Chapter 523 gambling must win

  Wood Yu does not feel any guilty feelings of killing the Star Gate.

  He didn't kill Sikong Gaoming because he didn't know the person of Sikongqiwen. He didn't know who was standing behind him.

  And killing Tiankaiyu is because he understands that the day is not waiting for this hypocritical smile!

  He did not wait for the day and night, and he will not hesitate to try his best to retaliate against him. Now that Mu Yu has a family member, Mu Yu’s family will become the target of no revenge. Then killing a Starman, the wooden family will have one threat!

  Mu Yu is not worried about the safety of the Mu family. He has already thought about it. After the incident, he will let the sect protect the Mu family. Nowadays he is the master of the Fumen Gate, and the array is inevitably the best patron of the Mujia!

  The day when Tian Kaiyu died in the Star Court did not spread out, because those of the Eight Doors knew that this was an extremely shameful thing.

  However, the change in the list of immortals is unstoppable, because the original 61st-ranked celestial celestial celestial death, replaced by Mu Yu!

  No one expected that Mu Yu actually defeated Tiankaiyu, jumping from the 80th to the 61st!

  Qingshui City is still spreading rumors about the three great sacred battles, but the most discussed is the singularity of the sacred period of the distraction, and the wood feathers of the nine heavens are still not optimistic.

  They don't know that Mu Yu has killed Tian Kaiyu, so Mu Yu is still underestimated.

  Today's Mufu has become a tourist attraction, and many comprehensions have always intentionally or unintentionally stopped in front of Mufu, wanting to see the honor of the true God apprentice.

  More and more famous martial art people in the real world want to visit Mu Yu. At first, Mu Yu refused. Then I think about the current situation. It is better to have one friend than one enemy. Since there are strong comprehensions who are willing to show their wooden homes, Mu Yu will also acquiesce in their visits.

  However, he gave these things to his grandfather and father to receive, and he was dedicated to teaching Mu Hao to learn the law.

  I have to say that Mu Hao is really talented on the road, perhaps to become a nominal true disciple. He has learned very seriously and mastered many light arrays.

  Less than ten days left from the sixth day of June, Mu Yu decided to go out and take a look at the current situation in Qingshuicheng.

  He didn't want to be too swayed by the city. Nowadays, many people are watching Mufu. Like the paparazzi, they want to see the true face of Muyu. Therefore, Mu Yu chose to use his array to change his face and walk alone on the street.

  When he turned a street, he saw someone who made him unexpected.

  "Come! Don't miss it when you pass by! The three geniuses are extremely close to each other, and who is the winner? Despite your bet, everyone will win the exclusive agent, credit guarantee, and virginity! ”

  A guy who was skinny with a monkey was screaming on the street, and there were two buddies who distributed flyers to the passing comprehens, attracting a lot of attention from the comprehens.

  Mu Yu looked at the thin man with a sharp-eyed monkey in amazement. This guy is no stranger to him, and even has dealt with it.

  A sinister disciple who likes to gamble, alone!

  He has a gambling gambling, and he has the supreme "evil" in his hand.

  "Evil sorrow" is said to be a gambling magic weapon made by evil people.

Any scorpion did not dare to win it in front of the "evil scorpion". Mu Yu was once swayed by the guy who had been alone, and finally was poked out by the dead wood.

  After the film is a gambling house, the gambling house actually wrote the three words "Bet to win"! At this moment, many comprehensions are going back and forth in his gambling house, and they are not very busy.

  Mu Yu picked up a leaflet on the ground, and the font on the leaflet with the dragon and the phoenix dance was written with three people's information, including betting suggestions and odds analysis.

  The title is: The unique gambling gambling gambling workshop, let the spiritual stone of your hands soaring!


  Sikong Qiwen:

  Brief introduction: Qingshui City Sikong family dark horse, the most potential genius on the list of the most popular, the most popular ranking 51! So far, there has been no defeat, from the obscurity to the world, the future is bright, and it is most likely to be one of the top nine elites!

  Repaired as: distracted six heavens.

  Odds: One loses two

  Betting advice: A golden phoenix flies out of the chicken nest, and the winner is the most likely!


  Days are not waiting:

  Brief introduction: One of the eight gates is the main gate of the Star Gate, the successor of the future Star Gate, the 50th place of the Fairy! So far, there has been no defeat, and the strength is unfathomable. As the head of the Star Gate, it is gentle and elegant, and it is polite and courteous.

  Repaired as: distracted six heavens.

  Odds: One loses two

  Betting advice: A comet that killed his aging mother when he was born, and whoever is unwilling to see him, who can cure him? Maybe it’s Sikong Qiwen, let’s wait and see!


  Wood feather:

  Brief introduction: The apprentice of the Triple Continent, the god of the sword, and the disciple of the Ding Ding, the poisonous king, the dead wood. The first one walked out of the infamous dry wood valley, and used the power of the Golden Age to kill the Yuan Ying repairers. He ran around the dragon vines on the floating fairy island, and smashed the Dan Ding faction into a mess. High-end semi-chengdan! The Terran traitor who released the demon king, defeated the human race hero of the demon
Only you can't think of it, no one can't do it!

  Repaired as: out of the nine heavens

  Odds: One lost ten

  Betting advice: The future star, currently repaired too weak, really love powder can vote for encouragement, want to make a fortune, or loose it!


  Mu Yu saw that the words "scattered" are simply dumbfounding. The suggestion given by this film is actually "true love powder for encouragement, and the person who wants to make a fortune is scattered", isn’t he optimistic about him?

  If the odds are lost by ten, it means that if someone wins 10,000 pieces of Lingshi gambling and wins, and finally Mu Yu wins, then this person can get 100,000 pieces of Lingshi!

  Mu Yu’s odds are the highest, which means that the gamblers are the least optimistic about him, and he thinks he has the least chance of winning, otherwise he will not give ten times the odds.

  The gamblers are optimistic about Sikong Qiwen and the day is not waiting for two people, but who can't say who has a higher winning percentage, so the odds are the same.

  For the gambling workshop between the self-cultivators, there is no possibility of any retribution, and no one is allowed to vote more. They use the blood of the comprehension to prove their identity, sign the law contract, and fail to make a fake.

  Although the evil factions are very unreliable in dealing with others, they involve the principle of Lingshi, and they will attach great importance to the principle. Think about the "human hell" of the evil sects. They know that they will not be deceived, and they don't have to worry about running away from the film.

  Mu Yu has heard that the top ten casinos of the Triple Continental Comprehension are opened by evil people, and they are also responsible for their own.

  I am not interested in this boring thing Mu Yu, I want to leave here. But the discussion of several comprehens around him drifted into his ears.

  "Is it heard? Mu Tianhe and Sikong Gaoming are now smashing in the gambling fair! ”

  "Wu Tianhe is a person who heard that his grandson won too little, so he rushed to help his grandson!"

  "Mu Tianhe is too naive! His grandson Mu Yu may not be able to say in the future, but now it is just a person who goes out of the sky, why not fight with the sky and the sky? ”

  Mu Yu's brow wrinkled, how did his grandfather also rush to this place where the smoke is smoky? He worried that Sikong Gaoming had done something to his grandfather and quickly walked into the "gambling must win" gambling workshop.

  The gambling houses are quite spacious and bright, and the various savvy gamblers should be complete. There are a lot of beautiful women wearing exposed wines coming and going. There are also some gambling folks who explain the current situation to the comprehensions who will be betting. A serious look looks very weird.

  At this moment, the comprehensions in the gambling are just pointing around in the middle of the two people, one is the white-haired wooden crane, and the other is the high-spirited Sikong Gaoming.

  Si Kongqiwen has been in Qingshui City for a few days. Many people have seen him. With his son supporting him, Sikong Gaoming is very eloquent, and he does not know how to write the word "low-key".

  At this time, the atmosphere on both sides is very unharmonious.

  "Is the sky high and the teeth are growing?"Mu Tianhe asked coldly.

  Sikong Gaoming was taught by Mu Yu in the past, and his teeth were also knocked out, but at the moment it was all intact, presumably it was full of dentures.

  "Wood Crane, don't be too early!" Do you really think that your grandson will win? The moment when your grandson dies in the hands of my son, it is the day of your demise! ”Sikong Gaoming said evilly.

  At this moment, Sikong Gaoming did not dare to start with the wooden cranes, because the comprehensions in the gambling workshops were mixed, and the number of people who were repaired during the squatting period was not infrequent. If he was blatantly shot, he would certainly be blocked.

  Many self-cultivators are even willing to protect the wooden cranes in exchange for the humanity of the true gods. This kind of human feeling is absolutely not lost!

  "Humph! Then try it! I believe in my own grandchild. ”Mu Tianhe was followed by a shovel, but he was not afraid.

  "I believe your grandson, will you give your grandson a million Lingshi?" So stingy! ”Sikong Gaoming laughed and looked at the three transparent hollow pillars in the center of the gambling.

  Each transparent pillar is about one meter in diameter and the height has reached the ceiling. There are colorful spots floating in it, each spot has only one grain of sand. The light spots are composed of patterns, and each light spot contains information about a comprehension betting stone.

  There is a miniature array before each light column. The bettor only needs to put the stone of his bet into a formation before the light column, plus a drop of blood of his own, this array will put all The spirit stone is taken away, and then a light spot is automatically generated and floated into the pillar.

  The different colors of this spot represent the number of different spiritual stones bet, with the color of the standard as the standard. A red light point on behalf of betting 100 stone, uu reading an orange light point for betting 1000 stone, a yellow light point for betting 10,000 Lingshi, a green light point for betting 100,000 stone Lingshi, a cyan light point to bet 1 million stone Lingshi, A blue light point represents 10 million stone lingshi, and a purple light point represents 50 million Lingshi.

  These bets are not unfamiliar to Mu Yu, and there are some familiarities in the arrangement. I am afraid that the gamblers will definitely be arranged by the people who spend the money.

  At the moment, there are pillars of Sikongqiwen, the most abundant colors, the most light spots, and the innumerable colors, ranging from red to cyan, and a blue light spot representing 10 million!

  And the pillars that are not waiting for the day are not much less than the Sikongqiwen, and there is also a blue light spot.

  On the other hand, the transparent pillar on the side of Mu Yu is very shabby, with only thirty red, a dozen orange and a yellow spot that the crane is thrown into.

  Compared with the other two, it is simply dwarfed!

  The potential of Mu Yu is very large, but in this contest of the three people, everyone is not optimistic about him, even if the odds are so high, there are still few people who win him.

  Although Mu Yu’s ranking rose to the 61st in the previous few days, but the repair did not reach the distraction period, it is impossible for many people to see the dark horse and the starry sky in the eyes of many people.

  At the moment, Mu Tianhe was standing beside the transparent pillar marked with wood feathers. His face was very annoyed because his grandson was underestimated.

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