Chapter 544 Blocking

  The crowd of onlookers suddenly rushed out of a fitness period of the elderly, the majestic Granville pressure immediately covered with wood plume. The elders of Tianxingmen’s elders are the elders who are ordered to protect the day!

  Originally, it seems to him that it is a simple matter to rely on the Star Spear and the Star Shield to defeat Sikong Qiwen or Mu Yu. This time, I thought that I didn’t have to shoot at all. Solve all the troubles.

  However, it is not expected that the two treasures of the Star Spear and the Star Shield are destroyed. Even the "Seven Stars and the Moon" that the Star Gate is proud of can't even defeat the Mu Yu, and the day is not going to be damaged. Next, he couldn’t hold back anymore and immediately shot!

  Tianjian Cheng angered a slap in the face of Mu Yu, and the inspiring spiritual power instantly turned into a giant palm, so that everyone could change their face! This palm can't be picked up in the state of today's wood feathers!

  A good-looking star gate, saying that the battle of the great fairy, actually relying on the elders to intervene!

  Mu Yu's gaze is a glimpse. He does not dare to take care of the shots during the fit period, but he must be killed without waiting for him. No matter who the opponent is, only the day is not waiting for death, and the hatred of the dead wood can be reported!

  He clenched his teeth, and his hands were surging. The wooden spirit sword suddenly burst into the branches of the birthplace under the wrap of the pattern, but in the blink of an eye, it turned into a lush forest, especially in the desolate desert. Eye-catching.

  All the leaves of the great trees have fallen off and turned into illusions, and they went to the giant palm of the heavens. The giant palm of Tianjiancheng poured down the mountain and poured down the river. Without a little bit of it, he clearly wanted to put the wood feather to death!

  However, countless tree shadows are intertwined under the giant palms, and are destroyed by the spiritual power of the combined period. However, the continuous green shadows are re-growth, and thousands of leaves are constantly flowing, but they are annihilated but grow. More tree shadows, weakening the power of the giant palm.

  It is a pity that the palm of the fit period is too strong, and Mu Yu failed to kill it in time. He has already fallen out and fell heavily in the sand dunes!

  And Tianjiancheng has raised his palm again –

  "Shameless, the battle of the immortal, Tianjian Cheng you actually intervened? Are you afraid that the Triple Palace will punish you? ”Lu Xianshi and Situ Yang’s anger rushed out, and the incomparable pattern was immediately blocked in front of Muyu, and Lu Xianshi had already rushed to the side of Muyu and helped the wooden feathers.

  Mu Tianhe and Muzhengxing also wanted to rush over, but they were shackled in place by Lu Xianshi. They are too low to repair, and it is easy to get out if they come.

  "Mu Yu, are you okay?"Lu Xianshi’s face was also full of anger, and he input his own spiritual power into the wood feather body to help Mu Yu recover the injury.

  However, he was amazed to see that Mu Yu’s breath at this moment was very old, like a leap year, and he was even older than Lu’s master!

  Although his appearance did not change, but the coveted breath swam throughout the body, as if he would die in the next moment!

  "You shouldn't use vitality to launch a battle."Lu Xianshi was very annoyed. Compared with the intervention of Tianjiancheng, the poor situation in Mu Yu’s body made him worry.

  "Some things, I have to do."Mu Yu stared at the day behind Tian Jiancheng's protection, "For example, killing the sky!"

  However, Mu Yu still couldn't kill himself without waiting for it. The people at Tianxingmen intervened to intervene in this test.

  From the very beginning, he understood that he would not wait for the identity, and there must be a master around him to protect him. Therefore, when I was fighting, I wanted to use the array technique to cover the sky. Through the camouflage of the array, the people of the Star Gate could not see the situation of him and the day.

  It is a pity that he is not an ordinary person. He directly broke away from Mu Yu’s array. Mu Yu had already been able to avenge his enemies, but he could not achieve it. The resentment in his heart can be imagined!

  "It's too shameless. What is the battle between the immortals, why can your Tianxingmen intervene?"

  "That is, the Mie Palace strictly stipulates that people who are over forty years of age are not allowed to intervene between the extremes, and you have already violated the rules!"

  "I have seen shameless people, I have never seen you so shameless! Say good singles, actually interfere! ”

  "The immortal is more than a life test, why are you the exception of the Lord of the Stars? Don't play, don't stay on the top of the list! Go back quickly! ”

  "Get back!"

  All the comprehensions screamed and screamed, and without exception, began to accuse the act of Tianjiancheng loudly. In their view, the matter of the Tianxingmen’s intervention by the elders undoubtedly undermined the fairness of the extremely popular list.

  However, Tianjiancheng ignored the snoring around him. He covered his face with a gloomy face. At this moment, the right wrist that had not been waiting for has been cut off by the roots. The broken wrist was also smashed by the sword, not connected. The possibility.

  However, he is not worried, because as long as there is a broken grass, go find a right hand and the comprehension who does not want to match, and cut off the hands of others to the sky and wait for it! This kind of thing they didn't do for the first time. When Tianyun's legs were cut off by Mu Yu, they also helped Tianyun to return to normal people.

  These are not important, and the most important thing is to feel angry, because the day is not the heir to the next door, the talent is different, as long as he gives him time to grow up, in the future will be able to assume the responsibility of the sect.

  In fact, the door of the Tianxingmen’s door, Tianyue, sent a shadow to kill the Qingming, not to kill the wood feathers, but to seriously injure the wood feathers, so that the wooden feathers can’t be fully
Force to play, is not killed by the sky.

  In order to give his son a build in the realm of comprehension, Tianyue marks have cost a lot of money. Most of the great immortals who have not been defeated in the past have been shamed by the shadows of Qingming, so they will lose to the sky.

  The status of the Star Gate is prestigious in the realm of cultivation, and no one dares to challenge. Tianyue marks don't need their son to grow up in life and death. What he needs is to create an invincible gimmick for his son. As long as there is this gimmick, in the future, inheriting the position of the lord will naturally shock everyone in the realm of cultivation.

  If it is not the mystery of the Sikongqiwen, the filmmakers have set a price that is difficult to accept in the sky and the moon, or the empty space will become the target of the shadow killing!

  Therefore, the sky and the moon mark can only retreat to the next level, and encourage others to help the day to fight against Sikong Qiwen, and let the shadow kill Qingming to deal with Mu Yu, but the plan of the sky mark still failed!

  The horrible Qingming was actually damaged in the hands of Mu Yu, which is unexpected.

  I don’t want to commit suicide to kill Mu Yu, but I have established my own name in the realm of comprehension, but I have been cut off by my hand and lost so much!

  Tianjiancheng saw the appearance of Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian, and did not continue to start with Muyu. Instead, he did not wait for the day to start, and began to treat the day without treatment.

  Although Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian only had the distracting period of cultivation, but after all, they were explosive and powerful. The two indulgent congenital formations were not his opponents, but it was more than enough to hold him for a while. He worried about someone. I will take this opportunity to wait for the day, so I will not take it anymore.

  "My family has lost a lot of people. I didn't kill Mu Yu, but I saved my own people. How can I destroy the rules of the Great Fair?" Is it the apprentice of the true God, is the heart so hot? If you win, you still have to let go, must you kill? ”Tian Jiancheng shouted.

  This old man, even the face first splashed dirty water!

  "How dare you are to be shameless to say this? Do not wait for the beginning to say that you want to kill Mu Yu? Why not let Mu Yu kill the sky? Can you afford to lose your Star Gate? ”Lu Xianshi responded angrily.

  "You can't afford to lose, and you will hide in the mouse hole later!" The province has come to shame! ”

  "The battle between the immortals, life and death, the celestial killing of the immortal is a normal thing, can you be so shameless?"

  Everyone has already started to open up, and the practice of the Star Gate makes everyone feel very angry! At the beginning of the day, I didn’t wait for the gracefulness and the Sikong Qiwen to discuss who wins and then I can take the life of Mu Yu, and take the life of Mu Yu as a trophy, but where I thought I couldn’t wait for the day. A waste dog was completely defeated by Mu Yu, and it was necessary to rely on the elders to save a life!

  Really naked satire!

  Tianjian Cheng said coldly: "I have never been afraid of doing things in the Star Gate. The fate of my family is that you can compare this group of people?" If there is a dissatisfied person who can stand up, my star door will accompany you! ”

  The pressure of the fit period spread again, and it was heavy on everyone's mind. His eyes were as electric, and every self-cultivator who had been swept by him couldn't help but step back and dare not speak again.

  This starry door is a sigh of relief!

  However, the arrogance of the Tianxingmen is notorious in the realm of comprehension. They have arrogant capital and strength. Even if they interfered with this test, they caused public anger, but none of the onlookers was a fool. No one dared to be the first bird. !

  The bird in the first place means that it is to be remembered by the giant star of the giant, and no one wants to be stared by this shameless wolf and tiger leopard!

  Everyone dared to speak out, and even the battle between Long Tengxiaoshuai and Sikongqiwen had stopped. The two of them quickly returned to the side of Mu Yu, UU reading Xiaoshuai has begun to surge around the aura, wrapped around the body of Mu Yu.

  Mu Lingjian fell in front of Mu Yu, and Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian looked at each other and looked at the wooden sword that had just turned the shadows of the trees. The heart was shocked!

  Everyone thought that the tree shadows were just the same, but he and Situ Yangtian were both experienced strategists. How can you not see that this is not a battle, they are just for the camouflage of the trees. These tree shadows can only be done by Muyoumeng!

  Both of them had a look of horror in their eyes. They remembered the five rumors of the three continents and the characters of Yumeng.

  But Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian tightened their lips and chose to ignore it. In any case, Mu Yu is the door of the door, this is enough.

  "The Star Gate is really a great prestige! Do you dare to intervene in the test of our three great immortals? ”Sikong Qiwen said slowly.

  He looked up at the sun, and it was less than half a quarter of an hour from noon.

  A strange smile appeared in his mouth. This comparison, from beginning to end, he was watching the sun in the sky, calculating time, as if waiting for something.

  Even when I was fighting with Xiaoshuai and Longteng, they were all idle, like deliberately delaying time.

  Everyone doesn't understand what he is doing. Is it waiting for Mu Yu and the day to wait for the death of a fisherman?

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