Chapter 545 is cultivated as a skyrocketing

  After Sikongqiwen stood up, the atmosphere suddenly became very quiet. Only the yellow sand whispered in the sky, and it seemed to be a little chilling.

  Today we come to the Gobi more is to see Sikong Chiven and Days not two people fight, all people would not have hope for Mu Yu, but the development of things beyond everyone's expectations, not only the wood plume a direct frustrated days, but also rely on the two strong spirit of the Beast stall Sikong Chiven.

  This mysterious young man is not only a genius of the Dan Ding faction, but also a powerful strategist. He is also a powerful monster with the Dihuang Gate, and a sword that is superb in one hand. The true god disciple is truly worthy of the name!

  In the eyes of everyone, the strength of Sikongqiwen is entangled by the two monsters around Muyu, and it is difficult to get out. It shows that if Sikongqiwen is really one-on-one with Muyu, there is no chance of winning.

  Although Sikong Qiwen is a dark horse on the top of the list, if he really fights, I am afraid that he is not an opponent of Mu Yu.

  However, Mu Yu has been seriously injured now, and he has been cut off by Mu Yu for one day. Si Kong Qiwen will become the ultimate winner of this battle!

  Sikong Qiwen ignored the eyes of anyone. He just looked at Tianjiancheng in a cold manner and sneered: "Your Star Gate is interfering with our extremely fairy things, so you don't have to go back alive today."

  The onlookers of the comprehension are in vain!

  Everyone was surprised to see Sikong Qiwen, Tianjiancheng is the cultivation of the Tianxingmen fit period, and how to be superior in the sky is only a comprehension of the distraction period. Where does he come from the confidence that he wants to kill Tianjiancheng? ?

  "how? Just because you still want to stop me? ”

  Tianjian Cheng looked at Sikongqi with disdain, as if he heard a very funny joke. The master of his cohesive period is the first time that a person with a distraction period dares to threaten him! Even the comprehensions of other fit periods do not dare to speak to him. The person who is the star of the sky is never afraid of anyone in the realm of comprehension!

  "My Star Gate wants to kill you a little Sikong family!"Tianjiancheng will not wait for the day to lift up, and the healing medicine will stop the blood that is not waiting for the day.

  The day is not waiting for a pale face, a little bloody color, looking at the eyes of Mu Yu is full of grievances, the head of the heavenly star door is actually being handcuffed by Mu Yu in the eyes of the public, this is simply a shame!

  "Shadow killing Qingming does not dare to provoke me, what are you? I see how you go today! ”Sikong Qiwen reveals a mad smile.

  However, his threat is a bit too big in the eyes of the onlookers!

  Sikong Qiwen may be powerful, but there is no backstage at all. How can it compare with the giant monster of the Star Gate? Even if Sikong Qiwen has the protection of the immortal rules, it is more than enough for Tianxingmen to avoid the Sikong family who wiped out the clear water city.

  Tianjian Cheng’s heart is deep, he knows that Sikongqiwen is right, and the task of killing Qingming’s daring to pick up Muyu has opened a sky-high price for the task of assassination of Sikongqiwen, indicating that the filmmakers know some secrets. Unknown secrets, this secret has not been explored!

  However, Tianjiancheng is still not afraid. Even if there is a strong secret in Sikongqiwen, can one still fight against the entire starry gate?

  "I want to go when I want to go, who can stop me?"A tyrannical spirit of Tian Jiancheng broke out.

  "You can't go anywhere today.

Sikong Qiwen smiled sullenly.

  He looked up at the sky and was about to arrive at noon.

  Everyone saw Si Kong Qiwen's smile suddenly involuntarily hit a cold, the death Gobi is located in the great desert, where the temperature is terrible, even if the comprehension has spiritual support, it will still feel the burning atmosphere. However, when they saw the smile of Sikong Qiwen, they felt a cold and horrible!

  However, everyone feels that it is their own illusion. Although Sikong Qiwen does not know how to cultivate by spurt, but his background is actually in mind.

  There is only one Sikong family behind Sikongqiwen. The Sikong family was originally the second-rate family of Qingshuicheng. It was only after the rise of Sikongqiwen. How could the ability of Sikongqiwen stay in the next day and stay in the sky?

  "Kid, then I have to see what you have left us!"The strength of Tian Jiancheng's body is not swaying, and the pressure of the complex period is like a huge wave of ups and downs, which makes people feel very heart-wrenching.

  It seems that the good show will be staged again.

  But Xiaoshuai jumped over Muyu's shoulder and looked at Sikongqiwen in the distance. He whispered: "Mu Yu, I think that Sikongqiwen is a little weird. When he was entangled with us, he did not use all his strength. On several occasions, he was able to repel us, but he did not. When fighting with us, he has been able to watch the battle between the two of you, and from time to time look up at the hour, what he seems to be waiting for. ”

  wait for what?

  The movement of Mu Yu’s heart, the rise of Si Kong Qiwen has always been speculative, and many people come here mostly for him.

  A few days ago, when he met the White Nights, White Nights said that the repairs of the sixth day of the sixth day of the Sky will inexplicably rise, and the death Gobi is also the place where Sikongqi was missing, and that was missing. It turned out that the Sikong Qiwen image became a person.

  What is Sikongqiwen waiting for? Waiting for him to repair again to skyrocket?

  Mu Yu looked up at the direction of the sun, and it was getting closer and closer to noon.
"Lu Xianshi, Situ Xianshi, is my grandfather and my father also coming?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Yes, but they are in the crowd, I don't want them to come over, I am afraid that something will not be taken care of."Lu Xianshi returned.

  "You two are going to protect them, I always feel that something is going to happen."Mu Yu looked at the more and more strange smile of Sikong Qiwen, and his heart was faintly felt a little bad.

  "But you are more important-"

  "Do not worry, I will not have an accident. The two of them will make me clench my hands. You will bring them both back to Qingshuicheng. Longteng and Xiaoshuai will protect me. This is an order. ”Mu Yu said undoubtedly.

  Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian looked at each other and Mu Yu was their gatekeeper. His words were orders for the two masters. They could only helplessly nod, then they went to Mutianhe and Mujiaxing. Flying away, I couldn’t tell the difference and left the two with them.

  Others did not care about the departure of Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian. Everyone paid attention to Sikong Qiwen and Tianjiancheng. In the face of the fit-up period, Sikong Qiwen did not even fear it, and his expression even had a hint of teasing.

  In the end, why does Sikong Qiwen dare to be so small?

  Tianjiancheng was very uncomfortable by the eyes of Sikongqiwen. He only doubted himself. He was a repairer of the fit period. Even if he couldn’t kill the immortal, he would be more than enough to leave it calmly.

  The onlookers have been pointing at them, and Tianjiancheng has not wanted to stay any longer. He intends to leave the place directly.

  "You interfered with the test of our three great immortals, and you have to leave your life!"The sword in the hands of Si Kongqiwen flashed the khaki light, pointing to Tianjiancheng, and his breath suddenly climbed!

  This breath has climbed too fast, and people are caught off guard! They were horrified to find that there was a terrible force in the singularity of the squad, like something to break free from his body!

  The sun finally reached the noon position, and the expression on Sikong Qiwen’s face actually showed a madness!

  From chilly to fanatic, the expression of Sikongqiwen made everyone feel a little ridiculous, but at this moment, the entire desert suddenly violently smashed a dramatic sandstorm! However, the most unbelievable is that the repair of Sikong Qiwen has suddenly increased dramatically!

  Distracted six heavens!

  Distracted seven heavens!


  Distracted from the sky!

  Fit one day!

  The situation is like a broken bamboo. The obstacles that have plagued many people are now like a window paper in Sikongqiwen.

  "How can a person's cultivation grow so fast?"

  Everyone was shocked, and they all looked at Sikongqi in an incredible way. The face of Tianjiancheng finally changed. The breakthrough of Sikongqiwen is not his. I am afraid that no one in the world has cultivated to have a skyrocketing He is fast!

  However, the repair of Sikong Qiwen is still rising, and it is very different. The coldness of his body is getting stronger and stronger. Everyone feels that something is covering his body and suppressing their body.

  "How is this going? Is Sikong Qiwen always hiding his own cultivation? ”

  Mu Yu frowned, his first reaction was that Sikong Qiwen was a comprehension of the fit period, but he was playing tigers and eating tigers. But this is not to be said. It should be done for the sake of repairing, but even if it is usually disguised, his true repairs will always be displayed on the top of the list, and Sikong Qiwen is no exception!

  This can only show that Sikong Qiwen was a real distraction six heavens! But today he has such a strange change that really shocked everyone. It’s unprecedented to cultivate something like Sikongqiwen. What is Sikongqiwen relying on?

  Isn't this mysterious death in this dead Gobi?

  Everyone is amazed, but Sikong Qiwen has moved.

  His speed is very fast, the khaki-colored sword is heavy and thick, and in a flash, he will come to Tianjiancheng, and a sword will go down to Tianjian.

  Tianjian Cheng's face changed slightly, and his hand illusioned a fierce giant palm, and greeted the flying sword of Sikongqiwen!


  The giant palm and the flying sword collided, and the horror of the volatility exploded at the center of the two. The opponent of the fit period suddenly flew out everyone. The blow that destroyed the earth was so terrible that it was beyond everyone's imagination!

  In the body of the wooden feathers, the movements in the hands are surging, and a black and white interlaced enchantment has appeared around them, covering themselves. But this is so, the huge fluctuations have caused his array to collapse almost!

  After everyone has established a firm foothold, they will look at the two of them who are fighting each other. Everyone has a big change!

  Tianjiancheng has been lying on the ground and stepped on the foot by Sikongqiwen!

  Just a trick, the elders of the Tianxingmen's fit period have actually fallen unconsciously!

  How can this be!

  “Is this a man or a ghost?”

  Everyone has been scared by Sikongqiwen, UU reading Sikong Qiwen put down the cultivation of the distraction period, why suddenly it will be so fast, so fast to an incredible degree! Not to mention that just a face-to-face, the original arrogant Tianjian Cheng was killed!

  "What happened in the end?
”Mu Yu is also very surprised. This is actually beyond the scope of ordinary people's understanding. What is Sikong Qiwen's breakthrough in the combination period? How did you defeat Tianjiancheng?

  However, even more weird things are still behind, because the death Gobi sandstones that were originally destroyed by Mu Yu, now seem to have been called, gradually gradually appearing from the dust, recombining, slowly Restored the original appearance of the rock wall.

  Around the death Gobi, there was a re-emergence of the flowing sand, squatting and pulsating! A deep ditch that was cut out by the wooden feathers of the shadows actually began to heal.

  "what happened? Is this a magical array? ”

  Many people are stunned to see the return to the original death of the Gobi, the shock of the heart has reached the extreme!

  Mu Yu stood up suddenly, and he actually caught a familiar atmosphere from these death Gobi!

  This is not a magical array at all, nor is it any formation, but –

  "The next step is the desert funeral. One hundred thousand comprehensions can't escape."Sikongqi licked his lips, showing a sour and ugly laugh.

  That is not the laughter of human beings at all!

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