No. 529 Chapter Hijacking

  Qingshui City is already full of people. Before and after, about 200,000 comprehensions have poured into Qingshui City. Every day, the streets are bustling comprehensions.

  There are also many rankings in the back of the great fairy also come here, Sikong Qiwen, Tianshou and Muyu are all famous figures in the realm of comprehension, and their own strength is quite extraordinary. Watching the strong players' battles can understand their own shortcomings, so many of them are not willing to let go of this rare opportunity.

  There are battles in places where there are practitioners, but these self-cultivators are very conscious. They dare not fight brazenly in Qingshuicheng, and there are contradictions to solve in the big desert outside Qingshuicheng.

  Because the eight people in order to ensure that the day is not able to defeat the Sikong Qiwen, and to obtain the secret of the Sikongqiwen, have been united, so they do not allow Qingshui City to appear other scorpions, so they specifically sent people to ensure the safety of Qingshuicheng.

  No one dares to provoke the majesty of the eight gates, so there is very little riot in Shimizu Castle even if there is a mixture of fish and dragons.

  Wood family often needs to deal with the various industries in Clearwater, so they will often appear in various places in Clearwater.

  There are many eyes in the dark to stare at their movements, but in the broad daylight, no one dares to disrespect them, because every self-cultivator already knows that today's Mujia can't afford it, and no one wants to go through with the true God.

  Unless it is not a normal comprehension.

  Mu Rongxuan often took Mu Xin out to talk about business. Many things in Mujia were handled by him. Now, because of Mu Yu, Mujia and others are doing business relatively smoothly.

  Today, Mu Rongxuan is taking Mu Xin to a tailor shop where he manages the costumes of the self-cultivator. He is divided into questions. Because the self-cultivators often walk in danger, the demand for clothes is very large.

  Some clothes are made of powerful monsters and veins, which can resist the flying sword of certain power. Therefore, they are deeply loved by the comprehensions. Mu Rongxuan also took a look at this business opportunity. Therefore, he also wants to give this tailor shop Acquired.

  Mu Xin didn't like her father to talk about business. She was alone in the tailor shop, and she would happily run up when she saw good clothes.

  Opposite the tailor shop is a tea stall. At this moment, a man and a woman are sitting in front of the tea stall and drinking tea leisurely.

  "This is the wooden family, isn't it?"A young man who was born very white gently picked up a cup of green tea and took a sip.

  "The wooden home is guarded by a powerful array of methods. This powerful guardian is second only to the array." We want to find the wood feathers, only through the gates. ”The blue woman sitting opposite, glanced at Mu Xin, who was running around in the store.

  “It’s easy to get into Mufu. It’s not easy to come out.”The young man smiled and shook his head.

  "So how do you plan to bring out the wood feathers? We are here for him, aren't they? ”The blue woman said.

  "Mu Yu attaches great importance to his family, which will become his weakness. Be careful, don't let people see it. ”The young man turned his eyes to the tailor shop.

  "I understand."The blue woman nodded.

  There is no customer in the tailor shop at the moment. Only one buddy is accompanying Mu Xin, and Mu Rongxuan is talking with the shopkeeper in the back room.

  The blue women's models moved to the tailor shop, and the guys in the store immediately greeted them. But the blue woman's eyes flashed a blue light and shot into the eyes of the man.

  The body of the man suddenly froze.

  "You didn't see me, understand?"The woman in blue said faintly.

  "Yes."The guy turned around, went back to the counter, and sat back in the chair behind the counter, looking bored at the store.

  "Big sister, are you coming to buy clothes?"Mu Xin asked with a big eyes curiously.

  The woman in blue smiled slightly: "Yes, you can help me pick a good look, how?"

  "Yeah!"Mu Xin ran with the blue woman on the shelf hanging from the clothes.

  Blu-ray flashed again, and the only man left in the store.

  The young men on the tea stalls have long since disappeared.


  The entire wooden house is covered with a cloud of darkness, and everyone's expression is not good.

  A sense of crisis that seems to be indispensable is spreading in everyone's heart.

  "You said Xiao Xin is gone?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

  Mu Rongxuan was going crazy. He handed a piece of paper to Mu Yu and said: "I just took Xiaoxin out to talk about business. I let her play in the store, but when I was busy, I found Xiaoxin missing. The guy in the store sent such a piece of paper. Mu Yu, what should I do now? ”

  The wooden feather spreads the paper and writes a few words:

  "At midnight tonight, let Mu Yu alone come to Qingshui City to die in Gobi, otherwise the little girl is dead."

  The location is in the death Gobi, which is where the three of them will fight in the sixth day of June.

  There is no name after these words, the paper is plain paper and there is nothing special about it.

  This piece of paper has no head and tail but let Mu Yu see it in anger. He never thought that someone actually wanted to threaten him with Xiaoxin's life!

  "Is it a shadow kill?"The frowning fringe, took the paper in the hands of Mu Yu, and looked at it for a long time.

  "I don't know, but now that the Mufu is guarded by a powerful array of methods, no one can come in quietly, and it is impossible to kill the Qingming! If he wants to force me to
If you are, then it is very possible to use this method. ”The wood feathers are very cold.

  The guardianship method he gave to the wooden house is very powerful. You don't have to worry about other people's hardships, but the wooden family can't always hide in this barrier. If he doesn't solve this problem, it is very likely that all the wooden families will be affected in the future. His involvement.

  "How is the shadow killing the Qingming strength?"Wood Folding Star got the news and immediately rushed over.

  Mu Yu shook his head.

  The most popular movie in the forty-third is the killing of the film. At least in the six-day period of the distraction, and the wood feathers only have the repair of the nine-day heaven, the strength is too great!

  "Three brothers, have you asked the folks in the store carefully? Do you not even know what the people who took Xiaoxin took? ”Wood Folding Star asked seriously.

  Mu Rongxuan shook his head: "I have asked, the man is like a memory loss. I can't remember the child Xiaoxin."

  Twenty-four shadow killings are very mysterious, and it is said that no one has seen them look like this.

  Mu Yu had no choice but to go to the appointment for his sister.

  "We must be long-term in this matter!"Mu Tianhe hurriedly walked over and said.

  The fierce name of the shadow killing even has to cover Sikong Qiwen and the day is not waiting. If this is the case, then if Mu Yu really wants to go to the appointment, I am afraid that there will be more and more fierce.

  Lu Xianshi said on the side: "Mu Yu, let me go with you!"

  Although he knows the strength of Mu Yu, but he knows that the shadow kills the Qingming, the shadow killing Qingming is more difficult than the empty sky and the sky!

  Mu Yu shook his head: "No, if it is a shadow killing, I will deal with it alone." Lu Xianshi, you will leave the wooden house to help me protect the wooden family, let other wooden families stop going out, I will go back. ”

  The wooden folding star handles on the shoulder of Mu Yu, calmly said: "I don't trust you to go alone."

  Wood Folding Star has lost his son and does not want to lose the second time.

  Mu Yu's heart fretting, said: "Nothing, I am not so easy to be caught by people, you are waiting for me here, this time is not suitable to leave Mufu."

  He knows what the wood folding star is thinking, but if the shadow killing is really coming to the door, he can't choose to escape, otherwise the wooden house will always be in danger.

  "Is this really okay?"The wood folding star is filled with anxiety.

  "Do not worry! Who is killing who is not necessarily it! ”Mu Yu’s eyes flashed with icy light.


  After the night, the city of Shimizu is very quiet, and the moonlight is quietly immersed in the oasis of the innocent desert, like a layer of hoarfrost.

  Mu Yu quickly drifted out of the Mufu, swept away from the city and disappeared into the night.

  "Is it finally coming out?"There is a shadow in a small alley. This shadow is like a ghost. Even if someone walks in front of him, it is impossible to find his trace.

  The moonlight draws the shadow of the Qingshui City building very long. This shadow is fixed on the figure of the wood feather, and it is shuttled in every shadow that is illuminated by the moon, never exposed to the moonlight.

  He is like a walker in the shadow, and every shadow is his place of foot.

  But his body suddenly suddenly paused, quietly looking at the dark alley in front, as if he had found something, then indulged for a moment, disappeared into the shadows and disappeared.

  A dark woman walked out of a blue woman, she stared at the place where the shadow of the group was, and looked at the wood feathers under the moonlight, which was flying over the clear water city, and turned away silently.

  Death Gobi is a very difficult area near Qingshuicheng.

  It was originally a road to trade, and the death Gobi was not called the death Gobi. However, on a certain day, the sand in the Gobi in the gully is like a flowing water, and it is very strange.

  Everyone in Clearwater knows that there is a phenomenon of quicksand in the desert, but the quicksand in the death Gobi is really flowing. Driven by the wind, like water, fluttering around the death Gobi, this weird phenomenon may appear several times a day, and once the ordinary person enters the death Gobi, it will be dangerous.

  Therefore, it has become a forbidden place for the Qingshuicheng caravan. They prefer to choose other farther roads than to die through the Gobi.

  Facing the cold moonlight, UU read the book Mu Yu according to the instructions, out of the East Gate all the way north, found the death Gobi.

  Death Gobi is not difficult to find because this place is quite conspicuous. Even at night, you can see the red-red rocks flashing in the moonlight with a fascinating red light. As long as you fly high and overlook the desert, you can easily see the death Gobi.

  The wood feathers fell on a prominent sandstone and watched the night.

  The outline of Qingshuicheng is invisible here, only the rolling sand dunes.

  The wind and sand screamed through, with a hint of coolness. In the desert, the temperature difference between day and night is quite large, and the desert at night is like a winter, which makes people feel cold.

  "The true god disciple, only this way can lead you out alone, not simple."

  A black shadow appeared on the sand dunes in front of Muyu. This person came so quietly that when it appeared, it didn't look awkward at all, as if it had been standing there for a long time.

  The meaning of a cold chill is pervasive.

  The moonlight fell on the shadow, and Mu Yu saw it.
The appearance of the other party. This is a young man dressed in light blue, looks very thin, his face is sharp and angular, and his entire face looks pale under the moonlight.

  The breath of this person is deep and introverted, making Mu Yu feel the threat.

  "Is it clear and clear?"Mu Yu narrowed his eyes and he found himself unable to see the young man in front of him.

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