianxingmen!

  In the eyes of Joanna, she was very confused. She suddenly remembered that she was in Mujia three days ago. At that time, she told Mu Yu very simply that he was not waiting for the opponent of Sikong Qiwen, because she knew that Mu Yu’s cultivation was only out. Nine heavens.

  However, the wood feathers of the Nine Heavens have the ability to kill the gods. If he wants to kill Joanna, how can he be the opponent of Mu Yu?

  Joanna understands that Mu Yu has been sympathetic to her, otherwise she would not be able to get out of Mufu with her contemptuous attitude!

  "There is no such thing as Tiankaiyu on the list of the immortals. Who do you want to avenge for him?"Mu Yu asked faintly.

  Everyone is not talking
Because strictly speaking, Mu Yu and Tian Kaiyu belong to the extremely fairy contest, the life of the immortal list is life and death, Mu Yu kills Tiankaiyu, and gets the logo of Tiankaiyu, which is a normal one. thing.

  "If this is the case, then tell me the day, I will kill him!"Mu Yu turned coldly and walked toward the stairs.

  No one dares to scream, no one dares to stop, only a chilling body on the ground tells everyone what happened just now!

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