Chapter NO. 524 Entourage

  Mutiang Some resentment unceasingly, he heard that the water city "bet will win" gambling place their grandchildren were looked down on things, immediately took 10,000 pieces of stone came to serve.

  As a result, I saw that Sikong Qiwen and the day did not wait for the dense point in the pillars of the two men, and then look at the light spot on the side of Mu Yu, and suddenly realized that this 10,000 pieces of spiritual stone is simply a matter of glass of water, but it seems a bit ridiculous.

  No matter how powerful the wooden feathers in the flood season, it is impossible to distract the opponents and the opponents who are not waiting for the day. No one wants to let their own spiritual stones float.

  "And how much have you cast?" ”Mu Tianhe asked angrily.

  "Ten million."

  Sikong Gaoming proudly looked at Mu Tianhe, and 10 million is only a small amount for today's Sikong Gaoming. Although Mujia has regained some industries from his hands, he is still the richest man in Qingshuicheng. His business is not only in Qingshui City, but also in other places on the Triple World.

  Mutianhe gas knot, in the current situation of Mujia, it is impossible to come up with 10 million at a time, that is, take out a million must be carefully considered. He bet a million Lingshi is not enough for a fraction of the people, and he can't compare with others.

  "As soon as your grandson went out of the nine-day repair, he dared to ask my son to challenge. It was really impatient! I want to say it! You simply put all your family on my son's side, so that you won't be able to make a profit in the future. You can make money by relying on your grandson's life. ”Sikong Gaoming 嚣 Zhang Zhiji.

  "Bully too!"Mu Tianhe angrily stepped forward, but Sikong Gaoming suddenly pulled out a middle-aged man who was out of the sky, staring coldly at Mutianhe.

  The original guards of Lu Shexin and Yan Zhengyang were gone, but they were replaced by a more powerful person.

  Sikong Gaoming laughed wildly: "Your grandson's cultivation is also a level with my followers. Is your wooden family really taking yourself seriously?"

  Mu Tianhe's face changed slightly, feeling the pressure of the other party's magnificent, he quickly retreated two steps. However, I did not expect that Sikong Qiwen would have found a smuggling squad for Sikong Gaoming. On the other hand, Mubo, who built the base period of Mu Tianhe, was a different day!

  "how? Is there a decent follower with the grandfather of the true god apprentice? Don't know if you are killed on the road after being killed! ”Sikong Gaoming ridiculed unscrupulously.

  Mu Yu looked at Si Kong Gao Ming’s face and wanted to knock the guy’s teeth off again. Not long ago, he just killed the Tiankaiyu in the distraction period. Unfortunately, Sikong Gaoming didn't know about it. Otherwise, he would not be able to provoke him to give him a hundred courage.

  Mu Yu is thinking about whether he wants to come out of town or something, but at this moment, a slight voice is introduced into Mu Yu's ear.

  "Do you want me to help?"

  Mu Yu turned his head in surprise and met the familiar face of Lu Xianshi. I did not expect to see Lu Xianshi here!

  "Lu Xianshi, how come you are here?"

  Mu Yu was very surprised. Lu Xianshi was the elder who helped the most of Mu Yu, and he was also a congenital actor. Although Mu Yu changed his appearance with the magic array, but he had the special atmosphere of the main door, and the experienced Lu Xianshi suddenly noticed the identity of Mu Yu.

  "The door owner, I am here to do business! The gambling array of the three transparent pillars of this gambling house and other large and small arrays were designed by me.

Lu Xianshi said proudly.

  "I said that the arrangement of these formations is very familiar, and it really is Lu Xianshi!"Mu Yu smiled.

  "Don't say this first, who is your grandfather?" If I want to go up and act as your grandfather's entourage, you can't let the doorkeeper sweep your way! ”Lu Xianshi looked at the wooden crane that was flushed with anger.

  Mu Yu’s mouth smiled slightly, and it’s really a good time for Lu Xianshi to come. He had long seen that Sikong Gaoming was not pleasing to the eye, and he said: "Then it will be wronged first."

  "The grandfather of the door is a top boss for my Lu Deyi. I am not afraid to neglect."Lu Xianshi smiled.

  Sikong Gaoming still laughed at the wooden cranes there, and Mu Tianhe was shocked by the followers of the nine-day sky after Sikong Gaoming, and he could not get off the stage. He couldn’t even say anything.

  "how? Mu Tianhe, have you had nothing to say? Think about it too, your grandson is also the cultivation of my followers, do you feel embarrassed yourself? I am going to build a base with the entourage behind you, and I really laughed at the big teeth! There is no one in your wood house, right? Oh, I forgot, you originally had a senior follower named Mu Santu, but unfortunately, people have already abandoned the dark cast! You can't even keep your confidant, it's ridiculous! ”Sikong Gaoming humiliated.

  Mu Tianhe's face is getting more and more flushed. He is so angry that he is shivering, but he is helpless, because Sikong Gaoming is telling the truth.

  Now that Mujia is just preparing to re-emerge, there are not enough people. Besides, even if the three roads are still there, he is only the repair of Yuan Ying Jiuzhongtian, far less than the one who is on the side of the sky and Gaoming.

  Mu Tianhe was very annoyed, and Si Gaoming's followers always put pressure on him, making him quite strenuous. When he couldn't bear it, suddenly he felt his body light, and then a more horrible breath suddenly appeared in the bet. In the square.

  This breath shook everyone back two steps, and the follow-up period of Sikong Gaoming was a step backwards.

  Lu Xianshi quickly walked to the side of Mutianhe
He said: "Master, Master Wood Yu let me protect you, what the lord told me, though."

  Lu Xianshi’s distraction was released unreservedly, and he also deliberately applied to Sikong Gaoming, which made Si Kong Gao Ming’s face change face!

  The master of distraction is so respectful to the wooden crane in the flood season?

  Everyone heard Lu’s name for Mu Tianhe’s “master” and was shocked! That is the master of distraction! I am willing to listen to Mu Tianhe’s dispatch?

  Mu Tianhe was also scared, his brain was a little dizzy, and the distracted repairer coughed that he couldn’t bear it. Would he be so respectful to him? He stuttered: "Big, adults, you are –"

  "Master, my name is Lu, the master called me Mr. Lu. I came to listen to the lord's assignment in the order of Master Yu Yu. ”Lu Xianshi said.

  "Lu Daren, you really didn't admit the wrong person?"

  Where can the wooden cranes dare to support the big ones, even if they know that their grandchildren are using the sky, but after all, they are the repairers of the squatting period. How can there be a distracted repairer who is willing to obey his orders?

  "The lord is more worried. In the following is the order of the young Master of the wood to come to protect the lord. As long as the lord makes a order, I can even throw the person who insulted the lord directly into the gambling house."

  Lu Xianshi glanced a glimpse of Sikong Gaoming, and Sikong Gaoming seemed to be poured from the head to the tail by a bucket of cold water.

  Just now he also laughed at Wu Tianhe and even a decent follower. Suddenly there was a distraction of comprehension to protect Mutianhe. This is really shocking!

  Even if Si Gaoming’s son is even more powerful, he is only a repairer of the distraction period. It is impossible to send him a distracted repairer to follow, but Mu Yu’s only nine-day repairs can make a call. A distracted repairer?

  "No, no -"

  Mu Tianhe still did not return from the shock, still can not believe what he saw in front of him, a distractionist is so respectful to him, this is simply a fantasy!

  However, things seem to be far from being so simple!

  "It's so lively here!"

  A lazy voice rang from the door, followed by a leisurely young man who slowly walked into the gambling house.

  The young man’s voice was not loud, but the gambling house was very quiet because of the appearance of Lu Xianshi, so everyone heard his voice, turned his face and looked at the young people.

  A white robe, embroidered with a few black moiré on the robe, a Danding logo on the chest, and five golden sides on it, representing the fifth-order alchemy!

  Dan Ding's fifth-order alchemy teacher!

  This alchemy teacher is not someone else, it is awesome!

  Mu Yu saw the moment of enthusiasm, very excited. There are not many people who trust him in the realm of comprehension. There are not many people who can make him push his heart. I did not expect to see you in a few months, and the spirit has become a fifth-order alchemy teacher!

  “Dan Dingpai is such a young fifth-order alchemy teacher?”

  "The apprentice of the master of medicine, the sorrow, is said to be the youngest fifth-grade alchemist in the Dingding School!"

  "Oh my God! Fifth-order alchemy teacher! ”

  Many people began to cast awe in the eyes of the singer, although the fifth-order alchemy teacher only had the repair period of the stagnation period, but his identity is that even the sacred men of the sacred period do not dare to neglect! The identity of the alchemy teacher is too noble, no one dares to marry an alchemy teacher.

  Under the gaze of everyone, Xu Li suddenly came over to Mutianhe, and then bowed to the wooden crane, and said respectfully: "The younger generation of Danding sent alchemy to the sorcerer and saw the wood father."

  what! A distracted comprehension is respectful to Mu Tianhe. Even the fifth-order alchemy teacher is so respectful to Mu Tianhe?

  Everyone's mouth grows big, and I can't even get up for a while! How noble is the identity of the alchemy, who will not know!

  Such a young fifth-order alchemy teacher is the leader of the alchemy master. If you go out, even if you are a compensatory person, you will be treated with courtesy. No matter who you see, only others will pay for them. Where will they greet them? When is someone else?

  However, it is such a Danding school fifth-order alchemy teacher, actually took the initiative to show Mutianhe?

  Mu Tianhe’s brain is blank. He hasn’t gotten down from the high stone that Lu Xianshi gave him, and he was directly taken to the sky!

  The most important point is that Mu Tianhe can be sure that he does not know the Danding School's alchemy teacher!

  What exactly is going on? How do you pick up such a strange thing?

  "Mu Laozi, the younger generation is the brother of Mu Yu in the Dan Ding School, and also a friend of Mu Yu, the wood father told me to pick it up." UU reading ”

  He sneaked a glimpse of Sikong Gaoming. Apparently he also knew that Sikong Gaoming humiliated Mu Tianhe, so he planned to come out to help and slap the face of Gaokong!

  Everyone remembers this. Everyone only knows that Mu Yu is the apprentice of the true God, but he still forgets a very important message. Mu Yu is also the main character of the Ding Ding’s Qingzhu Peak, and the late Qing’s apprentice, but also known as Ding Ding. Genius people!

  Because the name of the sword shadow dust is too big, compared to the things that Mu Yu did in Dan Ding, it is not a big deal. Now think that many people still forget that Mu Yu is the identity of the alchemy!

  Although only Mu Yu knows that he does not even have a real remedy. p>

  The whole gambling house has already fallen into a silence. Everyone is horrified at the Lu Shenshi and the fifth-order alchemist, who are distracted. Finally, they gaze at the wooden crane that only has a heavy day. This incident really scared them!

  Mu Tianhe licked his beard, not to mention that other people were scared, even he could not believe it.

  It is like dreaming, not only has a distracted repairer willing to be his follower, but also a Danding alchemy teacher who is so polite to him.

  No matter which one of them is the usual one, he has to wait for nothing, and he can't support it, but who can think of such an incredible thing!

  Look at Sikong Gaoming, his face is so dark that he can screw out the water.

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