Chapter 527 Death Gobi

  It was only a contest between the three great fairies, but there were always some gambling people who raised it to a contest between the four great fairies.

  Mu Yu always thought that it was a lot of trouble to find him, not to find trouble.

  However, he is not a person who is afraid of things. Lu Xianshi’s suggestion is that he will naturally not accept it. Today, he does not need to rely on others to protect, he needs to solve the trouble himself.

  "Lu Xianshi, you shouldn't need to go to the gambling house every day?"Mu Yu asked.

  "The gambling house asked me to maintain the battle to the three of you, but I brought in more than twenty middle-class disciples, and of course Situ Yangtian and I came together. We are not only maintaining the business of the gambling house. In addition, there are other businesses to do. Zhongtian disciples can help me look after you, your safety is more important. ”Lu Xianshi said.

  "Situ Yangtian also came? What about others? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

  He used to dislike Situ Yangtian, because Situ Yangtian always couldn’t go with Lu Xianshi and Mu Yu, and even was treated as a traitor by Mu Yu, but later discovered that Situ Yangtian did not like them because of Situ Yangtian. I have long noticed that Lu’s teacher is not right.

  "Situ Yangtian is still working with other Zhongtian disciples to deal with other formations, and he will come to you when he is finished."Lu Xianshi said.

  Mu Yu always felt that Lu Xianshi’s purpose in coming to Qingshui City was not simple. He asked: “You came to Qingshui City not only for the gambling house, but also for it. What business do you want to do? ”

  Lu Xianshi smiled a little embarrassedly: "The gambling workshop is just one of our business. We are planning to make rational use of the comprehensions who come to watch your trials and earn a fortune from them."

  "How do you earn a law?"Mu Yu is somewhat curious. Strictly speaking, he is not a qualified owner at all. He is not very familiar with many businesses of the sect.

  "This is the case. Because of the three of you, Qingshui City has already poured into more than 100,000 foreign self-cultivators. There are about 200,000 local comprehensions in Qingshui City. It is impossible for these 200,000 self-cultivators to watch your test at the same time, so we intend to create some arrays to spread these people to different places. They can watch our test in different parts of the desert through our array of methods. . ”Lu Xianshi explained.

  "Are you planning to establish a mirage?"

  Mu Yu quickly thought of this formation. Using the principle of the mirage to project their battles to different places, this is enough for 200,000 people to see the test.

  At the time of the match test, the sect was to use the mirage method to pass the Fu Zong, and those who watched the test were not actually playing the martial arts.

  "Yes."Lu Xianshi said.

  "You really do what business is doing!"Mu Yu smiled helplessly.

  In order to make money, Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian both made their minds on his door. However, Mu Yu can't blame them. This is indeed a business opportunity and a good opportunity to make money. It is good for the development of the sect, and naturally it cannot be missed.

  "Let you laugh, if you don't want others to see it, we can't do it."Lu Xianshi quickly said.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "No, you can do it!" However, if you have nothing to do these days, you will stay in Mufu to help me arrange a few guardian arrays.

And when my grandfather went out these days, you will be with him by the way. No need to do anything. That is, people who have no long eyes dare to collide with my grandfather, you shocked. ”

  "But I am more worried about you -" Lu Xianshi hesitated.

  Mu Yu smiled slightly: "Do not worry! Lu Xianshi, the people who want to kill me have gone more, not bad one. ”

  Lu Xianshi looked at Mu Yu's chest, and he could nod but nodded.

  Mu Yu asked Lu Xianshi to follow his grandfather to check the terrain of the entire Mufu. By the way, he helped the Mufu to perfect the guardianship method. In this respect, Lu Xianshi was more experienced, and soon he only left himself and the court. Two people, he still has some other things to ask.

  "Do you have any news?"Mu Yu asked.

  Since the birth of Ba Cao Village, he has never seen it.

  At that time, I suddenly said that I liked Mu Yu in front of everyone. At that time, Mu Yu knew that this girl was the one he could put everything for.

  After the death of the dead wood, he went to the sect, studied the array, and never looked for it. He thought that this time he had made such a big trouble, he would come to Qingshuicheng to find him.

  When I heard the stunned, I sighed a little and said: "I have never seen her, but I heard that because I was defeated by the Yao people in the village of Baicao, I was highly valued by the people of Red Dust. I heard that I plan to cultivate it as a goddess.

  The people of the Red Dust Gate have always attached great importance to the talents of the savage. When they disappeared with you last time, their entire red door was insane. The things in the Eight Grass Village made them almost the next door to cultivate. ”

  "God girl? Not a saint? ”Mu Yu feels a bit strange.

  "The disciples of Red Dust Gate are divided into ordinary disciples, saints and goddesses. The saint is a talented disciple and the most likely to be the owner of the Red Dust Gate. When the strength of the saint is strong enough, it will become a goddess, and the goddess will be allowed to enter the red dust pond of their red dust door for cultivation. Who can cultivate the red dust lotus root to the highest level, who is the next red dust gate master. At the moment, I am in the red dust fairy pool.
Practice. ”

  Mu Yu slightly frowned, because he remembered that he had said that the door of the Red Dust Gate could not be with the man. The Miao language was imprisoned at the Red Dust Gate because he had committed the ring. If you become the main door of the red dust door, what should you do?

  He didn't know what it was like at the moment, but he needed to see the side.

  "I know what you are thinking, but the local people in the red dust fairy pool can't get in, at least because of your current strength, it is impossible to harden the red door, you can rest assured! I will help you pay attention to the situation. ”He took a shot of Mu Yu’s shoulder.

  The relationship between Dan Dingpai and Dust Gate is relatively good. It used to be the master of medicine to learn alchemy, and it was also the same door.

  Mu Yu remembered one thing. In a few months or so, Master should get rid of the shackles of the imprisonment and restore the cultivation. At that time, Master will definitely go to the Red Dust Gate to save the Miao language, and as a daughter of Master, the Red Dust Gate is not afraid of her.

  Thinking of this, Mu Yu is a little relieved, as long as there is a master, it should not be the same fate as her mother.

  However, Mu Yu is also worried about one thing, because the avenue has passed away, and the white world has more control over the imprisonment of Xianqu. If the white world obstructs the wind and dust, how can it be repaired?

  Soon after the fire arrived in Qingshui City, he did not find a place to stay, so he stayed at Muyu. There were only seven days left from the sixth day of June. However, at this time, Sikong Qiwen sent a message to Mu Yu. The location of the sixth test in June was the death Gobi outside the east gate of Qingshuicheng. in.

  The location of the test is not unexpected in the desert. The conflict between them is too wide, and it will cause great damage in Qingshuicheng. It is obviously the best place to fight in the desert.

  Regarding this comparison test, according to the arrogant arrangement of Sikongqiwen, the first thing is that Sikongqiwen is not waiting for the day, and then it is against Mu Yu.

  And Mu Yu does not agree with this, he does not matter whether he can defeat Sikong Qiwen, but he has decided to kill the day! After not waiting to come to Qingshui City, he has not seen it before.

  I have been waiting for him to seek revenge, and they are destined to make a break.


  The wooden bun is sitting in his own courtyard, running the dusty mind and discharging the distracting thoughts in his heart.

  Since Lu Xianshi came, he entrusted two of them to teach Mu Hao to learn the formation method, because Mu Yu himself also needs to cultivate.

  Now that his repairs have arrived at the Nine Heavens, repairs have also reached a bottleneck. However, he still did not find the opportunity to break through, and always felt that something was missing.

  The dust-heart method is used in conjunction with the Tianjian nine-introduction. He has completely mastered the dust-breaking method, and can achieve a sword-like style. It can also use the nine-nine-one, and it is the core sword array of Tianjian.

  Coupled with a strong array of techniques, his strength can be comparable to the strength of the distraction period. However, he only knows his own limit. If he does not break through to the distraction period, he will still suffer if he does not wait for the day.

  It is not the same as Tiankaiyu. Tiankaiyu is only a distracting one, and looks at his unstable atmosphere. It is estimated that he will not be worth mentioning in front of Muyu soon after he entered the distraction period. But the day is not the kind of straw bag. Where is the simple master of the Star Gate?

  What's more, there is a mysterious rise of Sikong Qiwen!

  Jianguang crossed in the courtyard, and there was a ripple of ripples. The shadows had disappeared into the void, and Mu Yu walked in the courtyard like a leisurely walk. During the change of body shape, the shadow of Jianguang emerged from all directions.

  The purple flowers of the courtyard are spreading silently, intertwined with the atmosphere of the wood feathers.

  Purple flower is a tough ornamental flower. It is red when it is just blooming. It will then undergo a colorful change, from red, orange to purple, so it is called purple flower.

  Because of the special nature of flowering, purple flower is very popular among people. Wood feather also likes this kind of words, because it is like experiencing a colorful life. At least when they are dying, they have been brilliant.

  At this time, the purple flower is already blue, its flower branches are spreading, the green leaves are rhythmically moving, and the pulse of the wood feathers is connected. Cultivation in the plant will make his heart easier to calm down.

  His wooden spirit is a hard and sacred sacred object that can transform thousands of plants in the world. When it is transformed into other plants, it will have all the characteristics of that plant, which means that the illusion of plants lacks invincibility. specialty.

  This is a pity of Mu Yu, if the woody plants are also hard to be, then it will become a big boost for Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu has used countless times of Mu Ling so far, but in desperation, he has been careful and cautious to use this situation, because the comprehensible and Yumeng are not arbitrarily, UU reading once his The ability to leak out will bring him great trouble.

  Fortunately, he has learned the art of battle now, and using the array can use the spirit to transform other things, whether it is flame or plant or water. Therefore, the array became a clever disguise of Mu Yu using Mu Ling, he can use the formation to hide his ability to control the trees.

  He wants to defeat the day, and the ability to control plants is essential!

  A sword crossed, and all the purple flowers re-opened and turned red.

  The sword falls and the heart is quiet.
r /> Mu Yu feels the sword in the surrounding purple flowers, the flowers are weak, the sword is sharp, the sword is swaying and sniffing the flowers, and the soft and soft.

  His heart is enlightened, purple flowers are floating in the air, the shadows are twinkling, the sword is stunned, but the petals are not hurt, the sword in the heart, shuttles in the rain of the sky, only kills the person who killed.

  There are swords in your heart, and swords are everywhere.

  Numerous points of shadow Jianguang emerged from the void, and crossed in the gap between the flowers and rains. The fierce swords evolved around the wood feathers, and the wood feathers looked like an ancient peak, and they did not move.

  For a long time, Mu Yu opened his eyes, the sword of the whole body dissipated, and the purple flowers fell back to the branches.

  He still couldn't break through that barrier to reach the distraction period.

  "I miss a battle."In the eyes of Mu Yu, the black and white lines are flashing, but only the battle can make him break the barrier.

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