No. 546 Chapter Desert Funeral

  The midday sun burns the sand dunes as if to burn the entire desert.

  Deep in the depths of the desert away from the 200,000 self-cultivators, the three figures show their physique on a sand dune, which is unfortunately a promise, Luo Wei and Ximen!

  Under the slogan, he grabbed the sand under his feet, and the sand slowly slipped down at his fingertips. His face was very grim: "The tiger is off the mountain, the problem is serious!"

  "Hurry to go to Muyu!"Luo Wei Shen Sheng.

  For the first time, Simon unfortunately converges on a cynical smile, and silently followed the words of the death and Gobi to death Gobi.


  Near the death Gobi.

  This desert is vast and endless, and only the most central place is an oasis city.

  At the moment, there are 20 places in the entire desert where countless self-cultivators gather. The self-cultivators watched the death Gobi in the distance by relying on the mirage arrangement of Lu Xianshi and Situ Yangtian.

  Unexpectedly, the 200,000 self-cultivators have seen how the Sikong Qiwen has been suddenly cultivated as a skyrocketing, and how to strike down the Tianjian journey of the fit period.

  Then the horrible laughter clearly slammed into the ears of everyone, and people made a chill!

  What does the desert funeral mean?

  Many comprehensions stared at each other in disapproval. They didn't understand what Sikongqiwen was saying, but they suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis. This sense of crisis has come so fast that even they don't understand why it will happen.

  Sandstorms have already been blown up in the desert, and the yellow sand began to fly all over the sky and drifted around.

  Sandstorms are not a terrible thing for the self-cultivator, but if there is a little repair, they know how to deal with sandstorms, and it is impossible to be affected by sandstorms.

  Everyone has a spirit of strength, and the wind and sand that swept them out is against the outside, and the wind and sand are not close.

  However, they soon found out that something was wrong!

  The sandstorm in the desert began to sputter, danced with the wind, and whirls, forming a salon roll of sand.

  The Salon roll broke out with a powerful tearing force, and began to invade the past with dense comprehensions. There are no fewer than a few hundred in number, and the power of each is even stronger!

  "Where is this tornado?"

  Everyone feels that something is wrong, so the magnificent salon roll is still seen in the desert for the first time, and the number is so much more than everyone's imagination.

  Most of the 200,000 self-cultivators are outsiders, not the original residents of Qingshuicheng, so they don’t know how to deal with them when they see so many salon volumes.

  "Everyone will blow these salons together!" Saved to look at the mood. ”Someone suggested that.

  Everyone has the same idea, and soon everyone begins to sacrifice their magic weapon to the salon. The salon volume is only a vision of the weather, and it is not worth mentioning to these people. Besides, there are a total of 20 places in the desert, and there are 10,000 self-cultivators in each place. If this 10,000-study person is shot, its horrible power can be imagined!

  However, when the spiritual power of the comprehension was hit in the salon, the whole tornado was not smashed by thousands of comprehensions as imagined. On the contrary, all the salon rolls suddenly devour the spiritual power of the comprehension. Off,

And its own volume has suddenly increased by no less than ten times!

  "How is this going?"

  Many people do not believe in evil and continue to kill the magic weapon in their hands. However, the salon volume is getting bigger and bigger, and it is getting closer and closer, without any signs of collapse. Finally, everyone’s face began to show a trace of fear, and the 200,000 self-cultivators began to shake up!

  "The salon volume is weird, everyone is going back!"

  Some people have already noticed that they are not right to leave, but they are surrounded by deserts. They have long been surrounded by horror salon volumes. Some of the practitioners outside have not had time to escape and have already been swallowed up by Sharon!

  The salon roll grew bigger and bigger, the sand snarled, and slammed into the comprehension. All the comprehensions in the desert began to run around in panic, and those who cultivated high escaped quickly. However, those who were low were unable to break the strong suction of the salon and were directly involved in the tornado. Screaming in anger, and soon there was no sound!

  "Come and watch my test, I always have to charge a little ticket, and each of you will become my artwork in my salon!"

  The empty laughter of Sikongqiwen spread throughout the desert and exploded in the ears of everyone! Everyone was horrified to avoid the salon rolls, but the salon volume always followed, swallowing a batch of comprehensions!

  No one thought that the salon volume in the desert was actually caused by Sikongqiwen!

  "How can Sikong Qiwen control so much sand? This is completely impossible. Could it be that he is a Tuyu Mozu? ”

  A terrible thought spread in everyone's heart, I don't know who shouted, and the endless fear suddenly enveloped everyone's heart.

  If the "Tuyoumeng Mozu" appears in the desert, then the desert is simply their perfect battlefield!

  But how could Sikong Qiwen be a Tuyoumeng Mozu? Even if he is a Tuyu Mozu, how can the power of a Yumeng Mozu alone control so many salon volumes?

  "After experiencing the funeral of the desert, you will be born again to the people of the Sand Eagle demon king Haidongqing. You should be honored."
Sikong Qiwen laughed, his eyes turned brown, like a sandstone, very strange.

  Sha Ying demon Wang Haidongqing!

  Everyone's face changed! Isn't the singularity of the singularity of the singer?

  The salon couldn't help but devour every self-cultivator, and all kinds of comprehensions were involved in the salon volume. Their horrified voice disappeared in the salon volume, and even the bones were not left!

  "We are rushing out together, and there is definitely a hope of escape!"

  It was only in a short time that even one tenth of the comprehensions were swallowed up by the salon, and the rest of the comprehensions became completely trapped!

  The salon volume that has been attacked in all directions surrounds the comprehension of all people, and the powerful tearing force is raging. Once someone is too close, it will disappear into the huge tornado!

  "rush out? I have exhausted my mind to create such a powerful battle of great immortals. I am bringing these comprehensions here. Where do you want to escape? ”

  Sikong Qiwen smiled wildly, his voice rang like a thunder, and everyone shocked!

  This battle of great immortals is just a gimmick created by Sikong Qiwen.

  But what is the purpose of Sikongqiwen? Is it to help the Shaying Eagles break free from seals?

  Mu Yu stood up struggling, and Xiao Shuai and Long Teng jumped over his shoulder. Mu Yu gasped, he felt very weak, and after using the array, the vitality was drawn too much, but he did not persist.

  "Life, I need vitality, Muling."

  Mu Yu grabbed the Mu Ling sword and wanted to extract vitality from it, because the original is the most vital thing in the world. However, the Mu Ling sword just trembled, no movement. After it was infested by the dead air of the grass, the vitality of the body is no longer pure, and it is impossible to provide real vitality to Mu Yu!

  The surrounding area has been surrounded by tens of thousands of salon rolls. There is no single plant. Without plants, it means that Mu Yu can't take vitality from plants. His situation at the moment is not optimistic!


  The sand under the foot of Mu Yu suddenly turned sharply, and instantly formed a sand curtain to wrap the wood feathers inside. The sand swirled and danced around the wood feathers. The huge breath instantly pressed down the wood feathers!

  Xiaoshuai patted his head and snatched the shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu. He said: "Wood feather, the vitality you need is in the shadow sword. When you used the array, the vitality did not pass, but was The shadow sword is firmly in the sword!"

  Its small claws swiftly crossed on the shadow sword, and the shadow sword was in response to Xiaoshuai, and even the light was bright, and then Xiaoshuai returned the shadow sword to Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu took the split sword, and he clearly felt that the vitality of the sword at the moment was slowly moving, and then turned to Mu Yu intact!

  What does Xiao Shuai have to do with the shadow sword? Mu Yu is too lazy to ask. He felt that something that had passed away in his body had gradually recovered, and that feeling of weakness had left him. The whole person seemed to be reborn.

  But the sand curtain around him has already covered the wood feathers! At this moment, Mu Yu had no time to escape. The spiritual shield that he held up all over his body was swallowed up by the sand, and even the patterns could not escape!

  This sand is really weird!

  "You two are holding on to me!"

  Mu Yu shouted, and the whole body has been integrated into the wooden sword. Then the sand curtain covered the wood spirit sword tightly, and surrounded it into a sand sculpture!

  Not only him, but a blink of an eye, UU reading www. 200,000 self-cultivators have been completely eroded by the scrolls of the sky, and even the comprehension of the fit period can escape, the entire desert has only a living man in the sky!

  The salon roll gradually dispersed, and a personal figure stood in the desert.

  These are the 200,000 self-cultivators who come to watch the battle. They will still be active before a quarter of an hour, but at this time, each comprehension person is wrapped up in the sand tightly and becomes a sand sculpture. Still keeping the last struggle to escape!

  Before Sikong Qiwen walked slowly through each sand sculpture, his eyes were filled with hot brown light. Then suddenly the sky shouted, the sound was extremely distant, like a certain whistle of call, and then the restored Gobi suddenly trembled fiercely.

  The speed of the sand flowing around the death Gobi was getting faster and faster, and then the death Gobi began to split and moved, moving to a mysterious position, leaving a vortex of sand flowing in the center.

  The middle of the vortex begins to gradually reveal a spire, followed by the first layer, the second layer…It has been slowly emerging after seven layers have emerged. Roughly estimated, each floor has a height of ten meters, which is seventy meters!

  The seven-story tower is red-red, and the tower is engraved with bizarre reliefs. It looks like a battle scene between various Terran and Yumeng Mozu and the Yaozu. It is spectacular!

  Si Kong Qiwen looked at the seven-story strange tower, and the madness in his eyes became more and more obvious.

  Sha Ying Ling! The sand eagle demon king's token!

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