Chapter 540, 2 of you, 1

  Mu Yu’s ranking of the great fairy has risen to forty-three!

  That is the ranking of the killing of the Qingming!

  Everyone knows what the shadow killing of the filmmakers means, they are utterly ghosts, the killer means are clean and neat, the task of taking over is ten, and they rarely hear that they have failed.

  However, no one thought that Mu Yu, who was most despised at the beginning, would kill the shadow directly and kill it! Also gave people the rank of the occupation!

  And according to Mu Yu’s statement, this shadow killing Qingming seems to be still sent by the father’s sky.

  This is very ironic!

  Days are not waiting for Qingshui City to fight with Sikongqiwen. Later, Mu Yu also appeared in Qingshui City to threaten to kill the sky, and he never wanted to kill Mu Yu.

  Whether it is repairing or the ranking of the most immortal is far higher than Mu Yu, everyone is optimistic about the day, I thought this battle should be fair and contested, but who can think of the door of the Star Gate actually sent a shadow to kill Qingming To assassinate Mu Yu!

  This is clearly the distrust of the son of the Star Gate!

  "I want to kill you, you don't need the help of outsiders!"

  The warmth of the day has long since disappeared, replaced by the cold killing, and the words of Mu Yu made him feel unspeakable shame.

  I don’t know what it’s like to kill Qingming’s assassination of Mu Yu. At that time, his father’s Tianyue trace sent a shadow to kill Qingming. He was extremely opposed because he knew that Mu Yu would come to him for revenge, and what he had to do was to comprehend. The disciples of the real world are killing the disciples of the true God! Only in this way, his reputation will not be more taboo.

  At that time, Tianyue marks have promised to wait for the day, so that the day is not waiting for themselves to kill the true god apprentice.

  But in the back of the sky, the moon and the moon do not want to take the risk. The true god apprentice is the person who claims to be the most miraculous. He is worried that his son has lost his hand, so he still asked the shadow to kill the Qingming to kill Mu Yu.

  Originally it was a foolproof thing, who can think of the most miraculous person who really deserved the name, Mu Yu killed everyone's sorrowful shadow killing Qingming!

  Everyone understands again that Otaru’s disciples are paying the price! Today, Mu Yu’s ranking on the top of the list is even higher than that of Sikongqiwen and Tianshou. This is a singular matchup that is not just a matter of singularity and ignorance.

  "Do not borrow the hand of an outsider? It’s really better to say than to sing, then you haven’t helped you in order to deal with Sikongqiwen? Do you feel disgusting when you say this? ”Mu Yu said coldly.

  The sky does not wait for the blue-ribbed burst on the forehead.

  Mu Yu looked at the sky and did not have the feeling of calmness in the past, knowing that he had killed the shadow and killed the Qingming rankings and jumped over him. This has affected the other's state of mind.

  He smiled slightly: "What? Shadow killing Qingming was defeated by me. Did your hypocritical smile disappear on weekdays? ”

  The impression that the day is not ordinary is a gentle and refined young man, which makes people feel a little disgusted. But at this moment, his face has not had the false look of the past, but has become somewhat awkward.

  I don’t want to squint and look at Mu Yu: "Do you think that defeating the shadows and killing the Qingming will be able to defeat me? I tell you, today you must die in my hands, I will follow your body to let the comprehension understand, who is the real genius! ”

  Sikong Qiwen also looked at Mu Yu,

The smell of Mu Yu is obviously just entering the distraction period. However, Mu Yu is like a volcano in the forbearance, ready to go, like a lion in his heart, which inspires his triumph.

  "Don't wait, I see you waiting for you!" The true god disciple is dying, and he is dead in my hands! I have to step on his upper position. ”Sikong Qiwen said without hesitation.

  Mu Yu now has the strength of distraction, and Sikong Qiwentian is not the same level of people, no matter who killed the true God apprentice, will be relished by the realm of cultivation!

  The sword shadow dust represents the true God of the triple continent. If you can kill the disciples of the true God, it is definitely a laudable thing. Everyone wants to have this honor!

  This is also the reason why Sikongqiwen deliberately fights Mu Yu and waits in front of so many people today. In today's World War I, no matter who wins, it will definitely let the whole comprehension world remember him!

  "It seems that we have encountered a problem, that is, who should kill the true God apprentice, I can not let you start with him, isn't it?"I don’t want to sneer, I still don’t put wood feathers in my eyes.

  Just like the shadow killing of Qingming, it’s not so simple to be in the 50th place. His strength is much more powerful than the killing of the Qingming! Even if Mu Yu killed the shadow and killed the Qingming, there was no fear of it!

  "problem? I don't think there is anything difficult. Both of you want to kill me, it's not as good as the two of you! ”Mu Yu said slowly.

  His voice is not big, but everyone is stunned!

  Two together?

  "How can this wooden feather dare to say such a big story? Even if he defeated the shadow killing and clearing, but the strength of the Sky and the day, the strength of the two will not be weaker than the shadow killing, he is so confident? ”

  "With a dozen? Do you have a big word? ”

  Many people have been talking about it. Although Mu Yu’s breakthrough into distraction has made many people feel surprised, killing the shadow and killing the Qingming is even more ridiculous.

  But everyone in the room is a master. They all understand that the two distracted people add up to more than one plus one.
So simple.

  Shadow killing may be powerful, but I dare not say that I can not bother with the boss and the sky. After all, these two are the best geniuses!

  Does Mu Yu really want to be an enemy?

  Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian looked at each other and saw a trace of worry from the other side's eyes. Although Mu Yu is the master of their squad, but today's Mu Yu has not really grown up, and has just broken through to distraction, one-on-one they are not worried, but one-on-two seems to be a little bigger.

  Mu Tianhe and Muzhengxing are even more nervous. They can't wait to stop this test. But in front of so many people, once they have any action, I am afraid there will be countless people who will take them. Down.

  "With an enemy two, do you have it?"I don’t want to talk about it.

  "I don't know if I don't match it, but you will die. I am sure."

  Mu Yu’s war is awkward, and the enemy who killed the dead wood is in front of him. How could he let it go? Both of them thought about stepping on his body to prove themselves. How could he let these two people laugh at themselves with impunity?

  "Hurricane!"The day is not waiting for a cold cry.

  Mu Yu did not continue to talk nonsense. There was a blue-green gossip pattern at his feet. The whole person was located in the southwest direction of the gossip. The lines in his hands were surging, and the majestic spirit suddenly hit the gossip array.

  The shadow sword flashed from the different directions of the Eight Diagrams array. Each of the shadow swords shimmered with a sly cold, followed by all the shadow swords, and the sword tip against the sword tail, a dragon-shaped sword shadow whistling From the gossip array to the top.

  “The wind is falling and the dragon is whistling!”

  The dragon snarls from the hands of Mu Yu, and instantly swallows the violent sword. The whole body of the dragon vine is like a sharp sword, dexterously hovering over the wooden feather!

  "Small handsome dragon, you should be careful."Mu Yu’s eyes fell on the sky.

  "I know, I will kill you in the sky, and I will solve it with you."

  Xiaoshuai also jumped into the gossip array. The blue light spattered on its small body. It had a small hand in the waist and another little finger in the sky. The white hair of the whole body stood upside down. The blue sword shape rises to the sky with its small claws!

  Mu Yu also holds a shadow sword in his hand, and the sword is stunned, arrogant and arrogant, pointing straight to the sky!

  Everyone was surprised to see Mu Yu, whether it was the pattern at the foot, the huge dragon vine or the cute little handsome, the momentum they radiated was shocking in the heat, let everyone back involuntarily. A few steps.

  "It's no wonder that Mu Yu has the confidence to be an enemy. The division does have this ability."

  "But it’s not enough to know how to deal with the squad."

  The advantages and disadvantages of the squadron Everyone knows that their explosive power is too high, and many people dare not easily play against the squad. Even if the squad has the shortcomings of the subsequent weakness, many people have already lost without waiting for the formation of the squad to dissipate.

  "But he can command two monsters, which is obviously the ability of the Emperor!"

  Everyone feels puzzled. Mu Yu relies on two powerful monsters to participate in the battle. Everyone does not say anything, because each of the disciples of the Dihuangmen will domesticate a powerful monster to fight. The strength of the Dihuangmen is The beast is hooked.

  Do not say anything else, there is a condor around the thirteenth of the top of the list of immortals, many people are defeated under his condor.

  Does this wood feather not have anything to do with Dihuangmen?

  It is no wonder that Mu Yu even dared to deal with two extremely celestial beings with one enemy and two at the same time. The powerful sorcerer, the singer and the true god apprentice are enough to make him have this emboss!

  The wind and the heart of the heart are guarded by Xiaoshuai, and Mu Yu and Long Teng have gone to the sky and go to Sikong Qiwen.

  “Wind Dragon and Wings!”

  The swordsman on the dragon's body will draw a deep pit along the dune along the way. It opens its mouth and vomits, and the violent dragon's breath turns into a horrible sword shape, and it falls to Sikongqiwen.

  Longtan itself has only the strength of the flood season, but when it uses the wind to fall into the dragon, it relies on the sword of Mu Yu, it is just a carrier. Therefore, when Mu Yu broke through to the distraction period, the power exerted by it also reached the distraction period!

  "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

  Xiaoshuai shouted not to show his weakness. The blue electric sword in his hand smashed toward Sikongqiwen. The blue violent swords flashed the electric spark in the air. Countless lightning suddenly fell from the air and slammed. Sikong Qiwen!

  Sikong Qiwen's face is awe-inspiring. The attack between Long Teng and Xiao Shuai is obviously not trivial. The yellow sword in his hand is scrolling, and all the yellow sand around him is rolled up to meet Xiaoshuai and Longteng.


  Dust bursts, UU reads www. Jianguang beating, Jianqi shot, surrounded by the aura of uneasiness, bursting around with Sikong Qiwen, spread around.

  Everyone has already retreated a few hundred feet again, for fear of being affected by this violent breath! This level of explosive power is too terrible, and the repairers in the presence of the show felt a shudder.

  "This dragon is the dragon dragon that Mu Yu rode on Fuxianyu? How can there be such a terrible explosive power? ”

  Everyone swallowed a spit, and those who were distracted by the comprehension were asking themselves, if they were under the attack of Long Teng and Xiao Shuai, I am afraid it would be difficult to get it! p>

  However, when they stood firm and wanted to find the figure of Muyu, they found that the position of Mu Yu and the place where they stood still was covered by a vast plain!

  "Oasis in the desert, a powerful battle!"Everyone was shocked by the plain, but they could not see the shadow of the wood feathers and the sky!

  Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian’s eyes sparkled with their eyes, and they kept staring at the vast plains in the distance. Only two of them could see the wood feathers and the weather.

  Mu Yu has already used the array to keep the sky from being enveloped. In the powerful array, Mu Yu has an absolute advantage!

  "The hatred of the dead wood, just today we will break it!"Mu Yu’s eyes crossed a black and white pattern!

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