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Chapter 539 Boots

  At the beginning of June, six, there were two hours before noon.

  The heat of the sun shines on the Gobi desert, but also let everyone's heart become hot up, because the two favored are already present, also means that a battle of the world will be kicked off.

  No matter how successful today is, the battle between the two will surely be praised.

  Sikong Qiwen and the day do not wait for each other to look at each other, no one is rushing to do it, and there is no words.

  The two stood in this way for a long time, the hot sun has already made the desert Gobi braved the heat, and many people have even become impatient.

  "How come still?"

  "Yes! They have been through an hour since they arrived here. ”

  They didn't understand what the two men were waiting for. The battle should have begun at an hour, but no one thought that the two had no signs of doing anything.

  Sikong Qiwen opened his eyes faintly and looked at the sky: "Are you in a hurry?"

  I don’t want to smile gently: "I don’t want to kill people, I am not in a hurry."

  "The true God disciple will die in my hands, not in your hands."Sikong Qiwen said slowly.

  "That may not be."I don’t want to shake my head.

  Everyone was in a state of utter disappointment. The two of them were slow to start, just to wait for the appearance of the real god disciple Mu Yu, and both of them wanted to kill Mu Yu.

  It seems to be okay to think about it. If the true god disciple dies in the hands of any two of them, their reputation will be even more prominent.

  As the true god of the triple continent, Jianying Dust Wind is second to none in both merit and cultivation. His apprentice is also known as the most capable person to create miracles.

  If someone can kill the true god apprentice, then this person will naturally step on the body of the true god disciple and become the object of praise in the real world!

  "Asshole! Really owe! The wood plume is much stronger than you! ”The Guru clenched his fist with rage.

  Situ Yangtian also looked at Sikong Qiwen and looked at him with anger. He had never waited to see Mu Yu, but it was also because of the suspicion of Mu Yu’s identity. Now Mu Yu became their gatekeeper. Wood feathers are not allowed to be so small.

  The door of the door of the door is actually so humiliated by others, it is really annoying!

  In everyone's eyes, the lowest wooden plume has become an object that everyone can bully. This is a very interesting thing.

  However, none of the comprehens present did not think that Sikong Qiwen and Tiantian were not talking about big things, because Mu Yu did not compare to these two before he grew up.

  "Bully too!"

  Mu Tianhe forcibly pressed down his anger, and his grandson was regarded as a stepping stone to make a name for himself. He could not do anything. This is a very wrong thing.

  "Wu Yu, where are you?"Wood Folding Star is full of anxiety. At this moment, his heart is also extremely entangled. He does not want his son to be flattened, but he does not want his son to appear here because he knows that his son is incapable of confronting the two people in front of him.

  Sikong Qiwen and the day are not waiting for the two to still look at each other and fall into silence again.

  People who are present or absent in the desert have been waiting impatiently.

Some people have even begun to curse. After all, everyone is braving the hot day to watch the Scoic and the day, instead of waiting for the other person to come.

  "You both want to kill the true god apprentice to prove yourself, then why not use the true god apprentice as the trophy of this victory? If you are two winners and losers, you can win with Mu Yu and kill the true god apprentice. Isn’t that better? ”Someone shouted and shouted.

  His words suddenly made people cry, and many of the onlookers agreed to nod and agreed.

  Think of the life of the true god disciple as the trophy of this test. Nakedness does not put Mu Yu and Si Kong Qiwen and the day without waiting for the two on the same level!

  "What do you mean?"I don’t want to ask gently.

  "So good."Sikong Qiwen said faintly.

  The breath of the six-divided six-day-day turmoil began to uneasily sway around the death Gobi. One was the little gatekeeper of the Star Gate, the other was the dark horse on the celestial list, and the two were the younger generation’s leader. No matter who wins or loses, it will make people feel good.

  "The life of the true god disciple, I have to fix it!"

  In the gaze of the day, a fierce killing suddenly appeared, and a spear was already in his hands.

  The star spear shines in the coldness of the sun, and it is said to be the most invincible spear in the world. It is invincible, and when the spear comes out, all the weapons in the world seem to be eclipsed in front of it.

  "you are wrong! The life of the true god disciple belongs to me! ”Sikong Qiwen sneered, and a yellow-colored flying sword crossed his hand.

  The flying sword did not have any light flashing, like an ordinary blunt sword, but it gave a thick and solid feeling, as if there were thousands of weights, pressed in everyone's heart, heavy.

  The momentum of the two people constantly climbed and competed with each other. Changhong rushed to the sky, and at some point suddenly the momentum had accumulated to the limit, and then the two figures have disappeared in place, with a horrible blast Sound, go to the other side –

  But here is
At the time, a blue sword appeared in the middle of two people.

  The cyan sword is like a clear spring, flashing with clear light, appearing so suddenly, so that Sikong Qiwen and the day are not waiting for the two people to be caught off guard, and the sturdy swords suddenly swept out like a gusty wind, directly taking the whole piece. Death Gobi destroyed into gravel and fell!

  Sikong Qiwen and the day did not wait for the two people to change suddenly, and quickly retreated. After ten days of retreat, they slowly stabilized their bodies and looked coldly at the figure wrapped in the sword.

  "So want to take my life, do you both match?"

  A figure slowly appeared among the two people, and his momentum was like a heaven and a child, just like the gods, so that everyone could not help but shake!

  The apprentice of the true God, Mu Yu!

  "How can this be? The apprentice of the true God is actually –"

  "This breath is not weaker than Sikong Qiwen and the day is not waiting for two people. Isn't Mu Yu only going out?" When did he step into the distraction period? ”

  "Oh my God! Mu Yu actually knocked back the two men at the same time, and it was incredible. ”

  The appearance of Mu Yu in the eyes of 200,000 comprehensions set off a huge wave, they all thought that the weakest wood feathers became a shrinking tortoise, did not dare to show up, know that Mu Yu went to the shadow to kill the Qingming comprehension The person thinks that the wood feather has been fierce.

  However, no one expected that Mu Yu’s appearance had already entered the distraction period. He saw his horrible momentum, and he was not weaker than Sikong Qiwen and the day, and he really sneered at the people who had previously despised him. Slap a slap!

  I also thought about making people a sneak peek and a trophy for the two winners, but they were enough to knock them back at the same time, and they knew how ridiculous the original idea was!

  "It's Mu Yu! Great! ”The tension between Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian suddenly relaxed, and Mu Yu’s appearance at this time undoubtedly made them relieve their breath.

  As the door of the door, the wood feather can not have any flashes.

  "I know that Mu Yu will be fine!"Mu Tianhe and Muzhen Star also looked excitedly at the strange and familiar figure in the field, and could not help but be excited.

  Mu Yu quietly floated in the air, glanced coldly around, and then set his eyes on the sky.

  The anger and resentment all flashed in the eyes of Mu Yu, and the enemy who killed the dead woods was in front of him. Mu Yu did not have any impulse. He knew that there would be a break between the two today!

  "You have been hiding for half a year, why don't you continue to hide?" Is it because the dead days of the dead woods have not arrived yet? ”I don’t want to look at Mu Yu gently.

  Mu Yu stared at the sky and suddenly showed a mocking smile: "Don't wait, you want to kill me in front of others, and on the other hand secretly make me hands and feet, you are not confident about yourself, you still need to rely on shadow Killing Qingming to kill me?"

  The day is not waiting for a smile, frowning: "Shadow killing Qingming?"

  "How do you even know if you kill the Qingming?" It seems that your dog's shit door owner doesn't trust your son. I also asked for the 43rd movie killing Qingming to kill me. It is really ridiculous! I thought that the sad doorkeeper of your Star Gate would have a little confidence in you! ”Mu Yu shouted.

  He used to treat the day as a real opponent, but since he knew that the achievements of today are all the celestial signs, please help to kill the secrets and secrets. He suddenly despised the day and waited for this person.

  "what? Shadow killing Qingming turned out to be the main star of the star gate, please come to assassinate Mu Yu? ”

  "Does the Star Gate actually do this kind of thing?"

  The news suddenly exploded in the eyes of everyone. Everyone looked at each other and was suspicious of this news.

  If this is true, it is not a shame to go to the extreme that day. On the one hand, I am clamoring to kill Mu Yu personally. On the one hand, I invite the 43rd-ranked Shadow Killer to kill Mu Yu, in the eyes of everyone. It’s a joke!

  But another doubtful point has floated on everyone's mind: If the shadow killing Qingming is to assassinate Mu Yu, why is Mu Yu appearing safely here?

  "I don't like others to insult my father."The sky is not waiting for the endless killing.

  “Is it a fact that is insulting your father? Are you proud to live in your father's lies every day? ”Mu Yuxiao laughed.

  "Insult my father, you are looking for death!"There is no such false smile on the face.

  "I am sorry to step on your mouse tail."Every word that Mu Yu said is hateful.

  In the months when the dead woods died, Mu Yu was not thinking about killing the sky all the time. However, when he was not seen in front of him, he found himself surprisingly calm.

  Because he knows that the day will not die in his hands!

  Mu Yu sticks out his right hand, UU reads www. Looks at your wrists faintly, and the "Four Thirteen" logo on the top is clearly displayed in everyone's eyes.

  "forty three!"

  This immortal logo is so dazzling in everyone's eyes, like a lightning bolt in everyone's eyes, let everyone smash it!

  "Don't wait, sorry! Want to kill me, killing the Qingming alone is not enough. ”Mu Yu said slowly.

  Shadow killing Qingming, the forty-third is extremely immortal, one of the most terrible killers of the filmmakers, he took over
The mission has not failed, and the target that he has been eyeing has not yet survived!

  However, Mu Yu actually took the shadow of the sacred and clear sacred, which means that the shadow killing Qingming has been defeated in the hands of Mu Yu, and even has been killed by Mu Yu!


  The whole scene is silent!

  Many people involuntarily swallowed a spit, and Mu Yu was only able to kill the nine-day retreat at the beginning. Why can he kill the shadow and kill the Qingming?

  It’s better to kill the Qingming than the celestial celestial and the celestial beings who are not waiting for the two to rank higher. They are all defeated in the hands of Mu Yu. Doesn’t that mean that Mu Yu’s fight against Si Kong Qiwen and Tian Tian is more than enough? ?

  Everyone took a breath of cold air, and they understood that they were still too young to apprehend the true gods!

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