NO. 531 Chapter No Shadow Group (next)

  After returning to Mufu, Mu Tianhe and others did not fall asleep, and they were waiting for the wood feathers. They were relieved after seeing the figure of Mu Yu.

  "Mu Yu, you are back, great! Xiaoxin came back after you left. We wanted to inform you, but we are worried that we can't help, so…"Mu Rongxuan said nervously.

  At this moment, Mu Xin was sleeping peacefully in his arms. After Mu Yu had just left, Mu Xin fell asleep at the gate. It was Mu Bo who heard someone knocking on the door, went out to see and found her and hugged her. Come in.

  "I'm fine, Xiao Xin should be fine?"Mu Yu asked.

  Mu Yu put his hand on Mu Xin's forehead, and the spiritual power in his hand walked in the upper circle of Mu Xin, and found that Mu Xin was safe and sound, and he reluctantly believed the words of White Night.

  "She just fell asleep, I have seen it, she should wake up tomorrow morning."The singer came out loud.

  "What happened in the end? Is it really a shadow killing? ”Mu Tianhe asked eagerly.

  Everyone looked at Mu Yu. They have heard more or less the killing of Qing Ming, and they are very worried that Mu Yu will have an accident. Fortunately, Mu Yu came back safely, and the heart that everyone was hanging down was also laid down.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "It is not a shadow to kill the Qingming, but a young man. Have you heard of the shadowless family? ”

  The shadowless family that appeared in the evening made Mu Yu feel very puzzled, especially the one that was said in the White Nights: there are some powerful forces hidden in the secret of the comprehension, and the eight doors do not represent the entire realm of comprehension.

  It seems that Mu Yu’s understanding of the real world is still too small.

  Mu Tianhe and others face each other and are unclear. So, like Mu Yu, they have never heard of the so-called no-family, and even they don’t know it.

  However, Lu Xianshi, who was on the side, suddenly slammed and said: "Do you mean no film?"

  Everyone turned their attention to Lu Xianshi, and Mu Yu nodded. "Lu Xianshi, do you know anything about the shadowless family?"

  Lu Xianshi thought for a while and said: "The filmless family is a very strange organization. I used to listen to a member of a filmmaker when I was helping the Shun Xintang to make a contact law."

  "Lu Xianshi, whoever you really do business!"Mu Yu said helplessly.

  Lu Xianshi not only helped the sects of the sects to deal with the tactics of the squad, but also helped the millions of merchants to do the sapphire that could reveal the traces of the immortals, and helped the sinister casinos to arrange gambling bets, and actually helped the Shunxintang who was affiliated with the filmmakers. The array used to contact.

  These forces are not good birds in Mu Yu, and a large part of Lu Xianshi’s business is helping. However, Mu Yu certainly won't blame him, because the sect is originally relying on this to make money, just as the filming organization relies on people to make money.

  Lu Xianshi smiled and smiled: "There is no one to come! We only pay for the arrangement and don't ask the customer. But then again, I did listen to them about the no-family. The shadowless family seems to be the rival of the filmmakers, specifically destroying the business of the filmmakers, especially the business of destroying the killings. ”

  Lu Xianshi pondered for a moment and continued: "The last time I heard them say that a certain shadow killer was killed by the people without the shadow group, the high-level leader of the filmmaker was particularly angry. I feel quite curious, the shadow killing has always been very powerful, and actually will be killed by people, really is not allowed. ”

  "Specially destroying the business of killing and killing people,

how? Does the person without the shadow family like to kill? ”Mu Yu feels a bit fresh.

  "I don't know, I think maybe this shadowless family is specifically for the sake of compensation. Once the assassination mission fails, is it double compensation?"Lu Xianshi guessed.

  The filmmakers have always been collecting people's money to replace people. In order to demonstrate their credibility, they set the rules. Once the tasks are not completed within the specified time, they will double the deposit to the customers.

  The risk of murder is very high, and the higher the target of assassination is, the more expensive the price is, and the more the deposit will be charged. If the mission fails, the loss of Shun Xintang will be great!

  The rule of the filmmakers to make compensation is because the filming and killing they sent is extremely confident in the assassination.

  The most famous among the shadow killers is the 20-season killer, but it does not mean that they have these twenty-four killers, and the filmmakers have countless killings. Just want to ask for a 20-season killer, the price paid is quite expensive.

  "Get compensation? It is also very interesting to make money from this aspect. According to you, if the people without the shadows deliberately let people kill, and then find a way to kill a certain film, it is indeed able to take compensation. But such a mysterious organization can't be full of food to support this activity? ”Mu Yu could not help but laugh.

  "You are right. I remember what the high-ranking organization of the filmmaker said at the time. The film-free family is a very difficult bone. I think that even the shadows of the filmmakers feel that it is difficult to get the compensation. Kim’s organization? The strength of the shadowless family is at least not weaker than the filming organization. ”Lu Xianshi continued.

  "But even I have never heard of a shadowless family!"Said with a look of confusion.

  As an alchemy teacher of the Dan Ding School, he has heard a lot about many things in the realm of the realm. He knows a lot about the filmmakers and has never heard of the shadowless people. This is very strange. Not only him, Mu Yu has never heard of the mysterious power of the shadowless family!

  If a force has to be tabooed by filmmakers, why do few people in the cultivation community know their existence?

Who of you now has the information of the immortal list, knowing what is the ranking of this person in the night of white nights? ”Mu Yu asked again.

  White nights are about twenty years old, and they are also in distraction. It is certainly a certain immortal on the list of immortals.

  "This is what I have. This is a list of the best immortals that I had nothing to buy when I came to Clearwater City a while ago."Take a piece of long and narrow white paper from the sleeves and hand it to the wood feather.

  The above information is excerpted from the information of the Great Immortal Monument. It only briefly introduces the rankings and origins of each of the great immortals. It is not as detailed as the sapphire that Waibei Ya gave to Mu Yu, so the price is not expensive, so A piece of Lingling Stone, the top is the May 10 ranking.

  The rankings are changing every day, so each one will be dated, given a reference, and the accuracy is not very high.

  Mu Yu carefully looked at the name of the immortal, he saw that his current ranking is still in the 80th no change, because when he bought this list, he did not kill Tian Kaiyu.

  Ling Zheng, who had already died for a few months, is still in the 67th place, because the field of forbidden surgery destroyed the celestial sign, which is very rare, and the monument cannot be changed.

  Then, he saw the three words of White Night, and the ranking of White Night is the 93rd!

  "strange."Mu Yu shouted.

  The 93rd is extremely abnormal, and the white nights have the strength of distraction at this age. According to the reason, it is absolutely within 60, but he is only ranked 93rd, obviously not very much. Right.

  You must know that even the top five rankings are the 84th, and the white night is definitely much higher than the levy. It is impossible to be as low as 93, unless he is as deliberate as Mu Yu. For it! Even deliberately lose to others and lower their rankings.

  There are only two simple words "discrete" about the introduction of White Nights.

  "How come ninety-three will dare to find you trouble? I said it earlier, let me pick him up. ”The martyrdom is in the air.

  "He has a distracted period of cultivation, but he has not rushed to the list."Mu Yu explained.

  The stern hand stopped in the air, and then pretended to be in a state of nothing to hear: "That will wait for me to pick him up later."

  "How is he not taking you?"Mu Tianhe asked with concern. He knew that Mu Yu had only a period of cultivation, and it was too difficult to face a distracted repairer.

  Mu Yu smiled slightly, his strength has not yet fully shown in front of the wooden family, the wood family is also ignorant of Mu Yu.

  "Do not worry, Grandpa, he didn't start with me."

  Mu Yu is more curious about this sudden figureless person than Sikong Qiwen is getting a strong cultivation, so that the filmmakers can not eat much.

  "That's good, so late, everyone should go to rest first!" I will talk tomorrow. ”

  Mu Tianhe looked at the night and found that the sky was already bright, so he changed his mouth: "Hey, let me talk about it in the afternoon!"

  When everyone nodded, they left.

  Mu Yu also returned to his room, lying on the bed, still thinking about many things in his mind.

  From the rise of Sikongqiwen to the huge momentum to challenge the city in Shimizu Castle, the whole thing has become simple.

  First of all, what is the person behind Sikong Qiwen? If there is no background, dare to be so brazen and provocative, then Mu Xiu will be destroyed by Lin Feng. Is this the truth that Sikong Qiwen will not understand? Or did he swell to think that he really can beat all the people who come to provoke himself?

  We must know that Sikongqiwen is a short-term man who has been rushing to advance. This kind of person will surely be paid attention to by many people. Everyone is thinking about getting a secret from him to be soaring. Sikongqiwen really thinks that he can keep it. Do you live a strong secret?

  Since it is a shadowless family that is specially opposed to the filmmakers in the night, then the words he said at night should not be fake. The killing of Qingming to the Qingshui City is indeed not subject to gambling on the murder of Sikongqiwen or Tian. Not waiting, but the people of the Star Gate specially sent to kill the wood feathers.

  These are not the key points. The point is that Mu Yu found that what he said in the night is right.

  If the shadow kills the Qingming and the white nights, taking the wooden family as a hostage to force the wooden feather to submit, what should the wood feathers do?

  The Mu family does not go out of this compound, and the guardian array method set by Mu Yu can completely resist the outsiders, including the shadow killing Qingming, and can not sneak in quietly, UU reading www. but the wooden family can not hide here for a lifetime.

  Mu Yu carefully observed the "shadowless" token. The things that happened this time became more and more weird. The sudden emergence of the shadowless family made things more and more confusing.

  Shimizu Castle was well-known for its cultivation in the real world because of the rise of Sikongqiwen. It also attracted many people to watch the battles of these three geniuses because Sikongqiwen wanted to challenge the world and the disciples of the true gods.

  Today, Qingshui City is full of all kinds of comprehensions, and it has become one of the most prosperous cities in the triple continent.

  Under this prosperous situation, there are several undercurrents that are surging in restlessness, and each is brewing a conspiracy.

  The short-term repair of the skyrocketing Scooch seems to be the key to the whole event, and Mu Yu is a stumbling block that others want to remove.

  Mu Yu looks at the top of the list, the top 50 and the last 50 are two different concepts, can be said to be a point
Water ridge.

  At the beginning, he remembered very clearly that among his brothers and sisters, the 50th place was the sergeant, while Luo was ranked in the 39th and ranked 76th in the south. Lan Linger was in the ranks. Eighty-one.

  Nowadays, the promise has already reached the 37th place, Luo Wei is in the 36th, Lan Linger is still in the 81st, and southward…

  Mu Yu suddenly sat up from the bed, how to rank south in the ninth place?

  How can this be! Going south to the ninth place! ?

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