Chapter 535 Guild Wars (on)

  The wind and sand in the desert is still raging, and it is still with a hint of coolness. The ground has been gully and ruined, and it has been devastated by two powerful comprehensions!

  Shadow killing Qing Ming turned back and stared at Mu Yu, as if he heard a very funny joke, sneered and said: "You want to kill me?"

  Only he has killed others, and no one else wants to kill him!

  "I hate the threat of others and hate people who are very self-satisfied. You want to kill me, I will kill you. ”The wooden feathers waved and the lines rippled.

  He has never liked to kill, but after he has experienced such things, he has understood that being kind to the enemy is cruel to himself. He did not intend to let Qingming live in the first place.

  "Just rely on you as a strategist? Do you have it? ”Shadow killing Qingming 讥 laughed.

  "I have a question. Does the sky mark often cost a lot of money to ask you to help the day?"Mu Yu asked with interest.

  Shadow killing looks at Mu Yu: "I am only responsible for collecting money."

  "That is there."The bottom of Mu Yu’s heart is not to be despised to the extreme. I am afraid that every time I don’t want to fight against other great immortals, the shadow killing Qingming will secretly help.

  What a disgusting deal!

  "I don't understand why, why don't you ask eight to kill Sikongqiwen?"Mu Yu asked.

  Shadow killing silently.

  "I understand, you are not sure to deal with Sikong Qiwen!"In the eyes of Mu Yu, the black and white color is flashing.

  "Different people have different prices, not sure, but no one can afford to stab the price of Sikongqiwen!"

  The black shadow blade appeared again in the clear and pale hands of the shadow killer.

  The surrounding yellow sand suddenly exploded, and the light columns formed by the powerful formations rose into the sky, forming a huge gossip to kill the Qingming and Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu had already let Lu Xianshi put a lot of powerful traps in this desert. These arrays were originally fixed arrays, but Mu Yu had the powerful treasure of chaotic yin and yang, which could fix all the arrays. The law is forcibly moved to your own feet!

  In addition to the arrays that they perform, it is impossible for each squad to lay a strong fixed array in a short period of time. Even if it is a wooden feather with chaotic yin and yang, he can only instantly use the temple and the avatar. A powerful array of works.

  The power of the fixed array method is much stronger than that of the array. The player wants to defeat the shadow killing that is much higher than the wood feather. Mu Yu has to resort to a fixed array.

  Mu Yu let Lu Xianshi come to this desert layout, not only because Lu’s experience is much richer than him, but more importantly, he knows that the shadow killing Qingming must have been peeping around him in Mufu.

  If he comes to himself, the Shadow Killer will definitely know that it is impossible to walk into the trap so easily, so he can only rely on Lu Xianshi.

  The shadow killing Qingming has turned into a residual image, and his speed has slowed a lot from the help of the shadow, but it is still too fast for the wood feathers in the flood season.

  The shadow blade is mixed with sharp black mansions, and the shadows of the wooden feathers are swaying, appearing behind Qingming, and the hand is waving to the Qingming. In the middle of the swing, the shadow sword has appeared in his hands from the void, and the blue light flashed on the sword again, and it turned to the Qingming.

  However, Qingming has turned around,

The shadow blade and the shadow sword collided together, knocking out the Mars, and the violent spiritual power swept out again.

  Mu Yu's split swords are picked from Qingming to different angles. Every sword is extremely overbearing. At this moment, he has been able to compete with the clear shadows!

  After the shadow killing has no shadow, his strength will drop a lot, and even the strength is not as good as before. However, the killing of the Qingming is not a leisurely generation. His ability to respond is quite fast. He does not give Mu Yu any chance to make a hole, and the shadow blade is tightly protected in his body.

  "Are you doing this?"Shadow killing Qingming sneer.

  The two have already touched each other for a hundred times in a short period of time, and no one can win. There are more than a dozen wooden feathers around, and when the afterimage has not yet dispersed, Mu Yu rescue has already appeared in another position. His speed has reached its limit, but it still can't hurt a clear hair.

  The tip of the wooden feather is light, and the distance from the clear is opened. At the same time, five black and white patterns were formed in the hands, and then the black and white patterns were instantly transformed into thousands of swallows, and countless swallows were regularly rolled from different directions to Qingming.

  The shadow blade turned into a dark black man, and it smashed the black and white swallows that came on the way. After each Swallow is hit by the shadow blade, it will be broken into numerous black and white flying patterns, floating in the air. Just a blink of an eye, all the swallows have been smashed by the clear shadow blade.

  "The array of divisions is high, but I want to know how many times you can start after you use so many arrays?"

  Just like the perception of everyone in the realm of comprehension, the killing of Qingming also knows the shortcomings of the squad.

  Although the array is powerful, the powerful array requires a base with ample aura. Many congenital formations have a majestic aura, but when the aura of the scorpion is exhausted, it is impossible for the average squad to continue fighting.

  But how can Mu Yu be a general strategist?

  "It should be enough to kill you!"

  The wooden feathers pull the whole body's lines, and the spiritual power is emitted at a slightly invisible speed. The fragments of the smear that were smashed by the clear shadow blade suddenly seemed to be all moving.
All covered the Qingming body.

  Qingming body vibrations, want to dispel all the fragments of the front. But suddenly his face changed slightly, because the fragments of the pattern were not affected by his spiritual power, and directly passed through the spiritual barrier he made, all integrated into his body!

  Shadow killing clear eyes wrinkled, no matter who is invisible into the body will not feel fun. He mobilized the spirit of the whole body to remove the fragments of the pattern, but the fragments of the pattern disappeared like a stone after entering the body.

  "Your array is used to bluff?"Shadow killing and clearing did not feel any strangeness, and those fragments of the pattern did not affect him.

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, the movements in the eyes are surging, and the shadow killing Qingming has changed in his eyes. His swallows are called "King Yan homing". They are the same as "Qing Yan's vocal array". They have no lethality and will not cause harm.

  They will immunize any spiritual power after being crushed by the enemy. As soon as they are successfully integrated into the enemy's body, they will begin to detect defects and cover doors on everyone.

  Each time the opponent attacks, those streaks will converge to where the flaws of this move are, and the wood feathers as the caster can clearly see those patterns.

  As long as Mu Yu can successfully hit the opponent's cover door, he will be able to beat the opponent!

  However, because everyone knows where their weaknesses are when they are shot, they will deliberately protect their own hood doors from being broken. Mu Yu wants to kill the Qingming, and the way to shoot must be clear. Only!

  Mu Yu is once again intertwined with Qingming. The shadow sword and the shadow blade collide in the air, exploding huge spiritual fluctuations, instantly exploding in the desert, turning the surrounding yellow sand into powder!

  His figure appeared in the upper left of Qingming, and the moment the shadow sword went down, Qingming had already made a counterattack, but in the eyes of Mu Yu, the door of the left chest rib was clearly seen. He kicked it out and another photo. The sword was kicked out of the void by the sword and stabbed to the door of the Qingming left chest.

  Qingming’s heart was slightly shocked. The way the wood feathers came out of the sword was too weird. The shadow sword seemed to be everywhere. For Mu Yu, the sword was not only controlled by hand!

  Qingming forced his body to be twisted, while another shadow blade protected his own door. With a "beep" sound, Qingming had jumped out and escaped the blow of Mu Yu, but it was here. Another clear door appeared on the shoulder!

  Wood feathers follow the shape, without waiting for the clear and steady shape, the sword of Mu Yu once again picked up the shoulders of Qingming –

  Qingming’s shoulders were instantly picked up by Mu Yu. He had all the spirits of the whole body condensed, and the wooden feathers broke the door. The condensed spiritual power suddenly dissipated, and he couldn’t lift his strength. He was instantly slammed into the chest by Mu Yu. Flying heavily!

  Qingming was furious and looked at Mu Yu. He was a composing person who was distracted by the nine-day squad.

  This is simply a shame!

  "How can you know my cover?"The clear sound is a bit cold.

  When everyone uses the move, they will gather spiritual power in different directions to send out the strongest force. But each time the body gathers spiritual power, there must be a convergence point. Once this gathering point is broken, then this move will be powerless and unable to exert its true power.

  Few people can accurately know where the opponents gather, because the moves are different and the places where they gather are different.

  The self-cultivator will make a lot of moves between the electric and the flint. It is almost impossible to find out the cover of these moves in a flash, unless the strength is much stronger than the opponent to beat the opponent!

  The killing of the shadow killing is much higher than that of Mu Yu. He really can't understand what is going on!

  "I do not want to tell you."Wood Yu is too lazy to explain anything.

  The "correction of the homing" used by him is the innate array that Lu Xianshi taught him. For Mu Yu, this array does not need to consider the problem of the base, but it is because it is a shadow killing. Qingming body, so the spiritual power consumed is still quite large.

  After the array showed ten times in the Qingming body, the array could never be maintained. It was even harder for him to kill the Qingming.

  In the match between Qing and Ming, Mu Yu has already appeared twice in the Qingming.

  "Do you really think that I only have latent film?"

  Qingming squinted to see the wound on his shoulder, UU reading Spiritual micro-motion, let the wound stop the blood. This wound was only made by him without mentioning it by Mu Yu, and he was not hurt.

  Mu Yu did not speak, his body shape had disappeared again in the same place, and a blink of an eye appeared behind Qingming, and the sword in his hand once again stabbed toward Qingming.

  His eyes kept watching the changes in the Qingming body. When the Qingming Shadow Blade again fought against the wood feathers, the door was again appeared in his right elbow.

  The shadow sword was pulled out of the void and went to the right elbow of Qingming. However, he suddenly found that the clear and clear eyes in front of him still resisted, but the cover door between the right elbows has disappeared!

  Mu Yu's brows were slightly wrinkled, and a strong sense of crisis invaded him. His left hand pointed out that the shadow sword was formed from the void, while the shadow blade just collided with the shadow sword!

  Qingming does not know when he has come to him, even if he is late, Muyu will be hit by his shadow!

The man once again opened the distance and looked far away.

  "Although I don't know why you can always see through my weaknesses, you will die!"

  Qingming smiled coldly, his figure suddenly appeared behind Muyu, and then Mu Yu was shocked, his shoulders were firmly clamped, and even the Scorpio star could not be launched!

  The speed of Qingming has suddenly doubled, even more than just the previous shadows!

  How can this be?

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