Chapter 533 Submerging

  "A good whitehead goes to heaven, so I can only kill you if I kill you."Mu Yu slowly rose to his feet.

  He did not feel any cultivation from the Qingming, as if it was a common shadow, there is nothing special, but it is such a humble shadow that makes him smell dangerous.


  The shadow suddenly opened his eyes, and the eyes were filled with murderous murderousness, like a thousand years of cold ice, without any emotion, people will look cold and boneless.

  Mu Yu brows a pick.

  "I'm the one who killed you." ”Shadow killing said quietly and calmly.

  The killing of the sky was swept in the yellow sand, it looked cold and cold, the sand seemed to no longer flutter, the air became a bit dull, and the time seemed to be stagnant.

  In the face of the clear-cut killings, Mu Yu did not move. He knows that the killing of Qingming in the rankings of the celestial squad is higher than that of the day, which means that the slashing of the Qingming has the power of distraction. Shadow killing Qingming is not the kind of straw bag of Tiankaiyu, Muyu will not be small.

  "I thought that you have escaped from Clearwater City as they said."Shadow kills the clear road.

  Mu Yu looked at him and did not answer.

  Qing Ming continued: "I am very curious about you, why do you have a calm period in front of me? Are you ready for the next day of the next year? ”

  "Is it a killer?"Mu Yu asked.

  The sound of the shadow-killing is a strange voice, it feels like a smile, but it's very difficult to hear.

  "I don't usually like to talk nonsense with the target, but you are a true disciple, so I am so embarrassed to say a few words. I heard that the true god disciple is the one who can do the most miracles, but this miracle may be closed tonight. ”Shadow kills the clear road.

  The sharp whistling sound is far and near, and the two black air blades have quietly turned to the wood feather under the cover of the night.

  "You said it, just maybe."

  The foot of the wooden feathers moved, and the whole person had disappeared. The sandstone under his feet had been smashed into powder by the black air blade. Xiaoshuai was on the shoulder of Mu Yu and still had a piece of watermelon in his hand.

  "A quarter of an hour. You can hold on for a quarter of an hour in my hand, and I will turn around and leave, this business is even messed up. ”Shadow killing the clear tone with a hint of mockery.

  He does have arrogant capital. As the 43rd most popular immortal on the list of immortals, he has been quite terrible, and countless people have taken his life. The true God apprentice is even more powerful, and there is only a period of embarrassment. It is impossible to turn a wave out of his hand.

  "A quarter of an hour?"Mu Yu's gaze reflects the black and white awns in the cold moonlight.

  "The person I want to kill has never been in my hands for a quarter of an hour!"

  Qingming is still the shadow of the group, but his hand has been lifted. A black spiritual power rose into the sky, hitting the white-headed pulsatilla, and then the pulsatilla suddenly turned black, and it was two, two, four…Sixteen white-headed owls have appeared in the moonlight.

  These sixteen white-headed owls have now reappeared sixteen shadows under the reflection of the moonlight. The white-headed eagle began to dance around each other, and the shadow of the ground was intertwined in the wood feathers from time to time.

  The shadow of a white-headed eagle rushed toward the wood feathers.

Mu Yu looked at the ordinary shadow, and there was a strong sense of crisis in his heart. The whole person had already vacated. At the same time, the figure was drilled into the shadow of his approaching, and it was a shadow to kill the Qingming!

  The sharp black awns in the hands of Qingming flashed and rushed toward Mu Yu.

  Almost in the light and flint, the figure of Mu Yu disappeared in place, avoiding the clear blow!

  Shadow killing and killing depends on the shadow. He can switch his body shape freely in the shadow made by these 16 white-headed lyrics.

  Once Mu Yu is close to the shadow of sixteen Pulsatillas, then he must be greeted by the deadly attack of Qingming!

  The speed of the sixteen white-headed priests is quite fast. Even in the comprehension of the distraction, there are not necessarily people who are faster than them. They fly fast in the sky, and the shadow under the moonlight rushes toward Muyu very quickly.

  However, the speed of Mu Yu is not slow, and his Scorpio star flashes from time to time, so that these shadows are completely invisible.

  The horrible murder is pervading around, sweeping every shadow, and every shadow in the desert exudes a cold chill.

  Mu Yu understands that he can't avoid the shadow of the sixteen white-headed hunters by the speed of repairing himself. Fortunately, he has a very strong Scorpio star array to avoid the 16 fast-moving pulsatillas. not a problem.

  "Surface is a compulsory course for every movie, so the place with shadow is my battlefield!"Shadow killing Qingming said coldly, his figure quickly rushed out behind the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu was slightly shocked, and the whole person had already flew in the air while going to the Pulsatilla.

  Pulsatilla is the shadow killer with the help of latent film, as long as the killing of these sixteen white-headed birds should be able to break the shadow of the latent film.

  The Jianguang reflected the moonlight, and it looked very cold. The fierce swordsman spurred out instantly, and the Wanshou swordsman passed through the lonely cold moon and went to Baitou Weng. But the sixteen white-headed babies have lightly escaped the shadow of the wood feathers, and their speed is not slower than the wood feathers!

  Shadow killing Qing Ming trailing behind Mu Yu, suddenly from the shadow of Mu Yu
The child rushed up.

  Mu Yu's toes are a little bit again, and the lines are surging and disappearing into the air.

  Awesome shadow!

  Mu Yu can't help but admire this horrible sneak technique. Shadow killing can use the shadow to freely change his position, even the opponent's shadow can be used. This way of moving is close to his Scorpio star!

  Especially in the case of assassination speed is not as good as the shadow killing, basically it is impossible to hide.

  The walker in the shadow, all the shadows are his battlefield, this is the shadow kill!

  It's no wonder that every movie killer is so horrifying. Once you are stared at them, you can't prevent it at night. You must be alert at all times. Otherwise, you will have a sharp blade in the shadow of your feet!

  If it isn’t for Mu Yu’s Scorpio, which is not weaker than the shadow-killing technique, it will definitely suffer if the strength gap is so large!

  Mu Yu turned and split the sword out of the hand, divided into nine by the mysterious sword, and then integrated into the hustle and bustle of Mu Yu.

  His whole person became extremely ethereal and light, like a free cloud, floating in the desert.

  Shadow Killing Qingming has once again appeared from the shadow below him, and a black shadow blade has turned to Mu Yu. Mu Yu's right hand is a virtual grip, and his side is swaying. The shadow sword is drawn from the void by the shadow sword, and he meets the black shadow blade of the shadow killing.

  The swordsman swallowed, and the sturdy breath swept through. The sword and the knife mans made a strong and pure brilliance in the moonlight, and they smashed over the desert. The majestic spiritual power instantly blasted the dunes under the feet into a horrible Big pit!

  Mu Yu stepped back a few steps to barely stabilize his footsteps, but the shadow of a white-headed gaze was just over him, and the shadow killing Qing Ming from the shadow of the white-headed eagle, the shadow of the killing shadow flashed, marking behind his back A huge wound!

  The appearance of the wooden feather has disappeared, but fortunately, otherwise this shadow blade will probably split him in two!

  The end of Mu Yu is to eat the repair of the loss, he and the shadow killing Qingming repair is a whole world, in this case hard hit is not feasible.

  The shadow blade not only casts a wound on the back of the wood feather, but also invades a domineering spiritual power, constantly destroying the veins in the wood feather body.

  Shadow killing Qing Ming appeared in the distance of Mu Yu, but did not continue to attack.

  "The ability to escape the shadows of our shadows, repair and speed must be above me. Why can you have such a fast moving speed with a nine-day retreat? ”Shadow killing Qingming surprised.

  "If you want to kill me by submarine, it might not be enough for a quarter of an hour."Wood Yu is too lazy to explain anything.

  The average squad uses the Scorpio star array, and I am afraid that it will be exhausted after two or three times of use, but it is obviously not limited to Mu Yu.

  He possesses chaotic yin and yang, and he can continuously provide him with the spiritual power needed for the performance of the array. In addition, this day, the comet array is combined with the dusting pace, and can move with the heart instead of random appearance, so you can escape. Shadow killing the clear shadow of the latent film.

  "A quarter of an hour is enough, my shadow will be scattered, and it will be scattered in all the blood and organs in your body. I am different from other shadow killers, and my shadow blade can control people. ”The shadow kills the clear and slowly sticks out a finger.

  Mu Yu was shocked. He felt that his body suddenly had a strong spiritual power. The spiritual power did not belong to him at all, but he occupied his veins and controlled his body!

  He couldn't help but follow the Qingming, and put a finger out and point at the other side!

  "I was hurt by my shadow blade and it will become my influence. How do I move, you have to follow it! ”Shadow killing Qingming extended his right hand, and his hand appeared a group of sharply rotating black spirits, mixed with incomparable horrible lethality.

  Mu Yu also extended his right hand, but nothing appeared on his hand. Shadow killing Qingming controls his body, but it does not mean that he can also gather and kill the same spiritual power. UU reading

  Shadow killing the palm of the hand, the black spirit in the hand has already gone towards Mu Yu.

  The black spirit of the group magnified in front of the wood feathers, and instantly hit the chest of the wooden feathers, and flew out the wood feathers, and slammed into the sand dunes, arousing the yellow sand of the sky.

  Mu Yu lay down at the bottom of the bunker, spit out the blood in his mouth, and it was still too reluctant to face the forty-third celestial being with the repair period.

  The shadow killing Qing Ming appeared next to Mu Yu. The sixteen white-headed owls in the sky hovered around the wooden feathers. The shadow of the white-headed eagle shrouded the wooden feathers in the shadows. The shadow was like a cage, trapping the wooden feathers on the ground. Let Mu Yu have no possibility of breaking free at all!

  "I have sixteen returning to heaven, and the speed of these sixteen returning to heaven is not weaker than that of the comprehension of the distraction. Let me tell you that these sixteen returnees are actually self-cultivators known for their speed, including two great immortals. When I recognize the speed of assassination of the target, I will refine it into my return to heaven with the technique of shadow, and become a part of helping me fight. You are honored, I have also seen your speed, you are qualified to be my return. ”Shadow killing and faint said.

  From beginning to end, except for those eyes without emotion, the whole person who kills the Qingming is just a shadow. Even if it is so close to Mu Yu at this moment, Mu Yu can't see his exact face.

  Mu Yu's body was covered by the sky, and the body's spiritual power that began to eclipse his body's bones and flesh, his skin began to turn black!

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