Chapter 548 Demon King Heart

  Sikong Chiven's voice echoed in the Rotunda, and no one responded to him, and only a myriad of sand sculptures were watching him, and the atmosphere seemed strange.

  Mu Yu also hold his breath, he was very alert to hide behind the sand carving, pay attention to the situation of four weeks, he also want to know Sikong Chiven mouth of "adult" who is referring to WHO.

  A gust of wind did not know where to scrape, rolling up countless sands. The sand was gathered on the edge of the altar, and the last figure gradually appeared in the sand.

  The wood feather is slightly startled, how could it be him?

  It wasn't someone else who appeared next to Sikongqiwen. It was the hooded mysterious yellow man who was seen in the sand eagle Wang Yumu!

  When Mu Yu was in the sect, he and Lu Xianshi came out with the task. At that time, instead of relying on the "disorder", Lu Xianshi and Zhou Jinglin went to Shaying Wangcheng to deal with the powerful corpse.

  The powerful yin corpse trapped everyone. At that time, the yellow man opened the gate of the Shaying King City. In the labyrinth of the underground, the Huang Yi people did not start with Mu Yu, but also part of the demon spirit. Leave it to Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu has not figured out who the mysterious Huang Yi people are, why he will help himself, but at that time the Huang Yi people's cultivation was very deep, even the Yaozu and the Tianxingmen did not get him.

  He broke into the underground palace of the Shaying Demon King, and took away the demon spirit of the high-order Winged Legion Corps, which was sealed by many Shaying Demon Kings. When the Yaozu and the Tianxingmen competed for the ghosts to live and die, the Huangyi people went straight to the one who did not care about it. Finally, they took out a stone sarcophagus from the scorpion and left the Shaying Eagle City with the sarcophagus.

  At the moment, Huang Yi people step on the stone sarcophagus!

  "Adult, Shaying Yao Wang has an accident, you can think of a way!"Sikong Qiwen crouched at the foot of the Huang Yi people eagerly said.

  Huang Yi people scorned a sentence, did not pay attention to Sikong Qiwen, but turned their attention to the location of Mu Yu, said: "Can you still hide?"

  Mu Yu was shocked and the other party found him!

  He was slightly indulged for a long while, and he finally came out from behind the sand sculpture, stepped out in one step, floated in the air, and looked at the Huang Yi people.

  "Wood feather! You didn't even become a sand sculpture! Also mixed here, find death! ”Sikong Qiwen was furious and stood up. The whole body was violently violent, and he rushed to Mu Yu.

  At this moment, Sikongqiwen is already a repair of the fit period, and his speed is approaching an incredible point. The sound is still in place, and the person has already reached the front of Mu Yu, and a fist hits the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu frowned, and his side was full of lines, and the shadow of the sword appeared in front of Sikongqiwen, and it was banged with the incomparable punch of Sikongqiwen, and there were countless branches around the wood feather. The whole person also traversed with the help of Muling.


  The strong fluctuations blew open, the wooden feathers retreated back, and there was a road pattern at the foot. The Scorpio star array disappeared with him, and when it appeared again, it was already another.

  This is a terrible thing for Sikongqiwen. If it isn’t for Mu Yu’s alert at any time, this punch in the fit period may have his life!

  "Scarlet, don't move him."Huang Yiren said.

  Sikong Qiwen stopped and stared at Mu Yu: "But he is a human race, and the Terran is not allowed to taint the holy land of the great demon king!"

  "how? Do you want to defy my orders? ”Huang Yiren said coldly.

  Si Kong Qiwen's face became very pale, and he quickly bowed his head and did not dare to speak.

  "Streaks?" The Yaozu, is the real Sikongqiwen dead? ”Mu Yu asked.

  He remembered that others had said that Sikongqiwen was only a plain Jindan period comprehension at first, but when the chasing team crossed the desert, after the death of the Gobi, the entire caravan was strangely missing, only the Scoic Wen returned alive. Qingshui City.

  But it was also from that time that Sikongqiwen was like a person who changed, and became an invincible dark horse on the extremely popular list, which caused a huge sensation in the comprehension.

  But now it seems that this dark horse is obviously not a real Scooch, but a demon person posing.

  However, there is a little wood feather that I don't quite understand. If Sikong Qiwen is a demon person, how did he get through the celestial list? The celestial logo identifies each person's identity so that it is accurate when displayed on the celestial list.

  Everyone knows Sikong Qiwen through the celestial list, which can't be faked.

  "Sikongqiwen is not dead. He lives well in the blazing bones. The sturdy bones only occupy his body and consciousness."Huang Yi people said faintly.

  Occupy the body and consciousness? How can the Yao people have this means?

  Mu Yu feels incredible, and the human soul is difficult to occupy. Even if it is a soul or a soul, it is only temporary control of a person, and can not occupy the body and consciousness.

  Those who can occupy the body and consciousness, only like Mu Yu, the five of them have the same spirit.

  According to Mu Yu, other Yumeng Mozus have no way to possess themselves. Because the human body is a five-line balance, it will exclude the Yumeng Mozu. Mu Yu, several of them are originally dying baby, and they survived. Only.

  As for the Yao people, it is even more impossible to have such an ability to go against the sky. Otherwise, they can already sneak into the human race and gradually eat away the human race. There must be some strange places in the meantime.

“Is this all caused by you?”Mu Yu asked the comprehensions around the sand sculptures.

  The Huang Yi people did not answer Mu Yu. He had a yellowish radiance all over his body. He was very mellow, and a seemingly uncompressed oppression flowed through him.

  He looked at the blazing bones and said indifferently: "Do you think your sand eagle demon king is dead?"

  There was a suspicious look on the face of the blazing bone. He said earnestly: "Master, do you know what happened to the demon king?"

  "He is good, just lost his heart."The sarcophagus under the feet of the Huang Yi people slowly floated up. He reached out a hand and gently stroked the sarcophagus.

  "Lost the heart? But I have never heard of it -"

  The blazing bones are incomprehensible, even if they are demon people, they will die immediately after losing their heart. How can the Shaying Eagle King lose his heart?

  Huang Yiren said: "Don't use your shallow knowledge to measure a demon king. Every demon king has the means of self-protection. Before the war with the Terran, they are ready to do everything. Even if they are lost, they will find a chance to escape. Before they were sealed, they had already tried to use some of their own things to use the magic to pass them out, so that the Yao people could find their seals with such things. ”

  "What do you mean, the Sand Eagle demon king has dug his heart before being sealed?"Mu Yu feels incredible. "Would you like to find the Shaying Demon King, shouldn't it be a sneaky?"

  At the beginning, the people of the Yaozu and the Tianxingmen were competing for ghosts. In the end, the wooden feathers were profitable, but Muyu still did not know how to use the ghosts.

  The Huang Yi people glanced at the wooden feather and said: "The demon and the star door people all speculate that the sneaky scorpion can find the sand eagle demon king. In fact, the sneaky scorpion can only find him when the sand eagle demon king summons, but the sand eagle demon The king has lost his heart and is in a deep sleep. How can he summon a ghost?"

  Mu Yu frowned. It was no wonder that when he was in the Shaying Eagle City, everyone was vying for ghosts. Only the Huang Yi people did not agree. They only took a coffin and left. It turned out that he had long known that the ghosts were not the sand eagle. The key to the seal of the king!

  "What do you mean by saying that this stone is filled with the heart of the Sand Eagle demon king?"Mu Yu was amazed.

  The magic is very strange. At the time of the double heaven, the white demon king seems to use the magic to send his inner Dan back to the underground palace of the double heavenly demon, which led to his loss of cultivation.

  After Qiao Xue got the Nei Dan of the White Demon King, he also relied on Nei Dan to find the seal of the White Demon King. They just wanted to ensure that the White Demon King was not framed by the heart after he left the seal.

  Other comprehensions can find the white demon king, because the shock caused by the seal breaks away. Qiao Xue, they found the white demon king several days ago, and have been waiting for the seal to be completely lifted.

  The Shaying Demon King should also use the same magic to send his heart back to the underground palace of the Shaying King City. I am afraid that the meaning of the underground palace is to protect some important things on the demon king from being eroded by seals, and then let other demon Before the seal disappears, the tribe can bring these things to find the demon king to ensure the safety of the demon king.

  Sparkling bones said with surprise: "Adult, is this really the heart of the Shaying Demon King?"

  Huang Yi’s hand tapped on the stone sarcophagus, and the sarcophagus’s shovel slowly slid open. A majestic breath poured out from the sarcophagus, and the sable bones retreated a few steps, but his face was very excited. Because of this majestic breath, he will not admit his mistake, that is the breath of the Shaying Demon King!

  Mu Yu was surprised to hear the slightest breathing. He was also heard in the underground palace when he was in the Shaying King City.

  He feels very curious, can the heart still breathe?

  A dry heart emerged from the sarcophagus and was held in the hand by the yellow man. This heart is in one piece, just like being really breathing, just looking lifeless, and the loss of spiritual power is very serious.

  "Shaying demon king has a seven-year-old devil, not the same as other demon kings, his inner Dan and the heart are merged together, so in order to ensure that Nedan is not wiped out by the seal, he can only pass his heart back to the underground palace with magic. Without the heart, he only fell asleep. Poor other Wangcheng demon people thought that the sand eagle on your body is his heart. ”Huang Yi people took a look at the wood feathers.

  Each demon king has its own people, and the secret of the Shaying Demon King is not the same as the demon people of other demon kings.

  The Shaying Linglong on Mu Yu’s body has only lived in sneaky, but there is no use at all.

  "I don't understand, you said that you are a human race, then why do you want to help the Shaying Demon King?"Mu Yu asked.

  The yellow man's hand illuminates the earthy spirit, and the spiritual flow slowly wraps the heart of the cognac: "You will understand."

  The dry heart absorbs the numbness of the sacred spirit, then swells like a breathing gas, and begins to beat regularly. UU reading www.

  The Shaying Demon King, who was closed in the seal, trembled all over the body, then slowly opened his eyes. His eyes flashed red, and looked up at the yellow man, his eyes falling on the heart of the yellow man's hand.

  "Demon King!"The blazing bones were very pleasantly surprised, and they quickly squatted toward the Shaying Eagles.

  The Shaying Demon King did not pay attention to the blazing bones, but looked at the Huang Yi people indifferently. The red-red pupil was flashing with a killing intention. He said: "You know that after the seal is lifted, I will kill you."

  No one thought that the first sentence of the Shaying Eagle demon king was so clear that he wanted to kill the Huang Yi people.

  "The demon king, you
Say what? It is this adult who helped me find you, how do you–"Silver bones look at the sand eagle demon king, he does not understand why the Shaying Eagle demon king wants to kill the savior.

  "Let me think about it, if I ruin your heart, you can't die, you can't wake up, are you?"Huang Yi people scorned a sentence.

  "you dare!"The blazing bones had realized that something was wrong, and he stood up and shouted at the yellow man.

  The Huang Yi people just glanced at it faintly, and then the smashing face of the whole person showed a painful look. He fell to the ground in horror and mourned in pain.

  "Don't forget, your life is still given by me."Huang Yi people looked disdainfully at the blazing bones.

  The more you look at the wood, the more you think it is, the yellow man is threatening the sand eagle demon king? He always thought that Huang Yiren and Shaying Yao Wang are a group.

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