No. 542 Chapter Spear and Sword

  Everyone was horrified to see the shadow Sword of the wood plume, the sword down unexpectedly has a fit period of a blow, not only in the desert, but also in all the chest, let them almost breathless!

  A few days before Mu Yu’s rehearsal was only a period of cultivation. Everyone thought that he didn’t dare to come here. He didn’t want to show up as a distraction, but he’s not going to force the star of the door. Worried about the embarrassment, but also horrible use of the array to send a hit in the fit period!

  It is said that the apprentice of the true God is the one who can do the most miracles, and no one dares to question anything!

  However, Mu Yu’s expression was very serious. He felt that his whole body seemed to have been taken away from certain things, and the momentum also dropped a lot!

  The seventh-order blasting of Dan has really taken away his vitality.

  Vitality is the foundation of a person's life, and everyone's vitality is so much. Muyu’s vitality is stronger than ordinary people, but Rao feels a little different, let alone the old dead wood.

  Although the body of the dead wood old man has been transformed by the restored Dan, and also used the "blood care to cover the sky" to transfer his vitality to the wood feather body, the vitality left by itself is very few, Mu Yu can be sure if the dead wood old man At that time, the power of the explosion was all erupted, and I am afraid that it will not live for a few hours.

  At that time, the old man of the dead wood used this array of techniques to prepare for the burning of jade, because it was far from impossible to master this battle with his spiritual power in the Golden Age. However, after all, he did not take the day before he died, nor did he show it in front of Mu Yu.

  After waiting for the body to go out, but did not retreat, but turned and with a sharp spear pricked toward the wood feathers. Mu Yu’s hands were surging, and the shadow sword was drawn from the void, blocking the tyrannical star spear, and then another split sword that blended with the blast was once again in the air!


  The speed of the day is not very fast, once again escaped the hit of the fit period, the whole person pulled away, but the strong fluctuations still shake the two out.

  Mu Yu's breath is weak again!

  The loss of wood feathers is not the spiritual power, but the vitality. Every time the vitality passes, it means that he is closer to death! Once the vitality has passed to break the balance of the five elements in the body, then life will not be guaranteed!

  He slanted his head and looked at Xiaoshuai and Longteng. Xiaoshuai and Longteng had a good match with Sikongqiwen. However, Sikongqiwen obviously had the upper hand and pressed the main dragon.

  "Oh, let's work hard, kill this guy!"

  Xiaoshuai has been smashed by thunder and lightning, but still waving his spirits in full spirits. Countless swords and shadows are mixed with lightning and the squad is falling. The whole desert has been smashed by lightning swords.

  "Little mouse, is your Xuan Cang thundering to give you something to do?"The dragon vines opened the distance from Sikongqiwen, and a dragon's breath spit out again. The violent swords swept to Sikongqiwen.

  "This is called Xiao Shuai's Xuan Cang Lei Lei! Don't call it wrong, or I will be angry. ”Xiaoshuai did not make a good correction.

  Everyone feels incredible, who can think of Mu Yu actually have these two wonderful helpers!

  Not only is it wonderful, but it has also dragged the black horses on the top of the list!

  Mu Yu can see that it is impossible to fight with the strength of Long Teng and Xiao Shuai and fight with Si Kong Qiwen.

The two of them rely on the sword of Mu Yu, relying on the wind and the heart of most of the consumption is also the spiritual power of Mu Yu, the equivalent of Mu Yu to separate his spiritual power to deal with Si Kong Qi Wen.

  This type of combat is based on Mu Yu alone. Once he is exhausted, both of them will be in danger. He can't drag on any more.

  The endless killing has once again locked in the distant days, and it is obvious that the momentum of Mu Yu is gradually decreasing after the two combined period attacks of Mu Yu’s continuous escape. He also understands the powerful battle of Mu Yu. Disadvantages!

  "It seems that you are exhausted! how? Is this a bit of a dead tree in the dead wood? ”Days are not sneering, and once again confronted with Mu Yu, the two people's respective intertwined again.

  The star spear and the star shield are both agile and defense. He is very agile. As long as he is not hit by the 7th-order blast of Mu Yu, it is basically impossible to be killed by Mu Yu. In particular, he seems to be wrapped in a strange wave of spiritual power. This fluctuation does not belong to the practice of the Star Gate.

  It is the spiritual power that the eight people combined to exert on him. This spiritual power was originally used to deal with the Sikongqiwen, but it was used in the wood feathers.

  "The will of the dead wood old man did not complete, I will definitely do it for him. You will help me, right? ”Mu Yu took a piece of sword from the void and gently stroked it.

  The shadow sword and his side-by-side battle for so long, have long been connected with Mu Yu. It is a god soldier, and it is also an emotional flying sword. Since the wind and dust has given it to the wood feather, it has never left the wood feather. When it was stabbed in the double heaven Minghui, the powerful tearing force of the transmission array failed to take it away. It took the initiative to break free and returned to Mu Yu.

  The shadow sword trembled gently, as if it was responding to Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu's eyes are very firm, and the dead wood old man wants to rely on this array to prove that he is capable of being the master of Mu Yu, but unfortunately failed to complete.

  This is also a obsession in Mu Yu’s heart. He understands that only by using the dead woods’ squad to kill the sky, it’s the heart of the dead wood.

  "Do you really think that I will only be passively beaten?"

  The sky is not surrounded by the shadow of the stars, the momentum of the whole person is constantly rising, the star spear in the hand flashes with the cold chill, the spear tip is shaking slightly, and there is a horrific killing. Surrounded by the spear, it made the air a little distorted.

  Then the star spear has been integrated into the void.

  "Heavenly stars are contradictory!"

  The day is not waiting for the whole person to be like a shuttle. The eight-faced star shields are stacked on each other in front of each other. The heavy and thick breath instantly emanates from the star shield, like a mountain in the squally showers, which makes people feel resigned.

  The image of the Eight Stars Shield is so indestructible in everyone's eyes, as if there is nothing in the world to break it, it represents the supreme defense of supremacy!

  The figure that didn’t wait for a moment turned closer to the distance from Mu Yu, and his hand suddenly had a spear in the center of the shield!

  The star spear is hidden in the middle of the star shield. The most invincible spear and the most indestructible shield in the world are combined with each other. The perfect interpretation of absolute defense and absolute attack, rolling up the wind and the waves, the terrain is unstoppable and unbreakable!

  This trick of not waiting for the day did not reveal any flaws!

  Mu Yu couldn't hide, he didn't have the idea of ​​dodging!

  The shadow sword that blends the seventh-order blasting pattern is slightly swayed in his hand, and the faint brilliance flows in the blade. A black and white spirit wanders around the blade, and countless sword stars flash. In the meantime.

  Then the remaining three split swords that blended with the seventh-order blasting Dan directly condensed into one. The temperament of the sky seemed like a calm lake, and then the scorpion became bigger and bigger, gradually forming a vortex. The sword air rushes out of the whirlpool, as if you can smash everything in the world!

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, there is a black and white mysterious pattern, but there are countless swords in the pattern. Each sword shadow has its own swordsmanship.

  At a certain moment, all the swords suddenly stopped in one direction, and the pattern wrapped around the sword, intertwined with each other, and the magnificent swords of the sword exploded!

  Mu Yu stabbed the split sword in his hand without fancy. In the eyes of everyone, this sword is so simple and simple that it can be blocked without any effort.

  However, when they wanted to stop this sword, they suddenly found that this simple sword has become ever-changing, unpredictable, and does not know where to block it!

  The array technique took the vitality of Mu Yu from the body and passed through the shadow sword. A terrible breath came from the shadow sword, as if something had awakened in the shadow sword, let it become Different!

  Tianjian nine cited ninety-nine one!

  The combination of absolute defense and absolute attack, the avenue to Jane's topless swords, the swords and the nine swords, the two strong breaths seem to be able to tear the entire desert, the tip of the sword and the tip of the spear are so easily collided together.

  There was no sound, no squeaking, and the time seemed to solidify at that moment. Mu Yu and the day were not waiting for the two people’s body to remain in the position of the shot, and no one took a step back –

  "Who's winning?"

  The onlookers struggled to swallow their saliva, and they were awed by the horror of the two men's moves, even the atmosphere is afraid to breathe, who do not know this blow is true God Apprentice Mu Yu or days not to occupy the upper hand, but the Battle of spears and swords but let them feel the trembling from the soul, the horror of the scene in their mind lingering!


  Numerous patterns of swords and spears rushed around, and all the sand under the feet was turned into the most primitive powder. The ground was blown up to see a big pit. Even the sand that flows like the water in the death Gobi is actually Instantly evaporated!

  Mu Yu’s face turned pale in an instant, his breath dropped rapidly, and the whole figure was drained. A terrible dead air spread on him, as if he was late, he actually went from him. I can't see a little bit of anger on my body!

  The seventh-order blasting squad has almost taken away his vitality by half!

  However, the day is not waiting for the face, UU reading His body momentum is also maintained in the most powerful state, the previous blow does not seem to cost him much, and the weakness of Mu Yu formed sharp contrast!

  "Does you not win?"

  This is the thought of everyone's heart. In everyone's opinion, this battle has exhausted the great energy of Mu Yu, and the momentum is completely out of the door of the Star Gate!

  Everyone has a sorrow for the wood feather heart. The young man who can create the most miraculous miracle, is the famous true god apprentice. After all, is it lost in the invincible star spear and the indestructible star shield?


  A faint rupture suddenly came into everyone's ears clearly. The voice was so inaudible. However, everyone in the field was so sensitive. They opened their eyes in surprise and looked at the stars with horror. spear.

  Numerous cracks gradually filled the star spear, then spread down and spread to the star shield –


  Known as the world's strongest star spear and star shield, it turned directly into a fragment of the sky, blasted open, and it looked so dazzling in everyone's eyes!

  I don’t want to raise my head in disbelief, looking at the opposite plume, the eyes of the sky.
It is already full of anger and anger!

  The two treasures of his martial art were so destroyed under the sword of Mu Yu!

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