Chapter 534 Light and Darkness

  The flesh and blood in the wood feathers were eaten by the weird power, but his black and white spirits in Dantian had already spewed out, spreading the meridians throughout his body, wrapping the wounds that had been eaten, and repairing the wounds on his body.

  At the same time, the spiritual power caused by the shadow blade was swallowed up by the black and white spirit in his body.

  "There are so many people who want to kill me, you are definitely not the last one."Mu Yu’s eyes sank and his hands flashed brightly in his cyan!

  "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

  Says childishly voice from not far from afar, the air suddenly Chanley rolling, followed by the blue Sparks in the twinkling, a more than 10 Zhang Long blue Sword from the air sideways.

  The Pulsatilla quickly dissipated, and the shadow cage of the wooden feathers was not broken. At the same time, the overbearing sword shadow screamed and slammed into the place where the shadow kills the Qingming station.

  But the shadow killing Qingming has disappeared in place.

  Xiaoshuai has a hand in his waist and a finger on the sky. Its small claws dexterously control the blue thunder sword, which is many times higher than it, and is swaying in the air.

  The whole man at the foot of the wood feather Light movement, landed outside the bunker.

  Sixteen of the heavens have already spread, and the shadow killing Qingming slowly appeared under the shadow of the heavens not far from Muyu. "The true god's apprentice is really worthy of the name, and I can get rid of the control of my influence."

  The wound on the chest of the wooden feather has healed, and he has a slight gasp. The black and white spirit in the body has not been known to be good or bad since it was infested by the anger and death of the grass. But it is undeniable that these two distinct spiritual forces are always able to save him at the right time.

  "The guy who hides his face, the handsome little man comes to pick you up!"Xiao Shuai’s big sword waved twice in the air, and the blue light illuminates the entire desert.

  Mu Yu looks at the moon in the sky, and every shadow killer learns this terrible latent film. It is no wonder that when they kill, they are crisp and neat, and rarely miss.

  Because there is light, so there is a shadow, if there is no light?

  "Little handsome, come back."Mu Yu said in his heart.

  The wind and the heart of the chain together Xiao Shuai and Mu Yu, they are thinking about what both sides can know at this moment, Xiaoshuai reluctantly put away his giant sword, and returned to Mu Yu's arms.

  Mu Yu’s finger flashed in his hand, and the lines of the road rushed out of his hand, and then a black cloud suddenly floated in the sky, instantly covering the bright moonlight! The whole desert is in a darkness, and no one can see anyone.

  Qingming Ying killed a sneer: "You are too naive, there is no light, darkness is a huge shadow for me, you can't blame me for finding a dead end."

  Shadow killing, as the name suggests, is the killer hiding in the shadow. They like to be out at night, and they can only rely on shadows to kill people during the day. Each shadow killer has its own use to make shadows. Qingming relies on the fast-moving Pulsatilla to assassinate opponents.

  And once there is no light, the world is in a darkness, then it is the time when the killing is unimpeded!

  Mu Yu used the array to transform a huge black cloud to cover the moon, but it is also equivalent to creating the most favorable fighting conditions for the shadow killing Qingming!

  The shadow-killing eyes are shimmering in the darkness, and there is no need to resort to the Pulsatilla action. His combat power will once again be upgraded to a higher level.

  He is a person who lives in the dark, his vision is unaffected, and the position of Mu Yu is clearly seen by him!

  Once the figure was moving, it appeared on the side of Mu Yu, and the shadow blade in the back of the hand once again turned to Mu Yu.

  "Is it?"Mu Yu snorted.

  A dazzling white light suddenly burst out from Mu Yu and wrapped him all over his body. The whole person of Mu Yu is like the same round tomorrow, and the surrounding darkness is dispelled.

  The shadow killing the clear face suddenly changed, and the whole person has already retreated. The white-headed stalked in front of his eyes, using the white light of the wood feather to create a shadow, so that he stabilized his figure.

  "The killer in the night, is it so scared of light?"

  The brilliance of Mu Yu’s body is illusory with the illusion, and all these radiances are emitted, but there is no influence on himself.

  The flickering pattern under his feet has been teleported to the front of the white-headed priest, dispelling the shadow created by the pulsatilla, and the shadow-killing Qingming disappeared.

  Sixteen white-headed eagle flies around, and as long as they are away from the wood feathers, they can use the light of the wooden feathers to create a shadow.

  Mu Yu guessed it right, the shadow killing Qingming has a powerful latent film, he can be a ghost in his own shadow, even in the darkness of the five fingers, the speed is more rapid.

  However, this has led to his shortcomings of fear of radiance. He can only hide in the shadows and cannot directly receive any radiance.

  Where there is light, he can only use the shadow to assassinate the opponent. Once the shadow is dispelled by the light, then it is necessary for him to escape.

  "There is darkness in places where there is light, and you want to beat me too tenderly!"Shadow killing Qing Ming is somewhat irritated, he has never suffered from his own latent film.

  As long as there is a shadow, whether it is day or night, he can lightly take away the target's life from the shadow of the target.

  However, Mu Yu is a squad. The most powerful convenience of the squad is that he has a variety of arrays. Some of them may not have any lethality, but they can perfectly restrain the sneak shots. When Mu Yu regards himself as a light source, then the shadow kills will be no longer
There is no possibility of approaching the wood feathers, because the wood feathers themselves do not produce shadows.

  "There is darkness in the place where there is light, you are right."Mu Yu’s right hand white spirit surging, then hitting the desert on the ground.

  The formation quickly spread out with his right hand as the center. The mysterious lines alternated into an enchantment, and all the 16 white-headed beggars were trapped in his enchantment.

  The white-headed rushed toward the enchantment and wanted to escape the enchantment of Mu Yu, but the enchantment rushed out of the majestic pattern, blocking the gynosaurus.

  This place is full of bases, and there are hidden arrays that have not yet been stimulated. It is the secret of Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian. It is to help Mu Yu specialize in dealing with the killing of the shadows!

  Qingming Yingying screamed coldly: "I want to trap me with this enchantment. You are too small to marry me."

  The white-headed owls all gathered together, creating a shadow with the light from the wood feathers, close to the enchantment of the array. The shadow killing Qingming has already stretched out the shadow blade in the hand, and the shadow blade broke out with a powerful spiritual power. He has ten layers of grasping to crack the enchantment of Mu Yu's array.

  However, at this moment, he felt something was wrong. With his years of assassination experience, he immediately took a piece of black cloth from his hand and stopped it.

  His approach is correct, because the sixteen white-headed eagle suddenly wrapped all the strong light, and all their original shadows were dissipated!

  Pulsatilla has also been transformed into a light source by the appearance of Mu Yu, and there is no advantage in killing the speed of clearing!

  Mu Yu’s hand pattern gave a mysterious inscription, firmly attached to the sixteen white-headed beards, and the sixteen white-headed beggars became sixteen light sources, all of which made the latent shadows of the Qingming Shadows all invalid.

  The Qingming Shadow Killer used a black cloth to block himself in front of him. He stood in the shadow of the black cloth, and his heart was angry to the extreme.

  "I didn't expect to be able to push me to this point. It was actually a formation."The sound of killing the clear and clear is very cold.

  Although the squad is very powerful, their successlessness is notorious. He has also killed some strategists before, but those strategists have never had the speed of Muyu so fast.

  Xiao Yan, a strategist, didn’t even know how to die!

  Mu Yu’s hands once again morphed into countless patterns and merged into the enchantment of the side. Then the enchantments he created suddenly burst into a sultry light, and instantly shadowed the shadows made by black cloth. Dispel it!

  Everything glows with shadows, but once the light is too strong, it can fade the shadows produced by objects. The shadow with insufficient darkness is unable to become the foothold of the latent film!

  "Asshole!"The shadow killing Qingming screamed, he was just a shadow of a group of sneak in various shadows.

  However, his shadow was suddenly exposed to the light, and his entire figure began to violently sway.

  Numerous shadows were dispelled from the shadow of the Qingming body, as the shadow fragments were peeled off from him, and finally revealed his original appearance.

  This is a young man with a thin face and a pale face. The pale feeling is like having never seen the sun since birth. There is no trace of blood, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a dead person. The shadow killing Qingming was dressed in black, and the black shadow fragments on his body were smashed by the light, but they were safe and sound, just standing opposite the wood feathers, cold and incomparable.

  "Since I became a shadow killer, I have not seen the true face of being assassinated. You are the first one."Shadow killing Qingming killings stunned.

  The killer hiding in the dark has always liked to kill with a latent movie, but that doesn't mean he is really afraid of the light.

  Mu Yu uses his own array to force his true face out, he does not need to use the shadow to sneak.

  "Without the shadow, I think your combat power will be weaker!"Mu Yu said.

  "Even if you don't rely on shadows, it's more than enough to kill you."Two black daggers appeared on the hands of Qingming.

  These two daggers are the two sharp shadows of the genius, just because there is no shadow blessing, so they reveal their original appearance.

  The shadow blade came out of the hand, and the sharp spirits broke out, instantly breaking the enchantment of the wood feathers, so that all the light was scattered.

  Mu Yu's gaze, the shadow killing Qingming is after all the distraction of the cultivation, even if the technique of the latent shadow is broken by him, but its own cultivation is still very strong, really can not be underestimated.

  A clear blade of the Qingming smashed it from the angle of smashing, and the wooden feather slid up and swayed. The volley was pulled out and the shadow sword and the shadow blade collided together. However, the distraction of the distracting period was quite horrible, and it suddenly hit the shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu did not panic, but turned a body, and once again pulled a piece of sword from the void to unload the power of the shadow blade!

  The strength of Qingming is too strong, UU reading www. Mu Yu wants to fight the Qingming words, can only use the method of Tianjian nine cited to transfer the other side's strength, otherwise, once confronted, the injury is definitely Mu Yu!

  However, at this moment, the shadow killing Qing Ming suddenly stopped, his brow wrinkled, said: "A quarter of an hour has arrived."

  Shadow Killing Qing Ming said at the beginning that once Mu Yu could hold on to his hand for a quarter of an hour, he treated the assassination task as a failure, and Mu Yu was entangled with Qingming from the beginning to the present. The time of the clock!

  "Let you live for a few days, this mission
Just when I failed. ”The shadow kills the clear and cold.

  "Don't you plan to kill me?"Mu Yu sneered.

  "You don't need me to do it, and the day will not kill you. The eight people are hard to unite to help the day, and his strength is not what it used to be."Shadow killing and scorning glanced at Mu Yu, turned and wanted to leave.

  However, suddenly there was a strong squall in the surrounding area, which shrouded the shadows.

  "You are not going to kill me, but I am going to kill you."Mu Yu said calmly, his eyes sparkled with black and white light, and the killing of the dragonfly was like the water in the river.

  Mu Yu doesn't like others who always look at him with a self-righteous look.

  Shadow killing Qingming wants to kill him, he will not give the other party a chance to live.

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