Chapter 537 Clear Day

  Qing Ming unbelievably bowed his head and saw his chest sag down. There were two thick branches sticking out from the wood feathers, and instantly smashed the ribs on the chest of the Qingming, and broke his heart!

  "You – you, how are you?"Qing Ming looked at the wooden feathers that his neck was holding, and asked hard to hear.

  "How can it be? Do you really think you can catch me? ”

  The tired sound of Mu Yu came from behind Qingming, but the wood feathers that were captured by Qingying and Qingming slowly turned into a branch, and the palm of the chest that grabbed the clear chest was made of branches!

  "Tree branches – control wood, is this not the ability of the Muyou Mozu?"

  Qingming wants to turn his head and go to see Mu Yu. However, the side effects of the shadows at this moment have already tied him firmly in the shadows, making him unable to move.

  In fact, even if he can move, he is unable to return to the sky, because his heart is used for a horrible suction, and the vitality of the clear body is like a river that breaks into the bank.

  "You don't need to know."Mu Yu gasped and said slowly behind Qingming.

  The wood feather caught by the Qingming is the wood man of Muling. The wood feather exerts a magical array on Muling, making it look like himself.

  Even Qingming did not notice any abnormality. When Qingming seized Muling, the cover door on his body opened wide, and the wooden spirit sword instantly broke out the two branches and broke the clear door, and destroyed the Qingming. heart!

  The whole process was almost always produced between the electric and the flint, and the wood feathers launched the Scorpio star to escape the clear track.

  At this moment, the wood man has been re-made as a wooden spirit sword, and the wooden spirit sword madly swallows the vitality of Qingming, transforming all his vitality into his own strength.

  The invisible white mans were drilled from the Qingming body and wanted to escape. However, this weird white mans still could not escape the suction of Muling, and was dragged into the sword by Muling.

  Divided into the vitality of the body, the wood body sword actually has three holes to heal!

  The shadow of the sacred sacred singer has been detached from his hand, flying toward the wrist of Mu Yu, and re-marking the celestial sign that was originally obtained from Tiankaiyu!

  Mu Yu has been exhausted and has no ability to stop the possession of the immortal logo. He has a "Four Thirteen" logo on his wrist. He has no time to manage this logo.

  "Scared me, I thought you were killed by Qingming."The dragon vine also rushed to the side of Mu Yu at the moment, and he was relieved to see that Mu Yu was fine.

  "Oh, you are surprised, how can you not have a good word in your mouth!" With me, how can Mu Yu die? ”

  Xiaoshuai got out of Mu Yu’s clothes, and I didn’t know where to pick up an apple and smashed it up.

  "Little mouse, you didn't do anything in the whole process, but I am so embarrassed to say?"Long Teng gas does not hit one place.

  "You know ass! Did I not show great divinity just now? Are you frightened by my divinity, and you haven't seen my little Shang thunder? Besides, I am responsible for the logistics work. I am going to take care of you when I have an accident. If I have nothing, I will cheer for you two times. It is also indispensable! ”Xiaoshuai proudly said.

  Mu Yu lay down on the ground, and the surrounding gossip array began to weaken. Tonight's battle with the distraction of the shadow killing Qingming is simply to hollow out his body, but it also makes him feel like he realized something. He struggled to get up,

Then sit up and enter the set.

  "Damn! Mu Yu seems to have broken through. Dad, hurry to guard, don't let people get close. ”Xiaoshuai glared at the big tail.

  "how about you?"Longtan asked.

  "Of course I am responsible for logistics! Are you stupid? ”Xiaoshuai took the apples off, and then the tail swayed, and the aura in the desert all rushed toward Mu Yu.


  Qingshui City, Mufu lobby.

  In the past few days, according to the instructions of Mu Yu, the Mu family did not leave the Mufu. At this moment everyone is concentrated in the wooden house lobby, everyone's face is anxious, because Mu Yu has been away from Mufu for five days, but there is no news of him.

  Everyone in Shimizu Castle is rumored to be afraid of Sikong Qiwen and staying in Qingshui City, but only the Mu family knows that Mu Yu is alone to deal with the killing of the Qingming.

  Tomorrow is the day when Sikong Qiwen is waiting for the day and Mu Yu, but Mu Yu has not returned yet.

  "Hey, Mu Yu's brother won't have an accident?"Mu Xin asked Mu Rongxuan's sleeves anxiously.

  Mu Rongxuan is also worried, but still calmly said: "Xiao Xinyi, Mu Yu will not have an accident, don't forget that he is the apprentice of the true God."

  "Why did Mu Yu’s brother still not come back now?"Mu Xin asked.

  Mu Hao walked to his sister and took Mu Xin’s hand: “Xiao Xin don’t worry, Mu Yu’s brother needs to deal with the bad guys, and he will naturally come back when he cleans up the bad guys.”

  "Well, Mu Yu’s brother will definitely beat the bad guys, isn’t it?”Mu Xin showed a firm smile.

  Mu Hao slammed his lips, not only him, but everyone in the woods felt a flustered when they heard Mu Xin’s words. Everyone knows what the so-called bad guys mean, but the shadow of the filming organization is clear and clear, the forty-third is extremely immortal, and it is cultivated in the distraction period, which is higher than the wood feather of the flood season. It can be said that the difference is different.

  The wooden folding star stood up and walked toward the outside.

Star, stop! where are you going! ”Mu Tianhe shouted.

  "I am going to find my son."Wood folding star said hard.

  "That is the Qingming Shadow Kill, what can you do to help?" Do you know how many people are watching the moves of our Mufu, how many people will stare at you once you go out? What if you have a pleasant person? ”Mu Tianhe yelled.

  Wood Folding Star clenched his fist: "I can't protect him twenty years ago. Twenty years later, I still watched him alone and took risks. What is my father? Even if it is dead, I will protect him and die! ”

  Mu Tianhe sighed, and at the moment he regretted letting Mu Yu leave the house. However, the threat of killing the Qingming is not a child's play. Once this hidden danger has not been removed, Mu Yu will always be in danger. No one in the wood family can help him. It is only Mu Yu himself who wants to resolve the crisis of killing the Qingming.

  "Not only you are worried about him here."Mu Tianhe sighed.

  "I am his father."Wood folding star emphasizes.

  "Wu Yu is the hope of all of us. His business is not something that you can solve with a father!"Mu Tianhe raised his voice.

  The wooden folding star trembled, and the heart was struck by a powerful torment. After a while, he finally sat down again.

  Mu Tianhe looked to the side of Lu Xianshi, Christine said: "Lu Xianshi, what do you think we should do now?"

  Lu Xianshi Shen Sheng said: "We only wait, Mu Yu is still alive, I can be sure."

  Chaotic yin and yang are originally divided into two pieces of supreme stone and array of supreme treasures. These two kinds of treasures have been guarded in the ancestors and Fuzong, and their breath will be subtly moved into every squad and symbolist.

  Therefore, when the chaotic yin and yang recognize the Lord, as long as a certain division or a teacher thinks of the words "chaos yin and yang", the supreme majesty of the avatar will suddenly act on him, and the actor will live with the teacher. Involuntarily affected by this breath, can not resist.

  The chaos of yin and yang is very powerful, and this breath seems to be directly imprinted in the soul of each sect and the teacher.

  Once the master of chaotic yin and yang is in trouble, the majestic atmosphere that is in their hearts will also dissipate, and the people of the ancestors and Fuzong will feel it.

  Lu Xianshi has been thinking about the "chaos yin and yang" in the past few days. The majestic atmosphere is also in his heart, so he can conclude that there is no accident in Mu Yu.

  Only he can confirm this, but the Mu family is not sure, so they will be anxious.

  "Tomorrow is the day when Sikong Qiwen is waiting for the day and Wu Yu. Do you know if Mu Yu can come back in time?"

  I don’t worry too much because he is the one who knows Muyu best among these people. Mu Yu often makes a fuss and makes unexpected things. He is used to it.

  "As long as Mu Yu can come back, then there is no need to care about them."Mu Tianhe shook his head slightly.

  Everyone is silent, the ranking of the killing of the Qingming is even more advanced than the singularity of the sky and the sky. If Mu Yu can safely escape from the shadow of the Qingming, then the sky and the sky do not have to take Muyu. kind.

  But now that Mu Yu has no news, their fears are not superfluous.


  In the "Gambling must win" casino in Shimizu Castle, the bet on the three people at this moment will be closed at midnight tonight. Because Mu Yu left Qingshui City for no reason, no one dared to put his bet on Mu Yu in these few days.

  In order to encourage everyone to actively push Mu Yu, the gambling house even opened the odds to fifty! This means that if Mu Yu becomes the last winner of the three, then if you win, you will have a 50-fold return!

  But this is so, there are still very few people who gamble on the badminton, and the singer of the singer and the sky is not evenly divided, and there are countless spots of light in the densest, and there are many people who have counted the number and found this. In the past few days, the spirit stone bet at this gambling has reached at least 200 million!

  This is a rather horrible number, because there are more than one hundred odd gambling gambling methods, which are calculated ingeniously and minimize all kinds of losses, so no matter who wins or not, the gambling They will not lose money, but they will make a big profit.

  There was basically no one at night, but at this time, there were three people. None of the three were generals. Their atmosphere was calm and introverted. It seemed that the entire empty gambling house was somewhat suppressed. .

  "If I win the game, I will win the game, will you two marry me?"

  Simon unfortunately "opened up" and opened the fan, looking at the three large columns of light in front of him, two of which were very conspicuous, but the people who bet in the beam of wood feathers were pitiful.

  The utterance silently walked in front of Mu Yu’s beam of light and threw a million of his own body stones into it.

  "Do you know that Mu Yu's younger brother will win?"Simon sadly laughs.

  Cheng Yan looked at Ximen unfortunately and said faintly: "I am his brother, he lost me and he also bet him. Moreover, I have been a little tight recently, and I think Mu Yu will give me some money to come back. ”

  A person with a tight hand is one million, and only the words are said.

  Luo Wei does not say anything, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com also voted for a million feathers of Mu Yu.

  "I thought you didn't like your little teacher!"Simon was unfortunately surprised to see Luo Wei, who had been pulled down by Luo Wei twice as a rescuer.
Wood feathers.

  "Of course I don't like him anymore. If he loses, this million Lingshi will be used as a sealing fee. He will not call my brother again in the future. I am too shameful. ”Luo Wei said calmly.

  "To tell the truth, I don't like Sikong Qiwen and the day, don't wait for the two!" Especially the day is not waiting, every day a hypocritical smile, look annoying. ”Simon also unfortunately also cast a million for Mu Yu.

  "Can you bet in your own casino?"Asked the words.

  "This casino is not mine, but it is alone. I remember that he still owes me two hundred and thirty-three thousand eighty-eight hundred and thirty-eight stones!"Simon unfortunately said with ease.

  This number is really good.

  "We are not here just to bet on Mu Yu."Luo Wei said.

  "There are so many good-looking battles among the three people. They also attracted so many people. The next time I challenged Luo Wei, I also released the news, and surely a lot of beautiful women came to hold me."Simon unfortunately shook his head and stretched his waist.

  Luo Wei glanced at him coldly.

  "The point is not the battle of the three of Mu Yu, but the terrible conspiracy behind this battle, which is much more serious than the eight-door little trick."In the eyes of the words, a sharp light was drawn.

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