Chapter 54 Genius and Gray Disciples

Mu Yu stood on the ring and looked at the opposite. Can only be proud of his performance in front of Xiaohu. Without any accident, Xiaohu is likely to be another Qingsong Taoist in the future comprehension. If this is the time to climb up with Xiaohu, the price paid is just shame. Some disciples, who will not let go of this kind of errand.

"Boy, you are very lucky, I have not broken your plans for the limbs, but unfortunately have to worry about hurting you. But I think it wouldn’t be too much to smoke a few slaps? ”

The talent itself is the cultivation of the three-day building. For Mu Yu’s breath of qi, he thinks it is ridiculous, and the disciples in the training period also come to participate in the test.

Because of the participation of the dust-splitting faction, this disciple was basically absent. After all, everyone is looking at the strength of the opponent, not to watch the one-sided game. This kind of game that can be won without a shot, does not make much sense.

"Do you have a left face or a right face?"Mu Yu asked.

"What?"I was able to think that Mu Yu was stupid, and he would ask such a strange question. He laughed: "Of course it is coming together!"

"I found that your left and right faces are asymmetrical. Your left face is bigger than the right face. I still see your right face. The right face is swollen and symmetrical."Mu Yu said.

"Okay, there is a bone!"I didn’t think that Mu Yu would talk to him like this, which made him angry and angry. “It seems to be a lot of slaps, letting you know that waste is waste after all. It’s really unclear how the genius of Xiaohu will avenge your waste. ."

He did not even have his own magic weapon. He did not think that he had the necessary magic to dispatch a magic weapon. If the repairer of a training period was unsuccessful, it would be ridiculous! I was able to get out of it and sneak up on Mu Yu. At the same time, my right hand raised high and hit the face of Mu Yu.

Too simple, this is obviously a unilateral abuse!

I was able to self-satisfy that I had the foundation of the three-day repair, and did not put the wood feathers in the training period in my eyes. In his opinion, his speed is probably a rapid phantom in the eyes of Mu Yu, the other party can not see his movements, and it is even more impossible to escape his own slap. He saw that Mu Yu did not move, thinking that this kid is not scared?

He could already imagine the scene where Mu Yu was flying by himself. He even took back a little strength, lest he should force the wood feather out of the field too much. It would be boring to end the test early. He was still thinking about how to humiliate the wood feathers, how many slaps he took, and how to break the teeth of this kid?

His hand did not pump down, as if someone had firmly gripped his arm.

Can only all Yizheng, found himself that the slap can not go on, he turned to see, Mu plume do not know when hand has caught his wrist arm, he disbelief unceasingly, face but suddenly a sound snap, then is the burning pain, he still didn't understand his right face has swollen up, He vaguely felt like there was something hard and hard in his mouth.


It was a clear sound, and finally I spit out the foreign body in my mouth, accompanied by a blood, which contained a few teeth. He didn't appreciate his teeth, because his chest was boring, and the whole person had already flew out heavily and fell to the downfall.

"Dustfall, win!"

Mu Yu didn't even look at it, but he went straight down and left. No one pays attention to this downfall, even if it can cause a muffled sound, it just makes everyone look at it and ignore it. After all, this is a test. The condition for winning is the need to put people down. This situation is already more common.

There must be one in the competition, and everyone thinks that the one under the downfall is a disciplinary disciple.

"You should be symmetrical about your left and right faces."When Mu Yu walked through the body, he said softly.

"I don't want people in the area?"Only when the whole tooth was knocked out several times, the mouth was swaying, and the tongue climbed up unclearly, looking at the wood feather incredulously.

"I can not understand what you say."Mu Yu shrugged,

Go back. There are referees next to them. The referees are all the repairers of the Golden Age. Although they are full of resentment, they really want to attack from behind, but he finally resisted.

Mu Yu knows what he wants to say, and he wants to say "you are not a period of training." Originally, he did not say that he was a trainer in the training period, but because of the dusty heart, he could converge his breath. Therefore, in all eyes, wood feather is a rookie in the training period.

These people look down on Mu Yu and numb, which also makes Mu Yu save a lot of things, otherwise he will not be so simple, at least two tricks.

For five consecutive trials, Mu Yu’s opponents are building a base for one or two days. The other side is a disciple of the dusty school, or a teenager in the training period. They are not in the heart, and send disciples with low strength to play. The disciples have to recharge their batteries to deal with other powerful sects.

No matter how serious the disciples are, the disciples in the heart have gone to the majority of the guards, so when Mu Yu won five consecutive trials, he still did not receive the attention of other sects. It is very rare.

Unless you encounter the pines.

The sixth test was a match against the Qingsong faction. In the comparison test of the Qingsong faction, almost all the disciples of the martial art watched the battle. Because the Qingsong faction is a giant in the realm of cultivation, the shots of each of their disciples are all remarkable in other disciples and worth learning.

In the past, the Qingsong faction has always maintained a record of winning streak, and it is undisputedly the first. Therefore, every test will be viewed by everyone, just to find out how to beat their weaknesses.

Mu Yu stood on the ring platform. There was no accident. The Qingsong sent the youngest tiger to be repaired. Perhaps it was the reason for the tiger. Perhaps it was because of the dusty faction. Therefore, two unequal disciples stood on the ring and the audience presented The trend of one side down.

"Go on! Really, is the disciple who sent the training period out of the dusty class come to be funny? ”

"He may have come to see the honor of a tiger, to deal with Xiaohu, and go back to boastful capital."

It is very difficult for Mu Yu to have so many audiences, and these audiences are picking up. Xiaohu played three times today, stunning the Quartet, and repaired the other martial art as a disciple who was higher than him. His talent is sighing and embarrassing, but no one dares to say his. No, after all, he is regarded as the most likely to surpass the Qingsong Taoist descendants.

"I bet this kid can't hold five breaths."

"Five breaths? Are you lifting him too much? If I can get rid of him with a breath! ”

"He won't go down and beg for mercy?"

"You really don't say that this dusty teenager is not easy. I watched him compare it and won."

"Get it, are you the water army invited by the dust collector?"

Not everyone has seen the test of Mu Yu, or someone has paid attention to it, let alone those who have been defeated by Mu Yu. Under this circumstance, no martial art will tell the fact that it lost to the dusty faction. This is a very shameful thing. It is a disciple who has not yet played against the dusty faction. These disciples will naturally not believe in the dusty faction. Win the test of the ghosts.

The rookie of the dusty period will win? Don't be kidding!

"Two years ago, you said the future, then today I tell you what the future is."Xiao Hu’s Zhang Song’s sword floated around him. He cultivated only a heavy foundation, but with this sword, many people who built the five-day-old are not his opponents, so he relied on this sword.

"Oh, then let's talk."Mu Yu quietly looked at Xiaohu, and compared with the previous five games. Before the opponents, they always had to express their own contempt words. It seems that they don’t laugh at the dusty faction, and they lose their meaning.

"The gray disciple is a gray disciple after all, even if he enters a waste sect, under the guidance of a waste master, your waste will always be a gray disciple!"The little tiger is extremely mean.

Mu Yu is not moved: "Is it all?" These words have been told to me by many martial arts brothers. I also hope that you can say something constructive. ”

The other sects were laughing at his origins, and then he was taught a lesson and knew what it was called a face. The little tiger relied on the sword, and the sword was gone. He was nothing. Xiaohu found that Mu Yu did not imagine the anger and anger, but it seemed so calm, which made him very unhappy.

"Do you still remember looking for a deacon? I don't know why every time I go to school, I will be annoyed, because he will always protect you from these gray disciples, but he forgot that he is a gray disciple. I don't want to see him, he took him to the Beast Forest. Leave him in the second-order monster's territory, and let him become the dish of the monster. I don't like gray disciples, and I don't like people who care for the gray disciples. I think the school should be managed by someone who truly understands the distinction between the master and the servant. ”

There was a trace of cruelty on Xiaohu’s face. This kind of viciousness should not appear on a fourteen-year-old boy, but the little tiger’s stars were liked by people. He did not think that he had no need to live. His heart has risen to the sky because of his own talent. In his eyes, the master of the comprehension is a talented disciple.

Looking for a deceased is dead!

Mu Yu’s brain is a bit blank. The deacon is in charge of the gray disciple who has no sects in the school, and he is also a gray disciple. Mu Yu still remembers that when he was humiliated by the tiger, he was looking for a deacon to stand up and protect them from these gray disciples. He also asked the deacon to tell Xiaohu that before the age of 16, the gray disciples were not servants of the school.

At that time, the deacons had already known that Xiaohu’s future could not be limited. He could choose to let Mu Yu be insulted by Xiaohu, or directly tie the tiger, forcing Mu Yu to apologize to Xiaohu, but he did not. He has been a gray disciple for a lifetime, and he has been a subordinate person for a lifetime. He has been looked down upon by countless self-cultivators. It is precisely because of this that he has pity on the gray disciple, and it is precisely because he feels the need to maintain the gray disciple.

I just didn't expect that the straightforwardness of looking for a deacon was hated by a so-called genius disciple. It was under the coercion of the command, and the cultivation of the qi training period entered the territory of the second-order monster, without any possibility of surviving. The gray disciple chose to stay in the school, at the expense of the servant's identity, hoping to be favored by other sect elders, to join a certain sect, and truly become a member of the realm of comprehension. But looking for a deacon to spend his life, but in exchange for such a end.

"You killed the deacon."

Mu Yu’s voice was a little trembling. When he took the school to find someone, he thought about finding a deacon, but someone told him that he was looking for a deacon to go out and perform the task. UU read He didn’t see the deacon. .

Mu Yu still remembers what he said about the deacon. If one day the wood feathers are cultivated, then he will come back and look for the deacon to leave. Nothing else, just to find the deacon in the gray disciples when they need the most comfort, just to let the search for things out of the school's claws!

"If there is such a day, if you really can leave here, then the old man will be willing to be your servant, and being called by you alone is better than being called by so many people!"

That is the case of looking for a deacon. When I was young, I chose to stay stubbornly. When I was old, I thought about escaping from the school. Mu Yuben thought that he would go to the Jindan period and look for the deacon. At that time, he could let the deacons leave the school as his own servant, and then let the search for incognito be buried and go to the life he wanted.

It’s just that it’s all too late, and the deacon didn’t wait until the time when Mu Yu stepped into the Golden Age.

"A disobedient servant can't stay in the school."

Xiaohu found that what he did had affected Mu Yu, and he was very happy. He despised the gray disciple, and looked down on the school's descendants. Like all the self-cultivators, he looked down on the people who did things for the school. No one would be willing to take the gray disciples of the school to escape the bitter sea. No one would waste that time, in the eyes of everyone, gray. The disciple is the servant to the comprehension!

"I understand."

Mu Yu’s heart became surprisingly calm. There was a gray airflow in his eyes. The gray airflow always affected his mind. But today, he did not lose himself. He thought about looking for a deacon, and suddenly felt a sorrow.

Looking for a deacon, if you choose to stay in the school, you will be a maid of the school. There are two ways to leave. One is to be taken away by a certain elder, and the other is to die.

Looking for the deacon to leave the school, he was forced to choose the last one.

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