Chapter 532 Desert Wind Night

  Mu Yu was shocked!

  If the Luo war or the word broke into the top nine, the MU plume will not be surprised.

  Cheng is a very stable person, talent is also very high, just because of the lack of aura in the Desert Yun jiangyong vein practice, relative to the Luo war to improve the promotion to slow some.

  As for the Luo War, although the wood feather is very dislike two seniors, but the talent of Luo War is not weaker than Mu Yu is indisputable fact.

  But usually honest and honest to the south in the beginning of the ranking of only 76, now unexpectedly surpassed the master brother and two seniors, and even rushed to the Nineth place?

  The top nine Immortals in the future are the leaders of the Youmont Demon clan, all the people have to listen to their fields, each of the goal is to become the first nine.

  Mu Yu never imagined that the honesty of the south of the country was a blockbuster, and the success became the ninth best!

  What the hell is this all about?

  It’s important to know that today’s 50th place is not waiting for the 50th and the Seventh of the Sky is a six-day refinement. God period.

  Whether it is Luo Wei or Cheng Yan, they can accept both of them with the distraction period, but the honest southward impression of Mu Yu is the most lazy person. If he can get to the ninth place. Then his strength may not be as simple as the distraction period!

  "When the nine days of the magical array were blocked, the land of the Lord Ummings in the south of the body was not sealed. Is it already going south?"Mu Yu’s mind couldn’t help but flash through several thoughts.

  The only thing that did not succeed in the nine-day magic array was that it was southward. At that time, the soil of the Lord Yumou Ling took the initiative to return the control of the body to the south, and then let the south wake up.

  Evil is not even old and even wants to kill to the south, but because of the blockage of Master Feng Haochen, it has saved the life to the south, and to the south is also forbidden to leave the southern 50-liyuan.

  If you want to defeat the former celestial ninth in the south, you must leave the southern 50-mile garden. How did he escape the surveillance of evil?

  The evil shadow is not always the same as the sword shadow dust wind, and it is extremely horrible. Even the five Umming spirits are very jealous of him. It’s almost impossible to go south to escape from the evil eyes, so what happened?

  Is it sneaking away when Nanzhao is not old and left the southern fifty-liyuan? Is it really controlled by the back soil?

  If it wasn't for Mu Yu himself, there was a lot of things to break, he couldn't wait to go to the southern fifty-liyuan to find a question and ask about the situation. At this time, he was not only eye-catching and clear-cut, but he was not waiting for it. The safety of the Mu family was not guaranteed. He could not leave Qingshuicheng.

  "Southern brothers, you must not have an accident!"There is an unpredictable feeling in Mu Yu’s heart.

  There are more and more bad things. The only thing that makes Yu Yu see hope is that sooner, the dead air of the nine gas and the polyester flower can not suppress the anger of the grass. When the master can resume the repair, All the mess is cleaned up.

  "Master should find a way to solve the problem of going south?"Mu Yu can only think of things as good as possible.

  It was already bright early, and it was nearly a day away from the sixth day of June.

  After Mu Xin woke up, everyone asked her what happened yesterday. Unfortunately, Mu Xin did not remember anything. He only said that he was looking at clothes in the tailor shop.

Then I fell asleep, so everyone can only give up.

  Mu Yu let all the wooden family not leave the house for a few days, and the business outside is temporarily stopped.

  Less than six days left from the beginning of June, the shadow killing Qingming still hides in the dark and waits for an opportunity to move.

  Shadow killing Qingming is the door of the Tianxingmen. The sky and the moon are not assured of the safety of his son, so I chose to spend a huge price to kill the Qingming and kill Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu is not surprised by the shameless practice of Tianxingmen. On the one hand, he creates his own son, and on the other hand, he helps his son to exclude dissidents. If the days are not waiting for the past achievements, they will rely on the secrets of the sky and the moon to help. So, Mu Yu can't wait for the day!

  This contest not only has eight people who unite to help the day, but also the Tianyue marks are assisting. This so-called extremely fairy battle makes Mu Yu feel disgusted.

  When Mu Yu wants to kill the sky, he will definitely stop it. In this case, then Mu Yu is going to solve the shadow killing and clearing!

  Mu Yu didn't want to sit still, he planned to take the initiative.

  "If I can't beat even the shadows and kill them, then it's even more impossible to kill them."Mu Yu said to himself.

  As for the people who have no shadows who aim to eliminate the filmmakers, he does not trust and does not want to rely on them.

  "Do you really intend to do this? That is the famous killer shadow killing Qingming! ”Lu Xianshi was somewhat worried. Although Mu Yu told him about the plan, he still didn't trust.

  "Do not worry! Who will give the grave to the next Ching Ming Festival next year is not necessarily! ”In the eyes of Mu Yu, it is rare to show a fierce light. "You will do it according to my plan!"

  Mu Yu is the door of the door of the door, relying on not only his own repair is so simple!

  "OK then! I am going with Situ Yangtian, you have to be careful. ”Lu Xianshi hesitated for a long while, then he left the wooden house in a hurry.


  Only five days left before the test, Mu Yu had left the Mufu alone during the day and left Qingshuicheng in the eyes of the public.

  His appearance has aroused the attention of many people. After all, whether it is the Sikong family or the Mufu, or the mansion courtyard that does not live in the sky, it is inevitable that some people will secretly spy on it.

  Many people are very interested in the traces of their three geniuses, so when Mu Yu left Qingshui City less than a quarter of an hour, almost the news has spread.

  "What does the true god disciple leave at Clearwater City at this time?"

  "Does he think that he is not waiting for the sky and the Sikongqiwen, so he decided to give up the test?"

  "It shouldn't be that simple! Go, go see! ”

  The comprehensions of many good things are secretly behind the wood feathers. However, the figure of Mu Yu disappeared into the yellow sand after the Qingshui City. Everyone did not know where he went.

  "Does the true god apprentice escape?"

  This is everyone's guess. Qingshui City is surrounded by a desert and is the only oasis in the desert.

  If there is no guide or a person who knows the road in the desert, it is easy to get lost. Although the comprehensible person can be abolished, even if the comprehension of the expiration period flies out of this desert, it takes two days and two nights. It takes at least four days and four nights to come back. Less than five days left from the test time, Mu Yu left Qingshui City and disappeared into the desert. It was obviously running away.

  "This is too rude, right? At this time, I am fleeing? ”A time came to watch the Qingshui City comprehension of the contest, and I felt that Mu Yu was simply detrimental to the majesty of the true God.

  "Not necessarily, people may just go to the desert to understand!"

  "I spent a thousand pieces of spiritual stone to gamble on him to win. If he fled, wouldn't it mean that my thousand stones were drowning?" God! I took the risk and decided to gamble on him to win. I knew I would gamble on the Sky! ”

  "Haha! Dumbfounded? I spent 10,000 pieces of Lingshi gambling, and the empty winner is the last winner! ”

  "How do I feel that the gambling days are not waiting for the winning rate to be bigger? I heard that the eight doors are standing together on the line of Sikongqiwen!"

  "Mu Yu has potential, but he still can't do it now. Anyway, if you want to win, you can't bet him."

  What makes everyone wonder is that Mu Yu left Qingshuicheng, but Mufu is still very quiet, there is no movement, and no wooden family appears in front of the comprehens.

  Many people know that Mufu is not going to go in, so they don't understand what happened to the Mu family. Is it because Mu Yu just recognized his ancestors and abandoned his loved ones?

  In a dark corner, a group of shadows stood quietly.

  "Is it all calculated?"The shadow is like talking to himself, then slowly fades into the corner and disappears.

  In the desert.

  The poisonous sun is roasting the yellow sand, braving the steaming heat, and seems to want to melt the sand. The layers of the dunes are like waves, rising and undulating.

  Occasionally, some sandstones that are severely weathered are seen in the desert. They are layered, strange, and stand in the sun.

  At this moment, Mu Yu sits on a towering sandstone and exercises his breath, absorbing the aura of the desert.

  Even the aura in the desert is extremely hot. If you can't calm down this heat, even if you absorb it into the body and become yourself, you will feel anxious and affect the practice. The dusty mind is about the state of mind, so he can successfully strip the hot air out.

  The sandstone on which the wooden badminton sits is portrayed in a summer resort that isolates the hot temperature from the outside.

  At this moment, Xiaoshuai is lying on the ground and eating watermelon. This watermelon or wood feather gives birth to watermelon seeds, and uses spiritual power to make it grow. The dragon vine is coiled on the hand of the wooden feather and is cultivated along the woody spirit of the wood feather.

  Long Teng now also has a period of cultivation. It has learned a lot of knowledge about the formation of the wood, and can successfully turn his breath into the dragon screaming swordsmanship, the power can not be underestimated.

  As for Xiaoshuai, who only knows how to eat all day, I don’t know what to do in the end. Anyway, when it uses Xiaoshuai’s Xuan Cang to thunder, there is still a model. Last time, I also personally put the tribute of Fu Zong’s Jiang Xiangdi. It is.

  The reason why Muyu came here alone is to make a break with the shadow killing Qingming!

  He may not be able to kill the Qingming, but he has a lot of means.

  Since the star of the star gate has no confidence in his son, then Mu Yu makes his worry a reality!

  Mu Yu had been practicing in the sun for a whole day, and no one was bothering him. The night is coming soon, the moon is hanging in the air, and UU reading illuminates the entire desert.

  During the day, it was a hot wave. At night, it produced a trace of coolness. The temperature difference between the desert and the night was quite large. The temperature during the day was sixty or seventy degrees, and only ten degrees were left at night.

  The wind blew the yellow sand, fluttering in the air, creaking.

  Under the night, a white-headed phoenix flies in a fluttering manner, and the crisp sound of the white-headed singer is so clear in the desert that it is refreshing.

  The appearance of the Pulsatilla in the desert is very awkward, and it makes the desert look a little strange.

  "Pulsatilla is a fairy-tale poultry. It is a symbol of longevity and a symbol of longevity. Why is it a symbol of Qingming?"Mu Yu looked up at the white-headed eagle flying under the moonlight and said calmly.

  "It's called heaven."

  Pulsatilla light
The sky is flying, and in the moonlight, the shadow of the Pulsatilla is constantly moving through the sand dunes. The shadow of the group stopped moving after the sandstone in front of Muyu, and then a figure slowly emerged from the shadow of the Pulsatilla.

  "It’s almost gone to the sky, isn’t it?”The figure slowly opened.

  His whole person is hidden in the shadows. Even the moonlight has not clearly revealed his appearance. It seems to be a pure shadow, which makes people feel that they are twisted.

  The Pulsatilla is still flying in the moonlight, but there is no shadow underneath it.

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