No. 538 Chapter Qingcheng out

  Clear water City of the sky has always been very blue, as an oasis in the desert, the city and outside the city as if there are two different worlds. Because of the existence of a large-scale moat, Qingshui City blocked all the hot and humid atmosphere around the desert.

  The temperature in Shimizu Castle is very suitable throughout the year. The wall is covered with lush Populus euphratica, which can resist the invasion of sand.

  In general, the comprehensible does not like to go to the desert to go shopping, where the hot breath can not stand. However, today's Qingshui City has become very empty. There are only some old and weak women and women who are not repaired in Qingshui City. There will be no one in the bustling streets for a long time, which is in stark contrast with the prosperity of the previous period.

  All the comprehensions poured out the city of Qingshui, with a hot breath, and went to the death Gobi to see the three people's test.

  To be exact, there are two people, because everyone has not found a trace of Mu Yu in Qingshui City, and they think that Mu Yu will not come to the appointment today.

  Outside the city of Qingshui, the death Gobi.

  The red Gobi looks so awkward in the sand, the weather is extremely severe, and it seems to be broken when touched. However, everyone knows how hard the rock of the Gobi Desert is, even if the comprehension of the expiration period is not necessarily left on it. trace.

  Sikong Qiwen and the day are not waiting for the two to be in the future, but within a hundred miles of the square, they are already packed with dense and self-cultivating people. They are scattered all over the desert, and they are crowded with people, and there are no more than 200,000 people!

  These 200,000 people are from the comprehensions of the three continents. They want to see the singularity of the dark horses and the celestial world.

  Because there are too many people coming, even if the self-cultivator can barely see the whole scene of the two people fighting in the air, the squad has played a vital role here.

  Several disciples, led by Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian, used the mirage method to force all the scenes of the death Gobi into different parts of the desert.

  Lu Xianshi and others have created nearly 20 mirages in the innocent desert. Each array can be viewed by about 10,000 people. You can watch the battle of the dead Gobi in the distance near the array.

  Because they are all in the desert, even if they don't die, they can be immersed in the situation of the death Gobi!

  This array is very mysterious. It uses the light and the formation to project the influence of a place. It can completely reach the point of realism. The mirage method is also a magical array that every Zhongtian squad must learn. If it can be rationally transformed, even You can put the people who are caught in the magic array forever.

  Death Gobi can not accommodate so many people, so it is possible to watch the comprehension of the trials near the real death Gobi at least for the expiration period, and there are many distractions, and there are even a few comprehensions of the fit period. A master gathering place.

  Others who were slightly weaker couldn't squeeze into the area where they died in Gobi, so they could only watch it in the "mirage of the mirage" made by Lu Xianshi.

  Watching nature is not free. If you want to be able to see the scene created by the "mirage of the mirage", you need to collect a hundred pieces of Lingshi, and then a pattern will be injected into the eyes of this person, and then you can see The scene of the "mirage of the mirage".

  Lu Xianshi came to Qingshui City not only to help the evil faction to arrange the array of law, they are looking at such a business opportunity, reasonable fees, willing to fight.

This kind of opportunity is very rare, and the speed of money is much faster than helping others create a battle.

  One hundred pieces of Lingshi are not expensive, and it is quite worthwhile to see that the fight between the great cents costs a hundred.

  In addition to about 10,000 powerful people who can watch the real death Gobi, other nearly 180,000 people choose to buy the "mirage squad" watch in the direction of Lu Xianshi, which means When a business sits down, Lu Xianshi will have at least 18 million yuan in income.

  This is not a small amount for the sect. It is reasonable to say that Lu Xianshi should be very happy, but at this moment Lu Xianshi seems to be unhappy, and the Lingshi in his pocket can't make him interested. Because he lost the unpleasant doorkeeper!

  "Wu Yu, my little ancestor, where are you in the end!"Lu Xianshi looked around anxiously, but unfortunately he did not see the trace of Mu Yu.

  A few days ago, Mu Yu asked Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian to lay a few large fixed arrays in the desert, which were specially used to deal with the killing of the Qingming. Lu Xianshi went to the place where the fixed array was laid down yesterday, but the formation in the desert has disappeared.

  Mu Yu used the chaotic yin and yang to move the entire fixed-frame method away, leaving no traces. The location where he and the shadow-killing Qingming played against each other was not the same as the location where Lu Xianshi arranged the array.

  The desert is so big, Lu Xianshi does not know where to look.

  "Is there still no news of Mu Yu?"Situ Yangtian came over and asked.

  Lu Xianshi shook his head. The only thing that they were able to determine was that Mu Yu was still alive, but it was not known where it was.

  Their doorkeeper has not yet fully grown up, and now they are going to find the forty-three shadows to kill the Qingming duel. The more the Lu Xianshi now wants to regret, how did he agree with Mu Yu?

  Mu Tianhe and Muzhengxing are next to Lu Xianshi. They are also very anxious. Mu Yu has been missing for several days. If Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian can confirm that Mu Yu is still alive, they have long been Can't stand it.

  In addition to the two self-protecting people, Mujiahe and Muzhenxing, the wooden family did not come to the desert. Because they were worried about accidents, they stayed in Mufu.

  Situ Yangtian helped them set up a small mirage in the wooden house, which can see the situation here, but it is obviously not in the desert, no matter the scale or effect.

  "What about a small friend?"Lu Xianshi asked.

  "He said that he was going to find his brother to go to the news and see what they want to do."Wood Folding Star said.

  "Forget it, let's go to the death Gobi first! Sikong Qiwen and the day are not waiting for the two to die in the Gobi. Don't lose both of you, just follow us. ”Lu Xianshi said to both the wooden crane and the wood folding star.

  "Trouble you! Lu Xianshi and Situ Xianshi. ”Wood crane road.

  He and the wooden folding star came mainly to wait for the appearance of Mu Yu, but in order not to attract the attention of others, Lu Xianshi specially set up a magic array on the faces of both of them, covering up their true colors.

  Both Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian needed to display the formation of the death Gobi in the vicinity of the death Gobi and pass the battle of the death Gobi to the mirage of other places.

  With the strength of their two distracted strategists, they are more than enough to occupy a place in the death Gobi. They quickly took the wooden crane and the wooden folding star to the death Gobi.


  Death Gobi.

  The sand around the death Gobi is still flowing, like an unknown force pulling the sand. It is said that this quicksand has swallowed up a lot of people, and sometimes even sees the sinking and floating forest bones in the quicksand.

  There is strength in the Gobi desert to watch the practitioners from inside to outside in order to fix, the innermost layer is the distraction period, the distraction period is really not many people, probably only about 100, most of the distraction period is the age of people, more than the limit of the extreme fairy list, here to watch the competition is just for eye-opening!

  Everyone is basically coming to Sikongqiwen, because many people want to know what the strength of the golden phoenix that flies out of the grass nest in the legend!

  Sikong Qiwen is famous for his entire comprehension, but few people have seen him, and no one knows how he beat his opponent. Everyone's record for him is all from the information displayed on the Great Monument. This is his first real shot in front of everyone. Everyone is looking forward to what Sikong Qiwen's moves are.

  Many people are very interested in how the Scoochic is a strong black horse from the Golden Bird's rookie in a short period of time. If you can dig out the secrets of him, then whether it is for yourself or It is a very important thing for the martial art.

  And the days are not waiting, everyone is more familiar. The little gatekeeper of this starry gate, even if it is concealed, some people have seen him shot, his information of the immortal is not difficult to buy, and some of the money-rich masters have long been ignorant of the heart.

  As for Mu Yu, who has once again been defeated by the top of the game, everyone has no hope for him. Even if he appears here today, it will not help, because his cultivation is only for the sake of the nine heavens. In many people’s opinion, the wooden feathers of the nine heavens are unlikely to be the sixth day of the six-day saga. of.

  "do you know? I heard that the news from the people of Mufu leaked out that Mu Yu did not leave the wooden family to leave Qingshui City, but went alone to find the shadow to kill the Qingming. ”

  "Isn't that someone please kill the Qingming to kill Mu Yu? Then he went alone to find the shadow to kill the clear, isn't the sheep into the tiger's mouth? ”

  "Who knows! Anyway, the Mu family is now eager to become a pot of porridge, Mu Yu still has no news, it should be lost in the shadow of killing the hands of Qingming. ”

  "What a pity! In fact, I am very optimistic about Mu Yu, on the potential of Mu Yu is even higher than Sikong Qiwen, UU reading After all, he is the youngest, as long as he gives him time, I can guarantee that he can definitely take the plane Qi Wen stepped on his feet. ”

  "What do you guarantee? If he really went to find a shadow to kill the Qingming, his current cultivation is undoubtedly a self-seeking death. He is still too arrogant! ”


  Many self-cultivators are there to talk about Mu Yu's affairs. Although the three protagonists of the death Gobi have not yet appeared, everyone has removed Mu Yu from this test. Today's test has completely become the battlefield of the two people.

  A sharp whistling sound suddenly sounded in the hot air, followed by a figure from far and near, stepping over.

  The figure of Sikongqiwen slowly appeared in front of everyone. He was white and fluttering, and his body was full of arrogance. It was like a sharp sword, which made everyone feel difficult to get close.

  Sikong Qiwen stood on the highest peak of the death Gobi. He did not have any extra movements, and did not speak. The countless eyes around him did not affect him. He began to close his eyes and raise his spirit.

  After a quarter of an hour, the day did not wait with a gentle smile on the Gobi rock opposite Sikong Qiwen.

  Contrary to Sikongqiwen, the sky does not wait for the atmosphere to be restrained and thick, like a warm jade, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.

  The two most promising protagonists finally appeared on the death Gobi, and a big battle is ready to go.

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