Chapter 526 Shadow Killing

  "You should know that the evil faction has done a lot of business in this kind of gambling," said Lu, who mused for a long while. ”

  "I know, I know that no one wants to rely on the land where the evils do business!"Mu Yu nodded.

  The sects are notoriously credible in such places as the sinister sects. They don’t have to worry about who will blame on their sites. Because the way in which evil people collect debts is first-rate, they will let those who do not pay back debts dare not default in the second time.

  The evil spirits who have a casual style of doing things have the ability to do this. Few people in the realm of cultivation are willing to offend evil people.

  "They often open a variety of casinos in the realm of comprehension, especially after the release of the immortal list, everyone on the list will almost become the way they gamble. I have the deepest experience, because I have set up a gambling bet for the evil casinos not once or twice. ”Lu Xianshi said.

  Many places in the Three Continents will use the formation method. Although many comprehensions know more or less about the formation knowledge, many people are more willing to invite the strategists of the ancestor and Fuzong when it comes to some complicated formations. And the teacher to solve.

  Lu Xianshi also designed a lot of gambling tactics for the evils, so he knew many insiders of the evil casino.

  "How do they use the best gambling?"Asked with surprise.

  LU First Division of the perennial in the real world walk, many things have heard, he continued: "The way to gamble is very simple, about which fairy can stay in a certain rank for a few days, such as from 99th to 90th, the one months to change how many times, the top 50 people in one months will change how many times, these are the way they gamble. ”

  Mu Yu felt very novel, and he was the first to hear about these things. The celestial list is changing almost every day. Many people are challenging others to become stronger celestial beings. Countless deaths and injuries, rankings become very diligent. I did not expect them to seize this opportunity to gamble. The evil faction is really doing anything!

  "Where there is gambling, there will be some gamblers with hot heads, and sometimes even gambling all the gambling in order to sigh. Often I will hear in the gambling gambling house that the patriarch of a city’s comprehension family has lost all of their family business, which is already a common practice. ”Lu Xianshi shook his head and apparently felt sorry for these things.

  It is conceivable that I have struggled for most of my life, and I have been able to stand firm in some places, but I have to gamble my family business for unnecessary vanity. This is quite sad.

  Mu Tianhe’s old face was red, and he just bet a million Lingshi for Mu Yu. He said quickly: "You can rest assured that I will not be so arrogant. I just couldn't stand the ignorance of Mu Yu."Lu Xianshi smiled and said: "The wood master is more concerned, I am not referring to you. Besides, in the same situation, I have to pay some money to fight for it. But then again, the gambling ranking is very unreliable, because the ranking between the two extremes can be artificially disturbed. ”

  "Human interference? Is there anyone else who will challenge the dignity of the Mie Palace to interfere with the ranking of the immortals? ”Wood Tianhe was surprised.

  "The celestial list is a very cruel challenge. As long as the older generation does not shoot the celestial beings, the killing between the celestial beings is very normal. There are many ways to interfere with the ranking of the great fairy under the conditions stipulated by the Triple Palace. ”Take the interface.

  "such as?"Mu Tianhe is only the patriarch of a comprehension family in Qingshuicheng. He does not understand the things of the immortals as thoroughly as others.

  Mu Yu slowly said: "For example, if you spend a lot of money, please ask a top ranked fairy to kill the lower rankings."

  Mu Yu is no stranger to the man-made interference ranking. When he was not waiting for the day, he grabbed a top-ranking fairy, and then controlled the dead wood to kill the great fairy, which killed the dead wood by the people of the Sangong Palace.

  The practice of not waiting for the day is equivalent to ranking in the human disturbance, he did not violate the rules of the Triple Palace.

  "I still don't understand, is it so easy to kill another fairy?"Mu Tianhe asked.

  In his eyes, every celestial being is unattainable, has his own principle of acting, how can he kill people for money?

  "The filmmakers, the most famous 24 solar terms killer, have five killers on the list."

  Mu Yu remembers the film organization that he often said to him before the dead wood. At the beginning, he also warned Mu Yu to be careful about the filming organization.

  Mu Yu has never dealt with people who have been organized by the filmmakers, but he once got a sapphire sapphire from Waibiya, with a list of all the celestial beings.

  The killers of the filmmakers are called shadow killers, and their code names are named after the twenty-four solar terms. At that time, the dead wood pointed out to him the five shadow killers on the top of the list, namely, horror, Qingming, Mang, Bailu, and Dahan.

  The five Shadow Killers are ranked in the top 50, and they are used to assassinate other top rankings.

  The dead wood once told him that twenty-four shadow killings are extraordinary. Those who are not on the list do not mean that they are not powerful, but that they are over forty years old and have no qualifications for the list!

  "Yes, please kill it is a very cost-effective thing. I remember that this happened in gambling fairs in other places. Two people spent 10 million bets on the 99th of the best, and they will not be replaced within two days. The person who changed the bet will spend 5 million directly to kill the shot, killing the 99th fairy, and the person will win 10 million from the other party. Five million shots, a net profit of five million. ”Lu Xianshidao

  This kind of dark gambling can be seen everywhere in the evil gambling gambling. Once the gambling associated with the ranking of the celestial beings is inevitable, there must be a gambling gambler who asks for help to ensure that he will not lose money.

  If the killing of the celestial squad is not punishable by the Mie Palace, many people will undoubtedly make good use of this rule.

  "But isn't the celestial celestial being on the list of the celestial beings used in the future? Such a great fairy on the list of celestial beings is a means of profit for those with ulterior motives. Will the Mie Palace not be angry? ”Mu Tianhe felt a little ridiculous.

  People in Mie Palace will be angry? That's amazing!

  Mu Yu remembered what he had said and the words he said. The existence of the Mie Palace is not for the so-called protection of the human race, but for the war! The more people die, the more soul power they produce, and the stronger the power of the Triple Palace!

  I am afraid that this incident is the opinion of Mie Gongle. The release of the immortal list means endless killing and the passage of life. How can they stop it?

  Although Mu Yu knows these things, he has no evidence and cannot convince others. The Mie Palace is too strong, and even if he tells the conspiracy of the Mie Palace, no one will believe his words, and may even be treated as a traitor of the Terran.

  "The celestial beings who can survive in their own environment are qualified to lead the Terran and Yumun fight, aren't they?"The singer is very open to this matter.

  The singer is also a member of the extremely popular list, but he is ranked very late, in the 86th. Coupled with the reason of the alchemy division, few people dared to hit his mind.

  "But this thing should have nothing to do with Mu Yu? From the situation of gambling houses, there are too few people who are optimistic about Mu Yu. If anyone wants to ask for a shot, they should also be rushing to Sikong Qiwen or not waiting for it? ”Mu Tianhe guessed.

  Mu Yu’s cultivation is the weakest among the three. I think that the odds of the gambling room are still very small and there are still few people who bet on him to win. It is enough to know how low he is in everyone’s mind!

  "It is not like this. I have been invited to ensure that the formation is infallible in the gambling fair these days, and I have heard many news inadvertently. Since Mu Yu has been famous since he became famous, he is always the one who can create all kinds of miracles. I think that the defender who killed the Yuan Ying period by relying on the Jindan period, and defeated it when he broke through to the heyday. The demon people from the nine heavens.

  Mu Yu is an uncertain factor for many people who are not waiting for the day or who are winning. In order to prevent Mu Yu from making another miracle to influence the gambling, it is said that someone has asked for a shadow to deal with Mu Yu. ”Lu Xianshi said seriously.

  Mu Yu touched his head. I didn't expect that I would only want to be a good person. I can be stared at by my heart. It is really helpless.

  "What should I do? Mu Yu is only the 61st best, how can it be the top scorer to kill opponents? ”Mu Tianhe asked seriously.

  "This is only an underground rumor between those people in the gambling area, but it is said that the 43rd-level movie killer Qingming has come to Qingshuicheng. I don't know who is going to fight Qingming to Qingshuicheng. I will protect your safety in the past few days. It’s better to kill Qingming than to swear by the sky and the sky. ”Lu Xianshi solemnly said.

  Lu Xianshi has a period of cultivation, and if he encounters a shadow, he can stop it. Although the Mie Palace stipulates that the self-cultivators who are over forty years old are not allowed to kill the celestial sects, if there is not a long-term singer to provoke the priests, Lu Xianshi can teach them a good meal, as long as they do not kill people.

  "Yes, Mu Yu, listen to Lu Xianshi, so you really have to stay with Lu Xianshi to be safe."Mu Tianhe said with concern.

  Mu Yu’s eyes flashed with different light. He asked: “The shadow killing is not necessarily to kill me, it may be to kill the sky or the empty sky.”

  "In case there are three rich people who have each invited a shadow killer to deal with the three of you?"Mu Tianhe asked.

  Mu Yu shook his head and said: "No, the film organization will not do this."

  In order to avoid the two killings, the filmmakers will only accept the commission of one party. That is to say, in this bet, if someone invites a shadow killer to kill the Sikongqiwen, then the shadow kill will no longer accept the task of assassination.

  While Mu Yu is less likely to win than the other two, UU reading is very likely that the client is not making trouble for Mu Yu, and let the shadow kill Qingming to solve him.

  "I don't know whether Qingming is going to kill the sky or the Sikongqiwen, but I think the trustee will definitely let the shadow killing the Qingming to solve you together and avoid extra-budgeting. It is necessary to know that the casinos that participate in betting on this competition are not only in Clearwater, but the rich and wealthy in other cities are also betting outside, and it is more likely that someone from a certain martial art is operating. The water inside is very deep, you can never guess which one is coming to kill the Qingming. ”Lu Xianshi said.

  "So, have you ever heard the price of killing the movie and killing it?"Mu Yu asked.

  You must know that you want to kill and kill, the weaker the strength, the lower the price, but if you kill the sky and the Sikongqiwen, the price must be too high.

  "I heard people say that it is 70 million Lingshi, but whoever invited it, it is unclear who kills the Qingming and who is coming to it. It is very likely that it is also coming to you. In short, you must be careful."

  Seventy million!

  It is enough to spend 70 million to buy a very immortal life, which is enough to show that this person behind is definitely a wealthy person, and has a big gamble with another rich man, and the two people’s gambling is afraid
It involves hundreds of millions of Lingshi, otherwise it will lose money.

  However, the two people who gambled were not in Qingshui City, because the funds bet in the gambling gambling gambling party did not appear to represent more than 50 million purple spots!

  Mu Yu can't help but wonder who has such a big hand.

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