No. 543 Chapter 7 Star Yiu Moon

  "impossible! How could my star Spear and the Sky Star Shield be shattered? ”The day is not waiting for the anger to scream.

  The Sky Star Spear and the Sky Star Shield are the Heavenly Gate Supreme Magic Weapon, they are the long tradition fetish, has never had anything to leave the mark on them, let alone destroys them. Spears and shields have both offensive and defensive, and they can trace their brilliant achievements in the history of the Star Gate. Not to mention the fit period, I am afraid that it is impossible to destroy during the robbery period!

  But now turned into a sky of debris, in the sand in the rain, it seems so ridiculous!

  "The magic weapon is powerful because of people, not human beings because of the magic weapon. Do you think that with the help of the star spear and the star shield, plus your father's help, it is awesome to win a few extreme fairy? Besides, on the power of the magic weapon, my shadow sword is ten thousand times stronger than you! ”

  The shadow sword is one of the nine swords of the sword shadow dust, defeating the five sacred weapon of the Yumuning Lord, its preciousness far exceeds the star spear and the star shield!

  Mu Yu calmly looked at the broken of the Star Spear and the Star Shield, and he was not surprised at all. The star spear and the star shield may be indestructible, but the shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu is a rare magic weapon in the world. When the vitality of Mu Yu is pulled away by the array, he obviously feels the shadow of the sword. It is alive to come over, the most strange thing for him is that he actually saw the figure of Xiaoshuai in the shadow sword!

  The little handsome in the distance raised his head in confusion. It had been confused for a long time. He never had any closeness to the shadow sword of Mu Yu, but when the vitality of Mu Yu circulated on the shadow sword, Let it feel an unprecedented joy, like a certain frozen memory in the body is awakened.

  Is there a connection between Xiao Shuai and the Shadow Sword?

  Mu Yu looked at the moment when he was swaying in the heart of the array, and he was very surprised. Xiaoshuai, a food that usually only opens his mouth, not only knows how to use the sword array, but also knows that the Tianjian nine quotes. This is already very unusual. At this moment, I can still see the figure of Xiaoshuai in the shadow sword.

  But at this time, Mu Yu did not think much, because the timing of revenge is in sight!


  The original silent shadow sword suddenly violently erupted again with a powerful sword, bursting in the star spear and the star Shield fragments, sweeping down, directly to the sky and not waiting for the whole person to annihilate.

  But the day is not waiting but it is dodging at all. On the contrary, there is a resentment and a rejection on his face!

  "I can push me to this level, you are the first one!"

  The sky does not wait for the body to burst out of powerful spiritual fluctuations, like a volcanic eruption, the body's momentum has risen steadily.

  His right hand extended his index finger, crossed across the chest, and the blood-red light formed a big dipper, which was strange and glamorous, like the afterglow of the setting sun re-emerged. And the day after tomorrow, I didn’t wait for one finger, and a note of rainbow light spurred out from the Big Dipper in front, and met the sword of Mu Yu!

  The rainbow was swaying in the air, as if it had shattered the void, and the surrounding aura began to distort. At the same time as the shot, the circle of the rainbow was gradually rotated and enlarged, and a terrible tearing force spread. Open.


  The sword and the rainbow collided, and both of them retired!

  Mu Yu knows that he still missed the opportunity, and he is not waiting for the star of the star, how can there be only two things: the star spear and the star shield?

  "I am fighting with people,

Never need to use my Seven Stars, you are the first person to have the honor to see my seven stars. ”The day is not to be said coldly.

  The supreme practice of the Star Gate is only the secret technique that the door master can learn.

  Fighting the stars, the stars and the moon, using their own spiritual power to communicate the power of the stars of the heavens and the earth, transforming them into their own use, is a practice that makes people feel jealous in the real world. It is said that Qixing Yaoyue can strengthen its body in a short time and has an outbreak. The power to destroy the heavens and the earth is even more than enough to smash a mountain!

  "I do not care."

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, there is a slap in the face, and the body is vertical, and the shadow sword is once again developed. A sword smashes the river and mountains, and goes forward!

  At this moment his body is very bad, but the black and white spirit in the body has been repairing his wounds. If there is no such spiritual power, I am afraid he will not persist.

  The Big Dipper, which is not waiting for the day, is scattered, and every blood-red star cluster is integrated into his body. The palms, elbows, and shoulders of his hands sparkled with stars, and the star cluster at the heart of his chest was particularly dazzling.

  He made a fist in his right hand and slammed the sword of Mu Yu with a fist!

  Fight the sword with the flesh!


  The sound of gold and iron percussion is endless, and the body that does not wait for the day seems to have become a killing machine. It is extremely hard. When it is smashed with the shadow of the wooden feather, the body is full of red and white, and the body has a powerful force. , along the shadow sword passed to the wooden feather wrist.

  Mu Yu's brows are slightly wrinkled. This force is like a mountain collapsed and squatting on his wrist, so that the bones of his wrists are all misplaced, and even cracks appear!

  The Seven Stars and the Moon are so letting the sky not have such a terrible power!

  Mu Yu couldn't hold the shadow sword, the palm of the hand was released, and the shadow sword was shot and flew out, but the pattern was crossed, the shadow sword had been integrated into the void, and the wood feather itself was teleported to the sky and not behind, one foot Kicked to the head of the day!


  Wood feather's foot knot
He played solidly on the back of the head, but he felt that his feet were like kicking on the steel plate. The day was not waiting for the silk to move. On the contrary, he had a huge rebound force, which completely rebounded the strength of the wood feather. Go back.

  "People who have never been distracted can hurt me, you can't do it!"

  Don't wait for the wrist to reverse, grab the foot of the wooden feather and force it directly. Mu Yu bites the root of the tooth. He feels that his foot bone seems to have been broken. The left hand is raised. The two shadow swords are stabbed from different directions to the door that is not waiting for the day. Blocked the shadow sword, and Mu Yu also pulled out.

  Mu Yu quietly floated in the air, the black force in the body swallowed the injured bones quickly, and the white spiritual power kept repairing the wound on the wood feathers, and the cracks in the bones gradually recovered, the pain This gradually disappeared.

  Although most of the achievements of the day are his father's efforts to help, but it is undeniable that the day does not have to be proud of their own ability!

  "You want to kill me, I am afraid I still have no qualifications."

  The seven star clusters that are not waiting for the day are shining, making him look fascinating. The seven clusters protected the meridians and bones of his body in a special way, just like the body of King Kong, which made Mu Yu feel a lot of pressure.

  The day is not waiting for another shot, the boxing wind smashed the yellow sand and turned into the purest power. The wooden feathers are wrapped in swords, and the lines are dexterously shaken in the air. It is like a wave of water, and the boxing wind that is not waiting for the sky is directed to the right, while the pattern on the right appears a black and whirlpool of ink. The strong force is all swallowed up.

  At the same time, the appearance of Mu Yu’s hand was once again illusory, and there was a white whirlpool on the chest. The whirlpool of the white vortex erupted, and a strong boxing style turned out from the white whirlpool. Zhong Yong is waiting for the day!

  The day did not wait for the brow to wrinkle, and he punched the white whirlwind of the fist, and even shattered the white vortex.

  The "wind and rain picking up the wood" array, using the black vortex to absorb the opponent's attack, and then back through the white vortex.

  This array has a very heavy load on the wood feather itself, because he must be able to withstand this kind of force, otherwise he will be countered by the array when he is slightly inadvertent in the process of transfer. He can't transfer a few times in this battle, because the fists that are not waiting for a fist are more than a punch!

  Mu Yu’s mouth gasping and gasping, and the fight with the sky has already cost him a lot of spiritual power. Not only that, but because of the use of life-saving ban, his vitality is also rapidly passing, and the body’s ability to respond is coming. The worse.

  The seven groups of stars that are not waiting for the day will light up from time to time. Every time they shine, a rainbow of light will spurt out a powerful killing intention, and blast to Mu Yu with the thunder. Every rainbow has a scent of destruction, and it is unstoppable!

  Mu Yu did not dare to block it. This rainbow light is too overbearing. He clearly feels the destructive power contained in it. It is comparable to the attack of the fit period. It is impossible for Mu Yu to block it.

  However, after every use of the rainbow light, there will be a moment of decline in the atmosphere of the body, like a decline, a disorder, obviously he can not fully control the powerful practice of "Seven Stars and Moon", or "seven stars" The shortcoming of Yaoyue is here!

  As long as you don't wait for the moment of decline after the use of the rainbow, you will be able to defeat him!

  But the power of the rainbow is too strong, and it is quite hard for Mu Yu to dodge. He clenched his teeth and gathered five seven-stage blasts in his hand again. He wanted to fight against the rainbow, and Mu Yu only chose to hit hard!

  The use of the seventh-order blast Dan has a great influence on him. Mu Yu has no way at the moment. He holds a slap in the face and puts all the medicinal power of the seventh-order blasting into the formation. The striate trembles fiercely and the golden light shines. Bloom again.

  Mu Yu takes a Tianming bone Huang Dan, the fatal bone Huang Dan can withstand the distraction attack without hurting, although the day is not waiting for the body of the rainbow has the power of the fit period, but the power of the Tianming bone Huang Dan can slightly offset Some impact.

  The blasting dragon is fully integrated into the shadow sword, and the shadowing sword trembles with tremors. Once again, there is a powerful power. The only vitality of the wood feather is once again taken away. The shadow sword is like alive, absorbing the wood feather. Vitality, exudes a strong sword.

  After the split sword has absorbed the vitality of Mu Yu several times in a row, its power seems to be stronger than the one!

  At this time, the rainbow light that is not waiting for the body is also lit again, UU reading www. smashed over –

  The shadow sword shines with blue light, such as the cold autumn water, with a lonely edge, like a change, the texture of the mysterious body is surging above the blade. These textures have never been seen before. It seems that it was activated by the vitality of Mu Yu, and then the shadow sword became illusory, as if it had lost its form.

  However, it is such an illusory sword, but it is mixed with Huanghuang Tianwei, Qingmang blooms, Jianguang Wanzhang, hit the rainbow of the day!


  The squally winds, the yellow sands flying, the horror of the volatility. The day did not wait for the eyes to scream in anger, his unforgettable rainbow light was actually split by the shadow sword, smashed, pointing to the chest that is not waiting for the day!

  In a hurry, I don’t want to raise my hands and cross my front. The two clusters of stars on my wrists shine brightly, intertwined in front, trying to block the shadow of the wood feather. But he still took the power of the shadow sword –


  The right hand that is not waiting for the day is actually cut off directly by the shadow sword.
And Mu Yu Jianfeng turned, leaning toward the throat that is not waiting for the day!

  The day is not to be miserable, the face is like a gray, can only watch the shadow of the sword of the split sword on his body, but there is no time to react!

  "you dare!"

  Just when Mu Yu is about to end his life, he will scream and scream!

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