Chapter 547, the change of the Shaying Eagle King

  At the glance of the seven-story Shaying Linglong Tower, the entire desert seems to have become a bit chilly, and there is even a fascinating atmosphere.

  Sikong Qiwen's eyes flashed with brown light. He stretched out his hands, and the majestic spiritual power poured from his hands onto the towering Shaying Linglong Tower. The whole tower was full of brilliance and the light became stronger. .

  With the infusion of spiritual power from Sikongqiwen, the tall Shaying Linglong Tower trembled, and an inexplicable force flowed around in the faint, and then the tower was constantly shrinking. The sand was more than 70 meters high. The Eagle Linglong Tower turned into a half-meter high and flew to the hands of Sikongqiwen.

  "The sand eagle is bloody, the great sand eagle demon king!"

  Sikong Qiwen's voice was very hoarse, like singing. He gently turned the narrow seven-story tower in his hand. Every time he turned a layer of strange towers, the desert would shake once.

  He turned seven times, the desert shook seven times, and then the rock mass centered on the death Gobi sag, an ancient city gate slowly emerged.

  This ancient city gate is engraved with a huge flying eagle. It is as vivid as if it were going to flutter in the sky. However, the face of the flying eagle is full of unwilling look, as if it was only halfway, it was trapped by the gate. No.

  This is exactly the same as the scene that Mu Yu saw at the gate of the Shaying King City!

  The Sands of the desert began to fly around the ancient city gate, countless sand gradually condensed into a towering cylindrical building, yellow sand more and more, like a sense of their own general, and constantly improve every detail of the building, each texture, about a quarter of an hour later, a shocking tall building in the desert!

  The diameter of the entire circular building is about two hundred meters long, and I don’t know how many kilometers!

  The building is divided into a layer every ten meters. Each floor is surrounded by neatly and orderly squares. Each square is about the size of a person. It also has a small window, like a small one. The room is very weird.

  Sikong Qiwen slowly walked to the gate of the city, and there was a depression on the gate of the city. It was an image of a tower.

  Sikong Qiwen inlaid the seven-story strange tower intact, and then the ancient city gate "Oh," opened, and the entire flying eagle split from the middle, revealing a dark passage!

  "As a member of the Sand Eagle demon king Hai Dongqing, you should go home!"Si Kong Qiwen turned and spoke to all the self-cultivators who were made into sand sculptures.

  None of the comprehensions broke free, and they didn’t react at all. But every sand sculpture suddenly moved hard, and they seemed to have been ordered to walk toward the city gate.

  The speed of the sand sculptures is orderly, the speed of walking is very fast, and some sand sculptures are flying in the sky. The sand sculptures in other places also flew in this way, and the black sand sculptures poured into the dark gates.

  The sand sculptures of the 200,000 self-cultivators have no sense of self-determination, as if they were walking dead, and they have all disappeared into the dark city gate in just two hours.

  There was a crease in the sand outside the Muling Sword, and countless green foliage spread out, but soon the branches retracted again, just hovering in the crack.

  "Is this the seal of the Shaying Demon King?"

  Wood feathers are not controlled by sand in the wooden sword.

If he wants to come out, he can rely on the Mu Lingjian to get out of trouble, but he does not plan to go out when he hears the Shaying Demon King, but he is ready to mix in the passage to see what happens.

  He was not sure to deal with the Sikong Qiwen, which is now undergoing a skyrocketing rise. He can only choose to act on his own.

  When he was in the desert forest, he saw the Shaying King City, and he also grabbed the ghost of the Shaying Eagle from the sky and the Yao people.

  It is said that the sneaky scorpion is the key to finding the sand eagle demon king. The wood feather has not touched the sneaky use method for so long. The sneaky scorpion is still lying in the sand eagle, and the sand eagle is in the wooden bag of the wooden feather. Not today's sudden change, Mu Yu even forgot the existence of the sand eagle!

  However, looking at Sikong Qiwen's appearance, he seems to have a close relationship with the Shaying Demon King. Is it because he has become a dark horse on the extremely popular list in a short period of time because of the Shaying Demon King?

  The manufacture of gimmicks and the day is not a big fight. This incident was originally spread in the realm of comprehension. Later, the addition of Mu Yu led more and more comprehensions to come over and want to see the three most promising celestial beings. Fighting, no one thought that this turned out to be a trap under Sikongqiwenbu!

  At the beginning, the reason why Sikongqiwen did not start with Muyu in Mufu, I am afraid that it is for the presence of the 200,000 self-cultivators today, because relying on the reputation of Muyu, it will attract more comprehensions!

  However, Sikong Qiwen deliberately turned 200,000 self-cultivators into sand sculptures. What is his purpose?

  Mu Yu felt that things had become more and more strange. Seeing that countless sand sculptures had entered the passage, Mu Yu thought about it and let Mu Lingjian follow.

  What is strange is that the outside world is obviously a hot desert, but after entering the passage, it feels a cool feeling surrounded by all around.

  Numerous sand sculptures around are still rushing toward the darkness. Only the whistling sound flies through the passage, and no push phenomenon occurs. All the sand sculptures appear to be orderly.

  This passage is not long and only enters this strange cylindrical building in a few moments. He looked at everything inside with a shock, and the sight in front of him was spectacular!

  Look from the outside
There are countless protruding squares on the wall, but the walls inside are hollowed out squares. At this moment, the self-cultivators who are made into sand sculptures are steadily rushing into the recessed places, and everyone finds their place to stand.

  There are also many sand sculptures flying high above the sky, and there are countless locations from bottom to top for these sand sculpture stations.

  The sand sculptures are scattered all over the building, just like the birds find their own nests, they don’t collide with each other, and there are no two situations in which they compete for a position. It seems that each sand sculpture knows which floor they should stand on. One location.

  Soon the 200,000 sand sculptures all stood on the walls of the building, and the surrounding area was re-entered into silence, without any other incitement.

  Mu Yu got out of the wooden sword. He carefully jumped into the sky and stood behind a sand sculpture. He looked around and looked around.

  Then Sikong Qiwen came in slowly, his face still flashing a feverish look, the whole person vacated, floating in the central midair, scanning the sand sculptures on the surrounding walls, seems to be very satisfied with the masterpieces of these works of art. .

  He opened his arms and made a strange whistling sound in his mouth, echoing through the building. The ground suddenly trembled gently, and an altar slowly emerged.

  Numerous complex patterns were painted around the altar, and each of the lines was intertwined with a yellow glow.

  These patterns are simple and powerful, with very majestic power, and vastness, as if they have gone through countless years, even if the wood feathers have the chaos of yin and yang, they dare not try to control these patterns!

  At this time, a figure was sitting on the altar!

  Mu Yu’s eyes widened, and this figure is a sand eagle demon!

  He saw the statue of the Sand Eagle demon king in the Shaying King City in the desert forest. At that time, the statue of the Shaying Demon King was brought to work by the demon of the Yaozu.

  The person on the altar is exactly the same as the statue of the sand eagle demon at the time. Mu Yu can be sure that this is a real person, not a statue!

  The faint light on the altar lining up the Shaying Eagle King, not to mention that it was once a human race that sealed him here.

  Mu Yu’s accomplishments against the array are now different. He can see at a glance that the formations on the altar are gradually weakening. Obviously, like the double-dark white demon king, the seal of the Shaying Demon King is gradually Weaken!

  However, at this moment, the desert did not see the demon people did not come to meet the Shaying Demon King. This shows that even the Yaozu people do not know where the Shaying Eagles are sealed by the Terran.

  At that time, Shaying Linglong was succeeded by Mu Yu. It is estimated that this led to the demon people's clues to find the seal of the Shaying Demon King.

  Sikong Qiwen has fallen on the edge of the altar and bowed down to the ground with respect and respect. He said excitedly: "The demon king is on, your servant is waiting to be sent at any time!"

  Is Sikong Qiwen really a Yaozu? But how did he get through the celestial list?

  However, the Shaying Eagle King still sat in the same place, and even his eyes did not open, as if he did not hear what Sikong Qiwen was saying.

  Sikong Qiwen waited for a long time and did not respond. He raised his head in confusion and looked at the Shaying Demon King. Suddenly his face changed suddenly!

  Mu Yu also found that something is wrong. With his perception of vitality, it is clear that there is no life fluctuation in the Shaying Demon King!

  The Sand Eagle demon king is dead?

  How can this be? The ten demon kings are the immortal beings. They are also the body of eternal life. Even if they are sealed, life is endless, because their bodies are also perfect five-line balance.

  When Mu Yu met the white demon king in the second day, the shameless old monkey was still energetically jumping up and down. Even after he got out of trouble, he also violently punched the entire seal. Dashan, scared a few ethnic youths in the Yuan Ying period.

  The ten demon kings are killing. If you want to kill them, you can only take away the auras around them, let their physical strength gradually disappear, and destroy their bodies by time, so that they become very weak and have a way to kill them. Die him.

  At that time, the white demon king was almost killed by the ghost door, but now the white demon king has gradually recovered, and he has achieved his immortal body.

  But the Shaying Demon King in front of him has no vitality!

  "impossible! impossible! How can the great demon king die? impossible! ”

  The original fanatic face of Sikong Qiwen suddenly became extremely frightened. The fact that the Shaying Eagle demon king has died has made him unacceptable!

  He was madly trying to rush to see the situation of the Shaying Demon King, UU reading but the formation on the altar flickered and flew him out!

  Although the pattern is weakening, it has not yet fully weakened.

  Mu Yu is also very puzzled, the Shaying Demon King has been trapped in the seal, if the white demon king can not die, then according to the normal situation, the Shaying Demon King is not likely to die.

  Unless someone like the evil ghost doorman to start with him when the Sharkhawk demon king is weak, but this does not make sense, because the seal does not completely dissipate, no one can enter.

  Mu Yu carefully checked the seal of the altar. This seal is the same as the seal of the White Demon King, but it may be because of the different places, Mu Yu can play this seal and want to completely break it at least for a while!

  Maybe a few months, maybe a few years, but definitely not now! r />
Everything seems to be somewhat confusing. What kind of existence is Sikongqiwen? Even if the Yaozu and the Tianxingmen did not find the seal of the Shaying Demon King, why can you find it alone?

  How does Sikongqiwen have such a great means to instantly take down 200,000 self-cultivators and make them all into sand sculptures. Where does he have such a thorough life?

  "Adult, adult, where are you?" You hurry out, the demon king has an accident! ”Sikong Qiwen stood up frantically and eagerly shouted.

  "grown ups? Who is behind the Sikongqiwen? ”Mu Yu frowned, who is Sikong Qiwen calling?

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