Chapter 541 Battle of Vengeance

  On the sixth day of June, there is another hour from noon.

  For four weeks, he felt as if he had left the Gobi desert, and even left the deserts, and came to an open plain.

  The surrounding flowers and plants are full of vitality, and the bees and butterflies dance, unlike the desolate desert!

  Mu Yu gaze at the tree not far from the sky, and there are slight lines around him. If it looms, it will spread out from time to time and into the void.

  "The most despised in my life is the squad and the sorcerer, because I think they are slick and have no success. In my opinion, you are just that!"

  The sky is not waiting for the tip of the toes. The whole person has come to the wood feathers. The star spear is sharp and sharp in the hand. Suddenly, it suddenly disappears into the sky, and it is only one inch away from the wood feather throat.

  So fast!

  Mu Yu's eyes were slightly wrinkled. This star spear was seen once in the second day!

  At that time, it was held by Tianyun. The Tianyun of the Yuan Ying period could not exert the true power of the Star Spear, but it also caused a lot of trouble for Mu Yu. Nowadays, it is totally different concepts in the hands of the day. The strength of the day is not tens of thousands of times.

  The spear of horror blew in the air, and in a moment it pierced countless times. The spear shadows came together in all directions, and shrouded the wood feathers.

  The Sky star Spear's attack speed is very fast, however Mu Yu's response is not slow, his whole body pattern flashing, Tiangang star Array already took him to move out, blink of an eye came to days not behind, the hand pattern ripples, the Shadow sword has been taken out from the void, vigorous and fierce sword gas like a long river, from the shadow of the tip of the sword poured out, The days are pouring out.

  There was a shield on the back of the day, and the sword of Mu Yu was caught in an instant. And the day is not waiting for the whole person to step into the void and disappear.

  Walking in the void is a way of walking that can be achieved by the distractor. It is just that this way of walking is particularly labor-intensive. It is actually because the speed of the distraction is approaching to an extreme, tearing the space apart.

  However, this body is completely different from the wooden scorpion's Scorpio star array, because the emptiness of walking is to shrink the ground, the whole person's breath will leave a mark in the air, and the wooden feather's Scorpio star array is directly from one The place disappears and appears in another place, it will not leave any trace along the way.

  Wood Yu snorted, and while they were fighting, they had locked each other's breath, and the sky was not waiting for a broken void. When it first appeared, Mu Yu’s sword gas was once again smashed to the top of the sky!


  Without exception, in the days when the hands are not in the hands, the timing of the emergence of the Star Shield is always perfect, and it is almost no longer waiting for it between the electric and the Flint.

  Mu Yu’s foot was on the star shield, and a powerful spiritual power broke out on his foot, which was transmitted to the star shield. However, the Star Shield is a very special magic weapon. When the spiritual power of Mu Yu slammed on the Star Shield, it was like a sea of ​​stones, and there was no impact on the sky.

  Mu Yu's whole person borrowed the power and turned over, disappeared again, and the place where he was only has passed through countless dense stars and spears!

  "Guo Yan homing!"

  Numerous black-and-white intertwined swallows swept their wings in the air and swept over the sky.

  With the wood feathers that are now distracted, it’s the same time to pay for the homing of the swallows.

No longer seems so hard.

  The speed of his illusion is even more horrible. As long as the day is not hit by his array, Mu Yu can see the door of the body.

  The day is not waiting for the powerful star shield, the defense level is unparalleled, Mu Yu wants to break the star shield is still a certain difficulty!

  However, the Tianxing Shield, which is not waiting for the body, has differentiated into numerous illusions, and instantly enveloped him. Numerous Swallows swallowed directly on the Star Shield to make a starlight point, while the Star Spear in the hands of the day brought a strong Reiki will completely annihilate all the swallows!

  "To deal with the array, I have a set! After all, the entire Fuzong was almost in my pocket! ”The day is not to be said coldly.

  When Fuzong wanted to annex the ancestors, Fu Zong relied on the people of the Star Gate. Needless to say, it was also one of the masterminds behind it, but later the sects directly annihilated all the invaders, and all their plans for the Star Gate were lost.


  The shadow sword and the star spear are hit together, and the spiritual power of the dragonfly sweeps out from the center of the two. However, the vast plain is instantly scattered into the fragments of the sky, flying in the air, and the figures of the two people reappear. In front of everyone.

  The illusion of Mu Yu has already been broken!

  The sly swordsmanship and the invincible spear shadows are intertwined. The figures of the two people shine in the sky above the death Gobi, turning into a shadow of the road, and numerous sparks of the formations, twisting the entire death Gobi into a flat!

  "Desperate! My star shield is indestructible, you can never break my star shield! ”The day is not to be repaired to be much higher than the wood feather, plus the two kinds of singular treasures, such as the star spear and the star stellar, used by him to get into the gods, Mu Yu wants to take a little cheap.

  Mu Yu has just stepped into distraction, but his strength cannot be estimated as normal. He has chaotic yin and yang, can use countless arrays to confront the enemy, but once the array can not be used in the sky, then it will basically be abolished.

  Chaos yin and yang can only play a powerful power with the array of temples and the array of stone. Unfortunately, the temple can not be carried with you, otherwise Mu Yu has long used the soul of the soul to deal with the sky.

  "indestructible? I don't think so! ”

  Mu Yu took a deep breath, he remembered the array used by the old dead wood, and the repair of the Golden Dan period almost eliminated the day of distraction.

  At that time, the dead wood scorpion integrated the power of the blasting dragon into the formation method, so that the seventh-order blasting dragon fully played a hit in the fit period, and the kind of sacred power still echoed in Mu Yu’s mind.

  The dead wood old man always hopes to be able to show it in front of Mu Yu, and wants Mu Yu to understand the true strength of his dead wood. However, the secret attack of Sangong Palace has made the dead wood old man unable to complete this wish before he died.

  I wanted to show my wish in front of Mu Yu!

  Today, Mu Yu has learned a lot of knowledge of "Xuan Zhen", and he now understands how strong the old dead wood is! This extraordinary array of techniques is actually impossible to use in the repair of the Golden Dan period. The dead wood old man used to regard vitality as the base!

  In order to make Mu Yu marvel one time, he is squandering his own life!

  "Daddy, you didn't kill the sky last time, I don't think I have endless regrets in my heart!" This regret is for me to help you make up for it! ”

  In the hands of Mu Yu, there are five seventh-order blasts, and the seventh-order blast, which means that the full force of the fit period is a hit, the power exerted is quite terrible! This more advanced array of exercises will burn their vitality, but Mu Yu does not care so much.

  The dead wood old man did not kill the day with the array, so he used the same array to complete the wish of the dead wood old man!

  A gossip array is generated at the foot of Mu Yu, slowly flowing, and a strong atmosphere bursts around the wood feather. The array that he played with his current cultivation is many times stronger than the old dead woods!

  The pattern was slowly squatting in the hands of Mu Yu, wrapped in five seventh-order blasters. Under the cover of the squall, the blast was gradually turned into a purely powerful drug, wrapped in streaks, and the seventh-order blast Dan radiates a dazzling golden glow, like a star, illuminating the entire desert.

  Then five whirlpools of horror-stricken whirlpools wrap around the front of the wooden feathers, and the huge pressures swept from the five vortex vortexes, so that everyone could not help but shake!

  "This is – the attack during the fit period?"Everyone was shocked and couldn't understand why Mu Yu, who had just stepped into the distraction period, suddenly used a combination of the array.

  "Incorporate the blast in the battle, have you tried it?"Lu Xianshi turned to Situ Yangtian. There is some uncertainty on his face, but the cost of performing a battle that is beyond his own cultivation must be enormous.

  "I haven't tried it. This kind of array is too deep. If you have a bad control of the medicinal properties of the blast, it will easily hurt your own." I am afraid that this kind of thing can only be fully mastered by the alchemy teacher. ”Situ Yangtian was awkward and serious.

  Lu Xianshi nodded slightly: "It is both an alchemy division and a division. I am afraid that only Mu Yu is alone."

  Except for Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian, others don’t understand what happened. They are all looking at the wood feathers that control the five groups of vortex vortex. The sultry atmosphere makes everyone Smell a trace of danger.

  The day is not waiting for a slight frown, and he naturally recognizes this array of techniques. He saw this horrible pressure when he was holding the dead wood in the woods.

  But at that time, he was not hit by Evergreen Evergreen. He didn't even know that someone had interfered with the Evergreen Evergreen and caused him to take a life. He only used it as a deadwood and never bluffed.

  The day is not waiting for a sneer: "What? Are you funny like dead wood? ”

  The wooden feather hand is slightly the same, staring tightly at the sky: "You will understand."

  The powerful formation suddenly spread out from the foot of Mu Yu, and the sky would not be shrouded in the array, and the five shadow swords were scattered from different angles, gently trembled, and the day was not surrounded by the group.

  I don’t want to rush out, but I’m covered directly by the lines and bounced back.

  "Want to kill me? This is not enough! ”

  The sky is not covered by the shadow of the Star Shield, UU reading His star spear is also ready to go, the powerful spiritual power instantly condenses on the star spear.

  The star spear is invincible, and its power is that it can completely crush the enchantment of the wood feather used to trap him!

  However, in the hands of Mu Yu, the five squadrons of the squadrons of the squadrons have already floated out, and they have been incorporated into the shadow sword. The horror of the horror has shrouded in the moment, just like thousands of mountains and swells, so many people secretly squeezed one. Put sweat!

  At the same time, the star spears that have not been waiting for have been slammed forward, the spears and the lines are in conflict with each other, countless screams are spurting out, the spirits are violently splashing, and the enchantment above the ridges climbs. Full of cracks!


  As if the porcelain was broken, the enchantment of the wood feathers that had not been waiting for the day had been broken. The whole person did not disappear in the same place, and a piece of sword of Mu Yu had not been bombarded, but was actually The day is not waiting for a hard life to hide in the past!

  Mu Yu’s face changed slightly. When the day was not able to rush out of the enchantment under the dead wood, it was because the dead wood was prepared, and the trap was laid. The strong array was used to trap the sky, but the wood feather at the moment There is no way to make a strong rush in the rush, but it is not to be escaping.
Go out!

  However, this is so, the horror of a shadow sword seems to tear the entire desert, and even the hard deserted open a deep horrible ditch!

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